9 Best Fireplace Screens – Single Panel & Multi Panel 2021

Fireplace Screens

9 Best Fireplace Screens – Single Panel & Multi Panel 2021

Fireplace screens are a fabulous addition to your fireplace hearth and we offer one of the largest selections of screens available anywhere! Our fireplace screens are available in a huge selection of styles, including single panel, three panel, bowed, summer screens, and glass fire screens to fit any home. Add beauty to your fireplace while protecting the surrounding area from flying sparks and keeping kids and pets safe from the fireplace.

Take a look at the chart below and decide which fireplace screen is best for you. When you find one that suits you, follow the link to the NorthlineExpress.com website and browse a variety of fireplace screens in the collection of your choice. If you already know which type of fireplace screen you are looking for, view our entire fireplace screen collection 


Many people think of a screen when they’re really wanting a fireplace door. Here we have a large selection of stock and custom fireplace doors for any fireplace size.Shop Now


For large or unusual sized fireplaces you may need a custom screen. In this section we show a number of styles and options for screens custom made just for you.Shop Now


Single panel screens offer a smooth look along with ease of use. Some screen offer rear adjustable legs to allow you to push the screen flush against the fireplace opening to give you complete coverage of your opening. Handles allow you to easily pick up the screen and set it aside for loading firewood.Shop Now


Bowed Screens add a three dimensional look to your fireplace along with giving you superior coverage and ease of use. Handles allow you to easily pick up the screen and set it aside for loading firewood. Because they are bowed they do not need legs to help them stand however on uneven hearths this may not be the best choice.Shop Now


Door Screens are the new craze. Doors placed on the frame of the screen allow you to load your fireplace through the screen without having to pick it up and move it. These are especially nice for anyone with back problems or trouble lifting large items.Shop Now


Folding fireplace screens allow for a three-dimensional look as well as making loading your fireplace very easy. You don’t have to move the entire screen to add wood just open one side and leave the rest in place. Also, they are easy to fold up and store during the off-season. Large screens can be awkward and hard to move so handles are placed

on each side panel to make it easy.Shop Now


Child guard fireplace screens help protect little ones from getting too close to a fireplace or wood stove. The HearthGate version offers the most protection and flexibility with it’s optional extension panels available in 8″ and 24″ widths. The HearthGate can be securely attached to walls and has a heavy-duty gate allowing entry. Other styles are also available.Shop Now


Summer fireplace screens are used for many reasons but most of all to add beauty to a fireplace that is not in use, keep pets and children out of the fireplace and to add some life to a plain fireplace while in the off season. These Summer Screens go great with our Fireplace Candelabra.Shop Now


Spark guard screens are an easy and inexpensive way to protect your floor and hearth from sparks. The handles are attached to the frame instead of the screen for support. These spark guards will last for years and years.Shop Now


Screens wear out and get difficult to slide open. In this section, you will find replacement screens, attached screens, rod kits, valance kits, and more. Shop Now

You are the proud owner of your very own fireplace. Whether it came with the house, or you had one installed, a fireplace can bring a room together, add an element of romance, and provide snuggly warmth during those bitter winter months.

Now it’s time to ask yourself some questions. Is my fireplace a potential danger? Should I worry about my kids near it? How can I keep sparking embers and shifting logs from escaping the fireplace, keeping the flaming pieces inside the chimney. All good questions. One good answer: Choosing the perfect fireplace screen to meet your needs.

What is a fireplace screen?

Quite simply, a fireplace screen is a protective barrier between you and the contents of your fireplace. It keeps the flaming bits separated from the rest of the room, ensuring an accidental house fire isn’t a concern. They are typically made of heavy materials, can be a single piece or many, and are a multitude of sizes.

Stylish 3 Panel Steel Fireplace Screen
Gold 3 Panel Iron Fireplace Screen
Stylish Elegant Steel Fireplace Doors
Handmade 1 Panel Iron Fireplace Screens
Antique 3 Panel Iron Fireplace Screen
Timeless Elegant 3 Panel Iron Fireplace Screen

Do I need a fireplace screen?

Conventional wisdom would definitely lean toward “yes.” Not only is it great for protecting your home from the unexpected, it is also a sound investment when children or pets run freely in the spaces where a fireplace resides. Accidents happen. Kids can be wild, without concern for the consequences of their actions. They might throw things in the fire that are dangerous. They might fall during horseplay. But unlike a broken lamp, having a tumble into an open fire can have devastating effects, physically and mentally, that they will carry their entire life. Installing a sturdy fireplace screen helps you protect them from themselves.

They can also transform your fireplace into a conversation starter, and bring the room together if your decorating scheme can use a little help in the area of the fireplace. There is an abundance of options, from stained glass to monogrammed to a hearth fender, your fireplace screen options are nearly endless. It would behove any interior decorator to enhance the look of the room with a fireplace screen that compliments their creative effort.

What are the material options in fireplace screens?

Deciding to take the plunge into the world of fireplace screen selection is an important step. It is an investment that will last for a very long time, largely due to the materials fireplace screens are made of.

