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Klymit Versa Tech Luxe Packable Ultralight Camping Blanket 2023

Klymit Versa Blanket

Klymit Versa Tech Luxe Packable Ultralight Camping Blanket 2023

Klymit Versa Tech Blanket · Built with 20D Soft-Touch Polyester and Klymalite™ Synthetic Loft Insulation · Stores Easily into its Footbox, Creating the Perfect Travel …Built with 20D soft-touch polyester and Klymalits synthetic loft insulation Stores easily in foot box, creating the perfect travel pillow Sized just right to completely …High-loft Fleece inside, Soft-touch Polyester ripstop outside Klymalits

synthetic loft insulation Stores easily in foot box, creating the perfect travel pillow Corner …Klymit Versa Tech Blanket · Built with 20D Soft-Touch Polyester and Klymalite™ Synthetic Loft Insulation · Stores Easily into its Footbox, Creating the Perfect Travel

…Versa Blanket by Klymit · Built with 20D soft-touch polyester and Klymalite™ synthetic loft insulation · Stores easily in foot box, creating the perfect travel pillow · Sized …Very lightweight for packing in…and surprisingly windproof. Just got home from a November hike-in camping trip and the winds really played out during our campfire time at night. I was toasty and warm wrapped up in the blanket. It did great at blocking the wind and my daughter ended up

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Klymit Versa Packable Camping Blanket and Comforter, Blue/Orange
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  • Secure and Sound Sleep: This outdoor throw blanket...
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  • Travel-Ready Camp Blanket: This outdoor throw...
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Klymit Horizon Travel Packable Camping Blanket and Comforter,...
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Klymit Horizon Packable Camping Blanket and Comforter, Blue/Black
  • Outdoor Blanket for Cold Weather: This warm...
  • Secure and Sound Sleep: This outdoor throw blanket...
  • Versatile Travel Blanket: Use this packable...
  • Travel-Ready Camp Blanket: This outdoor throw...
  • Sleep Outside with Klymit: Our award-winning...
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Klymit Roamer Ultralight Throw Tarp and Compact Camping Blanket for...
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iClimb 3M Thinsulate Insulation Warm Camping Blanket Ultralight...
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation Filling, warm yet...
  • Multifunctional. With the buttons and elastic...
  • Ultralight, only 16 oz; Compact, Packed size...
  • Machine washable. Spot-clean as needed with a damp...
  • Lifetime warranty: We stand behind our products...

Outdoor Waterproof Blanket by Oceas – Warm Fleece Great for Camping, Outdoor Festival, Beach, and Picnic Use – Extra Large All Weather and Waterproof Throw Blanket (Volcanic Red)

Klymit Versa Tech Luxe Packable Ultralight Camping Blanket 2021

There are many things we consider commonplace in our lives today that are actually outgrowths of government programs. Mylar sheeting used as a lightweight way to reflect heat is a byproduct of the space program when NASA started on its three-phased journey to the moon in the 1960s. The commercial equivalent is something we all know about, the space blanket. Your ability to navigate with your smartphone would not be possible if the U.S. military had not developed the Global Positioning System (GPS) in the 1970s.

The poncho liner, shown here in woodland camouflage, was developed during the war in Vietnam and remains an essential piece of kit for troops in the field.

One of the earliest commercial products that came from government funding of the space program was the space blanket, which was based on the reflective Mylar film used to help regulate body heat in the suits astronauts wore.

Another military innovation that many of us know at least something about is the poncho liner. Poncho liners, or woobies as they are affectionately called, were developed in the 1960s during the war in Vietnam. They were a simple and cost-effective way, when combined with the issued nylon poncho, to give our troops a way to stay warm and dry when they couldn’t use their issue sleeping bag or tent.


The U. S. government-issued poncho liner is made by quilting some polyester batting insulation between two sheets of lightweight ripstop nylon with a final size of about 82 x 62 inches. A tape ribbon is sewn around the edge to prevent fraying. Nylon ties in the corners and the middle of each side complete the design. They allow it to be attached to the issue poncho or tied to trees as a shelter. The whole package weighs just 22 ounces.


Originally issued as a lightweight blanket, it very quickly caught the attention and the affection of the ever-innovative GI. It has many uses:

  • Blanket by itself or with the poncho to keep the wind and rain off
  • Lightweight sleeping bag
  • Sleeping bag liner to increase its warmth
  • Ground cloth or picnic blanket
  • Field-expedient hammock
  • Overquilt or underquilt in a hammock
  • Makeshift stretcher
  • Shelter against the sun or wind
  • Pillow

When I was in the Army, I even took a poncho liner and a military rain jacket to the tailor on base. They lined the rain jacket with the poncho liner and made what we called a Hawk jacket, which kept me warm and dry when facing the wind and rain of the central German plains during training exercises.


