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13 Best Floating Desks Your Small Workspace Free Shipping 2023

Floating Desks

13 Best Floating Desks Your Small Workspace Free Shipping 2023

When you don’t have a lot of space to begin with, finding a place where you can get sh*t done—whether that’s work, homework, or craft projects—can be a bit of a challenge. But having a dedicated space for your work is crucial for being productive no matter what you’re doing, which puts anyone living in cramped quarters in a bit of a bind. But no more.

Floating desks are perfect for even the smallest spots in your home. Some are designed to go in unused corners, others fold up and out of the way when you’re not working, and all of them give you the workspace you need. Now all you need is a cute desk lamp to go with it. Go ahead and take your pick of these thirteen stylish floating desks.

A floating desk is a great solution, if you’re in need of a home office or study space and short on square footage. We have looked at design, price and reviews and picked 12 excellent options. Check out our round up.

Bestseller No. 1
Wall Mounted Laptop Desk,Floating Computer Desk with Power Outlets and...
  • ◇Power Outlets and USB Ports◇ 2 USB charging...
  • ◇Enough Storage Space◇ The drawer offers other...
  • ◇Space-Saving & Concise Design◇ This working...
  • ◇Sturdy & Structure◇ Made of 15mm density...
  • ◇Multifunction & Versatile◇ Wall-mounted...
Bestseller No. 2
ALIMORDEN Floating Shelf with Drawer,Floating Drawer for Bathroom,...
  • Suspension Design - the suspension design of the...
  • Penholder Design: The desk surface has a penholder...
  • Material Combination - this table is made of glass...
  • Simple Installation - the installation process is...
  • Sincere Service: ALIMORDEN provides you with the...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Giantex Wall Mounted Desk Floating Computer Desk, Writing Study Table...
  • ◇Space-Saving & Concise Design◇ This working...
  • ◇Labor-Saving & Prevent Hurting◇ You can mount...
  • ◇Enough Storage Space◇ Three compartments...
  • ◇Sturdy & Durable Structure◇ Made of MDF and...
  • ◇Easy to Assemble & Clean◇ The cabinet comes...
Bestseller No. 4
Haotian FWT18-W, White Home Office Table Desk Workstation Computer...
  • Great design wall mounted desk with storage...
  • Material: MDF and chipboard. Dimensions: W32.28 x...
  • Weight: 29.10lbs. Load capacity: 66.14lbs.
  • Item comes in a flat pack and requires...
  • Detailed instructions supplied.
Bestseller No. 5
Tangkula Wall Mounted Desk, Fold Out Convertible Floating ,...
  • Convertible and Fold-out for Space-saving: This...
  • Spacious Tabletop & Varied Shelves: Featuring a...
  • Premium Material & Sturdy Construction: The...
  • Multifunctional for Various Uses: The handing desk...
  • Wall Mounted and Easy to Assemble: All parts...

13 Best Floating Desks Your Small Workspace Free Shipping 2023

Wall-mounted folding desk ($472.00). When the top is not being used as a desk or extra surface, it folds neatly out of the way, leaving everything looking tidy and freeing up valuable floor space. Space box is also a practical storage unit with open-front compartments, perfect for housing household knick-knacks, books, and keepsakes. Find it here 

Rustic industrial-style wall-mounted desk ($115.00). A sturdy desk made of hand stained wood and metal. Find it here

Black drop-leaf desk ($198.41). This hinged Floating Desk folds flat and saves space when it isn’t in use. Find it here

Drop-down secretary desk ($479.00). This wall-mounted desk  is made from lumber salvaged from barns in rural Missouri. It’s a great project space where you can just close it and hide the mess when it isn’t in use.  The fold down lid can hold up to 40 pounds and is very sturdy. Find it here

White floating desk with storage and keyboard tray ($475,74). With its distinctive asymmetrical design, the floating desk with shelves is the perfect solution to all your space saving needs without compromising on style. The top shelf and spacious side compartments provide the perfect place to keep anything you may need close at hand. Hidden wire management is integrated into the design of the desk, keeping cables and wires out of sight and out of mind. Find it here

Minimal floating desk ($519.99). The minimal float wall desk mounts easily to any wall to create a multi-use desk or display shelf. Perfect as a laptop station, full desktop station or writing desk. Design accommodates use at standing height or traditional sitting height. Clever use of geometry and physics eliminates legs while providing a full surface slide out tray and wire management slot. Find it here

