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Parts Of a Stove Range Oven & Functions Guide to Kitchen 2024

parts of a stove

Parts Of a Stove Range Oven & Functions Guide to Kitchen 2024

What Are the Parts of a Stove? The broiler, warming drawer, oven racks, burners, control panel, temperature knobs, drip bowls and thermostat are all parts of your stove, also known as a range, that work together to help you create your favorite recipes.

Confounded by burners, grates, handles, and all those kitchen stove parts in the middle? Fear not: We break it down for you in this essential manual for kitchen stove parts.


From the straightforward adaptations to the commercial-grade models, all kitchen stoves have essentially the same parts. Here’s the way to become more acquainted with your primary cooking appliance.

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A stove typically consists of several parts, each serving a specific function in the cooking process. The particular design and components may vary depending on the type of stove (gas, electric, induction, etc.), but here are common parts found in most stoves:

Cooktop or Range Top:

  • The flat surface on top of the stove is where you place your pots and pans for cooking. It can be made of various materials, such as glass, ceramic, or metal.
  1. Burners:
  • Found on the cooktop, burners provide the heat source for cooking. Gas stoves have open flame burners, while electric and induction stoves have heating elements.
  1. Grates (for Gas Stoves):
  • Grates are metal grids or bars placed over the burners to support cookware. They help distribute heat evenly and provide a stable surface for pots and pans.
  1. Control Knobs or Touch Controls:
  • Knobs or touch controls are used to adjust the heat level of the burners. They are typically located on the front panel of the stove.
  1. Oven:
  • The oven is a compartment for baking and roasting. It may have one or more racks for placing baking sheets or dishes.
  1. Oven Door:
  • The oven door keeps the heat inside and usually has a window for monitoring cooking without opening the door.
  1. Broiler (some models):
  • A broiler is a separate compartment in the oven designed for high-heat cooking from above. It’s useful for browning or crisping the top of dishes.
  1. Oven Light:
  • An interior light lets you see inside the oven without opening the door.
  1. Temperature Controls:
  • These controls, usually on the stove’s front panel, allow you to set the desired temperature for the oven.
  1. Timer:
  • A timer can be either mechanical or digital and is used to set cooking durations.
  1. Storage Drawer (some models):
  • This drawer is located beneath the oven and provides additional storage space for pots, pans, or baking sheets.
  1. Ventilation System (some models):
  • Stoves with built-in ventilation systems have hoods or fans to help remove cooking odors, smoke, and heat.

Remember that specific features and components can vary among different stove models and brands. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for detailed information about your stove.

Burners: The most basic stoves have four burners. Burner size varies depending upon the model. More excellent burners can circulate heat to larger pots all the more rapidly.

Most cooktops feature a blend of high and low heat yields. Some cooktops may have an accessory that allows you to consolidate burners close to each other for a larger cooking surface.

Burner Covers: Burners appear distinctively based on the fuel source and stove type. Gas burners come in sealed or open arrangements. Open burners will reach maximum heat rapidly, yet sealed burners keep pans nearer to the flame and are easier to clean.

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It is capped with a metal circle, similar to the cap on a mushroom.

The circle keeps spills from spilling into the small gaps from which the gas and flame rise and give a more even heat conveyance than the good old, direct-flame burner did. The heat is spread across the lower part of the pan, not simply concentrated in the center, where it may bring about burning.

Accessories: Some cooktops accompany interchangeable accessories for the original four burners, for example, flame broils, irons, and woks.

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parts of a stove Range Oven 2024

Controls: Kitchen stoves typically have a control panel that allows you to kill various capacities and adjust the temperature for broilers and warming drawers. These generally are press catch to enable exactness in settings.

Entryway/Drawer: Each broiler or warming drawer space in your kitchen stove will have an entryway or drawer mechanism to open and close it. These should fit safely and equitably.

Trickle Pan: Drip pans are used to catch any spills or floods related to sealed burners.

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Grates: A cooktop’s grates circulate and dissipate heat equitably beneath the pan. On account of a gas stove, these are made of cast iron.

Cast iron grates may be constant, allowing pots and pans to be easily moved from burner to burner. However, these also dissipate heat all the more gradually. A smooth surface also allows you to move pans as required.

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Handles: Knobs to control the burners—and in some cases, the stove—are typically located on the face of the appliance or its top.

