Metal Wall Art Decor Wall Sculptures Accents Sale Through 2021

Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art Decor Wall Sculptures Accents Sale Through 2021

Turn any barren wall in your home into a gallery-inspired art showcase with our lineup of inspired metal wall decor. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans who have devoted their lives to honing the centuries-old skill of ironworking, each piece of wrought iron wall art brings originality, personality, and unmatched quality to your living space. From minimalist to ornate, decorating with iron art is the best way to display your taste.

Hand-selected for all design schemes, Iron Accents’ collection is made for anyone who shares our opinion that walls can talk and that they say a lot about you and your style. We have an impressive selection of wall plaques and metal wall décor for traditional, contemporary, coastal and rustic spaces.

We also offer an alphabet of metal wall letters for a custom-designed hanging message that’s ideal for an industrial or Old Hollywood-inspired living space.


bout Size –We understand the importance of scale. That’s why we are careful to publish the dimensions of every piece we offer. If you have questions about a specific piece and its size, please contact our helpful and friendly Customer Service Representatives. We bring old-style customer service into the modern age. 

  • Relate your wall décor size to the wall size. Choose smaller pieces for narrow walls and larger works for big wall spaces.
  • A single large wall décor piece makes a statement and keeps things simple. It will bring focus and help avoid a cluttered look.
  • If you have large walls or high ceilings use large pieces or group similar prints into one large arrangement.
  • In general, when hanging wall art over a piece of furniture it should not be longer than the width of the furniture.
  • Style
  • Hanging long pieces or groupings of wall art in a horizontal line tends to be calming and can give the illusion of width in a narrow room.
  • Tall wall plaques or groupings hung in a vertical line add to the feeling of height and excitement in a room.
  • A variety of shapes in a wall grouping is dramatic. Use pieces with different dimensions.
  • Look for pieces that inspire you, and use their themes and colors as the foundation for other room elements.
  • Hanging
  • As a general guideline, wall decor should be hung so that the center point of the picture or grouping is at about eye level for the average person.
Claudia Circles Metal Wall Sculpture | Kirklands

Which Homes Will Benefit From Sun Metal Wall Art?

The decorative elements in any home tell a lot about the people who live there. So the moment your house guests go into your living room and notice the decor, they get to know about you more. Sun metal wall art gives you and your guests something to talk about for hours. It also instantly makes them feel welcome and at ease.

The sun is a symbol that has been admired and respected by various cultures through time. It has been a staple in many art forms from painting to architecture. Top It stands for energy and hope. Best It celebrates the life and a new day. It may also symbolize the self, according to astrology. Using the sun in your home wall decor gives your family and friends an idea of who you are.

More than what it symbolizes, sun metal wall art is simply eye-catching. It can easily add a touch of drama in your home because it’s not flat as most other decorations usually hung on walls. Its three dimensional surface reflects light and casts shadows in a playful manner. One look at it can easily brighten up anyone’s day-they can feel the warmth.

Wall Art | Sand and Sea 36" Wide Metal Wall Art | Wall sculpture art,  Abstract metal wall art, Metal tree wall art

Discover Tuscan Metal Wall Art Decorating Ideas

This metal work of art will definitely go well in any room. It will not clash with other decorative elements; rather it will help merge them. If you’re trying to achieve a traditional effect, your room will surely benefit from having a metallic element. It will augment the unmistakable charm of a traditional home. It will not rob wooden or antique items of their unique beauty. In fact, the sun will complement the overall look of any decor.

If you’re going for a modern look for your home, sun metal wall art is just the right addition. People tend to associate modern with plain white, unexciting and even standoffish. However, with the sun gracing a modern room, the things it stands for immediately thaw any of those judgments. Just think how an empty wall will look glorious with a gleaming sun decoration in the center of it. It can fill up any room even with modest furnishing and embellishment.

Handcrafted Heart Tree Metal Wall Art | Wind and Weather

Quick Tips For Decorating With Metal Wall Art in a Home or Office

The beauty of the sun is undeniably timeless. Many professional decorators utilize the sun’s beauty in adding excitement into any room. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re working on classical or modern homes. It can be placed next to a postmodernist painting or a grandfather clock. In fact, it can be placed next to anything and still fit in perfectly.

Since it’s made out of metal, it can easily outlive practically any other decor in your home. Those crafted from glass or porcelain may crack and break. Those crafted from wood may rot and dry up. Tired of the same look hung paintings and photo frames give? Then the sculptural surface of this wall art out of metal can make any wall look more interesting.

Because of its popularity, sun metal wall art can come in all shapes and sizes. Some come naturally in their metallic luster, while others come painted for a richer effect. Since it can easily be the focal point of the room, it’s important to pick one that’s in proportion your wall size. In the future, when you decide to give your home a face-lift, this wall art can still look perfect.

Buy Collectible India Metal Tree of Life Wall Mounted Art (Golden, 42" x  32") Online at Low Prices in India -

Types Of Metal Wall Art

If you are a fan of art, then chances are you have heard of metal wall art. This can be a great way to add some flare to your home as well as give you something beautiful to look and contemplate over. It is important to understand the types of metal wall art as well as where you can find these works of art from.

Types of Metal Art

There are many styles of metal art you can purchase to adorn your walls. There are several different finishes that you can have on the piece, including cast iron or bronze. However, there are distinct forms of metal wall art that you can find: functional and decorative.

Functional wall art is pieces that actually serve a purpose in your home. This could be anything from wall sconces, fountains, key racks and more. These items are not only made to look beautiful but also to serve a purpose you may need for the room.

Decorative wall art on the other hand is simply a piece of art that is on your walls to enhance the room by giving it a certain style. Metal art comes in a variety of different forms that can be fashioned after animals, people or even abstract objects.

Metal Wall Art
Metal Wall Art

Where to Find Metal Art

If you are a fan of metal wall art, it is important that you know where you can find the piece you are looking for. The great thing is that it can be found at almost any store that sells decorative items. This includes places such as department stores as well as art galleries. Depending on the type of piece you are looking for, there are different places you will need to go.

When you go into a home improvement or department store, you will find a different type of wall art than what you would find at a gallery. If you are looking for a functional piece of art that is smaller and on the less expensive side, your best bet is to choose a chain store that sells items for the home. These items are mass produced, which allows them to be sold for lower prices.

However, if you are looking for a piece from a notorious artist that will make a beautiful and bold statement about you and your home, then you will need to visit an art gallery or auction. These can be great places to find one of a kind pieces of metal wall art.

Metal rich tree handpainted iron wall decor life tree wall art  sculpture|Wind Chimes & Hanging Decorations| - AliExpress

Is metal wall art tacky?

Metal art, like all forms of décor, can be considered tacky based on the way it clashes with the surrounding environment. Walls can easily become cluttered with too many metal art pieces. Plastering all your walls with them will not create the best visual effect.

How do you attach metal wall art? How to Hang Metal Wall Art

  1. Step 1: Choose a strong hanger. …
  2. Step 3: Mark where you wish to hang your art. …
  3. Top Step 4: Determine the hanger’s placement. …
  4. Step 5: Mark your exact hanging spot. …
  5. Step 5: Secure the hanger on the stud. …
  6. Best Step 6: Hang your metal artwork on the hanger. …
  7. Step 7: Use a level to verify that your piece is even.

What is metal art called? Metal Art – Intro

Any art work that is crafted from the ‘ores of the earth,’ including bronze, gold, tin, lead, silver and iron is defined as metal art.

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