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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Industrial Floor Sweepers

Floor Sweepers

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Industrial Floor Sweepers 

If you have a cleaning business, you probably know how important it is to maintain a commercial floor scrubbing machine. Regular maintenance will prolong the equipment’s life, but it will also work to its fullest potential.

 This will mean it will do a better job of cleaning and good cleaning = happy clients. 

Automatic cleaning machinery such as commercial floor scrubbing machines cost a ton of money, and you want a full return on investment. The machine should be able to sustain itself after every cleaning. 

The more time you take, the more clients you lose! Ouch! But lucky for you, we have a cheat sheet that will help you avoid the nuisance. 

Let’s get on with the steps required before you start cleaning.  

Charge Those Batteries 

We all love a cup of coffee to start our mornings on a high note. So does the machine. Except machines eat Power! Machines require a fully charged energy level to do their best. 

Examine Your Squeegee 

Cleaning the floors with a worn-out squeegee blade is more difficult than it has to be. However, because squeegee blades constantly wipe in the same direction, you may easily turn it around to extend its life if yours is worn out. This eliminates the need to purchase a new one every time.

Scan The Scrub Pad

Sparkly floors don’t come from ugly worn out scrubbers! Replace the buffers and restart your cleaning game. 

Probe The Recovery Tank

Do not, I repeat, do not start the cleaning job without emptying a recovery tank. 

If you leave any water in your tank, it will quickly fill up, and you will have to stop working to empty it. Save your time, 

Blast The Water

Fill the tank with clean water as leftover dirty water cannot clean the floor. Fill the tank with water and cleaning agents that are approved for industrial cleaning. Voila, spotless floors with the bare minimum effort!

Wait… You have to do some steps after using the machine. Don’t slack. Sweepers

Clean It 

Yes, use the machine-clean the machine! The age-old trick to keep things alive and working. First, unplug the device from the socket. You can empty the tank that has all the gunk water from the prior cleaning in a drain, and this step is crucial.

Feed Your Battery 

Even batteries require food. Wait, don’t go stuffing it with enchiladas. Charge it with battery food, i.e. Power. You must recharge your machine’s battery once used for 30 minutes or longer. This ensures that your scrubber would be ready to use the next time you require it. 


Say Yes To A Spotless Machine

After each shift, give your industrial floor scrubber a good clean down. Using an all-purpose cleaner and a moist cloth, clean the machine from top to bottom. Do the work correctly, and the next time you scrub the floors, you’ll be off with a fast start.

Empty The Tank 

Eliminate any remaining cleaning fluid from the tank before completely rinsing it. Try to ensure no residue remains so you don’t have any long-term build-up concerns and don’t contaminate the freshwater you’ll use the following day you use your machine.

Clean Filters

When washing your solution tank, be sure to clean the filters as well. This removes excess filth from the system to prevent it from producing complications. It’s as simple as washing the filters with clean water to clean them. You’ll be done quickly, and your cleaner will be ready when you need it again.

Closing Words

And that’s all there is to it. It’s that simple! Follow these guidelines to keep your industrial floor scrubber or sweeper in good working order. These guidelines will help in giving you the best return on your investment. 

If this article got you up to cleaning. Let us know in the comment below. 

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