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9 Best Picnic Blanket & Mats Outdoor 2023

Picnic Blanket

9 Best Picnic Blanket & Mats Outdoor 2023

Staging a picnic requires little more than the union of a blanket and a patch of grass. Yet, when combined, those humble elements can elevate a mundane meal into an alfresco fete. Not all picnic blankets are equal, though: We considered 44 and tested 13 before choosing the Nemo Victory Blanket as our favorite. Its soft flannel is comfortable to sit on, the waterproof underlining keeps you dry, elastic bands help you transport it easily, and the pastel stripes make your picnic feel like an Impressionist masterpiece.

Picnic Blankets – Humble, Yet Enduring

A picnic blanket is as traditional as a picnic basket. Before motorized vehicles what seems like a short distance today could be an all-day trip for a family to get to their destination. Mother packed a lunch and made sure she brought a blanket to sit on when they stopped to rest and have lunch.

Picnics were a favorite activity for romantic couples wanting to get away from the watchful eyes of their families. They would take their blanket and basket, find a quiet spot, and spread out their blanket. For the time they were enjoying their picnic the blanket not only was a good place to sit but defined their space.

Even today a picnic blanket defines your space whether at the beach or in a park. From the time you spread the blanket on the ground to the time you leave, space is yours.

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ZAZE Extra Large Picnic Outdoor Blanket, 80''x80'' Waterproof Foldable...
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PUPOPIK Outdoor Picnic Blanket, Foldable Waterproof Sand Beach Mat in...
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G GOOD GAIN Waterproof Picnic Blanket Portable with Carry Strap for...
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RUIBOLU Extra Large Picnic Blanket Beach Blankets, 80''x60'' Picnic...
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Bestseller No. 5
scuddles Extra Large Picnic Blankets Dual Layers Beach Blanket 60 X 60...
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When you take the kids to the park to play they understand if they want a drink or a snack they come back to their picnic blanket. Perhaps their little brother or sister is napping on the blanket with a sense of security.

How to Find the Best Picnic Blanket?

You can solve the picnic blanket craze by dividing your choices into priorities and categories. Find your best options below, from plaid picnic blankets for the park to waterproof, collapsible picnic mats for the beach and pretty, cheap cloth blankets for the outdoors.

Size: pocket size to oversized outdoor blankets

When it comes to choosing the right size for your picnic blanket, the sky really is the limit. But it can help to think about how many people will be going to the picnic and where you will be going.

For two people, a pocket blanket (60 x 56 inches) will suffice. But if the whole family, including all the aunts and cousins, is going on the excursion, opt for an oversized blanket (10 x 9 feet). If the number of people is somewhere in the middle, a standard size will suit you.

Durability: washable and waterproof picnic blankets

Several durability factors can also come into play, even if the outdoor blanket is machine washable, waterproof, water resistant, or even sand resistant. If you know that you will have to wash your picnic blanket every time you use it, a machine washable blanket might be best. If you’re spraying it on wet grass, a waterproof option is fine. But if you go to the beach, you probably prefer a waterproof picnic blanket.

Style: picnic cloth, picnic mat or picnic blanket

What you probably didn’t consider was weighing the options between picnic cloth, picnic mat, and picnic blanket. A picnic cloth is often a thin, lightweight material similar to the traditional tablecloths used on picnic tables. A picnic mat is generally a folding outdoor blanket with a thin foam pad and a water-resistant or waterproof underside. And a traditional picnic blanket can be made from a thicker, heavier, and more durable material that is generally not waterproof in nature, but may have water-resistant characteristics.

Portability: roll-up or foldable

The main factor in deciding the portability of a picnic blanket is how it is carried. Decide what’s best for you by considering whether the picnic blanket can be rolled up and buckled, folded tightly, or stored in a carry bag. Some picnic blankets will have a handle attached. Size and weight can also be important depending on how far the outdoor blanket is carried.

Material: picnic blankets for the beach, park or cold weather

The type of material you prefer when choosing a picnic blanket will probably depend on when and where you will have your picnic. For example, if it’s cold, a thick wool picnic blanket or a foam-padded polyester blanket may be a good option. If you are going to the beach, waterproof and sand-proof materials are highly desirable. For a lightweight, hiking-friendly option, the best picnic blankets are usually made with nylon material.

Patterns: pretty or plaid picnic blankets

Beyond all of the above factors, choosing the pattern that sets the scene for your picnic can also prove important. Choose from an endless rainbow of options, from watermelons and yellow pineapple prints to black and plaid or even that beloved classic red plaid picnic blanket pattern.

