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How To Remove Water From Phone 2023

How To Remove Water From Phone

How To Remove Water From Phone 2023

Gently shake the phone to get rid of any water present in the headphone jack, charging port or under the physical buttons. After this, wipe the phone with a dry cloth, toilet paper or paper napkins thoroughly to remove any water present on the exterior.

No one is exempt from suffering a mishap with water damage on our mobile phones. That is why it is always interesting to know what alternatives we have when the phone has gotten wet and still has some humidity. There is nothing miraculous, and it all depends on how wet you have been. But in this way, you will help reduce the humidity in the mobile.

Many mobiles specify that they are resistant to water, but they are to a certain extent because they are not capable of withstanding any type of submersion. In addition, over time, phones lose certain properties that can deteriorate their reactions to water, and allow it to enter against what you might think.

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How do you get water out of your phone?

How do you remove water from a charging port?

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Take off the case.
  3. Remove the battery (if you can)
  4. Wipe down the device with a dry, absorbent towel.
  5. Blow away the excess fluid carefully with compressed air or by carefully blowing on it.
  6. Let it sit there and dry out, with open ports facing down.

Fresh or salt water?

In the first case, it is more likely that the mobile can recover, but in the second, if it falls into the beach water, it is almost certain that its internal oxidation will be immediate, so in those cases, it may be advisable to immerse it again in tap water for a moment to remove as much salinity as possible. Once we have chosen to do this in the first place, we have other alternatives to be able to eliminate the humidity.

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What is the fastest way to get water out of your phone?

Try to remove as much water from it as you can with towels and a vacuum cleaner. Then, put it in a bowl of instant rice or other absorbent material for 48-72 hours before turning it on. With a little luck and fast action, your cellphone may survive its brush with death.

How can I dry my phone without rice?

Use instant oats it is more absorbent than rice. Put your phone in a position where the water can easily drain out and let it sit in the instant oats for 2-4 hours. How do I dry out my wet iPhone but in a case? Take it out of the case first because your case could still have some water in it.

The most helpful, rice – How To Remove Water From Phone

For many people, cell phones have become indispensable tools in their lives. Many depend on these phones for their business or to keep in touch with family members. If something happens to your phone, realizing that your whole life is tied to it can be exasperating. But if it has fallen into a puddle or sink water while you were washing dishes, there are ways to prevent it from being ruined. Rice is a great way to remove moisture from your cell phone and helps dry out the components inside.

Immediate action – How To Remove Water From Phone

The most important thing to do in that situation is to immediately remove the battery from the phone. Don’t worry about turning it off, just take it out. Then, separate everything that can be removed from the cell phone, for example, the battery, the SIM card, the SD and other removable elements. The sooner you disassemble the phone, the better. Many today come with a “water adhesive” that manufacturers use to tell if it has gotten wet. Most of the time this voids your warranty, so don’t waste time thinking it will be replaced for free.

mobile rice
How To Remove Water From Phone

Drying the phone – How To Remove Water From Phone

Once you have disassembled everything, you should dry the phone and the components as soon as possible. There are several things you can do to speed up the drying process, but rice seems to be the fastest and most efficient way to do it. You can blow dry it, shake it to remove the water, and even use compressed air. The rice will make the procedure even faster. Put it in a bowl that is large enough to hold the product and the parts of the phone. It does not have to be totally submerged. You must wait until the cell phone has completely dried before putting it back together and turning it on. Wait for at least 12 to 36 hours, depending on how wet it got.

Reassemble – How To Remove Water From Phone

After you make sure the phone is completely dry, you can put it back together. Sometimes moisture that you can’t see gets behind the components. Once you’ve put it together, try turning it on. If it doesn’t respond, repeat the rice process for another 12 to 24 hours to make sure there is no moisture left.

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Warnings – How To Remove Water From Phone

Do not try to use the microwave or dryer to dry the phone. You should keep it away from extreme heat and direct sunlight. Do not use any type of alcoholic solvent to clean the inside. If you have dropped your cell phone in saltwater, you should rinse it with fresh water before drying it and taking it apart. Remember that salt can damage the interior and components. Make sure to remove the battery before putting it under cool water.

