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Western Hognose Snake for Sale Reptiles, Rehome Ratsnakes 2022

Western Hognose Snake for Sale

Western Hognose Snake for Sale Reptiles, Rehome Ratsnakes 2022

Heterodon nasicus is a species of snake only suitable for people who already have experience with snakes. If the guardian meets these characteristics, it can be a perfect pet.

The hognose or hognose snake ( Heterodon nasicus ) is highly prized for its curious defense behaviors, as well as for its striking nose, similar to the snout of a pig. However, it is not a beginner’s snake, despite being easy to care for in captivity.

This species of snake comes from the United States, but many other very similar and more dangerous species originating from other parts of the world can be confused with it. Next, we show you how to take care of this curious animal.

Preliminary considerations

The hognose snake can make a funny pet for some of its natural behavior. It is a very active animal that spends the day looking for food.

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When she feels threatened is when she expresses various behavioral patterns. It tends to inflate the front area of ​​its body first, so that it takes on a cobra-like appearance. Apparently bigger, you can intimidate your opponent. In addition, these reptiles keep their mouths open and hiss if their aggressor insists.

If this doesn’t work, the snakes turn and twist to pretend they are dead. To do this, they are left with their mouths completely open, while they salivate and open an odoriferous glands that produce a disgusting smell. This rotten aroma can repel the aggressor.

Although it is extremely rare for this animal to bite in defense, if it does, the wound can be painful. These snakes have thick fangs in the middle of the jaw, which expel venom when biting.

There are discussions about whether this substance is really poisonous or is simply a previous digestive product, since these snakes eat their prey alive. However, the poison has been seen to appear to slow down the hearts of its favorite victims, amphibians .

Although this species can be domesticated and rarely bites, it is better to have previous experience with other non-venomous, calm-tempered species of snakes before venturing out with the hognose snake.

Captive care of the hognose snake

Although in nature this animal is found in different regions and at different altitudes, the vast majority of its habitats are made up of a dry climate and rocky soil. Imitating this environment inside a terrarium has no major difficulty.

How should the terrarium be?

Male pig-snout snake specimens do not reach a size greater than 60 centimeters when they are adults. On the contrary, although females can make it to the subway, they rarely do. For this reason, they are not considered very large snakes.

Due to its size, the minimum adequate dimensions of the terrarium for an adult specimen should be 60 centimeters long . On the other hand, the width and height can be around 40 centimeters.

The best substrate is one that does not cake, so that the animal can bury itself. If it is light in color, much better, so the waste and feces will be seen easily and can be removed. A good example of a substrate is beech shavings.

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Like all snakes, every specimen must have a hiding place. An artificial snake cave is an ideal option. In addition, so that the animal can hydrate, you must always place a bath of a sufficient depth, so that the snake does not have problems entering and leaving.

As decorative elements that serve at the same time as environmental enrichment , stones and branches can be placed. These may be moved from time to time to promote natural behaviors in the animal, such as exploring the habitat.

Environmental conditions

Throughout the year, this snake is exposed to drastic changes in temperature and, for this reason, its strategy is hibernation. During most of the year, the terrarium should be kept at a temperature between 26 and 28 ºC , but the adult specimens can perfectly withstand up to 35 ºC.

To maintain the temperature inside the terrarium, a red heat bulb can be placed, always protected by a mesh that prevents the snake from burning its skin , as these animals do not feel the temperature like other living beings.

During the night, this lamp can be turned off, as the hog-nosed snake is adapted to this change in nature. In order for it to hibernate for 3 or 5 months a year, the temperature inside the terrarium must drop to 12 ºC and then gradually rise, so that the animal comes out of lethargy.

With regard to humidity, this should be between 60 and 70%. If it falls outside the optimal range, the snake may have trouble shedding, which can lead to disease.

Feeding the pig snout snake

In the wild, toads make up 50% of the pig-nosed snake’s diet , which supplements its diet with frogs , lizards, and small rodents. The youngest specimens can also capture the odd insect.

