Water Liberty Magnetic Laundry system

Magnetic laundry system

Magnetic laundry system CanadaWater Liberty Magnets

My dear friends, these blue balls, patented technology, prove to be a durable, healthy, and environmentally friendly alternative to laundry detergents, which will forever eliminate your dependence on harsh chemical detergents.

It is a universal truth that water is a powerful element and an abstract physical solvent. Any detergent you use only enhances the already powerful cleansing ability of water.

It’s proven, both scientifically and practically. No such information exists for using magnets to wash clothes. However, all we’ve proven here is that using detergent cleans better than not using detergent and magnets don’t get clothes nearly as clean.

But how?

It does this by changing the surface tension of water. It helps you to disperse the water molecules and remove the dirt trapped in dirty clothes.

With several permanent magnets arranged in a unique configuration, the magnetic laundry system generates a powerful magnetic field to alter the surface tension of water, as detergents do, and that too without all the toxic chemicals.

Now you never have to waste much money on harsh chemical detergents, many of which are made from synthetic, hazardous, petroleum-based chemicals.

Which are associated with many types of health problems: such as headaches, skin sensitivity, allergies, respiratory irritation, asthma, and even cancer.

These chemicals do not rinse out; They hang around as residues and are absorbed through your skin over time, creating disease in the body, and can wreak havoc on your health.

More than that, when they rinse they pollute our water supply, aquatic life, and environment. These prove to be harmful to us and our world.

Just think about how many chemicals have gone out of your body, how much money you have spent on detergent so far, and how much energy you have wasted by skin sensitivity and allergies.

Make the switch today!

Simply put the Magnetic laundry system in your washer. You can leave the magnets in there and never think about them again. It is a reusable, one-time buy, with a 50 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Magnetic laundry system Canada – Water Liberty Magnets in 2021

Magnetic laundry system
Magnetic laundry system

There is now new hope for clean and healing water with Adya Clarity, a blend of pure water and sulfate minerals that prove to be inexpensive and scientifically effective.

Today there is a water crisis. It is not only about the lack of safe water, but also the lack of water that can actually hydrate and rejuvenate our body.

Dehydration and mineral deficiency are associated with many health issues, which most people ignore. Water Liberty, located on the web, has found a “solution” and is making it available to all.

The “solution” is Adya Clarity, a mixture of pure water and sulfate minerals.

In Adya Clarity, magnetic minerals are extracted from black mica (scientific name: biotite), the earth’s naturally occurring minerals contain 80 minerals and electrolytes.

The most abundant minerals are iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Adya Clarity is an affordable, safe, and effective remedy for those who wish to be pure and mineral water at any time: at home, to survive in emergency situations.

According to results by an EPA-certified laboratory, Aidya Clarity is proven to reduce the most common toxins in the water. These include lead, arsenic, mercury, bacteria, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, and more.

Most filtration systems have a limit. They can only remove visible and large contaminants. This problem is overcome by Adya Clarity.

Magnetic sulfate minerals excrete contaminants dissolved in water. Minerals further neutralize invisible, hard-to-treat treatments that are not removed by most filtration systems.

When alkaline, distilled, or filtered water is added to any water to be filtered, the Adya Clarity replenishes the water with essential minerals and electrolytes.

The body needs minerals necessary to enhance the immune system and electrolytes to retain water inside the cells.

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Recently, WaterLiberty, Adya Clarity’s largest online reseller, released its clinical trial report.

The results not only proved that Adya Clarity is safe for human consumption; Clinical trials also proved that Adya Clarity reduces heavy metals within the body by 40 percent on average within 30 days.

In addition to the clinical trial, Hippocrates Health Institute, one of the most respected names in natural health, conducted a study on subjects who had consumed Adya Clarity for several months.

Does the magnetic laundry system work?

Magnets are attractive. Imagine the astonishment of the ancient Greeks who discovered that some of the naturally found stones, later named magnetite, were found in an area of ​​Greece called Magnesia that attracted iron.

Stones also quickly attract superstitions. Magnetite is said to have magical powers, the ability to heal the sick, and to drive away evil spirits.

Archimedes, undoubtedly in the Apocryphal story, is said to have used magnetite to remove nails from enemy ships and sink them.

The magnets never sunk the ships, but they were used to guide them. We are talking about the compass.