While some attempts were made to improve upon the woobie, they never seemed to catch on in a commercial way. They were either too expensive or too heavy or didn’t hold up or didn’t provide enough extra bang for the buck.

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket – Outdoor Lightweight Packable Down Blanket Compact Water Resistant and Warm for Camping Hiking Travel – 650 Fill Power Klymit Versa Blanket

Fortunately, technology is always advancing and newer forms of synthetic insulation have brought about a new generation of technical blankets that I refer to as super-woobies. They are much warmer, they come in non-tactical colors, many have a durable water repellant (DWR) coating so they can be used without a rain poncho in light rain or dew, and they don’t weigh much more than their Vietnam-era cousins. And they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

As a result of these new improvements, these super-woobies are worth your consideration for inclusion in your bug-out bag or other prepper gear. They are warm enough to be used as a two- or three-season sleeping bag and are not as restrictive or heavy as their sleeping bag counterparts.

They can also be used as a lightweight sleeping quilt which is more comfortable and effective than a sleeping bag when paired with a sleeping pad. When packed, they take up less space than a sleeping bag and can be jammed into any corner or side of your bug-out bag or backpack. They can even be used as a cloak to add warmth to existing gear.


While researching this new generation of super-woobies, I came across two that really caught my eye for their utility and non-tactical appeal. They are the Versa Blanket and the Versa Luxe Camping Blanket from the outdoor company Klymit. Unlike some of this new generation of woobie, the Versa blankets are designed with camping and backpacking in mind, with a blue and orange colorway rather than earth tone colors or other tactical features.

CASOFU Burritos Blanket, Double Sided Giant Flour Tortilla Throw Blanket, Novelty Tortilla Blanket for Your Family, 285 GSM Soft and Comfortable Flannel Taco Blanket for Adults. (Beige, 60 inches) Klymit Versa Blanket


They are also well-suited for use at home or in an RV. In fact, I am looking at the Versa Luxe lying on the couch in our living room as I type this. It has become one of those items that is integral to our home environment. Just like the remote for the television or the plants in the window box.

Technical blankets like the Versa Luxe are excellent options for a top quilt in a hammock or a tent. It can also be used as a sleeping bag liner to increase its thermal efficiency.

The design for both versions integrates the good things about the original poncho liner and adds some modern features to address some of the poncho liner’s weaknesses. At just a few inches smaller than the poncho liner, it is still large enough to be used as a blanket on a bed or as a cloak to keep you warm on a frosty morning while you enjoy your coffee and wait for the warming rays of the sun to break the threshold of the horizon. The fabric is also water repellent so it keeps wind and rain at bay, which the original poncho liner did not do very well.

Klymit Versa Tech Luxe Packable Ultralight Camping Blanket 2023

If you are a hammock fan, either Versa blanket would work well as an underquilt, as shown here, to provide insulation under your hammock in cool or cold weather.

The insulation is a proprietary synthetic material called Klymalite, which is layered between two sheets of 20D polyester on the blanket and a sheet of 20D polyester and a sheet of high loft fleece on the Luxe Camping blanket. Both shell materials are strong with a light and soft touch and both models are 58 by 80 inches in size. For reference, that is just 2 inches narrower than a queen-size mattress, so it is a big blanket.


There are black plastic snaps in each corner and a drawstring at the top. You can use the snaps in a variety of ways. You can connect two blankets at the bottom by the footbox and use it like a backpacking quilt, laid on top of your body and tucking the sides of the blanket under your legs with your feet in the footbox. Or, you can go to the other end and connect the two up by the drawstring, and then pull the drawstring tight to cinch down that end to keep the heat from escaping.

Bedsure Fleece Blanket Throw Size Grey Light weight Super Soft Cozy Luxury Bed Blanket Microfiber Klymit Versa Blanket

A second way to use the snaps is to connect two Versa blankets together, either next to each other to make it wide enough for two or three people, or on top of each other to double the insulation.

A third way is to wear it over your shoulders like a cloak and connect just two of the snaps in front of you. If you snug down the drawstring it will stay on your shoulders hands-free.

Klymit Versa Tech Luxe Packable Ultralight Camping Blanket 2023

Another modern touch not found on the poncho liner is the addition of two corner hand pockets and a footbox on the Versa and four corner pockets and the footbox on the Luxe Camping blanket. These ideas were taken from backpacking quilts which are gaining popularity in the ultralight camping world. You can put your hands in the corner pockets to keep them warm while holding the blanket around you.

The wide footbox pocket, which is centered on the bottom edge of the blanket, will keep your feet warm. It also prevents the blanket from moving off your body if you change position at night. In addition, it can be used as a stuff sack for the blanket and will form a warm and soft pillow.

