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GE Washer & Dryer Sets GE Appliances Review Laundry & Home 2023

GE Washer & Dryer

GE Washer & Dryer Sets GE Appliances Review Laundry & Home 2023

What Is GE?
General Electric (GE) Appliances offers a wide range of kitchen and laundry machine units, including front and top load washers and dryers, refrigerators and freezers, ranges and ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and air conditioners. Founded more than 125 years ago and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Haier Group acquired GE Appliances in 2016.
GE Profile, Monogram, and Café are the three leading brands sold under the GE Appliances umbrella, each with a distinctive audience.
GE Profile Series offers mainstream appliances with modern design and various colors and finishes. Monogram is marketed towards luxury-minded buyers, focusing on high-quality, innovative performance and materials. The Café’s top-end line goes even further with Is complete customization of hardware and finishes.

Bestseller No. 1
GE Profile PFQ97HSPVDS 28 Inch Smart Front Load Washer/Dryer Combo...
70 Reviews
GE Profile PFQ97HSPVDS 28 Inch Smart Front Load Washer/Dryer Combo...
  • All-in-1 Washer/Dryer
  • 12 Wash Cycles
  • Fast Airflow Drying System
  • Ventless Heat Pump Dryer
SaleBestseller No. 2
GE Appliances GUD24ESSMWW, White
  • GE 24" Unitized Washer-Elec Dryer White
  • Model Number: GUD24ESSMWW
  • Item Package Dimension: 45.0" L x 40.0" W x 70.0"...
  • Item Package Weight: 285.0 lb
SaleBestseller No. 3
GE GUD27ESSMWW Unitized Spacemaker 3.8 Washer with Stainless Steel...
  • 11 wash cycles are designed to specifically handle...
  • Cycle status lights help easily see where your...
  • Sensing washer will automatically measure the load...

GE Washer & Dryer Sets GE Appliances Review Laundry & Home 2023

General Electric Appliances sells laundry equipment under the GE, Haier, and Hotpoint brands. GE offers coordinating top and front-load washers and dryers in different colors and finishes with advanced technology and features.

VIVOHOME Electric Portable 2 in 1 Twin Tub Mini Laundry Washer and Spin Dryer Combo Washing Machine with Drain Hose for Apartments…

GE Appliances are made in the U.S, with many of the parts domestically sourced. Replacement parts available for purchase are the same ones used during the manufacturing process.


  • Integrated smart technology
  • Lots of different cycles and load sizes
  • Features designed for sanitizing and removing allergens


  • Not budget-friendly
  • Not for buyers looking for a more basic washer

GE Appliances’ GFW850 front-load washing machine has the latest technology and features, with a capacity of 5.0 cubic feet; the largest capacity in our ratings is only a little bigger at 5.2 cubic feet. Available in three colors (White, Sapphire Blue, and Diamond Gray), this front-loader features a sizable silver control knob on the backsplash and a stainless steel basket. With a score of 3.7, the GFW850 tied for third in our Best Washing Machines of 2021 rating and third in our Best Front-Load Washing Machines of 2023.

GE Washer & Dryer Sets GE Appliances Review Laundry & Home 2023

The GFW850 retails for $1,100 and up. There are 12 different cycles to choose from with this unit. Wi-Fi connectivity called SmartHQ permits starting, stopping, and monitoring your laundry and receiving updates and notifications throughout the cycle.

This efficient washer uses 158-kilowatt hours, earning an Energy Star certified badge.

The GFW850 comes with UltraFresh with OdorBlock, which GE says dries out the tub and rubber gasket, preventing mold and smells from building up, an issue with front-loading machines. Antimicrobial agents built into the gasket, dispenser, and draining system further protects the components against germs and fungus.

GE Washer & Dryer

Running a towel around the gasket at the end of a load and periodically rinsing the dispenser may prevent mold, so some buyers may not want to pay for this additional technology.

According to GE, the sanitizing cycle in the GFW850 can kill 99% of common bacteria and allergens such as dust mites. The 1-Step Wash + Dry cycle wash and then use fresh air to dry a small load.

A dispenser automatically distributes detergent for up to 32 loads, a handy time saver. GE Appliances recommends using a low-sudsing detergent appropriate for a high-efficiency machine.

