Top 5 Android TV Launcher Apps

Top 5 Android TV Launcher Apps

Top 5 Android TV Launcher Apps

If you’ve ever complained about how dull your Android TV launcher is, you’re not alone. Many people with Android TV complain that they don’t like the default launcher design. The launcher refers to the home screen that pops up when you turn on your TV. On Android TV, you use this screen to navigate to your apps and menus. This is similar to the homepage that appears when you open your Spectrum TV app. As this is the first thing you see on your TV, of course it must be pleasant. However, the boring design offered by Android leaves a lot to desire.

Lucky for you, there are many apps you can download to fix this problem. Through the Android store on your TV, you can choose an app that will change up your TV launcher. Hence, you could design your home screen as you please. With custom colors and themes, you can change your home screen from an eye-sore to a piece of art. 

Here are some of the best apps that will help you spruce up your Android TV screens. Using these, you can ensure that your TV reflects your sense of style and impresses all users.

#1 ATV Launcher

ATV Launcher is one of the most popular apps of its kind for Android TVs. Using this app, you can customize your TV launcher in various ways. For instance, you can add a time or weather widget to your home screen. Moreover, you can replace the default widgets of your apps with cooler designs! This way, you can even create a whole new theme.

Additionally, you will be able to change background colors and images, as well as the widget tiles. Also, the ATV Launcher app comes with support for D-Pad optimized navigation. Using this, you will have an improved user interface experience.

#2 Ugoos TV Launcher

Ugoos TV Launcher is a favorite of Android TV users. It stands out from other apps through its neat and minimal interface. When you install this app, you will get a scrolling wheel on the side of your screen. Then, you’ll be able to use this wheel to look for any apps. This is a unique and very satisfying method of navigation that many Android TV users adore.

Additionally, all your apps will show up highlighted on the right side of your screen. So, whether you want to open the Internet, Options, or Games, you simply have to scroll.

Moreover, you can use this app to customize your screen. For example, you can adjust the size of text and borders. This app also comes with remote control and air mouse support.

#3 HALauncher

Handheld App Launcher, or HALauncher, is a popular choice among Android TV users. With a clean and modern UI, this app can instantly liven up your home screen. With features like recent apps and a search option, this app also makes it easy to navigate. Moreover, you can even open non-Android TV apps using HALauncher.

There are also many customization options in this app. You can change your widgets, color schemes, and even background graphics.

#4 TVHome Launcher

This app is ideal for those who enjoy Samsung or LG’s TV interface. Using this app, you can get a similar home screen with very little effort. When you download this app, your native launch screen will be replaced by a minimal design that is easy to navigate. This is the ideal app for those who can’t stand cluttered screens. With this launcher, all your app widgets will neatly line up the bottom of your screen. This will make your launch screen much tidier to look at.

#5 Simple TV Launcher

Another app with a minimal design, the Simple TV launcher has many fans. When you download this app, you will get the option to select six main widgets. These app widgets will neatly sit at the center of your screen. Therefore, you can bring all your most-used apps within your easy reach. To access all other apps, you can simply open a menu in the top right corner. This is an open-source app that you can get from GitHub.

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Top 5 Android TV Launcher Apps

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