The most common materials for fireplace screens are:

  • Metal: Steel, iron or brass
  • Glass
  • A combination of metal and glass


Glass as a material is not the most common choice in fireplace screens, but it is making a resurgence, as it seems some buyers want an unobstructed view of the fire, but still have the safety and security of a protective barrier.

Usually, the glass fireplace curtain is a single, curved piece of glass that bends toward the hearth, giving off a sleek, clean, and sophisticated look perfect for contemporary interiors. They are lighter than metal screens. However, dirt shows quickly on glass screens, which requires regular cleaning.

For a more obstructive but substantially more ornate option, the introduction of a stained glass fireplace screen will give a classical aire to a Victorian-styled or vintage setting. The fire licks behind the colored glass, painting the space with technicolored dancing figures. It is largely metal, but with ornate glass strewn within. A beautiful addition to any hearth.

Folding 3 Panel Glass Fireplace Screens
Decorated Single Panel Steel Fireplace Screen
Victorian Style 3 Panel Glass Fireplace Screen
Curved Panel Glass Fireplace Screen
Functional Stylish 3 Panel Metal Fireplace Screen
Colorful 3 Panel Bronze Fireplace Screen


Metal is sturdy, reliable and easy to clean. It doesn’t show dirt as much as glass, so doesn’t call for frequent cleaning. It is much heavier, though. Also, metal screen frames come with a protective mesh that has its own host of pros and cons.

On the one hand, it creates a cozy, traditional fireplace setting. The downside is, however, that it may dent under heavy impact, which tends to be hard to repair. Let alone tiny particles of ash can easily filter through the mesh and dust the room.

Single Panel Iron Fireplace Screen
Floral 3 Panel Metal Fireplace Screen
European Style 3 Panel Iron Fireplace Screen
Simple Practical 2 Panel Iron Fireplace Screen
Gold 1 Panel Aluminum Fireplace Screen
Modern Single Panel Iron Fireplace Screen

What are the types of metal fireplace screens?

For the heavier, most common, and most versatile option in sizes and decorative allure, the extensive line of metal fireplace screens is only limited by your imagination.

  • Freestanding: These screens have a door with a latch, that can be opened for easy access to add wood, fireplace maintenance, and the occasional cleaning.
  • Paneled: From a single panel that is designed to sit flush against the hearth, to a hinged, multi-paneled unit that curves out from the hearth to allow minimal safe access, these offer a sleek appeal. They can have between 3 and 5 panels.
  • Ornate: These units showcase curved lines and an artistic flair that enhances vintage, rustic, traditional, and oriental-style interiors. They can be a multitude of creative ideas, from swirls to leaves, to a multi-paneled unit that looks like a wrought-iron gate.
Image result for fireplace screen
  • Personalized: Basically, you can monogram your screen.
  • Bowed: A single curved metal screen with a heavy micromesh within. It works well as a spark guard.
  • Spark guard: Just like the bowed fireplace screen, the spark guard fits cleanly against the hearth, preventing sparks from getting out of the safety of the fireplace area and into places they shouldn’t. It is curved in at the sides and top, with a flat front.
  • Spark guard curtains: A commonly used fireplace screen choice in older homes, these are exactly what they sound like; curtains to prevent sparks. They are composed of metal rings, woven together with tight, and hanged from an inset track at the mouth of the hearth. They can expand and retract with the ease of window curtains and can be latched when closed.
Image result for fireplace screen

How to determine the right size for a fireplace screen?

To determine the right size for a fireplace screen, measure your fireplace opening, then add 10-12 inches to the width, and 3-5 inches to the height. That’s the least you need to get to be sufficiently protected.

What are my safety concerns with a fireplace screen?

As a blanket policy, anything near or involving fire or fire safety must be respected. For one thing, because they are composed of metal, metal conducts heat when near a heat source, so depending on your screen’s proximity to the fire within the hearth, it can potentially get very hot. If for any reason you must move the fireplace screen, either adjusting it to stoke the fire or add wood, or removing it completely to clean out your fireplace, it is wise to make sure it is cool to the touch, or that you use appropriate gloves.

Image result for fireplace screen

Also, children should never play near a fireplace. Fireplace screens are usually heavy, but some models made of lighter steel, like brass, are not. They are more ornate, and therefore, not designed with efficient safety concerns in mind.

What is a fireplace screen called?

fire screen or fireguard began as a form of furniture that acted as a shield between the occupants of a room and the fireplace, and its primary function was to reduce the discomfort of excessive heat from a log fire.

What does a fireplace screen do?

When homes were warmed solely by naked flames, fireplace screens served as a shield to protect the occupants from the intense heat of the fire. The screen also helped prevent embers from spitting out the fireplace and into the room.

Fireplace Screens
Fireplace Screens

Our fireplace screens safe?

A good way to minimize the risks of embers escaping the fireplace and starting a fire is a fireplace screen. But fireplace screens do more than prevent embers from spitting out of the fire. They can also decrease the risks of children and pets falling into the fire.

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