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9 Best Picnic Blanket & Mats Outdoor 2023

Picnic blankets are more than a place to sit while food is served. In the back yard, a blanket can be spread out for the children and their toys. It keeps them from being scattered around the yard. And, when it is time to go inside, just grab the corners together and easily carry the toys back to the house.

Today, many picnic blankets have a waterproof backing which is good if the ground is damp or more dirt than grass. The dirt is easily hosed off saving messing up your washing machine. Perhaps you have found a picnic table at the wayside but between the birds and spills, you would rather not sit there. Spread out the blanket on the ground and have a nice lunch.

Keeping a picnic blanket tote in the car is a good idea. It will come in handy for impromptu picnics, parades, and travel. If a sudden shower comes up use the blanket as a cover and wrap. The waterproof backing will keep you dry. Some picnic blankets have inflatable pillows sewn in so you can relax after a hearty picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful day.

9 Best Picnic Blanket & Mats Outdoor 2023

It is amazing that a simple piece of bright or one-color material served so many useful purposes. The picnic blanket gives security to small children, a pleasure to a romantic outing for couples of all ages, and casual fun outings for family and friends.

Feb VanZanten, Program Director for Family and Children, free-lance writer, MA in Theater, entrepreneur, and traveler. My most important role is being a wife, mother, and grandmother. After that, my main job is the owner of Picnic Today which sells the best picnic products on the market and provides excellent customer service and original helpful, and humorous articles. My motto is, if you are not satisfied, I am not satisfied.

Best waterproof picnic blanket

Redcamp Waterproof Picnic Blanket $224.4 stars, 140 reviews

Reviewers, especially those with children, love that this picnic blanket is waterproof, including one customer who specifically bought it as a play mat for her son. “It’s huge and sturdy. I like that it’s waterproof but it doesn’t feel plasticky or make you sweaty when you sit on it,” she says. Another parent, who takes this blanket to the park daily with their children, says in addition to being waterproof it is “a great size” and “very easy to wipe clean!” Because it is large, this picnic blanket comes with a carrying backpack, which is another selling point for many reviewers. One such customer, who uses the blanket for picnics and reading outside, describes the backpack as “too big ON PURPOSE to allow room for a book, water bottle, sunscreen, snacks, [and] whatever else you might want to carry.”$22 AT AMAZON

Best machine-washable picnic blanket

Yodo Outdoor Picnic Blanket $24 now 29% off4.4 stars, 570 reviews$17

One user has found that this blanket comes in handy for more than just a day at the park. “I’ve used it for wet butts on picnic benches, as a picnic tablecloth on questionable surfaces, and for saving bodies from hot concrete,” one innovative user writes. “It folds quite compact, is lightweight, and the pattern is nice. Things like grass and sand are easily shaken out and don’t stick to the fabric.” One soccer mom finds that this makes them the envy of their friends, writing, “When we’d have practices after days of rain, our bottoms were the only ones to stay dry of all of our friends.” Dozens note that spills, dirt, and sand can be easily wiped up or shaken out but a few have also successfully tested this in the washing machine. One writes, “You can simply take a napkin to it (for spills) and get it right up or throw it in the washing machine on a low spin cycle and let it air dry for stains.”$17 AT AMAZON

Best easy-to-fold picnic blanket

Scuddles Extra Large Picnic Blanket with Handle $30 now 23% off4.3 stars, 1,501 reviews$23

Many picnic blankets with carrying straps claim to fold easily, but reviewers appreciate that this blanket’s removable strap ensures easy folding every time. “You can roll the blanket up however and the strap still works, rather than have to fold it a very specific way for it to come together to attach,” says one reviewer who describes this blanket as “easy to clean and use.” For those who do want to fold into the carrying strap it “folds back up well by following with pre-set creases,” explains another reviewer. Another customer, who describes themselves as “horrible at folding blankets,” says that this one was actually easy to fold as well as “not heavy to carry, very big and easy to clean in the washing machine and dryer.” Many other reviewers say that this blanket is easy to clean, including one who spilled things on it upon first use and found that the blanket “didn’t absorb, and was spot-free after a quick washing.”$23 AT AMAZON

Best travel picnic blanket

TheCozy Adventures Pocket Picnic Sheet $204.4 stars, 181 reviews

Reviewers love this “sweet portable blanket,” because as one reviewer puts it, “it’s easy to pack and bring wherever you go.” “I used this for my trip to Miami; I love that I didn’t have to pack a giant beach towel; it took up barely any space in my carry-on,” one reviewer writes. “Took it to Europe on a bike and barge trip,” another says. “When we got back from a long ride and the boat wasn’t there, everyone was jealous as another couple and myself were able to lay down at the riverbank!” In addition to its small size, reviewers love that it comes with stakes.

