Wall Clocks Desk Clock Every Budget Unique & Decorative Clocks 2021

Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks Desk Clock Every Budget Unique & Decorative Clocks 2021

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Wall Clocks from America’s Favorite Clock Store including Free Shipping on famous brands by Howard Miller, Hermle, Seiko, and Bulova. Wall Clock Style Guide · wall clock A wall clock is a great addition to your home design whether it’s for your living room, kitchen, or dining room. When you have …

Wall clocks are back in style and we’re here for it! With a wall clock in your home, you don’t have to constantly check the time on your phone and then get distracted by social media, text messages, and other time-wasting apps.

Besides being practical, wall clocks are a timeless addition that can transform a wall from boring to charming in a flash. Who wouldn’t want a functional and stylish home accessory?

What’s more, you can choose between a wide selection of unique wall clocks, whether you prefer a vintage look, a minimalist approach, or a modern twist! So, if you’re ready to add a nice aesthetic appeal to your space, check out these unique wall clocks for different types of decors to find the one that best suits your home.


Oversized Wall Clock

Oversized Wall Clock

Vintage and full of charm, classic wall clocks are never a bad choice. These types of clocks typically feature numbers or roman numerals, a white or neutral-toned distressed face, and a black or brown border. However, they come in many more colors these days if you’re thinking of adding a pop of color to your space. Together, these elements create a versatile decor that mixes well with pretty much every home style. If you prefer a simpler look, a classic clock design is the one for you!

Their simplicity is their best feature which explains why traditional analog clocks can be found in almost any setting, ranging from retro to contemporary and every style in between.


Modern Design

Top Modern Design

Modern wall clocks aren’t only limited to one specific design. On the contrary, there are numerous types of clocks that take on a modern approach. Some designs are minimalist while others are a bit more abstract. You can also opt for an oversized clock or one in a unique shape. Again, there is plenty to choose from so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the right modern clock.

Of course, modern clocks are the perfect decorative pieces for modern homes but they also look great in eclecticrusticcontemporaryminimalist, and urban home styles to name a few.


Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Masculinebold, and raw are a few adjectives that best describe the industrial decor in a nutshell. Wall clocks in this style showcase the perfect blend between old-fashioned charm and modern elegance. For this reason, most spaces, including modern settingsloft apartments, and traditional homes, can enjoy a dose of industrial feel.

Industrial wall clocks display neutral toneswooden and/or metal details, along with roman numerals for the most part. Also, these wall clocks tend to come in remarkable designs that can’t be found in any other style!


Rustic Wall Clock

Rustic Wall Clock

Similar to the industrial aesthetic, rustic timepieces juxtapose metal and wood elements to create a striking focal point in rusticfarmhouse, and vintage-inspired homes. The only difference is that rustic wall clocks lean more towards the feminine side.

Their wooden faces are either distressed or painted in soft colors which give off a warm and inviting look. Plus, clocks in rustic style often boast charming details such as vintage motifs and pretty texts. If you want to add a tasteful, fun, and antique touch to your home, a rustic clock will be your best bet! Moreover, these clocks come in quirky models like cuckoos. The easiest way to show off your style is through a rustic wall clock brimming with character.


Industrial Living Room Design
Farmhouse Foyer Design
Solid Wood Wall Clock
Cuckoo Wall Clock
Pendulum Wall Clock
Brown Wall Clock
Pine Wood Wall Clock
Birch Wood Wall Clock

Looking for something a bit more distinctive and original? If so, go for a wooden wall clock! They look classy and can make a gorgeous focal point in any home. Whether you’re looking for a roundsquarerectangle, or even a tree-shaped clock, you’ll be sure to find the shape you want with wooden wall clocks.

Their multiple forms and attractive wood tones are what sets them apart from other clock styles.Loft Style

Loft Style

Whatever your home style and personal taste, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a wall clock that best fits your space since there are a plethora of styles and designs out there! Also, don’t forget that you can always mix and match styles for a one-of-a-kind setting. Your decorating possibilities are endless.

Which brand wall clock is best?

  1. Random. This designer wall clock brand serves as the perfect choice for those who wish to make out the time in style. …
  2. EcraftIndia. …
  3. Ajanta. …
  4. Seiko. …
  5. Casio. …
  6. Village Clock Work. …
  7. Safal. …
  8. Divinecrafts.

On which wall clock should be hanged?

Vastu suggests that the clock should be hanged on a wall in the east, west or north direction so that it is convenient to look at them while working and positivity is maintained in the house.

What sizes do wall clocks come in?

Wall Clocks
Wall Clocks

Wall clocks come in three general sizes: small, medium, and large. A small clock measures around 8.5 inches, a medium clock measures between 12-24 inches, and a large clock measures between 24-32 inches.

Where is the best place to hang a wall clock?

Make sure your wall clock is hung higher than the tallest obstruction in the room, so it’s visible and unblocked from every angle. Allow space between the clock and tall pieces, so it’s visible over furniture even when you’re seated. A wall clock is a piece of art and should be treated as such.

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