The rice method is proven and easy to do. If your mobile gets wet, it is best to bury it in rice and let its absorption power eliminate almost all possible moisture for a couple of days. There are other alternatives like oatmeal that can also absorb moisture well.

Of course, a good tip when it comes to “dipping” it in rice is to try to partially disassemble the phone, whatever is possible. In this way, for example, without the case, moisture can be better removed from the internal components of the phone. Of course, nowadays there are indeed very few mobiles that allow us to disassemble them with the tools that we have at hand at home.

Forget the warranty

Forget The Warranty
How To Remove Water From Phone

Because if there is something that happens almost automatically when a wet mobile reaches a technical service, it is that the free repair is rejected. The warranty does not cover water damage or damage to phones that are supposedly resistant to it. Once the elemental liquid passes the sealing of the phone, loosen the wallet for a repair. Or to buy a new mobile that we will try to get as far away from the water as possible.

Also, a water damaged mobile is difficult to hide. It happens that inside mobile phones there is a snitch, a mechanism, which is usually a sticker and that in the past was a kind of tissue pill, which changes colour when it comes into contact with water. It’s that simple. If the sticker has changed colour, you can say goodbye to the free repair. Automatic cancellation of the guarantee.No manufacturer will be responsible for a water repair. It is an exception specified in the warranties.

How To Remove Water From Phone 2022

In this case, the technical service will send us the notification that the warranty is voided, and possibly a repair estimate with which we will not agree very much. Or maybe yes. Be that as it may, the idea is to first try all the solutions that are within our reach to “revive” the phone or prevent its death. Well, we already know where the path of sending it for repair leads.

By the way, in case everything fails, nothing like having contracted insurance that covers these mishaps. There are options for almost all tastes but given the importance of a mobile phone in our days, a device that is already much more than a device to make calls, what better way than to carry it protected. And we don’t mean putting it in a sleeve.

The saving alcohol

The alcohol that we normally keep in the home medicine cabinet for any eventual mishap, is a good friend of electronics. First, because all the water that it finds in its path can be easily absorbed, and because it is also an ideal element to clean the electronic circuitry of the phone. Of course, unlike rice, it is enough to submerge it for one or two minutes, nothing more. In case of doing so, it should be a complementary process, before introducing it into the rice.

Ethyl alcohol
How To Remove Water From Phone

Another method that works quite effectively is that of saving alcohol, the alcohol that we usually have in the home medicine cabinet or, in an emergency, we can buy at a nearby pharmacy. Although it may seem absurd, submerging the mobile can save it from a dive, and that is thanks to the 70º, 95º or isopropyl alcohol, which we find with a purity of up to 99%. Alcohol, which evaporates without a trace on the phone, also carries the water with it

How To Remove Water From Phone 2022

We sure remember cleaning an electronic circuit with alcohol or seeing someone do it. This is because alcohol with these levels of purity evaporates without leaving a trace of its presence. But on the way it does something else, it drags the water it comes into contact with it. So if you want to quickly erase electronic circuit water, “pure” alcohol is possibly your best friend.

So, at this point, we can immerse the mobile in alcohol and leave it there for a couple of minutes because the alcohol will reach the same points that the water has reached. Remember, always with the phone turned off and with the battery removed, just as we did with alcohol or silica. Then we take the phone out of the alcohol and wait for it to dry completely. Until there is a trace of an odour to the compound, at that time it will have been completely removed without a trace.

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Water in the speakers? use an app

These apps are already veterans of mobile stores, and in the case of Android, we can access some such as Expel the water – Repair the speaker that emits sound at different frequencies, so that with the vibration of the speaker the water can be expelled. In the case of the iPhone, you can also opt for the Sonic app, which allows us to expel the water from the speakers in the same way.

mobile humidity
How To Remove Water From Phone

Of course, remember that water damage is not covered by manufacturers’ warranties, so if you wait to take it to the technical service you should know that they will charge you for the repair, even if it is under warranty. Before this happens, we can always put a good waterproof case on our mobile.