In captivity, getting amphibians as a form of food is very difficult. Therefore, snakes are encouraged to base their diet on mice, which are readily available and provide all the nutrients they need.

Young snakes raised in captivity tend to reject mice, so they must be impregnated with the scent of some dead amphibian. This is successful, but difficult to do in a home environment. Over time, mice and dead frogs are no longer joined, so that the snakes get used to their real scent.

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An adult hognose snake eats an adult mouse every 7 to 10 days, while the young take a pinky mouse every 5 to 6 days. Mice should always be offered dead, previously frozen and then thawed.

The skittish temperament, its mild venom and the complication in relation to its diet make this snake unsuitable for reptile initiates. If you consider that you will not be able to get your hognose snake to live healthy, you better not acquire it.

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The western hognose snake ( Heterodon nasicus ) is a species of harmless reptile in the Colubridae family . Inhabits southeastern Alberta and northwestern Manitoba in Canada , south to northern Mexico . As well as disparate populations in Minnesota , Wisconsin , Iowa , Illinois , Missouri, and Arkansas . It has two subspecies .


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Adults are between forty and ninety centimeters in length. Males are considerably smaller than females. There are records of one meter with one centimeter. The dorsal color can be light brown, grayish-brown or yellowish-gray. It has a dorsal row of dark brown spots. On the sides it presents a row of small spots. 

The ventral region has thick black spots arranged irregularly. The head is wide and short, with large eyes with a round pupil, and a pointed, upturned snout. The body is solid and is covered on the upper side by scales carnated in twenty-three rows at the average height of the body. The cloacal scale is divided.

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It lives between the arid zones and the savannas of the subtropical regions with a dry climate, with poor, herbaceous and shrubby vegetation , with the soil often rocky up to 2,400 meters above sea level. It is neither fast nor agile. 


With its upturned snout, it is very adept at digging long galleries and burrows to take refuge both from its predators and from the heat of the sun. The sense of smell allows you to find buried toads , lizards , snakes , and reptile eggs ; it also eats birds and small rodents .

Habits and Customs

It is mainly diurnal. It mates from March to May . Lays four to twenty-three elongated, slender eggs about thirty-two millimeters long. The laying takes place in the sandy soil between the months of June and August . After seven to nine weeks of incubation , hatchlings between six and nine inches long are born. Live approximately eight years.

Interaction with humans

Even though this snake does not cause harm to humans , people are the snake’s greatest threat. People often mistake it for a rattlesnake , killing them to protect themselves. It is important to educate people by teaching them that this snake is harmless, which will increase the survival of the species. In addition, they are one of the snakes endowed with posterior fangs (Opistoglyphs) more commercialized and popularly kept in many homes around the world as pets , the ease of their maintenance together with the strange shape of their snout that gives them a peculiar beauty have made them of them a very popular animal.

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Western Hognose Snake for Sale
Western Hognose Snake for Sale

How much do Western hognose snakes cost?

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Common Western Hognoses cost $175 – $250 from a private breeder. Adults are typically closer to $250 and hatchlings are sometimes sold for as low as $175. Morphs such as the Lavender can cost $1,200. In addition to making sure your snake is captive bred you should handle it before purchasing.

Where are Western hognose snakes illegal?

Currently, it is illegal to own exotic animals as pets in Australia. That means that hognose snakes that are native to North America, including Western, Eastern, Southern, and Mexican hognose snakes, cannot be legally kept as pets in Australia.

Can you buy hognose snakes in the UK?
About Western hognose snakes

Western hognose snakes are small and popular pet snake in the UK. … Western hognose snakes can be found in many reptile shops all over the counrty and are often presented with many different colour and pattern morphs. It’s easy to provide the perfect environment at home for a hognose snake.

Where can you get a hognose snake?

Distribution and Habitat: Hognose snakes can be found in the eastern half of the United States from southern Florida north to central New England, the Great Lakes Region, and some regions of southern Canada. These snakes are found throughout Georgia and South Carolina .

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