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Which ear is the gay earring?

Which ear is the gay earring?

Which ear is the gay earring?

That hasn’t been a social convention where I live since the 80s/early 90s. Back then, it was generally perceived that a guy wearing an earring in the left ear was straight. Then piercing mania started, and now, people in my area usually don’t use piercings to discern whether someone is gay or not anymore. Part of it might be most of us just stopped caring either way if people are gay, but part of it is that many straight dudes started getting a shit ton of piercings, and that convention just went completely out the window.

People say neither nowadays, but believe me, many people still think of the right ear as the gay ear if it’s the only ear that a guy pierces.
Nowadays, guys tend to either get the left ear pierced or both like l have done and wear unisex studs, e.g., small gold or stainless steel CZ studs or small huggy hoop earrings. Younger guys admittedly can get away with more enormous, flashier earrings.
To finish, an openly gay guy, l know, has just his left ear pierced, with a tiny gold cz or diamond ear stud in it! His partner has both ears pierced with small gold CZ or diamond ear studs in his earlobes.

Welcome back to the 1970’s. In the 70s, it was considered normal for a man to wear an earring in only their left ear, and if a man wore just one earring in their right ear, then that was a secret message that they were Gay. That is no longer the case. It is usual for men to wear earrings in both ears, and all that means is they like earrings.

Both of them are Gay AF. , it’s been socially understood that wearing one earring on the right ear means someone is gay; the left, straight.

which ear is the gay ear

…I guess if you wanted a particular side to be gay, you could wear one Gay AF earring on that side.

Many decades ago when being gay was considered a “secret” or “taboo” trait, there were all sorts of ways for a gay man in certain cultures to signal his orientation to others. This was not universally adopted, as there is no such thing as a universal gay male culture. It was primarily limited to the bar/club crowd, younger, out gay men who tended to have only other gay men as friends and tended to embrace a far more vivid and exaggerated set of mannerisms.

In some countries, among some gay men, the right ear might have been selected as the ear for an earring to signal your orientation was gay. In other countries, among other gay men, the left ear may have been selected. Among the vast majority of gay men worldwide, this was never a thing at all, and today, it is a barely remembered artifact of a distant time when our existence was criminalized and secrecy was paramount.

I already used two earrings, one at each, but some friend told me it seemed too queer! I like to look like I really am, but I decided to use only one at my right ear and a beautiful necklace together

There’s no such thing.

As I’ve already explained more than once on Quora, the idea that there were “straight” or “gay” ears for a guy to wear earrings in is the 1970s/1980s idea that stopped being a thing in the 1990s and has never, ever come back again since. Once grunge rock came along, and MTV was filled to the brim with macho rock stars who had both ears pierced, the old idea that one ear was for straight guys and the other ear was for gay guys was well and truly dead. And even back when that was a thing, it was already not a consistently reliable thing, which is part of why it stopped being a thing.

Men who do still only have one ear or the other pierced do still exist, but are few and far between in 2023 — the overwhelming majority of men, regardless of whether they’re straight or gay, now have both ears pierced if they have any ear piercings at all.

The adage was the left is correct, and the right is wrong. Meaning that if you were a man and you had an earring in your right ear, that was an advertisement that that man was gay. Nowadays, that doesn’t mean anything. So, gents, pierce whichever lobe you like!

Wait a minute, you mean ‘gasp’ my jewelry is gay too?
Okay, just checking.

The right ear 👂 is HOMOSEXUAL, and both ears are representative of BISEXUALITY!!!
Hey there! It’s great to see you’re curious about this topic, and I’m here to shed some light on the matter. The idea of a “gay earring” has gone through quite an evolution over the years, and today, it’s more of a historical relic than a contemporary trend.

Back in the 70s and 80s, there was a notion that wearing an earring in the left ear was a signal that a guy was straight, while the right ear was considered a secret message that the wearer was gay. But fast forward to the present day, and the landscape has changed dramatically.

In the modern world, it’s safe to say that earrings don’t carry the same connotations they once did. In fact, people of all sexual orientations wear earrings in both ears, or either ear or even choose not to wear them at all. It’s all about personal style, fashion preferences, and self-expression. So, whether you want to rock an earring in your left, right, or both ears, don’t worry about sending any hidden messages about your sexual orientation. Fashion is about being you, and that’s a beautiful thing!
As of 2023, wearing earrings is different than a few years ago.

which ear is the gay ear

I don’t know if they would worry about such a consideration. Using earrings to signify sexual orientation seems old-fashioned to me.
I am a heterosexual man, and when I got an ear pierced 25 years ago, I gave little consideration to any signal I might be giving out. Soon afterward, I had my other ear pierced. What is that meant to signify? Who cares. I love having pierced ears.

