11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

Best Wood Burning Stoves

11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

Do you know how to install a wood stove in a chimney hole?

On extremely cold days, nothing better than coming home and sitting in front of an old wood stove to read a good book or spend a pleasant evening with your loved one.

In my memory, wood burning fireplaces are associated with romantic scenes from Hollywood movies and Christmas tales. It is that they offer a unique cozy appearance and fill the environment with true home warmth. .

Over the years these stoves lost ground with gas models , oil radiators and electric fireplaces like the ones that appear in these comparisons.

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However, in recent times these devices have had a new impulse as a result of the increases in electricity and gas bills , and the search for more sustainable heating options. 

Modern wood stoves are safe, light and highly decorative . They also offer a natural and ecological caloric action , by using a renewable energy source such as wood.

As if this were not enough, they have a more affordable price than pellet stoves , so they are an excellent option for any home.

In this article I am going to introduce you to the best cheap wood stoves available on the market.

Here you have in this comparative table the 5 best wood stoves that I chose after reviewing and studying many models that are for sale:

Warm Up with a Best Wood Burning Stoves

Anyone who’s paid winter home heating costs knows the feeling of sticker shock. Heating the home comes with a steep price tag—as much as 45% of the average household budget. That’s why many happy homeowners have turned to one of the oldest, most reliable, and least expensive forms of heat: wood. Today’s wood stoves have come a long way from the smelly, dirty, and often polluting pot-bellied monsters of the past. This new generation of wood stoves are more powerful, more efficient, and cleaner than old wood burners.F

Product description Best Wood Burning Stoves

Bruntmor is very excited to announce our newest item, our Rocket Stove for hunters, fishman, camping trips, backyard cooking, outdoor events, or survivalists. With this heavy duty, portable rocket stove you can cook whatever you want, just put a pot on the top!

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When choosing a wood stove, it is important to select a model that fits the space. Over- or under-sized stoves are not as efficient, waste fuel, and contribute to air pollution. Heating power is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), and will give you a good idea of how much juice you’ll need to heat your home. For instance, 60,000 BTU can heat a 2,000-square-foot home, while a stove rated at 42,000 BTU can heat a 1,300-square-foot space.

Bruntmor Camping Rocket Stove with Handle, Camping Survival Gear Self Feeding Wood Burning Stoves, Tent Heater

About this item

  • Heavy Duty, Portable Rocket Stove for hunters, fishman, camping trips, backyard cooking, outdoor events, or survivalists.
  • Can hold all parts inside for easy transport and storage. Converts from box easily and quickly into a fully functional stove. Add dry wood and light it up, you will be ready to go in just 5 minutes!
  • Easy to find fuel such as branches,twigs, pine cones, etc.
  • No need to stove fuels propane, charcoal, etc.
  • Cooking grate is wide and will support large pots

Wood stoves are available in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and are constructed of cast iron, plate steel, sheet metal, soapstone, tile, or a combination of these materials. Many newer models boast large, see-through, self-cleaning glass doors that allow you to enjoy the firelight, without spending too much time keeping the window clear. Other modern conveniences that come standard on many of today’s models include removable ash pans, insulated door handles, thermostats, and air circulators or blowers.

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11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2021

Another thing to consider when purchasing a wood stove is ventilation. If you have an existing chimney in your home, you may need to re-line the interior with stainless steel pipe to make the chimney compatible with a new high-efficiency stove. If you need to add a chimney, you may want to use a prefabricated metal chimney; make sure to match the flue size to the stove outlet. No matter what installation options you choose, you’ll want to also install a fire extinguisher, smoke detector, and carbon monoxide detector in your home to stay fire-safety smart.

Read on to see which top-performing wood stove reviewers and shoppers like best, and get your search off to the right start.