Broiler: Most stoves on kitchen stoves are standard size. Stoves may be smaller for those kitchen stoves that incorporate more than one broiler or an additional warming drawer. Oversize kitchen stoves often include a variety of broiler sizes.

Broiler Racks: Kitchen stoves incorporate adjustable stove racks; these can be taken out for cleaning or for moving based on your food’s temperature/preparing requirements.

More Terms to Know

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Gas Stove Parts – LPG Stove Parts Latest Price, Manufacturers

Transport: The heat yield of a kitchen stove is measured in British thermal units (Btus) or watts (1 watt equals 4 Btus). Gas stoves have a work of 500-15,000 Btus.

Range versus Cooktop: Kitchen stoves, also called ranges, generally join a single appliance’s two burners and broilers. Cooktops break out the burners, or cooking surface, into its apparatus; wall broilers typically supplement this arrangement.

A range may assist save with spacing while cooktops/wall broilers offer different cooking/baking stations.

Different types of industrial stoves seek to solve specific needs according to their manufacturers, such as the material, the kind of energy used for its operation (Electric or gas), and its structure (Rim or foot stoves).

Although each has different characteristics, they all have a series of common construction elements.

Without a doubt, this equipment is a fundamental part of an industrial kitchen. Therefore, we explain algae from the main features of gas stoves:

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The pilot is a flame that burns continuously and emits gas when a valve is turned on. 


They are made up of three parts: the lid, the lighter, and the burner. The latter is in charge of distributing the gas to the different chambers. The lighter is an electrode and a wiring system that connects with the ignition. The lid is a metal element that allows the flame to move to direct the surface.

The stoves can have different types of burners, mushroom type, horseshoe type, and U type; their use depends on the amount of BTU and power the equipment requires to obtain perfect cooking. 


Keeping the burners under control are the knobs located on the front of the equipment, activated with a turn, thus controlling the amount of the flame and the gas flow. You can adjust the temperature in a millimeter way since any movement in the knob modifies heat intensity.

Drip tray

It is an accessory that comes with the equipment; it is responsible for collecting the remains of food, liquids, and fats to protect the internal pipes of the stove. 


They are located in the upper external part of the equipment; they are iron to transfer heat more efficiently. In addition, they give stability to pots or utensils.

At Inventto Group, we have an excellent cooking equipment portfolio, ensuring efficiency and energy savings. We are here to provide you with the best advice and make your purchase an excellent investment for your business. Contact us!

Parts of the stove

The stove is the device used in many homes and restaurants to heat food, where burners are used that release the gas and are protected by a metal grill.

These run on gas, firewood, or electricity. The food to be heated is placed inside kitchen utensils, where it is avoided that they are affected by the type of combustion.

Most modern stoves have four round grills, where they usually have a large, elongated grill in the center.

It is also named a drying oven or laboratory oven, often used to sterilize and dry glass containers. It gets to eliminate the humidity either from a glass or metal container. This stove is made inside and outside of stainless steel and is controlled using a digital manual. There are two types of this: the forced convection oven and the natural convection oven.


  • 1 Part of the gas stove
    • 1.1 Pilot
    • 1.2 Burners
    • 1.3 Valves
    • 1.4 Control panel
    • 1.5 Drip tray
    • 1.6 Grid
    • 1.7 Thermostat

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Gas stove parts


The flame keeps burning as long as it emits gas when one of the stove’s controls is on. Certain stoves have electrical ignitions which throw a spark when the burner ignites.


There are four burners and usually have one in the oven. In stoves that have ovens, the burner is exactly below its base. Most ovens are convection, with an internal electric fan, which disperses the hot air inside.

Burner parts:

  • The lid is a metal plate that sits on top of the entire burner assembly, which causes the flame to travel across the whole cover.
  • The igniter is the electrode and its wiring; the latter is connected to the ignition module.
  • The burner: it is the one that connects the gas flow in several small chambers, which makes it possible for the flame to spread evenly throughout the lid.

The burner, over time, becomes clogged. Therefore it requires cleaning every so often, where you have to use a small brush, soap and a little water.


They are the ones that keep the burners under control, which is operated manually. It is shown as a very resistant plastic button, where when turning it controls the amount of flame, turns it on, and at the same time turns it off. It usually has very marked heat settings. When a valve is activated, the gas can flow through a Venturi tube, mixing with air and making combustion possible. As soon as the pilot lights up, the gas is turned on.