13 floating desks that look great and take up minimal space  

Wall-mounted wood desk ($229.99). Optimize your small space with this wall-mounted floating desk. The wall cabinet opens up to reveal a pull-down desk with hinged legs, that neatly folds away when not in use. Features 3 adjustable shelves. Find it here

Floating wall desk ($136.76). Small spaces become more efficient and organized with this wall-mounted floating desk. The front folds down to create a workspace fit for a laptop, while four compartments keep you organized and one angled paper organizer keeps active projects easily accessible. Pin reminders and pictures to the corkboard, and keep pens and markers together in the drawer. Find it here

Kapono floating desk ($171.99). This folding wall desk is great for small spaces, whether it is a college dorm or a small studio apartment it will give you the perfect place to take some notes or write a paper! With a chalkboard face, it also allows for a quick place to jot down reminders. Find it here 

Floating cherry desk ($515.00). Modern floating desk with a distinctive design and stunning cherry grain pattern.  Find it here

Hideaway Wall Desk and Display Shelf ($399.00). This floating desk mounts easily at standing height or traditional sitting height to create a multi-use worktop or display shelf. Clever use of mechanics provides an extendable desk surface that rotates outwardly revealing items hidden inside the desk. Find it here

Solid wood floating desk ($1,099.99). This oak wood wall desk has it all. Use the drawers for holding mail, bills, notes, and more. The two upper shelves will hold decorative items or other necessities. For the true hidden jewel of this piece, lower the bottom front door to create an instant desk for writing bills, working, doing homework, or just doodling. There is room inside to keep a container full of pens, stapler, tape, markers, or whatever desired. Find it here

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This handy, rustic floating desk folds up and turns into a chalkboard you can write on when you’re not working.2Rooney Wall-Mounted Desk

This floating desk folds up with a neat little shelf on top, giving you storage space for all your stuff or a place to display some cheerful florals and greenery. 3Haeloen Wall-Mount Desk

Holly & $139.99 BUY NOW Floating Desk

If you have plenty of vertical wall space, a wall-mounted ladder desk like this one will give you a workspace and shelves to display your favorite things.

Southern$199.99 BUY NOW

 Another way to use your corner space: a floating desktop with cubbies for stowing away important things.5Hide ‘n Seek Large Acacia Storage Shelf

Repurpose a floating shelf that opens up with hidden storage space. Just make sure it’s deep enough for your writing and typing tasks.

What is a floating deck?

13 Wall-Mounted Desks That Are Perfect For Even The Tiniest Workspaces. … Floating desks are perfect for even the smallest spots in your home. Some are designed to go in unused corners, others fold up and out of the way when you’re not working, and all of them give you the workspace you need.

How deep should a floating desks be? Building the Frame

One of the things we were working around is this large window on the adjacent wall to the right. I personally didn’t want the desk sticking so far out, it awkwardly blocked part of the window. With all that said, we decided to make our floating desk 68 1/2 inches wide and 15 inches deep.

Can you use a floating shelf as a desk?

This type of floating desk is very versatile and can pretty much fit in any space. Turning a small corner into a workspace or home office is easy. All you need is a shelf which you attach to the wall at the desired height and this can be your desk.

floating wall desk

Are wall Desks good?

While certainly convenient, these days wall-mounted desks are also ultra-stylish. … Best of all, wall-mounted desks can be installed in nearly any room, and while providing a sturdy work surface is the main purpose, one can easily double as a dining table or extra storage spot should you need it

Floating furniture is gaining popularity because it is space-saving and looks very modern and interesting. It is a great idea for small spaces due to its lightweight appearance. We have already shared some thoughts, shelves, dressers, etc., and today we would like to inspire you with something new; the floating desk table.

Floating desk table

A floating desk table is a great idea for a home office or workspace; for a children’s space or any other, it can be large and go up an entire wall, or it can be small, just for a laptop. You can find or make pieces with drawers or storage compartments, or just elegant and designer, it’s up to you. Ready to take a look at some examples?