It’s an old myth that an earring gives a signal of sexual orientation. I am gay, I have both ears pierced, and I have them stabbed several times, just like a lot of other girls and women out there. My wife is gay; she has both ears pierced because her mother had it done when she was a child, just like a lot of other girls and women out there. She added a second pair when she was 15 without knowing she was gay at that time just because she loved the look, that’s it, just like a lot of other girls and women out there.

Whichever side they have ears on. Some of them wear several earrings and other jewelry in other parts of their bodies, while some wear none at all.

Which ear is the gay earring?

The concept of a “gay earring” is a stereotype and is not based on any universally recognized or meaningful symbol. It’s essential to avoid making assumptions about a person’s sexual orientation based on their appearance, clothing, or accessories.

People of all sexual orientations can wear earrings or other types of jewelry on any ear they prefer, or they may choose not to wear earrings at all. Fashion choices are personal and should not be used as a way to make assumptions about someone’s identity.

It’s essential to treat everyone with respect and not make judgments about their sexual orientation or identity based on superficial characteristics. Each person’s identity is unique and should be respected as such.

If you asked the same question 40 years ago, then the answer would have been yes, but these days, it is very common to have both ears pierced and has no relationship to sexuality

There is more than 1 answer above from the Urban Dictionary source, and contradictory. The 1st answer says the right ear is the gay ear and the left the straight. The 2nd answer says exactly the opposite.

More than anything, I really want to know if the concept of a gay ear is something that is seriously practiced. I don’t have an ear piercing. I don’t know if I’m going to get one. But I’m also not gay, so if I ever do get it stuck, I want to know if the gay ear thing is serious or not.

I have a little story to flesh out Erica Friedman’s answer since I grew up in the 1990s:

When I was still in grade school, my mom made me get an ear piercing – just a tiny stud in my left lobe – in a crummy stand at a suburban mall called “The Piercing Pagoda.” She thought it would look cool. Maybe I did, too. I remember chickening out when I saw the piercing gun and mom making me go through with it.

And then I remember going through the 6th grade (around age 11-12, for those not in the US) explaining to all of my peers that it wasn’t a “gay piercing” – because it was in my left ear. If it were in my right ear, that would mean I was gay. It’s burned into my memory from having to explain it over and over again. I think at one point, I stopped wearing the stud not to have to deal with explaining that I wasn’t gay to all my classmates.

Later on, I ended up liking piercings and wanting to get more – but I couldn’t risk people thinking I was gay, so I just got more piercings in my left ear.

Sometime after that, of course, I made peace with the fact that I am gay. Whoops.

At that point, I stopped explaining anything about piercings and just went back to wearing whatever I wanted to wear (when I could get away with it, anyway) because I liked how it looked on me. Funnily enough, I haven’t heard anyone asking if the piercing means that I’m gay in years (most people who meet me still assume I’m straight).

And I still don’t have my right ear pierced. Go figure.

Some people used to think that certain piercings indicated that you were gay. Many people probably still think something like that.

But piercings and tattoos have become prevalent and much more accepted ways to express yourself. So many people have them for so many different reasons that it becomes hard to generalize something like a piercing to such a broad and diverse population as gay people.

which ear is the gay ear

Try asking the converse question: What’s a straight piercing? You wouldn’t be able to find one – no one piercing choice is commonly used to indicate straightness because straight people get piercings for so many different reasons and are such a diverse group to begin with. The same is true for gay people, especially as gay people become more accepted (and therefore more comfortable expressing themselves and living their lives in a wider variety of ways rather than sticking to marginalized stereotypes and caricatures) throughout society.

In the 1990s, there was a standard, unfocused, and vague belief that having one earlobe pierced meant you were gay. But, as no one could ever remember which side it was or why anyone thought that, it became more of a joke than an actual indicator. Then, one, or many, or uneven numbers of ear piercings became so common that no one cared anymore.

No piercings are “gay.” Only humans who are romantically and sexually attracted to members of their own sex are gay. People who label things “gay” are indicating only that they are immature…and possibly rather silly.

Which ear is the gay earring?