With a web

Another way to clean the mobile speakers without installing anything and regardless of the brand of the mobile is using the web It is a very simple website that includes a single button: when pressed, a “specific tone” is played, the waves of which are designed to help evacuation of water from the speakers.

How To Remove Water From Phone

It is a good first option because you do not need to do anything and the process is extremely simple. However, it includes fewer options than the specialized applications that we will see below. If this website doesn’t work for you, keep trying.

With apps

If none of the above works, you can always go to Google Play to download applications specialized in removing water, dust and dirt from mobile speakers. These are the six main options that you will find.

Speaker Cleaner

Speaker Cleaner is a specialized application to clean your speakers from dust or trapped water. It is quite simple, it only has a button that does an automatic cleaning. The application plays a tone that gets sharper every second.

The application recommends that you put the phone face down and turn the volume up to maximum. When the cleaning is done, you can do a soundcheck by playing royalty-free songs.

Speaker cleaner – Remove Water | Dust & fix sound

  • Developer: Hypercode Studio
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free
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What to do if the phone fell into the water?

The holiday season is approaching, the sun heats up stronger and stronger and we seek refuge near the water – be it sea, river, lake … And, of course, in this technological age, the devices that facilitate travel together with us. our life: electronic communication and entertainment equipment, etc. Although these devices generally cannot swim, they too are often attracted to the water and dive headfirst into it. Even more, those who could not travel to the sea, without measuring the consequences, try to console themselves by getting into the washing machine or under a jet of tea, coffee or other soft drink. And as always, paying for the broken dishes is up to us. We must recognize that in these unfortunate circumstances not everyone knows what to do, where to run and who to call.

Phone fell into the water
How To Remove Water From Phone

So here we start. Let’s first see what we can do to revive him.

What to do if the phone fell into the water?

  1. Remove the battery from the device as quickly as possible and do not connect it for at least 24 hours: not so much water, but electricity oxidizes and damages the components and motherboard of the device. Also don’t forget to remove the SIM and SD / micro SD cards.
  2. Dry the phone inside. Unfortunately, water or other liquid enters very quickly, while the drying process can take more than a day. Even after the device dries, the electronic components are covered by the salts, dissolved in the water. Salt not only oxidizes components, but is also a powerful conductor of electrical current.
  3. If the phone got completely wet and a large amount of water got into it, you can use a vacuum cleaner to speed up the drying process.
  4. Last step is to take it to a service center. It is practically impossible for a user without technical training and special tools to check and, if necessary, fix a mobile phone at home. So if you really appreciate your cell phone, entrust this mission to the professionals.

The important thing is to do the first two steps right away, without delay.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do such a simple thing – remove the battery. In the case of the iPhone and some other devices the battery is integrated, and to remove it it is necessary to destroy the equipment. For this, some special tools and a certain skill are needed. Then do what you can – if the contact time with the liquid was not very long and the phone is still on, turn it off. 

If at the moment you cannot go to a service centre, do the following: fill a jar of rice and place the phone there so that it is completely covered. To achieve the maximum effect, pre-open all technical holes: SIM card compartment cover, connector covers, etc. Rice perfectly absorbs moisture. After drying the phone in the rice, all the moisture will disappear and the device will be clean, without saltpetre stains on the motherboard (valid for cases when it is not seawater, which is extremely corrosive). However, the touch screen connector can rust.

Dried with rice
How To Remove Water From Phone

In addition, to dry a wet phone you can also use the special sachets, designed to dry smartphones – you can get them practically in any electronics store. They do not cost much, therefore it will never hurt to have one at your fingertips.

