10 Best Obelisk Trellis 2022

Obelisk Trellis

10 Best Obelisk Trellis 2022

Do you like these garden solutions? You are not the first person to visit this site and we recommend that you take your time. As you can see, there is an impressive range of possibilities here, so be sure to check them all out before making your final decision.

As gardening trends constantly evolve and change, certain elements of the garden grow popular, while others fade somewhat in the background. One that is making a huge comeback is the plain garden Obelisk Trellis and its many variants.

Once a favourite, the Obelisk Trellis has never been something that’s needed a makeover. However, there has been a swift rise in the popularity of decorative trellis and privacy screening in the garden and there is now a large selection to choose from.

An Obelisk Trellis can now make a statement in your outdoor space, rather than be lost amongst other items. There is now a range on the market, particularly of the decorative variety which have captured the imagination of many a gardener.

The beauty of the modern Obelisk Trellis is that you can have it tailor-made to suit your own landscape and also request bespoke designs. Never before has a trellis been such a large part of a garden’s foundation. With the current new surge in popularity, the humble trellis is bound to stay around for a long time to come.

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One such option of the Obelisk Trellis is the avenue panel. This is a solid looking design and one that can be handmade with a range of different colours to suit.

Looking more like a regular fence, the tops are decorative trellis in design and so you end up getting the best of both worlds – the privacy of the fence, and the organic aesthetic of the upper trellis section.

Next featured are the weave panels. These are stunning, rustic looking pieces that resemble weave panelling from hundreds of years ago. A real stand out attraction, this Obelisk Trellis also make exceptional trellis growers and suit a whole variety of gardens.

1. Tower Obelisk Garden Trellis 6.3 Feet Tall Plant Support for Climbing Vines and Flowers Stands, Black Green Lightweight Plant Tower

Obelisk Trellis
  • [Ideal Garden Trellis]: Height 6.3 feet(75.6 inches), perfect size to work as plant trellis. The vertical tomato tower obelisk gives flowering vines, vegetables, and other planters sturdy support to climb. Adds dramatic height to your garden with vertical trellising.
  • [Friendly Service]: Worry-free 12 months warranty. If any parts missing or damaged, please contact us directly and we’ll send the replacement to you immediately. We’ll try our best to offer 100% satisfy after-sales service.
  • [Stunning & Decorative]: The vertical tower obelisk with aesthetic design adds a stylish and nature touch to your yard with climbing plants, climbing roses, and fruits. Looks beautiful adorned with garland for holiday decorations or fairy lights for a magical nighttime scene. Fits any outdoor setting from classic to contemporary. The charming focal point to any patio, lawn, garden, courtyard area.
  • [Good material and structure]: Constructed of metal tubing and coated in weather-resistant epoxy.Tall vertical frame with 4 stakes into the ground, more stable.
  • [Assembly required]: Every table has pre-cut and pre-drilled holes. The garden trellis should be assembled in top-to-bottom order. For ease of subsequent installations, please don’t tighten screws until fully assembled.If there’s any question about installation, please feel free to ask us!

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2. DoubleWood Plant Support Cages 17.7 Inches Plant Cages with 3 Adjustable Rings, Supporter for Vertical Climbing Plants (Pack of 1)

Obelisk Trellis
  • FOR CLIMBING PLANTS – Tomato Garden Cages Stakes Vegetable Trellis, support flowers, and leaves growing, avoid to fall and break off, conveniently to keep your plants growing healthily. Pot and plants are not included in the item.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – The vine plants rack no need to disassemble the assembly, just rotate to the right angle and position.
  • CONTINUOUS SUPPORT — This cage allows constant healthy growth with the placement and movement of the snap-on arms as they easily attach to the stakes.
  • STRONG AND STURDY – durable steel with rust-resistant plastic coating.
  • SIZE – 17.7” Height; 3 hoops diameter: 7.3” / 6.5” / 5.9”

3. Best Choice Products 60×15-inch Iron Arched Garden Trellis w/Branches, Birds for Lawn, Garden, Backyard, Climbing Plants