There is no specific ear that is considered a “gay earring.” The idea of associating a particular earring with someone’s sexual orientation is a stereotype and not based on any factual information. Earring choices are subjective and can vary among individuals regardless of their sexual orientation.

There’s no gay ear. Are we stuck in 1974?

You’re right, but nowadays, guys are piercing both ears, so I don’t know if that distinction still applies.

If I remember correctly, supposedly getting an earring in your right ear was a sign that you were gay.

Presumably, this sort of secret pirate code was necessary in the 80s because nobody was gay then…

Which ear is the gay earring?

There is no specific ear that is universally considered the “gay earring.” The idea of associating a particular earring with someone’s sexual orientation is a stereotype and does not have a basis in reality. Earrings and other forms of personal style are a matter of individual choice and fashion preference, and they should not be used to make assumptions about someone’s sexual orientation.

It’s essential to avoid making assumptions or perpetuating stereotypes about people based on their appearance or choices. Everyone should be free to express themselves in the way that feels most authentic to them without being judged or labeled based on stereotypes.

Which ear is the gay earring?

What is a “gay earring”? Is it an earring that is attracted to other earrings? Is there a lesbian earring as well? What would that be like?

My earrings (seven of them) all tell me that they are asexual.

I recommend meeting some actual gay men because none of the gay guys I know wear earrings or any jewelry. The men I know who do wear earrings are musicians and are straight.

Preferences in jewelry, attire, cuisine, leisure activities, music, and other things are personal and determined by a person’s likes and dislikes, not by their orientation.

When my husband and I got married over 21 years ago, neither one of us had ever worn jewelry. Heck, we hadn’t even worn a brightly colored shirt! So our wedding band represented the first time we’d work any personal adornment.

I’ve been a Homosexual since birth. I got four ear piercings at 13 and a Prince Albert at 18. I wear my four earrings not because I’m a Homosexual. But because they look good on me, I wear my Prince Albert because it adds to the sexual sensation when I orgasm. I’m now 34

which ear is the gay ear

I’ve heard that when homosexuality was not accepted by general society, gay men sometimes wore one earring to signal like-minded people about their sexual orientation, similar to the handkerchief code in the 70s. I also heard wearing rings on your right index finger signals to other people you’re gay in some circles.

Other than the handkerchief code, which is pretty established, I am curious to know if any of these are real.

Nowadays, homosexual people wear jewelry for the same reason straight people wear jewelry because they like pretty and shiny stones and metals.

Only if he put them there, they don’t just appear because he’s straight.

If you’re asking if two earnings symbolize sexual orientation, they don’t. Anyone can put anything in their ears.

I am a straight guy, and I have one earring in each ear

I know quite a few, so I’d have to say “yes.”

Men wearing earrings—in one or both ears—has been pretty routine throughout history; it was only for a relatively short period of the recent past in this culture (I’m speaking only for the U.S.) that it was considered gender-inappropriate. As a result, a number of (mostly) myths popped up around what earrings on men meant, depending on the number and arrangement worn.

These days, I’m glad to see that earrings are just earrings, worn generally for decoration, no matter the gender of the person possessing the ears in question.

I’m a queer woman who has worn her earrings in only one ear since the late 70s (I’ve four in my left ear, at this point). There’s no code there, though: for some reason, my right ear would never heal correctly when pierced, so I just gave up. Sometimes, the only meaning is seriously dull. : )

I’m 50, and things can and do change over the years! When I was younger, the left ear designated heterosexual tendencies, and the right ear assigned homosexual tendencies. My ears are pierced 53 times; I wonder what sexual tendencies empower!?!.

Why do men wear earrings in the right ear?

While rock stars were most likely to sport the single earring in the 1960s and 1960s, it became more common among gay people. The perception started that the right ear was the “gay ear,” so some folks began using the right ear earring as a subtle way of showing their gay status to other gay males.

Which earring is for men, left or right?

In which ear do guys wear earrings? Lots of men want to know whether there’s a ‘rule’ on which ear to wear their earrings in – but the truth is, there isn’t! Wear your earrings in whichever ear you like or both – it’s totally up to you as an individual.

Which is the straight ear?

left ear

In the early 21st century, a man’s choice of wearing an earring on either ear is a personal choice, regardless of sexuality. During the 1980s and early 1990s, a pierced right ear was associated with male homosexuality, while the left ear indicated heterosexuality.

What does the earring on the left ear mean?