“I compared several items and what sold me were the reinforced tie-down corners and small lightweight plastic spikes that hold the blanket in place.” Another says, “We tested this in some very windy conditions and it didn’t budge.” A few others found very unique ways to use this sheet. One says it “worked as an impromptu beach tent held up by the back window of a Jeep and hiking poles,” and another “used this blanket while camping in the Panamanian jungle instead of a sleeping bag.”$20 AT AMAZON

Best cold-weather picnic blanket

Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket Warm $40 now 13% off4.7 stars, 547 reviews$35

Half the reviewers say they love this picnic blanket for a cold-weather picnic, while the rest use it as an actual blanket for winter sporting events and camping. “I bought three of these blankets for picnics and attending games when it gets cold,” one says. “We all love them. The fleece is soft and warm and if the grass is wet, no problem.” “It is water-resistant like it says, we can take it to the park when the grass is wet, lay it down, have a picnic, no problems with the water coming through,” writes another reviewer of this picnic blanket, adding, “The blanket is also wind-resistant, which is amazing. Had the blanket with us at the beach earlier in the year. The wind was really picking up and the blanket did a fantastic job.”$35 AT AMAZON

Best beach picnic blanket

Angemay Waterproof Portable Beach Mat $20$23 now 13% off4.4 stars, 383 reviews

Nearly half of all five-star reviewers say that this picnic blanket fares well at the beach. One reviewer who bought it specifically for a beach trip says it “kept sand out. Water rolled right off. I even washed it in my washing machine when I got back home and the ocean smell from the trip rinsed right off.”

Another customer who took this blanket to the beach every day of vacation says that in addition to repelling sand it is “easy to pack in luggage or carry-on. Folded back into place well.” Although dozens of other reviewers vouch for this blanket’s foldability, many also like its roominess. A parent with multiple children used to bring blankets to the beach but says they were never big enough and took up too much space. In comparison this blanket is “big enough to fit a lot of things on it. I LOVE how you can fold this one and just toss it in your backpack,” she adds. $20 AT AMAZON

Best picnic blanket for camping

Matador Pocket Picnic Blanket with Built-in Ground Stakes $304.6 stars, 149 reviews

“We took this on a backpacking trip this weekend and I am in love with this product! We used it as a staging point for setting up and breaking down camp, a clean dry space to cook and eat, a vestibule mat, and a mat for our three dogs to lay down,” raves one reviewer, who was surprised at the durability and ease of use of this blanket’s built-in stakes.

Another outdoorsy customer, who brought this blanket camping, says she loves the blanket’s foldability and built-in stakes which “keep the blanket in place when it would otherwise be displaced by wind or movement.” A couple of reviewers add that this blanket is convenient to use at Disneyland, of all places, including one who continues to use it for family outings. “We found it extremely easy to fold back up, my 9-year-old and 7-year-old can both do it, and fit into its little pouch that is attached,” he says.

What is a good size for a picnic blanket?

It’s about 60X60 seems about the right size. This is one of the great uses for the square quilts that so many do not like. I would say somewhere between 60-68 inches square would give more than enough room to seat 4 with the food in the middle.

What kind of blanket do you use for a picnic?

  • Best Overall: Yeti Lowlands Blanket. …
  • poplour Best Waterproof: L.L. Bean Waterproof Outdoor Blanket. …
  • Best for Travel: Matador Water Resistant Pocket Blanket. …
  • top Best Large: SONGMICS Picnic Blanket. …
  • Best Budget: JAMFLY Picnic Blanket with Waterproof Backing. …
  • Best for Beach: WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket.

Can you use a tablecloth as a picnic blanket?

Today I want to share with you this super fast and easy DIY that you can make for your next outdoor picnic or concert. This fun upcycled picnic blanket is made from a vintage tablecloth and a vinyl tablecloth. It gives you a fun style on the top and full protection on the bottom from the dewy grass.

Can you wash a picnic blanket?

The top is made from extra-soft 220 gsm 100% polar fleece,bottom is made from reinforced polyester, both of these materials can be used for machine wash and not destroy the picnic blanketYou can rest assured that use machine washing.

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