Control Panel

The control panel covers from the valve control area to the electronic keyboard, located in the rear area. This panel usually integrates a clock, a self-cleaning switch, an automatic oven clock, and a light switch for the oven’s interior.

With this panel, the stove is put into operation, where one of the most visible modules is the knob, which allows you to adjust the ignition and the height of the flame.

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Drip tray

It is part of the stove grate assembly, protecting against liquid and food splashes. It is responsible for capturing any remaining food or liquid particles, thus watching the stove and safeguarding the gas pipes from contamination.


It is also part of the grille assembly. It is made of iron, which allows it to transport heat easily; it can be forged in various shapes. However, it is widespread to see them square in form, as they offer better stability.


It is responsible for adjusting the oven’s heat when roasting or baking. It is kept hidden in the oven valve. Here is a tube that connects the valve control and the range. With this thermostat, it is possible to detect when the temperature is inside the oven, and at the same time, it is possible to control the amount of gas. Specific models of stoves usually integrate an electronic hybrid thermostat.

What are the essential parts of the electric stove? Understanding the Parts of an Oven

  • Broil Element. Provides direct heat on top of your dish when broiling.
  • Oven Rack. Can readily transition to any rack position.
  • Bake Element. Provides the primary source of heat from the bottom of the oven
  • Light Bulb & Assembly.
  • Convection Fan. 
  • Fan Blade.
  • Convection Baffle.
  • Hidden Bake Tray.

What are the things on top of the stove called?

Grates are stove parts that sit above burners. A cooktop’s grates distribute and dissipate heat evenly below the pan. In the case of a gas oven, grates are made of cast iron. For electric or smooth surface gas cooking surfaces, such as induction stovetops, grates are ceramic-glass.

What are the parts of a stove called?

The Main Parts of a Stove Explained (with Diagram)

  • Burners.
  • Burner Covers.
  • Control Panel.
  • Drawer or Door.
  • Drip Pan.
  • Grates.
  • Oven.
  • Oven Racks.

What are the components of a gas stove?

The main components of a gas oven system are the safety valve, the burner assembly, the igniter, and some form of control. The control can either be a thermostat that we all are accustomed to or electronic control.

330031 Range Receptacle Burner Receptacle Kit for Whirlpool Kenmore Sears and Roper Refrigerator Oven 814399 5303935058(4 Pack)

What are the parts of an electric stove?

Understanding the Parts of an Oven

  • Broil Element. Provides direct heat on top of your dish when broiling.
  • Oven Rack. Can readily transition to any rack position.
  • Bake Element. Provides the primary source of heat from the bottom of the oven
  • Light Bulb & Assembly.
  • Convection Fan. …
  • Fan Blade. …
  • Convection Baffle. …
  • Hidden Bake Tray.

What is an electric stove called?

An electric stove or electric range is a stove with an integrated electrical heating device to cook and bake. Electric stoves became popular as replacements for solid-fuel (wood or coal) stoves which required more labor to operate and maintain.

What Are the Parts of a Stove? The broiler, warming drawer, oven racks, burners, control panel, temperature knobs, drip bowls, and thermostat are all parts of your stove, also known as a range, that work together to help you create your favorite recipes.

Grates are stove parts that sit above burners. A cooktop’s grates distribute and dissipate heat evenly below the pan. In the case of a gas oven, grates are made of cast iron. Grates are ceramic-glass for electric or smooth surface gas cooking surfaces, such as induction stovetops.

Features typically include:

  • High-performance burners (up to 17,000 Btu)
  • A bonus fifth burner.
  • A removable stovetop griddle.
  • Electronic control panels for programmed cooking times.
  • Convection ovens.
  • Hidden baking elements for easier cleaning.

A burner is a device that produces heat or a flame, especially as part of a cooker, stove, or heater. He put the frying pan on the gas burner.


Whether you’re shopping for a new range or want to know more about your kitchen’s current cooking and baking hub, you can discover the common parts of a stove below.


The broiler is located inside your oven – typically near the top – and can be used to sear fish, meat, and vegetables or to create a golden crust on a cheesy baked pasta dish. On many models, the broil setting on your stove’s control panel cooks food with direct heat and temperatures up to 550ºF. 

You can use your broiler to experiment with unique recipes, like crisp Loaded Potato Slices, lightly charred Chicken Tikka Masala, or even Homemade Kale Chips.