Obelisk Trellis
  • ELEGANT OUTDOOR ESSENTIAL: Leaf, stem, branch, and bird details flow in a beautiful scroll design for the perfect decorative piece for your yard, garden, or outdoor walkway
  • DURABLE COMPOSITION: Crafted with a tough welded steel design, this rustic piece has a weathered finish to make it a mainstay in your yard for years to come
  • GROW CLIMBERS AND VINES: Grow all sorts of climbing plants, like climbing roses and passion vines, to create a quintessential backdrop for the perfect garden
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FENCING: Ideal for subtle or standout decoration, this garden essential can be grouped with multiple trellis sections to create a lovely yard divider
  • EASY TO MOUNT: Made with spiked legs for easy ground staking, this trellis can be placed in just seconds!; OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 15.5″(L) x 0.75″(W) x 59.25″(H)

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4. 20pc Gentle Plant & Flower Clips for Supporting Stems

Obelisk Trellis
  • N/A
  • Imported
  • Easy to use & remove spring clips for supporting plant and seedling stems
  • Attaches stem to cane, rod or wire to help support, straighten or direct to sunlight
  • Protects delicate flowers against wind damage, bolster fruit-laden branches
  • Won’t harm plant or hinder growth; weatherproof & non-rusting, spring steel wire
  • Set of 20 clips – 10 each regular 1.25″ and large 1.75″

5. Amagabeli 2 Pack Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants 60″ x 18″ Rustproof Black Iron Potted Vines Vegetables Vining Flowers Patio Metal Wire Lattices Grid Panels for Ivy Roses Cucumbers Clematis GT04

Obelisk Trellis

DIMENSION: 2 pack, 60″ high x 18″ wide, perfect size to work as wall rustproof black iron garden trellis for climbing plants clematis rose cucumber, rustproof black iron arbor garden trellis, proper size for in the large planting pot, garden trellis small flower pots with trellis working well with your planters in patio edges and raised garden bed corners to be a metal trellis, outdoor decorative trellis, trellis for potted climbing plants, tall trellis for climbing plants, trellis for clematis.

PURPOSE: The metal garden potted standing plant trellis extender metal tall provides supports for small flower pots and many kinds of climbing plants such as Ivy, roses, clematis, jasmine, cucumbers, blackberry, vining flowers, beans, peas, grapes, morning glories, long-stemmed and potted vegetables; The iron wire grid garden trellis metal tall can be used to form a screen with more of it; The decorative garden trellis potted planter finial panels add height and variety to your lovely garden.

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Obelisk Trellis

  • RUSTPROOF MATERIAL: The scroll trellis arch lattice outdoor decorative trellis is made of iron with a rustproof black powder-coated finish, which makes it could be used for both outdoor and indoor decoration to be clematis trellis, climbing plant trellis, climbing rose trellis, cucumber garden trellis, flower trellis, grapes trellis, iron trellis for climbing plants, metal garden trellis, plant trellis for pots, planters with trellis, planting pot with trellis, potted plant trellis, rose arbor trellis.
  • STURDY & DECOR: The plant arch black trellis is welded with thick wires and is an architectural structure that is durable and sturdy; The vertical flat section with aesthetic design adds a stylish and nature touch to your yard with the garden trellis extender, plant trellis outdoor, trellis for climbing plants, trellis for climbing roses, vine trellis small potted, black trellis for climbing plants.
  • CUSTOMER CARE: We offer premium products for you while exceeding the highest industry standards and offer thoughtful and considerate customer care.

6. Classic Home and Garden 9/802/1 Wood Obelisk Trellis, 1 Pack, Acacia

Obelisk Trellis
  • This stylish obelisk in natural Acacia hardwood will add a touch of elegance and style wherever you chose to place it
  • The obelisk is 5 feet tall and comes flat packed but is easy to assemble with just a few bolts
  • Characterized by the distinct natural markings of the Acacia wood construction, the obelisk will age to a golden brown due to the natural oil applied and will withstand the elements for many years of service
  • Acacia wood is 1.5x the hardness of oak, making this obelisk the perfect addition to any garden
  • See full dimensions in picture

Trust Basket Obelisk Trellis for Plant Support – Set of 3

Trompe L’oeil panels are very attractive trellis that can be tailor-made to accompany all kinds of garden and will make an excellent addition. These can be attached to a wall or be free-standing, this type of trellis can also be created in a range of colours.