Floating Desk Table Designs

A wall-mounted desk is a space saver. Multifunctional, convenient, and simply stylish, it can help you create a functional home office in no time. Its biggest advantage over a regular desk is that it doesn’t take up a lot of valuable space. Today, there are many different options on the market, from folding desks to floating shelf-type designs. While some have storage space, others are designed to look as airy and inconspicuous as possible. But wall-mounted desks aren’t just for small spaces. In spacious modern homes, their sleek, minimal look is valued far more than bulky furniture pieces.

A wall desk can be multifunctional, convenient, and simply stylish.

One of the best modern ideas that are also very popular for workspaces of any kind is to place a floating desk table with matching floating shelves on it. This combo has a very terse and elegant look; it is ideal for modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, industrial spaces, and many others. The desk is usually wider than the upper shelves to make it more comfortable, and the frames and the desk are usually the same, made of the same plywood or wood. If there isn’t enough light, look for lighted shelves and extra lamps. The desk table can provide some storage space, such as drawers or compartments, or be simply elegant and designer to match the decorating style.

Wall-mounted desks are an easy solution.

When you live in a small space but would like to have a desk table, it cannot be easy to fit it into the room. Wall-mounted desks are an easy solution because they take up much less space than a regular office desk but are still just as functional. Here, great examples of wall desks in different styles save space but add functionality to any room.

A floating deck is a modern option that allows you to free up floor space.

Even though the desk table is the most important piece of furniture in a home office, this does not mean that it can take up the entire room. To get a functional and spacious interior decoration for your home office, you must find ingenious and practical solutions. A floating desk, for example, is a modern option that allows you to free up floor space for a great décor without sacrificing functionality. Here are some design ideas.

Modern home office

It is a very simple modern home office with white walls and a beautiful, elegant floating desk that blends seamlessly into that carved space between the side walls. The desk is made of wood, and this also helps create a warm and inviting look that balances out the coolness of the walls. Plus, the books placed in the library add a splash of color.

It is a study or office that was arranged within a very bright living room. As the available space is ample but not intended to be cluttered, the floating desk seems to be a perfect idea. It was placed on the window to make the most of the sunlight. It is extremely simple in design and was complemented by a beautiful upholstered chair and vase with bamboo plants.

Here’s another modern office, and this one is based on a really simple design. The light blue background only enhances the brightness of the decoration. Prepac manufactures modern functional furniture that stands out for its elegant design. It may not be perfect for small spaces, but it would look great in a spacious studio apartment. The Designer Floating Desk is elegant and functional. In addition to its large surface, there are numerous open shelves to store books and small electronic devices.

This particular home office, even if it is small, is very cozy and pleasant. The windows let in a lot of natural light, but the room still maintains its comfort. The desk is difficult to notice as it is very narrow. It’s a floating desk with only a usable portion, but it goes on and on and forms a nice viewing area.

Wall Mounted Desks

These wall-mounted desks save space, look great, and give you office space without the need to design a special room.

This white wall desk table is the same color as the wall, helping it blend in perfectly when not in use.

A corner wall desk is a great way to include a desk in your small space because it fills a corner that is likely to go to waste without it.

This white floating shelf has a light that shines underneath the table, giving it an even more futuristic effect.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also make your folding wall desk to make sure it fits all your needs. This floating wall desk has a drop-down shelf that can be pulled out when you need more space to work, or it can be left inserted to save room space.

The door to this bookcase opens to become the perfect writing surface that can also hide things when closed.A wall desk installed in a window opening makes the most of natural light and allows you to look out the window while you work.

A floating wall desk table next to the window maximizes the amount of natural light you can use and puts less strain on your eyes.

13 Best Floating Desks Your Small Workspace Free Shipping 2023

When you don’t have the space to turn an entire room into your office, you can redirect your attention to areas like the basement. They may not be ideal, but it’s a great space where you can find some peace and where you can focus properly. It is small, but a floating desk and some shelves on the wall would solve the problem.

When you don’t actually work from home but instead sometimes bring work home, you can give up the idea of ​​having an entire room for that and can organize a small area in the family room where you could work. It doesn’t have to be a lot. To blend in with your décor, you can use an elegant floating desk, add a chair or two, and you’re done.

This home office has plenty of storage space. TI features a floating white desk and a long wall unit that hangs above it that includes shelves and storage compartments for anything from books to office supplies. In front of the desk, there is a magnetic wall with glass on top. It is a very interesting idea that can apply to other spaces as well.