A left ear piercing represents uniqueness and self-expression. While many people wear earrings to symbolize their faith and culture, wearing an earring on the left ear is one of the most popular ways to express your individuality and personality.

which ear is the gay ear

It means his other ear isn’t pierced, and he only wanted one side pierced. Seems pretty obvious…

Nothing nowadays. When people weren’t really talking about or accepting of gay/lesbian trans people, etc, in the 80’s and 90’s, a left ear piercing on a guy meant he was gay in my area growing up. The right was straight. I grew up in Putnam County, NY. No guys had both ears pierced. Now, anything goes, and I don’t think piercings have any discernible hidden meanings.

In 2018, it just means that an individual wanted a pierced ear.

What ear piercing shows that you’re gay?

Nothing short of something like that

If a guy has an earring that says, “Come Fuck My Butt!” you can bet that he’s statistically more likely to be gay than not gay. I mean, sure, I know a couple of straight dudes who would wear that because they are secure in their sexuality and because they would LOVE to mess with people. But for most men, if that’s an earring you’re wearing, you probably love the cock.

Back in about 1982 or so, some people sometimes pierced only their right ear to indicate they were not straight, though even back then, it was not reliable, and plenty of straight people hit only their right ear.

Since about 1990 or so, it’s been an antique bit of cultural detritus no longer taken seriously by anyone.

This question, in a completely divergent context of Indian history, reminds me how amusing and superficial the contemporary stereotypes of masculinity are. Who controlled western India for more than a century. Having ornate ear piercings was a sign of wealth and aristocratic origins. One could still find many youngsters proclaiming their heritage through a golden ear piercing all over western India. That picture has way too many earrings, and nobody in it was gay.

So, don’t assume anything unless you explicitly ask.

Which ear is the gay earring?

The idea that gay people wore a single earring in one ear as a sign they were gay is false. It was adopted by a few in some areas for a few years but never became that standard and was abandoned decades ago.

Which ear is the gay earring?

The notion of a “gay earring” relies on stereotypes and lacks a universally recognized or meaningful symbol. It is crucial to refrain from making assumptions about an individual’s sexual orientation based on their appearance, attire, or accessories. People of all sexual orientations can freely wear earrings or other jewelry on any ear they prefer, or they may opt not to wear earrings altogether. Fashion choices are deeply personal and should not be employed to conclude someone’s identity. Respect for every individual is paramount, and judgments about sexual orientation or identity should not be derived from superficial characteristics, as each person’s identity is unique and deserving of respect.

Which ear is the gay earring?

My thought on this is back in my school days; I think the left was straight, the right was so-called gay, or vice versa, I don’t remember. But now it doesn’t matter.

Which ear is the gay earring?

Both of them. No matter which ear you wear an earring in, somebody who’s not gay will think you’re gay.

Which ear is the gay earring?

I’m heterosexual. I’ve always been told straight men wear their earrings on the left side, which is the side I wear mine on. As for wearing one on the right side, that would symbolize that you are homosexual (Gay)


These days, seldom do a trend stick around for longer than a few weeks before a neologism replaces the one before it, permeating the halls of TikTok or Instagram and causing all of us to second-guess what was once considered mainstream — only to then swap a coveted wardrobe staple for the latest fad.

Still, certain exceptions prevail. Even today, one of the most unshakeable cultural signifiers has been the “mono” piercing — more precisely, and befuddling, on which ear it’s placed and what it says about your sexuality. Pre-Y2K (and beyond), it’s been socially understood that wearing one earring on the right ear means someone is gay; the left is straight. 

Despite recent data and celebrities supporting otherwise, the demagogic proverb “Left is right, and right is wrong” has been a whisper placed upon gay and straight men (and their piercers) for decades. No one really seems to know where the adage originated. Or which side means what? It is, however, a uniquely American problem.

Lyst, a company that tracks online shoppers’ behavior, claims searches for men’s earrings are up by 147 percent since last year (see: Lil Nas X, Jared Leto, Harry Styles, Bad Bunny). No longer is it that big of a deal that a cisgender, occasionally heterosexual man wears jewelry — not even those flashy beaded bracelets. 

It was once even more vogue, and still is, to have multiple piercings in one ear. Yet further findings, like the fact that “mono earring” queries are popular, suggest many are curious about different types of piercings, specifically embellishing one ear only — proof that a single earring, and which lobe it lives on, can say everything or nothing at all.

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Which ear is the gay earring