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Home Depot Carpet Flooring, Texture Indoor Carpet 2023

Home Depot Carpet Flooring

Home Depot Carpet Flooring, Texture Indoor Carpet 2023

In a win for public health, the home improvement giant Lowe’s announced that it will stop selling carpets and rugs containing toxic PFAS chemicals in the United States and Canada by January 2020. Home Depot recently made a similar commitment, signaling that stores are starting to take this health crisis seriously.

“Lowe’s is making home improvement safer for families by eliminating carpets and rugs made with chemicals linked to cancer and other serious health threats,” says Sujatha Bergen, director of health campaigns at NRDC.

The family of per-and poly-fluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances is ubiquitous, used in everything from stain- and water-resistant clothing, carpets, and furniture to nonstick cookware and grease-proof food packaging firefighting foam. Dubbed “forever chemicals,” PFAS don’t break down easily in the environment and accumulate in people’s bodies and food.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), PFAS can now be found in the blood of virtually every American, which can lead to issues like immune system dysfunction, hormone disruption, infertility, cancer, and more.

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Home Depot Carpet

Home Depot Carpet Flooring, Texture Indoor Carpet 2021

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has failed to set enforceable health-protective standards for PFAS. Just two of these chemicals, PFOA, and PFOS, have a non-enforceable health advisory, leaving thousands of other PFAS chemicals unregulated and without guidance. The EPA’s health advisory was also 10 times higher than the thresholds proposed by the CDC.

“Policymakers should follow the lead of retailers like Lowe’s by taking strong action to rid our homes of toxic PFAS chemicals,” Bergen says.

When shopping for carpeting—and for many other floor coverings—you often see an offer for free installation. It is a tempting deal. After all, what can be better than free, especially when it comes to expensive purchases like whole-house carpeting? 

With flooring, installation is a service, and all services need to be paid for. In some cases, free carpet installation might genuinely benefit you; in other cases, not so much. With so much at stake, it is worth considering all angles of this offer to determine whether it makes sense for you and you’re particular.

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Home Depot Carpet Flooring, Texture Indoor Carpet 2022

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What You Get With Free Carpet Installation

With many carpet and floor covering companies, the free installation offer sometimes gives you as much as the following services:

  1. Moving the furniture into a different area of the house
  2. Baseboard removal
  3. Removal of old carpeting and padding
  4. Disposal of old carpeting and padding
  5. Installation of the carpeting
  6. Installing a limited number of transitions
  7. Stair carpet installation
  8. Replacing baseboards
  9. Moving the furniture back in place

Transitions smooth out differing levels and gaps between your new and adjoining floors. Whole-house flooring installation is one instance where you might not need to install changes.

Often, a free installation offer will not include baseboard removal and replacement in the deal, as this can add another hour or two to the installation.

Typical Limitations of Free Installation

Companies that install carpeting for free typically impose limitations:

  • The carpet must cost over a certain amount. Bargain-priced and clearance carpeting are usually not part of the deal. Regularly offered carpeting below a specific price tier will also not be included.
  • Glue-down carpeting.
  • Commercial installations.
  • Apartments, condominiums, and other multi-family housing.
  • Special order carpeting.
  • Certain types of padding.

Home Depot Carpet


Requiring a specific type of padding (usually higher priced) is one-way companies offering free installation may get more money from you.

Services That Are Never Included

It is debatable whether or not the flooring company will include them with the free installation offer with some services. But some services will never be included.

  • Dismantling Items: Floor companies will never dismantle large built-in items. Moving specific heavy furniture or furniture attached to floors or walls will not be included.
  • Removing Hard Flooring: Removing old carpeting is challenging but manageable by a floor installation crew. Removing hard flooring like laminate, engineered wood, tile, luxury vinyl, or sheet vinyl will never be done by a flooring company offering free installation.
  • Subfloor Preparation: Hopefully, you have a subfloor and underlayment system perfectly suitable for your new floor. If not, you should hire a contractor or contract the flooring company to perform this service. Small areas that need to be leveled can be addressed inexpensively with a liquid, pour-on self-leveling compound. Larger sizes need carpentry work and can be expensive.