VIVOHOME Electric Portable 2 in 1 Twin Tub Mini Laundry Washer and Spin Dryer Combo Washing Machine with Drain Hose for Apartments…

How Much Does the GE GFW850 Cost GE Washer & Dryer?

The GE GFW850 front-loading washer starts at $1,100 for a white finish. Additional colors such as “Sapphire Blue” and “Diamond Gray” cost $100 more. A color-coordinated matching pedestal with a pullout drawer is $249 for white and $279 for other colors.

GE Front-Load Washer Gallery

GE GFW850 5 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer vs. the Competition

GE GFW850 vs. LG WM3900 4.5 cu. ft. Front-Load GE Washer & Dryer

When shopping for front loaders, the LG WM3900 is a logical competitor for the GE Appliances’ GFW850. Both machines retail for around $1,100 and offer similar features, including Wi-Fi, a stainless steel tub, and allergen-fighting cycles. The LG WM3900 with a 3.8 earns second place in our list of Best Overall Washers of 2021 and Best Front-Load Washing Machines of 2023.

The WM3900 has 10% less capacity than the GE washer. Both machines are high-efficiency by design and Energy Star certified, but the LG uses 105 kWh versus 158 for the giant GE.

The GE model offers 12 cycles and 9 options, including a wash-and-dry process for small loads and the UltraFresh venting system. LG WM3900 has 14 cycles with 12 different options.

Kenmore 28″ Top-Load Washer with Triple Action Agitator and 4.2 Cubic Ft. Total Capacity, White

GE GFW850 vs. Electrolux EFLS627 4.4 cu. ft. Front-Load GE Washer & Dryer

The Electrolux EFLS627 scored a 3.7 rating, tying for third on our Best Front-Load Washers of 2021 and third on our list of Best Overall Washers for 202.

There are some notable differences between the two machines. The Electrolux retails for $150 more than the GFW850 unit and has less capacity at just 4.4 cubic feet versus 5.0. Both devices are Energy Star Certified, but the Electrolux uses 85-kilowatt hours annually. The larger GFW850 uses a comparatively high 158 kilowatt hours annual energy use.

The Electrolux competitor features 9 cycles versus 14 for the GE, including a 15-minute quick wash and a soaking function for heavy stains. The Electrolux is an inch narrower, nearly two inches shorter, and shallower than the GFW850.

GE – 5.2 Cu. ft. Top-Load GE Washer & Dryer Review

Model numbers: GTW840CSNWS, GTW840CPNDG


  • Innovative technology in a top-loading washer
  • Ties for largest capacity in our rating
  • Low water usage and energy efficient


  • Those who won’t use advanced features
  • Limited color selection

The high-efficiency, Energy Star-certified GE GTW840 top-loading washer offers innovation in a traditional laundry machine. Retailing for $949, the GTW840 earns a rating of 3.5 on the Best Top-Load Washers of 2021, tying for third on the list. This GE top loader tied for eighth on the Best Washing Machines of 2021. Exterior colors consist of classic white or dark gray (GE refers to this color as Diamond Gray), so those with a penchant for more vibrant finishes may be disappointed.

There’s a handy in-tub water and detergent dispenser for pre-treating and soaking stains. The Auto Soak option provides a two-hour pre-soak, and a pre-wash cycle provides additional assistance lifting stubborn marks. According to GE, another helpful process uses an Oxi additive, enhancing cleaning power and removing 99.9% of bacteria from fabrics.

Adjusting the water level to match the load keeps water usage to a minimum in the GE GTW840. The detergent dispenser holds up to 48 bags worth of soap, releasing the right amount of low-sudsing liquid, and there are multiple rinse choices.

The GTW840 has many features and gadgets, but with a starting price of $949, it’s not the cheapest top loader on our list, so consider which capabilities you’ll use.

VIVOHOME Electric Portable 2 in 1 Twin Tub Mini Laundry Washer and Spin Dryer Combo Washing Machine with Drain Hose for Apartments…

As is typical of top loaders, the GTW840 is not stackable. At four feet tall, this is the most soaring machine on our rating list but also one of the shallower units at 27″ deep, which is good to know when measuring for installation.

How Much Does the GE GTW840 Cost GE Washer & Dryer?