11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

Fltom Camp Tent Stove, Portable Wood Burning Stoves for Tent, Shelter, Camping Heating and Cooking, Includes Stainless Wall Chimney Pipes

About this item

  • High Heat Output: the stove can quickly reach a temperature, act as a heater to provide warmth and heat to a space in outdoor camping trips.
  • Sectional Stove Pipes: 6 pieces pipe, the maximum height is 4.69 feet, diameter is 2.36inch / 6cm. The height can be adjusted to suit different space, like tipi-tent or tiny house.
  • Multi-function: The flat top of the stove is your cooking surface. The wood burning stoves can be used to cook just about anything a you can cook on the range in your kitchen.
  • Easy to Use and Safe: Camping wood stoves use natural fuel sources like firewood, twigs, wood chips etc. Be vertically vented by running the flue pipe out of the top of a tent.
  • Detachable and Portable: The whole stove adopts a detachable design scheme. You can easily remove the collapsible four legs and chimney pipes, it’s easy to store and carry.

What is the best wood-burning stove? Buyer’s Guide: The Best Wood Stoves

  • Warm Up with a Wood Stove. 1/11. …
  • Pleasant Hearth 1,800 Square Feet Wood Stove. …
  • Drolet Blackcomb II Wood Stove. …
  • Ashley Hearth WoodBurning Stove. …
  • Summers Heat Smart stove Wood Stove. …
  • US Stove Logwood EPA-Certified Wood Stove. …
  • Englander Wood Stove. …
  • Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 Classic Wood Stove.

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What is the most efficient wood burning stoves on the market? 8 Most Efficient Wood Burning Stoves

Comfort Glow The Claremont Electric StoveCheck Amazon Price
Osburn Matrix Wood InsertCheck Amazon Price
Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30,000 BTU 32-Inch…Check Amazon Price
ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove-25,000 BTU,…Check Amazon Price
11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

You have decided you want a wood-burning stove, you know what your budget is but what is the best type to suit your environment, and what brand name do you go for?

There are so many different brands of stoves on the UK market today with the likes of Bosca, Dovre, Hamlet, Harmony, Huntingdon, Morso, Nestor Martin, Riva, Stockton, Termatech, and Yeoman to name but a few.

These are some of the best names in the UK stove market and very often have a history which goes back decades and experience in the market which has suddenly exploded in the UK.

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11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2021

The amount of technical information available today is greater than ever before and any retail outlet worth its salt will be fully aware of the questions to ask you, the answers required and ultimately they should be able to give you the best stove to fit your budget and your environment.

When you also take into account that many of the wood-burning stoves of today have efficiency ratings in excess of 80% and minimal or zero carbon emissions there are very few people who would argue against installing a stove in their home.

Each year sees a new array of wood-burning stoves coming to the market to cover every budget, every style, every environment, and every capacity. Whether you are looking for a top of the range Morso stove, a Hamlet stove, or maybe you are looking to go towards the luxury end of the market with a Nestor Martin stoves, there will be something for you.

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These names may mean nothing to you at the moment but a little research in the wood-burning stove market will show these are some of the best names in the industry. These companies which have backup facilities that are second to none have stoves which can sometimes come with 10-year guarantees and technology which is the latest in the stove industry.

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Are wood burning stoves worth it?

wood-burning stove can be worth it alone for the increased heat output from your fires compared to using open wood-burning fireplaces, and you’ll save on firewood costs in the long run because you can control the fire more effectively in a wood stove to burn more slowly and efficiently

1. Pleasant Hearth 1,800 Square Feet Best Wood Burning Stoves

Pleasant Hearth 1,800 Square Feet Wood Burning Stove
11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

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The 1,800-square-foot model from Pleasant Hearth appeals to those who love it for its efficiency and large glass window. With a front-loading cast iron door and brick-lined firebox, the Pleasant Hearth is a good choice for all but the largest spaces, and for energy-conscious homeowners, as the unit has been certified by the EPA. Available at 

Drolet HT2000 Extra Large Wood Burning Stoves HT3000 on pedesta 2021

2. Drolet Blackcomb II Best Wood Burning Stoves

Drolet Blackcomb II Best Wood Burning Stoves
11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

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This high-efficiency wood stove from Drolet puts out plenty of heat—enough to keep a 1,800-square-feet home toasty warm. A mid-size unit designed for efficiency and built for durability, the versatile, EPA-certified Blackcomb II may even be used in a mobile home. Available on Amazon; $1,199.

