Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

The Dash Mini Maker Waffle heats up in mere minutes, making it the perfect appliance for a quick snack, or for breakfast on the go.

Dual non-stick cooking surfaces clean easily. The mini, compact size is perfect for small apartments, dorm room cooking, or taking on the go.

  1. The best-selling Dash Mini Waffle Maker, for easy 4” waffles for any dietary needs.
  2. Dual non-stick cooking surfaces heat evenly, and waffles lift cleanly for perfect results.
  3. 4” cooking surface heats in minutes.
  4. One-step setup just plugs it in and you’re done. Easy clean-up.
  5. Waffles can be cooked individually or made in a batch and frozen for later.
  6. Compact and lightweight (just over 1lb) 350 Watts
  7. Includes: Dash Waffle Mini Maker and Recipe Guide.
  8. 1-year manufacturer warranty, 2-year warranty available with registration to the Feel Good Rewards program. Designed in NYC. US-based. Customer Support available.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker Machine for Individual

mini maker

MORE THAN WAFFLES: Make paninis, hash earthy colors, and even roll pizzas! Any wet player will “waffle” your treats and snacks into single-serving divides. Incredible for kids or in a hurry

Minimized + LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing 1lb+, this is a MUST-HAVE for that first condo, littler kitchen, school quarters life, or camper/RV voyaging

Speedy + EASY: Simply plug it in and go; it warms up in only minutes. The double non-stick surfaces give an even cook to steady outcomes, every single time. 4-inch cooking surfaces for singular bits

Flawless GIFT: The ideal wedding or new home blessing. Its little size occupies the minimal counter room, and its smooth plan and popular shading alternatives will coordinate any kitchen stylistic layout. add to your vault now

Incorporates: Backed by a 1-year producer guarantee, the Dash Mini Waffle maker incorporates a formula book and formula information base access all non-electric parts are effectively cleaned off

U.S. BASED SUPPORT: Dash is a U.S. based organization that gives contact data in every item manual.

Waffles, Paninis, Hash browns, & others on the go Breakfast, Lunch, or Snacks – Pink

Dash Mini Waffle Maker
Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Craving Blueberry Waffle or Potato Pancakes? With Dash Mini Waffle Maker, you can make single-serve dishes in under three minutes.

The nonstick surface allows you to fully cook and brown whatever you make it, and is a fun activity for both adults and children!

Unprocessed your food with the recipe book that is included with the purchase, and gets access to our database of thousands of recipes for free!

Shipping details

  • Estimated ship dimensions: 3.5 inches length x 5.5 inches width x 7 inches height
  • Estimated ship weight: 1.5 pounds

Product information

  • Size: 4 inch
  • Color: Pink
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 2.8 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.39 pounds
  • Manufacturer: StoreBound

Customer questions & answers

Question: Will the Dash Mini Waffle Maker fit in a toaster to reheat it or is it too small?
Answer: They fit in a toaster to reheat, I pre-make waffles in the Dash Mini Waffle Maker, keep them in the fridge or freezer and reheat them in the toaster all the time.

Question: About how long to cook a waffle? Not even a hint in the instructions…
Answer: Under “more recipes” at the end of the instructions, it says 4-6 mins. I cooked mine for 5 mins and they were perfectly crispy.

Question: What size waffle does it make?
Answer: As noted: the same size as an Eggo Waffle about 4″. This makes a GREAT waffle and is also a little thicker than an Eggo (frozen) waffle.

Pros and Cons: Dash Mini Waffle Maker

I had no idea what a small waffle maker could do for my life. LOL.

This has only one big flaw. The handle that sticks out in the front is either not big enough or just not designed well, so you can burn yourself trying to lift it. I either use a fork to knock it upwards after cooking (because it tends to stick a bit) or I use a mitten.

This silly little thing is perfect. It is so simple that it works almost solely because of that. The non-stick surface really is nonstick.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker
Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Kind of critical with a waffle maker, so the waffles come off clean without scraping and scrubbing. It makes a waffle in about two minutes. About the time it takes to make my coffee.

The waffles look like an egg, but they are oh so much better. Definitely, depending on the batter, as good or better than any at a pancake shop.

You plug it in, it warms up and the light goes off. You open it, spoon in about two tablespoons of batter, and close it. The light comes on and when it goes off, the waffle that comes out is wonderful.

Love this. I set it up and within one day I had more waffles than I have had in a year. Now I have them all the time. Great with tea, breakfast, coffee, dessert (ice cream, peanut butter, maple syrup….).

Now, about that weight, no problem…LOL.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker


Definitely one of the best purchases I have made on amazon so far. Just as described, it is a mini waffle-maker. The “mini” part is no joke, the whole thing is small enough to lift in one hand.

If you are feeding breakfast to a whole family of five or more then this may not be for you.

However, because of its size, it works quicker than a normal-sized one so even though you can only make one small waffle at a time, each waffle should be done in about a minute or two.

The interior is also non-stick so it is really easy to clean which was a huge bonus for me.

On top of that, it comes with a little instruction pamphlet that tells you how to use and also includes recipes and recipe ideas! Personally, I love it, it’s what I wanted and more.

dash mini waffle maker
Dash Mini Waffle Maker

First off, loved this product. I’m allergic to eggs so I decided to make my own waffles instead of buying them. So much cheaper.

Can make a huge batch and freeze them. Each waffle cooked for 8 minutes and came out a beautiful golden brown.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

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