This particular home office looks very clean and simple. It’s just a white floating desk mounted on a white wall. The chairs are also white, but the floors are dark brown, and the contrast created is very strong and bold. The window also has a thin black frame that makes the same effect. In keeping with this theme, the desktop has also been decorated with black and white elements.

To keep the decor open to making the most natural sunlight, a very elegant and simple floating desk was placed near the glass walls. On the one hand, it has a bookcase while it has wonderful views of the outdoor areas.

13 Best Floating Desks Your Small Workspace Free Shipping 2023

This one also has an office built into its design. It’s a small, almost unnoticeable area that features a floating desk, two elegant white chairs, and a built-in storage space on one side. It benefits from the natural light coming through the narrow windows and does not interfere with the overall décor.

This minimal floating desk is not only great because of its pull-out table but also because of its retro style. Rounded corners and minimal details create a very attractive design. Disguised openings make it possible to hide unsightly cables, which often spoil the home office look. And in red, this desk makes it the best office furniture in the home.

Anyone can design and install a floating desk somewhere in the house, but the great thing is when you get the most out of that lonely corner, you use to pile up your junk.

The ideas that we can offer you regarding the location of your desk are very varied and depend a lot on your available space. Why not take advantage of the space inside a closet? When you finish work, close the cabinet, and voila, the desk will be hidden, and no one will know it was ever there.

If you need a larger desk table to place the devices and your work materials, take advantage of the vertical space as well. The shelves on the desk will be very useful when reaching for the printer or one of the study manuals.

This type of cubicle desk table is decorative as well as functional. Its minimalist design adapts to the most modern interiors, and its integrated lights make working hours more efficient.

Installing a wall-mounted floating desk is simple. Not only will it save you money, but it also provides ample legroom. This design is also ideal for contemporary or modern décor. While the process is relatively easy, we want to ensure you have the proper instructions so that the installation is as stress-free as possible.

Supplies you’ll need electric drill or screwdriver, drill bit, pencil, tape measure, and level.

Steps to install a floating desk

Measure the area where you want to install the floating desk – Accurate measurement of your site ensures that you have enough space on the wall for the desk you want to install.

Determine how high you would like to mount the desk. Don’t forget to provide adequate space under the desk; Well, legroom is essential to make sure your wrists can rest comfortably on the desk.

floating table

How do those floating tables work?

Like a regular, all-string tensegrity table, the magnetic attraction tries to pull apart the tabletop from the base. The outer strings pull down to counteract that force, acting in a direction that tries to bring the tabletop and the base closer together.

How much does a floating table cost?

Sleek magnetic floating table costs $30,000.

How stable is a tensegrity table?

It’s a strong structure once loaded, but not terribly stable. Notice that it’s floppy if you pick it up. If you bump this table, even when loaded, it will bounce around a bit.

What is a levitating table?

Floating table looks like solid blocks of wood. A closer look reveals a matrix of wooden cubes that appears to float. When you touch the table, the effect changes again, and the table’s blocks move. Wood, magnets and steel cables are the secret here.

Floating Table Shelf

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Floating dining table

  • Vig Furniture Modrest Dining Table
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  • VIG Modrest Sven Contemporary White Walnut Floating Extendable Dining Table
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hanging desk

How do you hang a desk on the wall?

Hang Bracket: Keep your floating desk brackets over the screw holes and drill them into your wall to secure the wall mount. Hang Desk: Now that your metal brackets are securely fastened, your wall can support the weight of the desk. Hang your desk on your brackets and push it firmly against the wall.

floating desk with drawers

Do floating desks work?

Having a floating desk can increase the amount of floor space you have available. It can be more affordable than traditional desks, and having one can make your workspace look much cleaner. Most people find that their productivity is increased when their room is more organized, and the layout is clean and open.

Can you use a floating shelf as a desk?

Floating Shelf Workstation

When it’s not in use as a workspace, this floating desk can double as a regular shelf. When it’s not in use as a workspace, this floating desk can double as a regular shelf.

How do you support a floating desk?

Build the Floating Desk Support

Everything will need to be screwed directly into the studs for the desk and shelves to be secure. Build the frame to support to desk top. This frame support is very secure once it’s installed directly into the studs, so you don’t need heavy duty brackets or anything like that.

How much weight can a floating desk hold?

The answer is, a lot of weight—if it is done right. Like anywhere from 25lbs to well over 300lbs. That is a big range.

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