Sachets for drying smartphones How To Remove Water From Phone
How To Remove Water From Phone

What can not be done with a wet phone in any way:

What can not be done with a wet phone in any way
How To Remove Water From Phone
  • It is strictly forbidden to turn on the appliance and press the buttons.
  • Do not shake and do not hit the device – this can allow the water to enter even further.
  • If you are inexperienced, do not dry the phone with the help of a hair dryer – blasting air can also spread the water all over the interior, causing more havoc.
  • Never dry the phone in an oven, microwave or refrigerator – after this treatment it will be impossible to revive the device.

How much will a “drowning” fix cost?

To determine the cost of fixing a “drowned” device, it is necessary to uncover it and see which parts, in particular, were damaged. Different amounts and types of liquids can wreak different havoc. Let’s see the most frequent ones.

What will happen if we don’t remove the battery right away?

If after bathing the phone we do not turn it off and remove the battery, its life will end very soon. In addition to possible short circuit and corrosion processes, the electronic components will soon begin to rot in the phone. This device may work for some time, but after it is turned off, it will most likely no longer be possible and profitable to repair it – this would require changing the motherboard and some other details, which together with labour cost practically as much as a new phone.

Consequences How To Remove Water From Phone
How To Remove Water From Phone

White spots and drips on the screen

If after drying the wet phone it worked, but white spots and drips appeared on the screen, the only way to fix it is to replace the screen. After the water dries, it is impossible to remove the stains from the screen. Bearing in mind that modern screens are made up of several layers of film, used to scatter light, it is not possible to disassemble and clean them. For this reason, the only way out is to buy and install a new screen.

Water stains
How To Remove Water From Phone

Parts oxidation

The most common damage caused by water is the oxidation of electronic components. The degree of corrosion depends on several factors: length of stay in the water, amount of water inside, type of liquid, etc. As we have already said before, to avoid greater damage it is essential to turn off the device and remove the battery. Even during its short stay inside the phone, the water reaches to oxidize and corrode the components.

Component oxidation How To Remove Water From Phone
How To Remove Water From Phone

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For the sake of your mobile, forget the heat

Forget The Heat How To Remove Water From Phone
How To Remove Water From Phone

Many of the tips we read about how to save a mobile phone from falling into the water, or for when water spills on them, has to do with applying heat. One way or another, it is recommended to dry the phone with a hairdryer or even, and this is no joke, give it a few minutes in the oven. We repeat this is no joke.

My mobile has fallen into the water, what can I do?
How To Remove Water From Phone

IN ENGADGETMy mobile has fallen into the water, what can I do?

Mobile phones have electronic circuits on materials that seek to dissipate heat as much as possible. We can even remember the heatsinks of the processors or the thermal paste that is more frequently used in personal computers. All this has an explanation: electronics work better the colder the circuits are. And it has another explanation: metals and plastic parts melt under excess heat. Forget the heat: do not use dryers, do not place it next to stoves or, of course, put it in the oven

So in case your mobile gets a little, moderate or a lot wet, keep it away from heat sources and don’t use them to dry it. Many of its circuits do not respond with joy when heat is applied to them and it may be the case that we end up with the phone disabled by our own action to save it. No heat. Neither dryers nor ovens nor any other source of heat.

Your mobile can survive if …

Your Mobile Can Survive How To Remove Water From Phone
How To Remove Water From Phone

How To Remove Water From Phone 2022

… no short-circuit has occurred when its internal electronics came into contact with water if no internal corrosion occurs. And if the aforementioned methods do not work, we can try the last trick in extremis: put the mobile in an airtight bag together with anti-humidity balls, with which they are present in many clothes when we buy them. As we say, the last resort. Maybe your mobile is submersible, but don’t submerge it

Saving a mobile from water is difficult but not impossible, and it will always depend on how far the water has entered the terminal. As we have commented so many times, that mobile is “submersible” thanks to its certifications does not mean anything. These seals deteriorate and water can wash out any electrical device.

Be that as it may, it is better to be clear about which methods work and to what extent. None are infallible but some are downright useless and even harmful. Be very careful about what we do to the phone when it has suffered water damage, lest we make the situation worse than solve it. A mobile with water can be saved, yes, but with many buts.

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How To Remove Water From Phone

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