Currently unavailable.
We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

MaterialAlloy Steel
ColorMetallic Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH25 x 25 x 31 inches
Item Weight325 Pounds
11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

About this item included: pedestal with ash drawer, top air deflector, ceramic glass, side panels, ash lip, air damper

EPA 2020 approved – Average particulate emissions rate 1.26 g/h – Non-catalytic

Maximum log length 18″ – Heating area 500 – 1,800 Ft2 – Maximum heat output 65,000 BTU/h (19 kW) – Overall firebox volume 1.9 – Maximum burn time 6h

Steel thickness: body 3/16″ / top 5/16″ – Certified for mobile home and alcove installation

Proudly made in Canada – Limited lifetime warranty

Ashley Hearth Wood-Burning Stove

11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

The hearty Ashley Hearth Wood-Burning Stove can heat up to 2,500 square feet. Its firebrick-lined interior allows for long life and combustion efficiency, and its ability to fit 21-inch-long logs means you don’t have to constantly get up to add more wood. Available at The Home Depot; $1,402.25.

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Summers Heat Smartstove Wood Stove

Summers Heat Smartstove
11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

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Enjoy the classic comforts of a wood stove with some modern updates. The Summers Heat Smart stove Wood Stove uses an innovative Automatic Air Setback system that makes fires easier to light and maintain, as well as a wrap-around heat shield for safety. A large viewing glass allows you to take in the glowing flames, which can heat up to 2,000 square feet of living space. Available at Lowes; $809.

US Stove Logwood EPA-Certified Wood Stove

This 900-square-foot US Stove model offers a nostalgic design for those with rugged tastes. Ideal for log cabins or the workshop, this durable cast iron, EPA certified construction is equipped with a built-in cooktop for double the functionality. It fits logs up to 19 inches in length. Available at The Home Depot; $407.95.

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Englander Wood Stove

Englander Model #30-NCH 2,400-square-foot Best Wood Burning Stoves
11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

This American-made wood stove heats a 2,400-square-foot house, in part thanks to a built-in blower that moves heat effectively throughout the living space. Note that the legs of the stove add height and lend it the look of a sculptural pedestal. Available at The Home Depot; $1,049.

Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 Classic Wood Stove

Woodstove enthusiasts find much to love in the Alderlea T4 Classic from Pacific Energy. Easy to use and efficient, the stove is equipped with a concealed cooktop and swing-out warming shelves to keep dinner piping hot. The convenient ash chute makes cleaning easier than ever. Available from Pacific Energy dealers; $2,000.

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Hearthstone Heritage Soapstone Wood Stove

Hearthstone Heritage Soapstone Best Wood Burning Stoves
11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

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For an upscale woodstove, it doesn’t get much better than the Hearthstone Heritage. Constructed of heat-holding soapstone, the walls of this model provide gentle, radiant heat for hours after the fire has died out, all without becoming hot to the touch, like steel or cast iron. An effect is a machine that’s safe enough to use in households with young children and pets. The EPA-certified unit is also approved for use in mobile homes and alcoves, making it perfectly versatile. Available at HearthStone Stoves; $3,399.

Images for Best Wood Burning Stoves

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  • cast iron
  • burning fireplace
  • chimney
  • hearth
  • heat
  • fireplace insert
  • pellet stove

1) The material

Most of these stoves are made of cast iron or steel.

Cast Iron Wood Stoves

They have a rustic and attractive design.

  • Advantages : they are more robust, durable and resistant. They transmit heat evenly and, once turned off, it lasts longer in the environment.
  • Disadvantages : they are heavier and difficult to install. Their cost is higher and they take longer to heat up.

Steel wood stoves

They have a modern and elegant design.

  • Advantages : they are lighter, cheaper, easier to install and heat up faster.
  • Disadvantages : they are less resistant and efficient and, once switched off, they cool down more quickly.

Choose a model based on your personal taste and need for use.