EASELAND Soft Queen Size Blanket All Season Warm Microplush Lightweight Thermal Fleece Blankets for Couch Bed Sofa,90×90 Inches,Dark Gray Klymit Versa Blanket

SUMMARY Klymit Versa Blanket

The two Versa blankets we have in the Schwartz household have replaced my old issue poncho liners as the preferred comforter when watching movies in the living room or taking a nap on a cold winter afternoon. My wife quickly took to the Versa when I got it to try out; but she just as quickly gave it back to me when the Luxe version arrived. Both models are light in weight, warm in use, soft to the touch, and are packed with features that the poncho liner didn’t have. All in all, either one will be a great addition to your prepping gear.

GREEN ORANGE Fleece Blanket Twin Size – 60×80, Lightweight, Black and White – Soft, Plush, Fluffy, Warm, Cozy – Perfect Throw for Couch, Bed, Sofa Klymit Versa Blanket

klaus blanket – Klymit Versa Blanket


[Description of design] Full-width side printing
[Description of the material] Polyester fiber

[Product Performance] The edge of this round blanket is decorated with wool ball lace, and the shape is novel and charming. It is made of Susan flannel of high quality and delicate. Bright color and a super soft touch. It makes you crying and comfortable, with good seams, exquisite stitching details, and will not be covered. It is very suitable for use in the air conditioning room.

The cover does not have a sense of pressure on the body, durable and compact folded. It is super soft and feels great. Utterly resistant to contraction and wrinkles. It has the features of Anti Pilling, Anti Allergy and is not falling.

[Applicable scene] Suitable for bed, sofa, camping, cold cinema, or travel! It can also be presented as a gift for family and friends.

[Wash instructions] Wash or wash gently in cold water, dry at a slower speed if necessary, do not iron. Do not use bleach.

sleeping bag blanket – Klymit Versa Blanket

Can you use a sleeping bag as a blanket?

They come in many shapes and sizes, so you will find the one that is right for you. You can unzip the side to use it the way you would a quilt or a blanket. They come with many different levels of insulation.

What are camp blankets for?

Often made using the same functional materials as sleeping bags — materials like water-repellent down insulation and ripstop nylon shells — camping blankets fulfill a similar function. They provide warmth away from the comforts of home, but beyond that, they offer more flexibility, and they do it with more style.

Do you need a blanket with a sleeping bag camping?

Sleeping bags aren’t totally necessary for camping. … And depending on the weather, you might not need a bag or blanket at all. At the very least, make sure you bring a sleeping pad. Sleeping on the ground is one way to get rid of your body heat fast.

What is the warmest blanket for camping?

The Arcturus Military Wool Blanket is the warmest on our list. You can use this 80% wool/20% hypoallergenic synthetic blanket for temperatures down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it perfect to keep in your car during winter and emergency kits.

lv blanket – Klymit Versa Blanket

Decorative, warm, and coined as the devils. LV launch blankets feature high-quality designs printed on one side and white solid in reverse. With tons of original compositions, you can find a soft and luxurious blanket to complement any style. Available in multiple sizes, spongy shoots are perfect for your sofa, chair, bed, floor, or wherever you leave. It’s time to dominate the art of noon nap.

Louis Vuitton wave blanket

Louis Vuitton presented the design of the waves in its spring collection of 2019. The unique design was created by the artist of Los Angeles Alex Israel, as a tribute to his hometown. Alex Israel is known for its large and colorful abstract designs with aerographers. Louis Vuitton’s blanket, who ate his design from him, sells for $ 9,650. The great 94.5 “(length) x 94.5” (height) is beautiful since it is luxuriously comfortable.

Design features for bright blue and yellow abstract tone in the tone color block pattern reminding one of the Pacific Ocean. The ling of the blanket consists of wool, silk, and cashmere. The upper part of the blanket is 100% silk, while the back was ranked in Kashmir. This unique blanket of Louis Vuitton is like a comfortable and luxurious work of art that will keep you welcoming and warm.

Louis Vuitton X Hand of Supreme Monogram Klymit Versa Blanket

Another unique style of the Louis Vuitton blankets is the supreme monogram blanket. It is a fantastic shot in the classic monogram design of Louis Vuitton. The graphic artist Mike Mignola collaborated with Louis Vuitton in 2017 to launch this design that appears in Louis Vuitton’s clothing, the accessories, and the blanket that he sells for around $ 8,000.

Mike Mignola began creating comics in 1982. His style is unique. I worked as a production designer for “Bram Shoker” by Francis Ford Coppola and “Hellboy” by Guillermo del Toro. In its collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Mignola created a graphic design that includes the monograms of Louis Vuitton House along the white seams in bold in a red backdrop.