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese naturally noted the properties of magnetite. When made in the shape of a needle and float on water, magnetite always lined up in a north-south direction!

About 1000 AD. By the time, the Chinese had developed the compass which became the key to navigation. But magnets have also been used to distance people from reality.

In the 1800s physician, Anton Messmer held people on magnetized rods to attract disease from their bodies. Mesmerism, as its antics are called, often worked.

You can purchase magnetic disks for magnetic washing to allow washing without the use of detergent in the washing machine.

It is claimed that magnets ionize water and thereby increase its cleaning capacity.

Advertisements for these products often attack commercial detergents in which they are accused of having cancer-causing chemicals and hormone inhibitors.

It is claimed that magnetic disks reduce health risks by eliminating exposure to these substances, while also saving money because there is no need to buy detergents.

In addition, the use of disks inhibits the release of toxins into the environment. It all sounds very “green”. A patent is granted for laundry discs, as well as a study believed to demonstrate their cleaning efficacy.

How about the study carried out by a testing lab that examined the cleaning efficacy?

Technicians actually took bundles of clothes, washed them in a magnet equipped washing machine, and demonstrated they came out cleaner than they went in.

Surprise, surprise! Water is an excellent solvent and cleans remarkably well even without any detergent.

The “study” had no control. That is, there was no comparison between laundering with just water and laundering with the magnetized water.

Is there any rationale that the magnets can actually do something?

Water is diamagnetic, which means that it will be repelled by a magnet. If a vial of water is placed on a piece of floating Styrofoam and a strong magnet is brought close, it will slowly move away from the magnet.

An interesting phenomenon, but nothing to do with cleaning ability. But there is something about the advertising for the laundry disks that is not contestable.

They are guaranteed to last for fifty years, a guarantee that is indeed safe since magnets do not rot. That is more than what can be said about the claims of their miraculous cleaning properties.


The scientific team found that essential minerals increased while harmful minerals decreased.

Hippocrates director Dr. Brian Clement commented in an interview, “There is no other product like this in the market… and I think it’s a very powerful thing.” The use of this product or these minerals is going to be endless. “

Water Liberty is also proud to announce that since 2011, Adya Clarity has been registered as a natural health product licensed by Health Canada (Natural Health Product Number: 80028256).

Water Liberty’s mission is to disseminate cutting-edge research on hydrology and bring life-changing water technologies to all.

At Water Liberty, a team of researchers is fond of providing educational information through e-books, videos, blogs, and social media.

With an understanding of the healing properties of water, we believe that it transforms actions into purifying, purifying, and transforming water into its pristine condition.

You will not need to purchase another set of laundry system units because they operate from a renewable, permanent magnetic source.

Laundry detergents work to clean your clothes, but are non-renewable petrochemical and can pose health and environmental risks by potentially toxic chemical by-products.

The magnetic laundry system is not only renewable for your laundry, but also for your pocketbook. No more money should be wasted on detergents from year to year, month to month.

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Laundry balls are also extremely convenient and easy to transport to the laundromat.

The Water Liberty Laundry System is not an “ordinary” magnetic system. It is made of special materials specifically adapted for use in washing machines.

We are only able to offer a lifetime warranty because our unique production methods and patent processes have been proven to work time and time again.

How the Magnetic Laundry System works in Canada

First, we need to dispel the commonly held myth, the myth that laundry detergents are natural soaps.

You need to know that you are not washing your clothes with soap, and you probably never in your lifetime.

Detergents are not soaps. They are actually petrochemicals derived from crude oil. Water is the universal solvent.

Water is what eventually cleans your clothes whether you use a laundry detergent or a magnetic laundry system. All these products help clean the water better.

The concept behind the Water Liberty Laundry System is that you can achieve similar results using a chemical-free, fully renewable magnetic base without using non-renewable petrochemicals.

The magnetic force is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. In fact, the Earth itself is like a giant magnet with a north and south pole. It is a wonderful source of natural energy.

Even weak magnets on your refrigerator define the force of gravity without a battery or plugged into any power source.

They will stay on your refrigerator, work, and hold papers for decades with no external power source. Where does all this natural power come from?

From the environment around us. It is completely renewable and completely independent. We are just using that amazing force and focusing it on our home washing machine to affect the water.

magnetic laundry system Canada

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