Home Depot Carpet Flooring, Texture Indoor Carpet 2022

Also, you’ll need to ask whether particular materials are not included in the free offer. A few transitions might be included. But if there is an excessive number of changes, the company may charge for them.

Most free installation offers apply only to carpeting and laminate flooring. Rarely will you find free installation offers for ceramic tile or hardwood flooring, both labor-intensive activities? Wall-to-wall carpeting is not a do-it-yourself project. Installation is not as simple as unrolling the product and pressing the edges into tack strips.

Hardwood floor and tile installation are both considered art as they are a craft, and you will be hard-pressed to find free offers.

Home Depot Carpet

Separating Materials From Labor

How can you determine if the free installation offer is good for you? When comparing the free installation offer against other companies’ offers, different materials from labor.

Imagine that you have a 1,000 square foot space that you want to carpet. Flooring Company 1 offers free whole-house carpeting installation on any job over $699. Flooring Company 2 gives you the flooring you want, but installation is not included. Where do you stand?

So, there is nothing inherently wrong or deceptive about free installation offers when shopping for carpeting. It is valid to entertain free and low-cost installation offers, but they should be kept separate from materials- and labor-only estimates.

Home Depot Carpet

Carpets offer comfort and warmth in a home-like no other thing can. They provide the setting for a lovely ambiance and, if maintained carefully, provide years of durability and good service. They are particularly suited to environments inviting coziness, like bedrooms. Many carpets though synthetic, are also available to purchase in natural wool with variations in thicknesses. In connection with this, the Home Depot Company offers gorgeous rugs and significant value installations with a guarantee to make your house a beautiful home.

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Carpeting your home can be quite an expensive business. In the wake of the credit crunch, companies are trying to back all their losses by charging high prices for their goods. Home Depot, in this regard, stands out among all by keeping its costs still affordable to everybody. Home depot provides to match the price if a customer finds a comparable product and installation cheaper elsewhere. In addition to this, all customers also receive a 90-day satisfaction guarantee: if anyone is less than happy with their carpet, Home Depot will replace it for free.

Home Depot Carpet

Aside from providing low-cost, good-quality carpeting, Home Depot is dedicated to giving its customers excellent customer service. Every one of their employees is well trained to answer any customer’s questions. 

While the result of carpeting a home can be gorgeous and rewarding, the process itself can be pretty tedious, essentially because it involves measuring to perfection the dimensions of every room. 

Wrong dimensions only mean a waste of time, effort, and money on the part of everyone involved in the process. Also, what kind of carpet to put in the room, what color, and what style all have to be answered.

Home Depot Carpet allows its customers to look at all these things before fitting in their carpets and offer expert advice on how it can all be done. All employees work towards giving their customers practical help on how their home can be carpeted in just the proper manner to that it all fits in with everything.

Variety Offered By Home Depot Carpet:

To meet the needs and wants of their different customer base, Home Depot offers a wide variety of carpets. These range from the cheaper synthetic carpets to the more expensive Persian ones, but something is available for everyone. They have over 500 styles and more than a thousand color options where rugs are concerned.

So, select this particular company and find one quality carpet to enhance the beauty of your rooms.

Home Depot Carpet is one way of beautifying your rooms without spending a lot of money. The carpets are stylish, durable, and of course, cost-effective, and to get these contemporary carpets, you can always spend some time at

Home Depot Carpet

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Home Depot Carpet Flooring, Texture Indoor Carpet 2022

What’s under your feet (or however you get around) is as important as anything when home. This fall, we collaborated with The Home Depot on an A to Z guide that’ll give you the confidence to make flooring choices you’ll love. Check out the A to Z handbook here. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below

Think of wall-to-wall carpet, and you’ll likely remember the orange shag your aunt had in her basement growing up; the florescent space-themed flooring of an old bowling alley; the impersonal grey carpet in your first rental apartment. It’s all a little dated.

Fortunately, carpet is making a comeback in a big way, and The Home Depot stocks it all, whether you are looking for a specific color, texture, or feel.

“In years past, the carpet was always seen as this plain, neutral flooring underfoot,” says Carisha Swanson, Market Director for House Beautiful. “But if you think about why you like standalone rugs, more than likely it’s because it has a great pattern in it. You can also get that great pattern now in a wall-to-wall carpet.”