2) Heat transmission

Depending on the way they transmit heat, these stoves can be convection or radiation.

Convection heaters

These models heat cold air and spread it through the environment through its natural circulation. In this way, they generate a uniform heat, which also reaches the adjoining rooms.

When the thermal change occurs inside the stove, the outer surface of these models does not burn to the touch, so they are safer to place near furniture or flammable materials or in spaces where there are children or pets.

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Radiation stoves

These models heat objects directly and with greater speed. However, this heat is not uniform and is lost as we move away from the stove.

These appliances give off a lot of heat, so they can burn to the touch. This makes them less secure. To improve their performance, the most modern models have refractory materials that help them to preserve and spread the temperature.

In addition, some wood stoves combine convection and radiation transmission, which generates more powerful and uniform heat throughout the room.

3) Performance

This factor indicates the relationship between the energy consumed and the heat generated by the stove. In general, a model is considered to perform well when this value is greater than 75%.

The more a team performs, the less amount of firewood will be needed to heat an environment.

Some steel stoves offer double combustion, also using the heat of the gases generated in a second chamber. This enables higher yields to be achieved, of up to 80%.

4) The power

The caloric power of a wood stove is measured in kilowatts (kW). In general, it is calculated that 1 kW is necessary for every 25 cubic meters (m3) of space.

For a medium-sized environment, I recommend choosing a 10 kW model upwards to heat it efficiently.

However, be careful so that an excess of power does not lower the humidity in the environment and generate respiratory discomfort. A good option in these cases is to invest in a humidifier like the ones that appear in this comparison.

If you have doubts, also check these tips to prevent the heating from drying out the house.

5) Installation

The way of installing a wood stove is another aspect to take into account. These fireplaces can be inserted into the wall or mounted independently.

  • In the first case they will need a chimney , while in the second they will need a pipe for the smoke to escape to the outside.
  • The recessed wall require more installation work and you may need to hire a professional to do the work. Take this into account when choosing.
  • On the other hand, there are also portable outdoor wood burning stoves , which have the advantage that they can be moved and carried everywhere. These are ideal for campsites, terraces and outdoor events, and are also used for cooking food.

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Best 5kW wood-burning stove and multi-fuel stove evergreen ST250SE Ashley 5kW Wood Burning Stoves.

Carron Dante 5 kW Red Enamel DEFRA Multifuel Stove.

Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 kW Flexifuel Multi-fuel Wood Burning Stoves.

Carron 4.7 kW Matt Black DEFRA Multifuel Stove.

Mendip Woodland 5kW Defra multifuel stove

At 81.1pc efficiency, it’s almost as efficient as the top ones in this guide – more than enough to heat a medium-sized room with a minimal amount of logs. The ceramic glass window is easy to clean (though you shouldn’t have too much as there is an air wash system in place).

What is the cleanest wood-burning stove?

The Cape Cod™ is Lopi’s “Super Stove” boasting 80% efficiency (HHV, using B415 test) and 0.45 grams per hour, making it the cleanest burning wood stove as tested on the U.S. market. This stove features a massive firebox and convection heat exchanger and is designed to be durable and attractive in cast iron.

What to Look for When Purchasing Wood Burning Stoves — Features – Good features enhance the performance of any wood-burning stove. The …Reviews of the Best Wood Stoves · 1. Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove · 2. US Stove 2000 EPA Certified Wood Stove, Medium · 3. Conway …Top Picks: Best Wood Stoves Reviewed · #1 Pleasant Hearth Wood Burning Stoves · #2 Vogelzang TR007 Ponderosa with Blower · #3 HiFlame Appaloosa Cast Iron …

What wood stove burns the longest?

