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Viasil – the natural blue pill for more potency?

Viasil - the natural blue pill for more potency

Viasil – the natural blue pill for more potency?

More and more men are increasingly suffering from problems with potency, which not only has a negative effect on the self-confidence of those affected, but also in the long term on the relationship. Because the question of harmony in the partnership depends, among other things, on how things go in bed. For this reason, potency problems represent a very great burden for many men and their sexual partners, with which they often feel alone and abandoned. 

Many men feel embarrassed about going to the doctor with their problems and for this reason, look around independently on the sexual enhancement market for a suitable preparation with which they can declare war on their problems. Among all the sexual enhancers that the various manufacturers offer in this context on the large and broad market, there is, among other things, the natural preparation Viasil.

This seems to be enjoying increasing popularity in the last few years – many men take it to declare war on their potency problems and to give their sex life a boost. For this reason and based on the tempting promises of the manufacturer regarding the mode of action of the preparation, we have dealt intensively with Viasil and its natural ingredients.

What is this sexual enhancer all about? What effects can you expect and does the manufacturer keep what he promises with the composition and mode of action of his sexual enhancer? In this article we want to give you answers to these questions so that you can assess for yourself whether Viasil is the right means for you to effectively fight your potency problems.

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What is Viasil?

With its composition, Viasil is characterized by a peculiarity that distinguishes it from many other preparations. When people think of sexual enhancers, they often think of chemical agents, such as the well-known sexual enhancer Viagra, which is said to be able to deliver convincing results with its mode of action, but is suspected of having many unpleasant side effects is Canadian Pharmacy for your information.

In this aspect, Viasil differs significantly from the chemical and often side-effect products. Because the manufacturer of the preparation relies on a purely natural and herbal composition of the agent. So you don’t have to fear any side effects and you can still look forward to a quick onset of effects.

Based on the fact that the remedy is composed of purely natural active ingredients, the remedy, unlike the chemical sexual enhancers, does not fall under the category of prescription drugs. Viasil is available as an over-the-counter dietary supplement without a prescription and can therefore be purchased without a prior doctor’s visit.

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However, many people ask themselves the legitimate question in this context to what extent a natural sexual enhancer is able to increase potency and improve sex life. Is it really possible that the potency is improved by the pure combination of natural and herbal ingredients? In order to be able to give an answer to this question, we have dealt more intensively with the promised mode of action of the agent with which the manufacturer advertises on its side.

How does the sexual enhancer work?

On the manufacturer’s side, we came across many exciting and promising modes of action. Viasil is said to be able to increase sexual desire in men. But what exactly are the modes of action and how should the natural preparation be able to actually produce the promised modes of action in the man’s body?

With the natural and herbal composition of the product, according to the manufacturer, it is able to create the perfect framework conditions in your body, which it needs to declare war on your potency problems and consequently to be able to resolve them.

In their special combination, the natural active ingredients of the agent should be able to support the natural functions and processes of your body and thus to: give the male body more vitality, more strength and endurance.If the perfect and required framework conditions prevail in the body due to the action of the natural ingredients of Viasil, the body can concentrate better on the potency and erectile function of the man and consequently improve them.

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This has the advantage that the natural remedy does not intervene directly in the hormonal balance, but indirectly stimulates it to act and to produce the substances in the body that the man needs for erection and potency.

Better blood circulation = better erections

In this context, the completely natural complex of active ingredients mainly focuses on the synergy of the two energy systems ATP and ADP. Due to this fact, the sexual enhancer is able to improve the blood circulation and the oxygen supply – two important and fundamental factors which play a very important and supporting role in connection with the potency and the erection.

Because in order to get an erection, blood has to flow into the penis. If the blood vessels are narrowed, little blood flows into the erectile tissue of the penis and it is very difficult for men to achieve a weak and short erection. For this reason, it is all the more important to stimulate the production of nitric oxide and, as a result, to ensure that the blood vessels expand. It is precisely on this fact that Viasil concentrates with its mode of action and ensures that: muscles, organs and above all the penis are supplied with more blood and men can look forward to a significantly longer-lasting erection and potency. 

The active ingredients get directly into the man’s organism and develop their effect in it. Unlike chemical sexual enhancers such as Viagra, Viasil has a more subtle effect and takes a little more time to noticeably spread the effects. According to the manufacturer, the men can look forward to the effects already a few minutes after ingestion, but it takes some time for Viasil to fill the relevant nutrient stores with its natural ingredients. This is also the reason why the manufacturer recommends that customers take the sexual enhancer every day.

Let’s take a closer look at the effects promised by the manufacturer, which users of the natural sexual enhancer can look forward to.Viasil is said to be able to:

  • improve blood flow and allow the penis to “pump” more blood into the penis.
  • make the erection much harder and last longer.
  • increase libido, i.e. increase your sexual desire in a natural way.
  • to declare war on erectile dysfunction.