Warming drawers, also known as baking or proofing drawers, are typically found on the bottom of your range and can be used for a few purposes. This stove component can help the yeasted dough rise before baking and keep cooked meals warm before serving them. 

You can use a warming drawer to proof homemade sandwich bread before it goes into the oven to bake or keep appetizers like cheesy crab dip warm and bubbly until party guests arrive. Some baking drawers can even be used as slow cookers.


Oven racks hold baking trays, pie plates, and Dutch ovens in the proper position for baking, roasting, and broiling. These adjustable racks allow you to position them as close to or far from the oven heating element as your recipe requires. The lower position is ideal for setting pie crusts and roasting meats, while the highest position is excellent for browning and crisping. In convection ovens, rack placement matters less, thanks to the fan that circulates air throughout the cavity.


On your stove, you will typically find 2–5 gas burners covered by metal grates or electric heating elements that heat pots, pans, and cooktop accessories like griddles or grill pans. Your stove’s burners can help you create delicious stuffed omelets, fluffy pancakes, juicy hamburgers, and much more. Learn how to remove your stove’s burners or coils to clean or for replacement with our guide.


Your stove’s temperature knobs are typically located on either the outer edge of the appliance or on the back of the stove next to the control panel. These knobs help you quickly adjust the heat levels of your gas burners or electric heating elements so you can go from boiling to simmering with a simple wrist flick.


Drip pans are commonly found around the stove’s burners or coils to protect your cooktop from burnt-on spills and splatters. These bowls are designed to catch the messes of creating a new recipe to help make cleaning easier.


Located on either the back or front of your appliance, the range control panel allows you to select cook temperatures, timers, and bake settings like broiling. Most control panels also feature an oven light function that allows you to peek in on your creations during baking without opening the oven door


A stove thermostat helps regulate the heat inside your oven’s cavity to keep temperatures consistent throughout baking. The thermostat works together with the control panel to let you know when your oven has finished preheating and is ready to cook your meal.


Because gas and electric ranges use different heating methods, their parts differ slightly. Gas ranges use an open flame both on the stovetop and inside the oven, so these models include flame igniters and require a gas line for installation. Learn how to convert your gas stove to an electric model.

Electric ranges generate heat with electric heating elements. The cooktops typically feature flat, glass-ceramic-covered heating elements or metal heating coils rather than burners. Inside the oven, electric ranges house metal coils that generate dry heat.


You can clean the stove parts with a cooktop or oven cleaning solution, a scrubbing pad, and paper towels. Ensure all heating elements have cooled, and spray soiled areas with the cleaning solution, like this cooktop cleaner from affresh®1. Use a scrubbing pad to break down food residue, then wipe it clean with a paper towel.

Some ovens offer a self-cleaning feature inside the oven cavity that can lighten a load of cleaning so you can get your range ready for your next creation.

1. affresh® brand products and recommending brands’ products are all owned and distributed by Whirlpool Corporation


It’s essential only to buy replacement parts that are compatible with the make and model of your current stove. Some replacement parts should only be installed with the help of a licensed technician, so you may need to schedule a service to swap out the parts.

If you need to replace parts of your KitchenAid® stove, you can browse the entire line of the cooktop and range accessories to find the right part for your appliance.


Whether shopping for a gas or electric stove, the KitchenAid brand offers a wide selection of ranges designed to fit the way you make. Explore select models with features like Even-Heat™ True Convection for crisp, flaky pastries and caramelized veggies or the Steam Rack that provides additional moisture during baking to find the right appliance for your home.

What are stove parts called?

The common parts of a stove include a control panel, knobs, oven, oven door, oven racks, drip pan, warming drawers and cooktop elements that make dinnertime a breeze.

What are the things called on top of the stove?

Five parts of a cooktop

  1. Burners. Regardless of the type of heating element a cooktop uses, every cooktop has burners. 
  2. Grates. Grates are designed to securely hold cookware above the flame of a burner at precise heights to ensure good burner performance—drip bowls. 
  3. Knobs. 
  4. Accessories.

What are the parts of a gas stove?

Gas stoves are equipped with burners, burner caps, removable grates and knobs. Along with the stove parts, gas ranges have an oven, oven racks, warming drawers and electronic control panels to easily ignite the oven and change temperatures.

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parts of a stove

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