Longest Burning Wood Stoves, Insert, & Fireplaces

Typically catalytic or hybrid wood stoves produce the longest burn times. Catalytic stoves and inserts produce long-term stable heat outputs due to their design and the nature of a catalytic combustor. Buyer’s Guide: The Best Wood Stoves. Warm Up with a Wood Stove. 1/11. Pleasant Hearth 1,800 Square Feet Wood Stove. Drolet Blackcomb II Wood Stove. Ashley Hearth WoodBurning Stove. Summers Heat Smart stove Wood Stove. US Stove Logwood EPA-Certified Wood Stove. Englander Wood Stove. Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 Classic …

Product description

Of medium size, the Blackcomb II wood stove is ideal for heating spaces up to 1,800 ft² with a maximum heat output of 65,000 BTU/h. EPA certified at 1.26 g/h, this non-catalytic unit represents an eco-responsible heating source. The Blackcomb II is equipped with side panels to reduce clearances to combustible materials, as well as a top air deflector, to boost air movement through the room. Included: pedestal with ash drawer, top air deflector, ceramic glass, side panels, ash lip, air damper

This is a wonderful medium-size stove. It generates plenty of heat and I am amazed at the fuel efficiency of the heater everything burns to white ash almost with every fire. It’s been a great addition to our living room and provides warmth throughout the house. I would highly recommend the stove to anyone looking to heat 1000 to 1800 square-foot homes. It may actually be overkill for the smaller size home. We love the stove and look forward to many years of service.

11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2021

This is a very nice, well-built woodstove. However, it is listed as a medium-size stove. This is a small stove. If you are looking for an ambience evening fire and expect it to die down by bedtime, it would be a great choice. But if you are looking for a wood stove that you can fill up before bed to heat the house, the firebox is just too small for that.

Are you looking for a quality non-catalytic wood stove? The Drolet Blackcomb II Wood Stove is EPA 2020 certified, offers a 6 hour maximum burn time, and is approved for alcove and mobile home installation. It also offers a glass air-wash system, high-quality vermiculite baffle, and a stainless-steel secondary-air system. So if you want a high-efficiency stove, look no further than this great stove by Drolet. Features: EPA Certified, With BlowerFuel Type: LogHeat Output: 65,000 BTUMaterial: Ceramic, Glass, Steel

small wood stove

What is the smallest wood burning stove available?

Dickinson NewportThe Dickinson Newport is one such stove. It is one of the smallest wood burning stoves available, and can even be attached to a wall to save space. It measures just 7.88″(w) x 14.7″(h) x 10″(d) and weighs just 15 lbs.

500 sq. ft.As a basic benchmark, a small wood stove will heat less than 500 sq.ft., a medium wood stove will heat between 500 – 1,000 sq. ft, a large wood stove will heat between 1,000 – 2,200 sq. ft., and an extra-large wood stove will heat over 2,200+ sq.

600 to 1000 square feetTypically wood stove’s sizes are placed in three categories including small, medium, and large. A small sized wood stove will heat from 600 to 1000 square feet, a medium sized woodstove will heat from 800 to 2000 square feet, and a large sized wood burning stove will heat from 800 to 3000 square feet.

Why the heat with the wood?

If your tiny house is on or out of the grid, there are many reasons to have a wood stove.


Wooden stoves provide powerful dry heat. In the winter, moisture tends to accumulate in small spaces and cause condensation on walls and windows, leading to mold growth. Wooden stoves can help dehumidify the air while heating.

Safety and convenience

You can heat with the wooden grid without power, using fuel that is cheap or free. It is easy to obtain firewood at a local level in most parts of the world and store it in large quantities without much more than a canvas. Wood is also a fantastic backup heat source for when the power It turned off or if the propane tank dries. In case of an emergency or a disaster, the ability to use locally lined fuel could be a literal lifeguard.


Some wooden stoves are designed to be used for cooking. You can heat the water or coffee, cook the breakfast hash in the morning in a cast iron pan, or make a stew to dine at the top of the same stove that is heating your home. Baking ovens are incorporated into some models, or you can use a cast iron hidden cast on the top of the light baking stove.

Some wooden stoves can heat the water with a water boiler or an accessory of the jacket. The use of your heating stove can distribute heat to other areas of your home with hydronic radiators. A wood stove with a water jacket can also complement a solar water heating system in the winter to ensure hot water throughout the year.