GE’s GTW840 top-loading model starts at $949 for a white machine or $100 more for the “Diamond Gray” color. Both finishes have a transparent glass top. The control panel is a matte silver finish with chrome details on the cycle knob. Coordinating dryers are available for both colors.

GE Top-Load GE Washer & Dryer Gallery

View All 3 Images

GE GTW840 5.2 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer vs. the Competition

GE GTW840 vs. LG WT7300 5 cu. ft. Top-Load GE Washer & Dryer

The WT7300 top-load washer from LG is a logical competitor to the GE GTW840. The LG version has a slightly lower capacity of 5.0 versus 5.2 cubic feet, but still sufficient for most households. There are two fewer cycles in the LG and no in-drum water dispenser. Both washers are Energy Star certified.

The LG WT7300 bests the GTW840 in our top-load ratings with a 3.7 for first place on Best Top-Load Washers of 2021 and tied for third place on Best Overall Washers of 2021. The matching dryer, LG DLE7300, made the Best Dryers of 2021 list, whereas the GTW840’s matching dryer did not. The LG WT7300 retails for $900, less than the $949 GE GTW840.

Kenmore 28″ Top-Load Washer with Triple Action Agitator and 4.2 Cubic Ft. Total Capacity, White

GE – 4.8 Cu. ft. Top-Load GE Washer & Dryer Review

Model numbers: GTW720BSNWS, GTW720PNG


  • Modern features
  • Energy Star certified and high efficiency
  • Above-average capacity for washers in our ratings


  • Wi-Fi requires an additional part
  • Limited exterior colors

The GE GTW720 top-loading washer combines traditional styling with modern upgrades. At $849 for a white finish, the high efficiency and Energy Star certified GTW720 features a built-in automatic dispenser for liquids or pods and a low-profile impeller. This GE model earns a score of 3.2, finishing last on the list of Best Top-Load Washers of 2021 and last in the Best Washing Machines of 2021 rating.

A stainless steel drum in the GTW720 holds 4.8 cubic feet of laundry, good for about 20 pounds. There are 12 different cycle choices and options for rinse, load size, and wash/spin combinations.

The GE GTW720 offers several stain removal tools, including preset customizations to lift the five most common spots. According to GE, the Oxi additive cycle removes 99.9% of bacteria, and Auto Soak loosens stains by steeping clothes for up to 2 hours. Use high-efficiency detergent in the GTW720 for peak performance.

The GTW720 requires purchasing an additional part for Wi-Fi connectivity. This U+ Connect module retails for $50 at the GE Appliances parts store.

Like other GE products on our list, exterior colors are limited to classic white or dark gray. The GTW720 is among the taller units at 46″ high, but at 27″, one of the shallower choices.

How Much Does the GE GTW720 Cost GE Washer & Dryer?

The GE GTW720 top load washer retails for $849 in white, with a “Diamond Gray” finish available for a $100 premium. Both colors feature a stainless steel look backsplash and large control dial with chrome accents. Adding Wi-Fi capability requires purchasing a $50 U+ Connect module from the GE Appliances parts store.

Kenmore 28″ Top-Load Washer with Triple Action Agitator and 4.2 Cubic Ft. Total Capacity, White

GE Top-Load Washer Gallery

View All 2 Images

GE GTW720 4.8 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer vs. the Competition

VIVOHOME – Lavadora eléctrica portátil 2 en 1 doble tina mini lavadora y secadora combinada con manguera de drenaje para apartamentos 13.5lbs en blanco y negro

