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Flemish Giant rabbits For Sale large rabbits Breeders List in US 2023

Giant rabbits For Sale

FleFlemish Giant rabbits For Sale large rabbits Breeders List in US 2023

Do you want a herbivorous companion, but do you like large sizes? If you are looking for a maxi-size rabbit, this is your place. Today at PetDarling we are going to show you all the large rabbit breeds that you can find. Surprising!

These are the largest rabbits in the world, 6 breeds of giant rabbits that due to their enormous size, will leave you with your mouth open.

Meet these 6 very large rabbit breeds! Giant rabbits For Sale

Large rabbits reach an average weight of 5 to 8 kilos . The largest rabbit in the world reached 25 kilos in weight . They are naturally docile, sociable and affectionate animals. The most popular domestic giant rabbit breeds are:

  • Flemish Giant Rabbit
  • Continental giant rabbit
  • Giant angora rabbit
  • Giant chinchilla rabbit
  • Spotted Giant Rabbit
  • Giant english rabbit

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Here we will tell you a few things about these sweet, huge and furry pets:

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Flemish Giant rabbits For Sale

The Flemish Giant is a giant rabbit that weighs between 6 and 7 kilos, reaching 10 kilos on some occasions. It is the most famous and most widespread breed of large rabbits, and it is also the oldest, since its standard was set in 1893 . His hair is short, straight, shiny and very tight. You can find it in a multitude of colors, such as fawn, brown, black, tan, gray, or white .

Also known as the giant flamingo rabbit, this animal has an excellent character. He is sociable, curious and very calm, so he is a great pet, and he gets along very well with children. Its temperament is said to be more like that of a dog than that of a common rabbit.

In fact, it is common that if you have a dog and a Flemish giant at home, they become inseparable friends and constantly seek each other to play and sleep together. Its average life expectancy is 6 to 8 years, making it the longest of the giant rabbits.

Continental Giant rabbits For Sale

The continental giant can weigh 6 to 10 kilos, sometimes exceeding them . The largest rabbit in the world is called Ralph, and he is a continental giant that reached 25 kilos in weight . The origin of this breed dates back to the sixteenth century, although the breed has undergone some transformations until the nineteenth century. In his lineage there is the blood of several rabbits, such as the Flemish giant, or the Belgian hare .

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You can find it in many colors such as black, white, gray, steel gray, and sand . Their average life expectancy is 5 to 7 years, and their temperament is ideal . They are sociable, affectionate, playful and with patience, they can get to train.

But be realistic, handling such a large rabbit takes a little practice and knowledge . And living with an animal of this size requires a space , so you must weigh whether your home and your lifestyle are compatible with an XXL pet. If not, you already know that you can opt for mini-size rabbit breeds, which do not reach two kilos in weight.

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Giant angora Giant rabbits For Sale

The giant angora loves to walk and play outside of their cage, so they need plenty of room to move around. It is a very active rabbit that enjoys running, jumping and playing . They make good pets, as long as they have enough space, and they can play for hours with the little ones in the house.

Their teeth, like those of other rabbits, grow continuously . Therefore, you should give them natural foods such as hay and  raw vegetables so that they can gnaw and chew thoroughly, so that they can wear down their teeth, and do not become a problem.

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Images for Giant rabbits For Sale

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Giant chinchilla Giant rabbits For Sale

The giant chinchilla rabbits weigh between 5.5 and 6.5 kilos , being somewhat larger than that of the giant angora. The giant chinchilla emerged as a cross between the Flemish giant and common chinchilla rabbits .

This is a breed that is sold for its meat, but as pets they are incredible . The giant chinchilla is a loving, sociable rabbit that loves human attention and doesn’t require a lot of exercise, making it easy to keep around the house.

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Spotted Giant rabbits For Sale

The giant spotted rabbit has an average weight of 5 kilos, although some exceed it. They are characterized by a white coat with large black spots , reminiscent of a cow or a Dalmatian.

They are short-haired, shiny rabbits, very active and athletic, so one of their needs is to have enough space to exercise on a daily basis. They are possibly the most playful and tireless breed of rabbits , so if you have children and a garden where they can run and romp until exhaustion, this is surely your ideal rabbit.

πŸ‡ Will Ponto have a new friend at home? Also read the  best names of rabbits  on the internet.

Their hair is of medium length, and you can find it in different colors, the most common being gray, white, and black. In general, this is considered a healthy breed, as long as it has a proper diet and can get enough exercise.

One of their problems is that if they do not move, they have a tendency to suffer from obesity, which leads to other diseases and also difficulties to clean themselves. That is why it is essential to learn to take care of our rabbit, feed it well, and not let it become overweight.

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Videos of large rabbits Giant rabbits For Sale

Large rabbits make excellent pets, even for children who know how to treat them gently. Look at the cute friendship between a giant rabbit and 3- and 4-year-olds.

As you can see, these giant rabbits, in addition to being adorable, have a great personality and are very interactive . They say that size does not matter, but the truth is that it is not difficult to surrender to these huge ears.

What do you think? Are you lucky enough to have a bunny at home? Tell us below in the comments your experiences, or doubts about these bunnies.

What is the biggest rabbit you can buy? Giant rabbits For Sale

Flemish Giant1. Flemish Giant. Weighing up to and occasionally over 20 pounds, the Flemish Giant is the largest rabbit breed in the world. This β€œgentle giant” has a docile temperament and an eight- to 10-year life span.

Are giant rabbits friendly?

The majority of rabbits do not like being handled and giant breeds are no different. Their massive size makes them awkward and often difficult to handle safely and competently. They can inflict nasty scratches and powerful kicks in an attempt to escape from incorrect handling.

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How much does a Continental Giant rabbit cost?

You can currently expect to pay between $300.00 – $500.00 per Continental Giant. Add to that your trip expenses, if you go pick it up yourself – or transporter fees, if you have it shipped to you. Some breeders may even offer to hand-deliver to you (either by ground or air).

What is the best giant rabbit breed?

The Flemish GiantThe Biggest Rabbit Breed: The Flemish Giant

It is believed that these giants originated from stone rabbits that were native to the Flemish region, but scientists aren’t quite sure. The Flemish Giant rabbit breaks all records for rabbit size and weight, weighing in at over 20 pounds and over 4 feet in length.

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Giant rabbits For Sale

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