The characteristics of the blanket with a bold border adorned with the monogram LV. The word “Supreme” is embroidery on the mantle. The impressive blanket makes a strong statement and cuts in luxury and warmth.

Louis Vuitton Lv x NBA basket cutting blanket Klymit Versa Blanket

Like many luxury brands, Louis Vuitton was associated with the National Basketball Association to create to design that they were identified with sports. The design of the Luis Vuitton X collection of the NBA will be debuted by 2020. Designed by the artistic director of Louis Virgil Babloh, the implosion of this collaboration is to emphasize both the traditional French aspect of Louis Vuitton designs since the 19th century with The cultural elements and the diversity of professional athletes

The theme of the design is relative and unity. The Basket LV X NBA Orns Louis Vuitton Menswear Clothing and accessories design includes a luxurious, warm and comfortable blanket. The blanket is sold for $ 1,800. It has gray in gray contemporary graphics and a classic symbol monogram design by Louis Vuitton. The blanket is made of high quality.

It has a leather patch with the LV X NBA collaboration symbol. The blanket measures 70.9 “(length) x 55.1” (height). It is made with 80% wool for warmth and 20% cashmere for convenience.

Classic Louis Vuitton Damier blanket Klymit Versa Blanket

The classic Damier original design was created by Georges Vuitton in 1888 and was updated with a redesign for the Luis Vuitton collection of 1998. The Damier Classic Design appears on one of the most popular blankets in Louis Vuitton.

The Classic Damier blanket is sold for $ 1,510 and offers warmth and luxury with 90% wool and a 10% cashmere mix. This blanket has a more critical pattern of large gray with jacquard fabric and a declaration stitch. The signature “Louis Vuitton Paris” is in the four corners.

The blanket is 70.9 “(length) x 55.1” (height). It is a cozy blanket to cover you, presents the traditions of Louis Vuitton designs that offer luxury and comfort.

Eclipse Manta Monogram of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton sells a male version of classic monogram design on the Sitogram Eclipse blanket. The refreshing redesign of the traditional method of monograms of Louis Vuitton, the Eclipse monogram, was designed by Kim Jones and introduced at Louis Vuitton’s 2016 collection.

The blanket presents the LV monogram throughout the blanket with a unique and masculine eclipse pattern. The blanket is gray in black and has a contrast seam on both sides, so it is reversible. The additional detail is made with a woven technique. The blanket is 70.87 “(length) x 53.15” (height). It is made with 90% wool and 10% cashmere for both convenience and heat. This declaration blanket is sold for $ 1,500.

The Five Best Blankets of Louis Vuitton You can buy Garrett Parker 9 months of August
Louis Vuitton Elipse Classic Blanket Klymit Versa Blanket

The French fashion house LV LV Louis Vuitton Malletier was established by Louis Vuitton in Paris in 1854. Vuitton opened his store in Rue Neuve of Carolines to sell superior flat trunks. The luggage stressed gray Trianon canvas, which was light and airtight and quickly became popular among elite travelers.

The luggage was presented at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1867. It soon attracted the attention of Oyama Iwao from Japan that ordered a special design so that its luggage stands out as unique. The company Opened its first London store in Oxford Street in 1885.

Because the company created trunks and wardrobes for traveling, Georges designed special luggage locks for Louis Vuitton’s creations. Like Louis Vuitton’s travel products, the famous and well-known name, designs were often imitated. In response to the increase in counterfeit products, Louis Vuitton created unique designs that appear in seasonal collections that can not be falsified.

Klymit Versa Tech Luxe Packable Ultralight Camping Blanket 2023

In 1888, Louis’s son, George, designed the Damien canvas pattern. The symbol presented in the design means “registered trademark” in French. On Louis’s death In 1892, George made the international fashion house debut a new collection at the Chicago World Fair of 1893. In 1896 the Signature Louis Vuitton monogram pattern was launched.

When Georges Vuitton died in 1936, his are his, Gaston-Louis, who took over the fashion house. Gaston-Louis Vuitton continued the success of the luxury house of his father and grandfather and built it along the second half of the twentieth century. In 1945 the company added leather products to its line. It expanded to include bags, bags and wallets, and posterior garments and jewelry.

In 1987, Louis Vuitton merged with Moet et Chandon and Hennessy to create luxury items such as Champagne and Cognac travel cases. A decade later, Marc Jacob became the company’s artistic director. Since then, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with companies and designers to add unique limited editions to the annual sites collection.

Today, Louis Vuitton is worth $ 19 billion. The fashion house continues to produce products outside the sites. Original warehouse and markets your products. Configure your price. If you enjoy the declared luxury of Louis Vuitton, these are the five best blankets of Louis Vuitton you can buy to provide warmth, comfort, and elegant style.

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Klymit Versa Blanket

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