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How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod In 2023?

How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod In 2023?

How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod In 2023?

Without a double rod, how can I hang double curtains? You may do this in three simple ways, which you will discover as you continue reading!

If you want a beautiful curtain, you can spend more on a double curtain, but you’ll also need a double rod. But what if you still need to buy a double rod or it’s out of stock? It would help if you weren’t concerned about it.

Even without a double rod, you can hang double drapes in various ways using what I have provided.

You did indeed read that correctly. The key is to make the most of a resource that is likely already in your home.

Things you may not consider necessary at home can be helpful here. Innovativeness and a big imagination are essential to achieving this. You can always come up with a different idea.

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What is the point of double curtains?

Double curtain rods allow for a drapery next to the window—usually a sheer—under another, more decorative drapery. The two rods on double brackets allow each layer to be operated independently

What are double curtains called?

Panel pair curtains are also sometimes called double-panel curtains. Double-panel curatins include two matching panels of fabric that cover two distinct windows, either side-by-side or separated by a wall or piece of furniture. “I typically use rings to hang a classic pair of curtains,” Eddings says.

How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod?

You might be concerned about how to hang double curtains without a double rod, so let’s solve that. I’ll give you some options which are far better than you think.

The supplies you’ll need are easily accessible and available almost anywhere. Another benefit is that it is significantly less expensive and more accessible than your double curtain rod.

It is entirely up to you which option(s) you prefer from those I have available.

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Option #1. A Tie (Cord)

I am aware that when hanging your curtains, you consider how a cord will appear as a rope. However, before dismissing this choice, examine why it is one of the greatest.

Since it is a relatively light material, you will find it hefty and manageable to lift. However, it would help if you also considered the difficulty of attaching it to the curtain.

Although a rope is not as solid and reliable as a rod—as you are well aware—it is nonetheless a suitable replacement.

Secure the rope to the wall hooks next to your window. Following that, you can attach the rope to the curtain, ensuring it points in the appropriate direction.

Then, fasten the other end of the rope to the hook across from the one you just secured it to. Bring scissors with you, as they can be longer than the prepared rope.

Since we believe curtain rods are unneeded in our old home because we already have ropes, we always do this to save money.

Option #2. A piece of Curtain Rod

How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod In 2023?
How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod In 2023?

Perhaps only one curtain rod will do. No rule says you must have two rods if you have double curtains. A closer step is made, unfortunately, the piece at its end, inserting the curtain and then ruining it again. Since a bar does not slide to the sides when using a ladder, using one is beneficial for you.

The single rod is lighter than the double rod. You cannot, however, apply it to divided portions.

All you need to do is ensure the rod reaches the window frame’s two side-mounted hooks. After that, you may hang your double curtain from both hooks you previously set by sliding it onto the rod.

Option #3. Using a bar

That is not a bar where you go to have a great time. Metal is used to make the bar. Since not everybody’s home has a metal bar, you can turn to this as a final resort.

However, if ever using a metal rod or bar, there are problems because it is made of metal and lacks a stopper.

Although there is a much higher chance that your curtain will fall off the metal rod, you can always take action.

How to Hang a Curtain With a Magnetic Curtain Rod?

Magnetic curtain rods are the ideal option for curtain rods that don’t require drilling, teeny small nail holes, or adhesive. Similar to ordinary curtain rods that are screwed into the wall, magnetic curtain rods are metal, adjustable, and have two side brackets. They also project from the wall by about 1-1/2 inches.

Magnetic curtain rods are simple to install on a wall or door and just as simple to remove, not harm in the process.

The adjustable widths of magnetic curtain rods range from 28 inches to 48 inches. Several standard finishes are available, including white, bronze, matte black, and satin nickel.

They should be affixed to a metal surface. However, metal is frequently absent above or to the side of windows, which is one drawback.

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Additionally, only ferrous metals like steel are considered; magnets are not attracted to aluminium, copper, or brass. Additionally, the interests are not powerful enough to adhere to wall-mounted drywall screws or nails.

However, magnetic curtain rods will adhere to metal window trim or other metal parts. They also function effectively on metal outside doors that require cover for windows.


  • No drilling, no adhesive
  • Easy to install
  • No damage when removed


  • Must be stuck to metal
  • Low weight bearing-2 pounds
  • Short-48 inches maximum

1. Clean the Surface: With a soft cloth, clean the metal surface. Scrape away any loose paint or dried adhesives.

2. Separate the Curtain Rods: Most magnetic curtain rods are telescoping, with one piece inserted into the other, a more comprehensive report. Pull the two apart and separate them.

3. Add the Curtain: Slide the curtain onto the larger two rods. Slide the narrow section back into place.

4. Stick Curtain Rod to the Surface: Telescope the curtain rod to the desired width. Stick the two brackets to the surface. Adjust width as needed. Check the level with a bubble level or by eye.

Frequently Asked Questions: How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod?

How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod In 2023?
How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod In 2023?

Do you need two curtain rods for two curtains?

Using two layers of curtains in its windows adds depth, causing the room to feel bigger. Instead of adding two curtain rods different from the windows, try the double curtain rods. Double curtain rods are the best way to create an effect in layers, giving a distinct and elegant appearance.

Can you hang 2 pairs of curtains together?

Place the curtain panels on top of the other, straight sides together. Then set the vertical edges that triggered. If your fabric is thick, you can join the two panels. If you are working with printed boards, verify that the employer coincides before and after fixing them.

Is there a way to hang curtains without a rod?

You can use magnets, adhesives or natural tension to do the job. There are many ways to hang without drilling curtains you can simply choose your group’s favourite. And almost everyone sounds easier than using a drill.

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What is the purpose of double curtain rod?

Although it is very similar in individual curtain rods design, a double curtain rod allows you to place more than one panel or curtain for a more improved and dramatic appearance. Most people typically put a pure curtain first and then an average curtain at the top to block the light.

Wrap Up: Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod

These suggestions will help your curtains bring style to your space. You won’t need to employ a professional if you know how to hang double curtains without using a double row. Control the amount of light and visibility coming in via your windows by taking control of your space.

Two curtains can be hung on a single rod, but they’ll stay fixed unless you use a curtain tieback or holdback to hold them open. Give your window an elegant and sophisticated look in an hour or less, making your room visually stunning.

Spend some time making a thorough plan. Your project will follow the process, and the outcome will be much more pleasing. 

Once finished, you can appreciate the opaque outer curtain’s beauty and the seclusion and light provided by the sheer curtain. Being fully informed will enable you to save money.


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