Let us change your mind about how refined the material can look—no shag required.

Get your footing with terminology.

You want to talk carpet; the first thing to understand is to pile. The pile of a rug—another word for the height of the carpet fibers—is typically categorized as either low, medium, or high.

Home Depot Carpet

Home Decorators Collection Gemini II-Color Artisan Hue Textured 12 ft. CarpetHome Depot$23.31SHOP NOW.

  1. Low-pile carpet has short, dense fibers, making it difficult for dirt to get trapped, and is ideal for high-traffic spaces that might require frequent cleanings, like a living room, playroom or entryway.
  2. Often a popular choice for bedrooms, medium-pile carpet has slightly taller, less dense fibers, adding to under-foot comfort while maintaining a relative ease-of-cleaning factor.
  3. And then there’s high-pile carpet—the most lavish, with tall, loose fibers—that works best for less busy parts of the house or a smaller space that’s aching for a little bit of luxury.

Next up: choose the proper carpet construction for you, which will generally fall into the cut pile or loop pile categories. Advertisement – Continue Reading

Home Depot Carpet Flooring, Texture Indoor Carpet 2022

  • Cut pile refers to the carpet where loops of yarn have been cut or shorn after being attached to the backing. The result is soft, and its fibers move more freely, which creates an underfoot experience perfect for a bedroom or family room where you’ll often hang out, sans socks and shoes. 

Within this category, you’ll find cut pile carpet types like “plush” (incredibly soft, but shows footprints), “twist” (in which the yarn pieces are twisted for more excellent resiliency—currently extremely popular), and “frieze” (in which longer piles are turned tightly several times so that they create a dense texture—soft and comfortable, but can be hard to clean)

  • On the other hand, Loop pile carpet means that a carpet’s yarn loops are not cut after being attached to the backing, making it generally less gentle on feet and better suited to a heavily-trod area like an entryway or staircase. Level loop refers to when the coils are all one height, and “pattern” carpet means the circles form intricate patterns within the carpet’s design. One of the most common loop pile carpets is Berber carpet (which Swanson recommends), a style often made out of nylon and based on the traditional handwoven rugs of Berber peoples in North Africa.

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Carpet according to room use

As with most flooring, using your space as a guide to dictate your carpet-of-choice can ensure that you’ll find the correct pile height and construction combination to meet your needs.

Home Depot Carpet

LifeProof Evocative Color Silence Pattern 12 ft. CarpetHome Depot

For example, carpet works well for creating cozy warmth for a child’s playroom—but that isn’t the place for a plush, all-white rug that’s just asking for a slice of pizza land.

For busier spaces that require durability, go with something lower pile built for rough-and-tumble energy, like Lifeproof carpet with a lifetime warranty against stains and a 25-year warranty against wear. Friends a more elegant, natural look, explore a higher-pile, yarn-dyed rug (where the fibers are dyed before being attached to the backing) to set the mood and provide a touch of low-key sophistication, like many of the options from the Home Decorators Collection.

“Some people think that when they’re investing in the wall-to-wall carpet that it’s something that they can’t ever change out,” says Swanson. “But if you’re investing in a perfect area rug, you’re not going to change that either, and wall-to-wall prevents any awkward layouts within a space or rug slippage.”

Home Depot Carpet

Leave the installation to the professionals.

After you’ve landed on the dream carpet for your space, next comes installation. General contractor Mark Clements of My FixItUp Life recommends calling a professional a far safer bet than trying to measure, cut and stretch the carpet on your own. “It’s the kind of thing where you’ll say to yourself, ‘Why am I doing this myself, exactly?'” he says, noting that a person tackling the project themselves would have to rent, among other things, a carpet stretcher and install tack stripping—the strips along the edges of a room into which carpet is tacked—to ensure the rug doesn’t wrinkle.

He does, however, recommend taking up the old carpet on your own, which will save money in the long run. “The trick here is to cut it up into manageable squares—I usually recommend two by three. You use a sharp knife, cut it into squares, stack them up and carry them out.”