Finally, seeing a real fire that flashes in his living room is better than television. Gather your family (or pets) around the fire at night and enjoy the heat of the skin and the faint smell of wood smoke in the air. There is nothing like an accurate firewood fire

How to choose a wood stove for your tiny house

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a wood stove is:

Output BTU.

Wooden stoves are not like electric ovens; larger ones are not better. The air controls of the wood stove allow you to adjust the burn rate, but only in a relatively narrow range. Too big of a furnace, and you can not burn a clean fire without overheating your home. Too small, you will have to feed your stove constantly, and you may not be able to keep up with your heating needs. The furnace you select must be closely related to your space, climate, and intended use to obtain the best results.

Run your space through a BTU calculator to get a baseball stadium of how many BTUs need. To avoid overloading your wood stove and BTU’s needs, I recommend using the cold winter day for size, not the coldest winter day possible.

Other factors to consider are:

Aerial controls

Stoves with tight controls will be easier to control than stoves that filter a lot of air. Stoves with several separate air controls allow a thinner control over the fire during the long and efficient burns.

Options and accessories.

Do you want a top output for a more compact installation or a rear production to allow a larger upper cooking surface? Will it be mounted directly on the floor, on a wood storage bracket, or will it hang the stove on a wall? If your tiny house is relatively airtight, is there a way to channel the supply of fresh air directly to the furnace from outside? Are there other options that you want, like a water boiler, heat shields, baking oven, or hardware and special finishes?


If your tiny house is subject to construction codes, or if you want to make sure, you may need a certified wood stove in the UL or EPA / status list. Check with your local and insurance codes company if you think it could be a problem. Most of the smaller wood stoves are not certified for residential use, so the need for certification will seriously limit your options.

What type of wood burning stoves is best?

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Wood Stoves

  • Warm Up with a Wood Stove. 1/11. …
  • Pleasant Hearth 1,800 Square Feet Wood Stove. …
  • Drolet Blackcomb II Wood Stove. …
  • Ashley Hearth Wood-Burning Stove. …
  • Summers Heat Smartstove Wood Stove. …
  • US Stove Logwood EPA-Certified Wood Stove. …
  • Englander Wood Stove. …
  • Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 Classic Wood Stove.

What wood stove has the longest burn time?

Drolet Blackcomb II is a 2020 EPA certified wood stove. Very long maximum burn time of 6h (average for a wood stove burn time is about 4h).

1. Drolet Blackcomb II Review (Best High Efficient Wood Burning Stoves)

Type:High-Efficiency Pedestal
Heating Area:Up to 1,800 sq ft
Burn Time:Up to 6 hours
11 Best Wood Burning Stoves and Buying Guide 2022

What is the best wood stove for a cabin?

Here are the best wood stoves for small cabins:

  • US Stove Small Cast Iron Logwood Stove.
  • Winnerwell Fastfold Titanium Tent Stove.
  • Drolet Wood Stove.
  • Guide Gear Wood Stoves.
  • TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove.

Is cast iron better than steel for a wood burning stoves?

Steel stoves are just as good as cast iron wood burning stoves. … They are often more contemporary looking, though that’s not to say that you can’t find a more traditional looking steel stove. Fast heat. While cast iron stoves retain heat for longer, steel stoves have their own advantage, too.

What are the top rated wood burning stoves? Best Wood Stoves In 2022 (Comparison)

Wood Stove:#1 Ashley Hearth AW1820E#2 Ashley Hearth AW1120E-P
Heat Output:69,000 BTU/h68,000 BTU/h
Efficiency:75% (EPA Certified)68.6%
Heating Area:Up to 1,800 sq ftUp to 1,200 sq ft
Burn Time:Up to 12 hoursUp to 10 hours

Which is the most efficient wood burning stove?

At up to 89.8% efficient and with innovative technology which has been developed to extract the heat and keep it in your house, Burley Fireball stoves do not simply beat the competition by a few percent, but by a country mile.

Are wood stoves going to be banned?

The EPA has banned the production and sale of the types of stoves used by about 80 percent of those with such stoves. … The regulations limit the amount of “airborne fine-particle matter” to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

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