Sobre este artículo GE Washer & Dryer

  • Doble función: una máquina 2 en 1 cuenta con una lavadora en un lado y un centrifugado en el otro, lo que te permite lavar y secar la ropa simultáneamente; es una manera simple y asequible de lavar lotes de ropa rápidamente
  • Diseño duradero: hecho de plástico ligero y de alta calidad, esta mini lavadora/secadora es resistente y resistente al óxido y tiene un menor consumo de energía en comparación con los modelos de metal; es de bajo consumo y respetuoso con el medio ambiente
  • Gran capacidad: para una pequeña máquina tiene una capacidad sorprendentemente grande, la lavadora puede contener hasta 7.9 lbs, mientras que la secadora puede contener hasta 5.5 lbs, que es la mitad de la capacidad de lavado, por lo que puedes girarla dos veces; viene con una placa de cubierta en el centrifugado para evitar que la ropa se tire a alta velocidad
  • Ahorro de tiempo/espacio: ajustes preprogramados en la lavadora hacen que las tareas domésticas sean tan fáciles como pulsar un botón; el temporizador de lavadora durante 15 minutos y el temporizador de centrifugado a 5 minutos por carga; la máquina es compacta y lo suficientemente ligera para transportar y almacenar en espacios pequeños
  • Amplia variedad de usos: simplemente coloca la ropa, llena con agua, ajusta el temporizador y empieza a usar; ideal para apartamentos pequeños, casas de playa o casas de campo, dormitorios universitarios, caravanas e incluso acampada; se puede conectar fácilmente a cualquier grifo, ya sea en el fregadero de la cocina o en el baño; la manguera de drenaje es lo suficientemente larga como para ser colocada en el fregadero o en la bañera

VIVOHOME Electric Portable 2 in 1 Twin Tub Mini Laundry Washer and Spin Dryer Combo Washing Machine with Drain Hose for Apartments

GE GFW720 vs. LG WT7300 5 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer

The $900 LG WT7300 top-load is a worthy model to cross-shop against the $849 GE GFW720. Both appliances use stainless steel tubs, automatic dispensers, and an assortment of customizable cycles. Both are Energy Star certified and available in white or gray.

The LG model has Wi-Fi standard and has a score of 3.7 for first place on the Best Top-Load Washers of 2021 list, and ties for third on the Best Overall Washers of 2021, both higher than the GE model. The companion dryer for the LG, DLE7300, made our Best Dryers of 2021 list, while the matching GE dryer did not. If space is an issue, the GE GFW720 is shallower than the LG WT7300.

Kenmore 22352 4.2 pies cuadrados. Lavadora de carga superior en color blanco, incluye entrega y conexión (disponible solo en ciudades seleccionadas).

Kenmore 28″ Top-Load Washer with Triple Action Agitator and 4.2 Cubic Ft. Total Capacity, White

Sobre este artículo GE Washer & Dryer

  • Disponible sólo en seleccionar las ciudades. incluye sala de elección entrega, unboxing, última intervensión de artículo hook-up y haul-away opcional en caja
  • 12 lavados. profundo relleno opción le permite añadir más agua cuando lo necesite.
  • Acero inoxidable para lavar resiste abolladuras, fichas y la corrosión
  • 5 temperaturas de lavado
  • Suavizante dispensador

GE Washer & Dryer Sets GE Appliances Review Laundry & Home 2021

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GE Washer & Dryer

How long do GE washers last?

between 12 and 14 years

A washer can last between 12 and 14 years, while a dryer lasts 18 and 24 years. The washer and dryer should last a long time.

Is GE a good brand for a washer and dryer?

GE washer and dryer models consistently top best-of lists for many good reasons. The company invests in new technologies that have tangible benefits you’ll appreciate every day for as long as you own your washer and dryer—and that will help them last longer.

What are the dimensions of a GE washer and dryer?

GE Washer & Dryer

Any increased drum size and capacity equal a giant machine. Size: Traditional washers (and dryers) are 27 to 28 inches wide and 30 to 35 inches deep; height can vary—plan for 6 inches of space between the machine and the wall and 1 inch between devices.

How long do GE top load washers last?

Traditional top load washers last between 10-12 years, so the need to update was only because the ole’ washer finally gave up.

What are common problems with washing machines?

GE Washer & Dryer

10 Most Common Washing Machine Problems

  • It Bounces Around. …
  • It’s Noisy. …
  • Clothes Are Getting Ripped. …
  • Improper Or Slow Draining. …
  • My Washing Machine Won’t Spin. …
  • There’s No Water. …
  • The Door Won’t Open. …
  • It’s Smelly.

What are the worst washing machines to buy?

To save you time coming up with an options list and save money for future premature repairs, here are some washing machine brands to avoid.

  • Costway. …
  • Deco. …
  • Danby. …
  • Electrolux. …
  • Speed Queen. …
  • Summit. …
  • Whirlpool.

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GE Washer & Dryer

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