Home Depot Carpet

Home Depot Carpet Flooring, Texture Indoor Carpet 3

Foss Peel and Stick Hobnail Gunmetal Texture 18 in. x 18 in Residential Carpet Tile (16 Tiles/Case)Home Depot$46.44SHOP NOWClements also suggests exploring carpet tiles to create the wall-to-wall carpet look with a little bit more flexibility—and if you want to try your hand at a DIY installation.

“Carpet tiles are straightforward to deal with; they’re beautiful and long-lasting,” Clements says. “Some are solid, some have cool patterns, and you can create any design pattern. They’re easy to cut, to carry, to transport. If one gets stained, you just peel it up and stick down another one.”

And whether your carpeted room becomes the snuggle-on-the-floor, well-loved center of your children’s lives or the high-end bedroom oasis of your dreams, one thing’s for sure: this isn’t your grandma’s carpet.

Is Home Depot carpet installation free?

Home Depot offers free carpet installation, so your overall cost will be based on the style and construction of the carpet type, plus the thickness and density of the carpet pad you choose. The carpet will cost about $1 – $4 per square foot, while padding will cost about $0.60 – $1 per square foot.

Is Home Depot carpet good quality?

I have used Home Depot (HD) as my “go-to” place for home items, tools, garden, pool, etc., for over 30 years. Our home needed new carpeting, and it was long overdue. We were told that this was a perfect quality carpet with a good warranty (15 years) and would serve us well. We made the purchase (in November of 2018).3

Home Depot Carpet

Can I buy a carpet from Home Depot?

The Home Depot carries a wide range of carpet choices to fit any room, lifestyle, budget, and timeline. Whether you’re putting in new carpet, installing carpet tiles and carpet padding, or looking for artificial grass to place in your outdoor space, we have the carpeting you’re looking for.

What is the best month to buy a carpet?

  • The best times to buy carpets are early winter and late spring. Around the end of the year, people are busy celebrating the holidays.
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What’s included in Home Depot’s Carpet Installation service?

  • Our Carpet Installation service includes:
  • Your choice of carpet and carpet pad
  • New carpet installation
  • Professional in-home flooring measure*
  • Standard furniture moving**
  • Plus, your purchase may also qualify for:
  • Rip up and haul away your old flooring
  • Stairs, Lifetime labor warranty

Following your in-home flooring measure, we’ll provide you with an itemized final quote showing all material and labor charges and any applicable promotions or unique installation requirements so you know what to expect.

To schedule an in-home flooring measure, you’ll need to pay a non-refundable deposit of $50 max based on location. The deposit will be credited to your total installation cost. See “Why do I need a professional flooring measure?” for details.

Will Home Depot help move my furniture before installation?

Yes. The Home Depot will gladly move most basic furniture items such as couches, dining tables, end tables, and dressers. We require that you clear out and disassemble all bed frames, wall units, entertainment centers, and dressers with detachable mirrors before your installation date if you want us to move them.

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You may also have our team disassemble and reassemble these items for an additional fee. If you prefer to move your furniture, you must ensure all items are removed from the work area before installation.

Exceptions: Our installers are not equipped to move massive, heavy, or fragile items, including safes; glass china cabinets; delicate antiques and heirlooms; grandfather clocks; hospital, Sleep Number and other electric beds; waterbeds; aquariums; pet trees and houses; pianos and organs; pool tables; large exercise equipment and weights; or video-game electronics and machines.

Home Depot carpet

How long will my carpet installation take?

Installation times vary depending on where your carpet is being installed and the job’s complexity. Most carpet installations can be completed within one working day, but consult with your installer when your appointment is scheduled for a more accurate time frame.

Get free shipping on qualified Indoor Carpet or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Flooring Department. We have carpeting, whether you’re putting in new carpet, installing carpet tiles and padding, or looking for artificial grass in your outdoor space. I have been in the flooring business for a long time.

Home Depot Carpet

The box stores are complete trickery. I have a hundred Home Depot and Lowes carpet quotes from customers. We live one mile from Home Depot and four miles from Lippert’s Carpet One in Medford, Ore. We needed carpet for the three bedrooms. By Kemp Harr. The pace of existing-home sales has eaten up the inventory of available homes, and at the current sale rate, the supply will only last 5.1 months.

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Home Depot Carpet Flooring, Texture Indoor Carpet 2022

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