Slatted panels in contemporary designs are now very popular and are seen in a range of shapes and sizes. With a huge choice in slat sizes and widths, you can really create your own Obelisk Trellis that will fit your garden surroundings.

These can be used as fences or as a stand-alone Obelisk Trellis and can be painted to blend in with your garden scheme, so again, they are an incredibly versatile choice for any keen gardener.

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Our advice Buying guide Obelisk Trellis

Fabrication Your garden in the beautiful paradise you’ve always dreamed of will take time and effort. In addition to having to hire a gardener and other tradesmen to help you with certain tasks like patios or landscaping, you will need to consider what plants you want and how you can help them grow in the best way possible. A garden obelisk trellis is the perfect way to ensure that your beautiful plants grow in the healthiest and most effective way.

What are the most popular garden obelisk trellis designs?

1. An obelisk with multiple posts

A popular choice with enthusiastic gardeners who have a long bed of plants that need to be sustained during the early stages of growth. This layout is often very large and can be overwhelming in your garden, especially if you have a small outdoor area. To make these garden obelisks appear less intrusive, they are usually created with pretty leafy designs for a warmer touch.

2. Wood-style trellis

If you want a natural look in your garden, the traditional wooden style of the obelisk trellis might be an option to consider. One design is the pyramid style, which allows multiple plants to grow around a solid obelisk. The rustic design adds a warm touch to the garden and is not overbearing like other materials, such as metal. Repainting the obelisk with suitable wood paint or chalk will ensure that it never looks dated and is given new life when needed.

3. Circular obelisk

A circular obelisk around 50 inches in diameter can support around 20 small plants. This style usually has a copper or metal outer ring and an inner ring, with small bars or posts connecting the rings and providing additional support for your plants. Since this design is quite decorative, it can also be used as a feature piece in the garden and complement your plants.

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4. Obelisk of the bird house

A larger obelisk is ideal if you have tall plants that you need to support while they are growing in your garden. Regardless of whether you choose wood or metal, a birdhouse obelisk is a great way to help the nature around you while enjoying beautiful plants. This design is generally around seven feet tall, and it can be a straight post or multiple slanted posts that come together at the top to create a pyramid shape. At the top you’ll find the birdhouse or birdbath – the perfect piece for any garden and a great way to fully enjoy nature on your doorstep.

5. Spiral obelisk

Spiral obelisks are a good type of garden obelisk trellis for certain types of plants, such as ivy or honeysuckle. A spiral piece is usually made of chrome or some other form of metal, eg. copper. This allows the obelisk trellis to be strong and durable throughout the year in your garden. It’s a sleek and elegant design, consisting of a straight piece at the bottom to sit securely on the ground and a decorative spiral pole that stands seven to eight feet tall.

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How do you secure a metal garden obelisk?

Drive 12- to 18-inch wood or metal stakes into the ground with a rubber mallet, leaving about 6 inches of each stake above ground. Place the trellis against the stakes and secure it to the stakes with plastic zip ties or sturdy rope.

What are garden obelisks used for?

Obelisks can be used to create a dynamic arrangement in a seating area or courtyard garden, and they are perfect if you want to define the entrance to your garden. Below, a pair of custom-made, wooden garden obelisks mark the entrance to a gate with rustic-yet-sophisticated definition.

What plants grow on obelisks?

Try it on any structure rising above silver foliage shrubs, salvias, and lavenders. Once you’ve grown it I guarantee you will plant it every year. These are just a few suggestions, there are lots more.

Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon

What is a garden obelisk?

Garden obelisks are tall structures with pyramid tops used as garden decor and plant supports. These photos come from home gardens and show a variety of DIY structures from rustic to classic. For more ideas, also see 10 Outstanding Vertical Garden Ideas and the Arbors, Trellis, and Obelisk Idea Gallery.

Shop for Garden Obelisks at Walmart.com. … H Potter Garden Obelisk Trellis Metal Iron Brown 36.5″W x 69.25″Tall. Product TitleH Potter …What types of metal are typically used for obelisk trellises? The most commonly used metals for a trellis are stainless steel, iron, and aluminum. Even though you …A trellis is an ideal choice to help climbing plants grow, as it provides the leverage they need to reach their fullest height. The best trellises …

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