The active ingredient complex of pomegranate and citrus fruit is said to be responsible for the occurrence of these advertised effects. Both of these ingredients are known for their positive influence on the production of nitric oxide and for this reason they are very popular in the market for natural sexual enhancers.

Are there any side effects?

A question that men often ask themselves in the context of sexual enhancement is the question of the possible side effects that are associated with the use of the agent.

However, there is good news for users regarding Viasil. Unlike the chemical sexual enhancers, this natural preparation does not contain any chemical or harmful active ingredients which, with their composition and mode of action, could lead to side effects.

For this reason, Viasil enjoys a very high level of tolerance among users with the composition of its herbal active ingredients.

Nevertheless, we would like to point out the fact that allergy sufferers can react with intolerance to certain natural ingredients of the preparation. For this reason, you should always take a close look at the list of ingredients before taking it and observe your reaction to the ingestion of the product. If you react with allergies or hypersensitivity to the preparation, you should consult a doctor about this.

How is Viasil taken?

Taking the sexual enhancer Viasil is simple and straightforward through and through, as the manufacturer offers its customers small and easy-to-swallow capsules, which they have to take with a glass of water.

Due to the fact that the natural sexual enhancer does not want to have a short-term effect, but rather wants to get a grip on the erectile problems of men over a longer period of time, the manufacturer of the preparation advocates daily intake of the sexual enhancer over a longer period of several weeks .

The time of ingestion is completely irrelevant and is left to the users themselves. However, the manufacturer points out a significantly better and more intense experience during sex if the capsule is taken about 30 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. But even if the man is not having sex, the capsule should be taken daily in order to fill the nutrient stores and to be able to develop the effects.

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Ingredients in detail

The modes of action with which the manufacturer advertises its natural sexual enhancer sound very good and quite positive. In this context, the only question that arises is with which natural ingredients and which combination the preparation should be able to produce the effects. We also asked ourselves this question and for this reason took a close and intensive look at the ingredients contained in the product. On the manufacturer’s website, this lists the natural active ingredients contained. Let’s take a closer look at these in more detail.

In a nutshell, we find the following herbal active ingredients on the list of ingredients:

  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Citrus Sinensis
  • pomegranate
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Panax ginseng root
  • zinc
  • Epimedium brevocorum

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Bilboa is an herb that can be found in nature and its mode of action is able to improve the flow of blood into the erectile tissue of the penis by expanding the blood vessels accordingly.

This fact is due to the fact that the plant with its mode of action has the property of being able to improve the body’s own nitric oxide production by up to 12 percent. 

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How expensive is Viasil and where can you buy it?

If you are interested in buying the natural sexual enhancer Viasil, you can buy it directly on the manufacturer’s website. The product should not be bought outside of the official website of the manufacturer, as it is a potentially dangerous counterfeit!

The following four variants are available on the manufacturer’s website:

Number of tabletsprice
30 tablets64.99 eurosto offer
60 + 30 tablets for free129.99 eurosto offer
90 + 60 tablets for free179.99 eurosto offer
150 + 90 tablets for free249.99 eurosto offer

User experiences with Viasil

With regard to the effectiveness of Viasil, we encountered many positive reviews from customers. Many customers felt significantly better and full of energy and stamina after taking it. After just a few days of taking Viasil regularly, you could notice changes or improvements in potency and erection. In the course of our research regarding the Viasil experiences of the customers, we also came across negative reviews, which accuse the agent of not having an immediate effect.

However, you shouldn’t expect a miracle cure with Viasil that will solve your problems overnight. The manufacturer refers to the natural composition of the preparation several times on its website. The herbal ingredients need their time to be able to spread their effects in the body. Those who are patient will be rewarded after a while with the advertised and positive effects of the remedy.

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Frequently asked questions about Viasil

Viasil - the natural blue pill for more potency
Viasil – the natural blue pill for more potency

Where can I buy Viasil?

You can buy Viasil exclusively, only on the manufacturer’s website. If you discover Viasil on platforms like Amazon or ebay, then these are fakes!

What does Viasil cost in the pharmacy?

Viasil is not available in the pharmacy, but only through the original website of the manufacturer. A monthly pack costs 64.99 euros, but there are other pack sizes and discounts when buying larger quantities.

How should I take Viasil?

Viasil is taken daily. The bluish tablet must be swallowed with enough water. The time of intake can be freely selected throughout the day.


Viasil is a herbal sexual enhancer which, with its purely natural composition of effective ingredients, is said to have many positive effects and modes of action. The manufacturer himself advertises the customers with numerous positive effects around the erection, potency and libido and the majority of the Viasil experiences, which share their opinion on various forums, prove the manufacturer right.

If you are not expecting a miracle cure and are patient about taking it, you can look forward to the promised effects after a while and enjoy a significantly better, more intense and more fun sex life without any side effects.

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