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16 Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable gifts for Christmas 2023

Sustainable gifts

16 Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable gifts for Christmas 2023

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Father’s Day. There is nothing left for March 19. Not sure what to give? If you are looking for a sustainable and zero waste gift for your father. Don’t miss this post! We have put together 10 + 1 gift ideas for Father’s Day. Unique gifts, plastic-free, sustainable …

A sustainable gift is respectful of the environment and its surroundings. Some of the gifts that we propose are not material; those are the most sustainable gifts that exist. Sustainable gifts do not have to be more expensive; there are gifts for all budgets, some are even free.



When it is difficult to see our relatives, giving an outdoor activity is an excellent idea. Take advantage and thus spend more time with him or mark a future date on the calendar to do it together. Some ideas: a ticket to the cinema, a concert, a surf course, a painting course, a ceramic course, etc There are a thousand possibilities!

    If you want your father to get to know the “zero waste” world, you can give him a shaving pack that contains: a reusable razor, 100% Bio Matarrania shaving oil and a pack of 10 stainless steel razor blades.

A watercolour, a drawing or anything made by you will be the unique gift you can make. You have to look for inspiration, and indeed, something occurs to you.

Some ideas: How to make cushions with recycled materials, Homemade citrus and cinnamon air freshener, Ideas to wrap gifts in a sustainable way and without plastic

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Practical, light and reusable, to carry fruit, a sandwich or to use as a tablecloth. Available in two formats: Sandwich holder or Snack holder. Made of organic cotton, with a coconut shell button. Biodegradable and also designed and manufactured in Spain.

4. REUSABLE BOTTLE OR THERMAL – Sustainable gifts
A reusable bottle or thermos is always a good gift. An investment that pays off. It can fille with any drink; It does not transmit any type of smell or taste. It is resistant, easy to clean and its useful life is very long. Discover our selection of stainless steel bottles and thermoses!

5. CUP TO DRINK COFFEE AT WORK – Sustainable gifts
A mug for coffee or infusions is made of tempered glass and a cork band to avoid burning yourself. Available in three different colours and sizes S (227 ml) and M (340 ml). The best alternative to the disposable coffee cups that are being used so much lately.

With this pack, your father will discover the five essential products to start reducing waste: stainless steel bottle, five packs of cotton bags, bamboo toothbrush, reusable snack holder, aloe vera soap.


Aromatic herbs mini garden kit. Enjoy the experience of growing your ingredients! Mini garden to grow at home: curly parsley, basil and coriander simply and naturally. This kit is perfect for beginners and tight spaces.

How about you prepare her favourite dish? You can try a dessert like a cocoa cream, a quinoa burger or a fresh and healthy appetizer like tzatziki.

In Esturirafi, we have two calendars. The Zero Waste 2021 Calendar will accompany you month by month to achieve your goals. A sustainable year! And the 2021 Plantable Seed Calendar, a use and plant calendar!

If they leave you the perimeter closures and always with caution, you can meet for a walk on the beach, the mountain, or do an outdoor activity. It is the best gift ever!

More and more people care about the environment. And it affects all levels of our lives: personal, family and work. We buy many disposable items, and therefore, more and more companies are betting on ecology and offering sustainable products that keep in mind the protection of the environment.

In this EcologíaVerde article, we want you to know the most original ecological gifts that currently exist. They are products that you can give to whomever you want and are manufactured keeping in mind nature’s needs and reducing the ecological footprint as far as possible.

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Create ecological gifts and protect the environment
Currently, there is a possibility to make a gift, and it is durable. Many companies have chosen to create eco-friendly products that are recycled and made from recycled materials. If you want to make an original gift, but at the same time beneficial to our environment, then pay attention to our recommendations!

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12. eco-friendly pen – Sustainable gifts

If you have a company and you want promotional products, you should know that there are many eco-friendly products, and they are perfect for personalizing with your logo, name or slogan of your company. The pen is one of the most common gifts in the professional field, and hence, it is one of the best options to reduce its ecological impact. For example, bamboo pens are a perfect choice for gift giving without harming the environment.

13. custom eco bags – Sustainable gifts

Cloth bags are a big claim today. But if you want to minimize the impact, there is nothing better than betting on an ecological and eco-friendly model. At, they have a selection of jute bags that have a natural colour and are entirely eco-friendly. They are perfect for personalizing with your company logo or adding any elements you want, and thus, you have a great gift.

14. eco-friendly cups – Sustainable gifts

Mugs are one of the most original ecological gifts you can give to your customers or employees. They are cups made from bamboo fibre and PP, which can be reused and customized as per your preference. A mug is a convenient and functional gift, as it is used every day to make coffee, tea or infusion in the office.

15. infusion box – Sustainable gifts

More and more people are drinking infusions or tea. Therefore, a good gift idea is to offer a beautiful box that is designed to store the infusion and, at the same time, made of eco-friendly material. And if, in addition to this, you also include some infusions, you can make a very original and exquisite gift.

16. ecological notebook – Sustainable gifts

And we conclude this selection of the most original ecological gifts to tell you about the Ecological notebook, an ideal product for offices and is always needed. A notebook never hurts! But to preserve the environment, why not choose a notebook made from recycled paper? It is the best choice for you to enjoy ecological and practical office accessories.

If you want to read similar articles to The Most Original Ecological Gifts, we recommend visiting our Ecological products category.

environmentally friendly gifts – Sustainable gifts

Sustainable gifts to surprise your loved ones with original and ecological ideas
In Ekoideas, We offer you original ecological gifts: practical and beautiful gifts, gifts made with natural materials and creative and original gifts. An extensive selection of gifts for all tastes and ages.
Green and sustainable gifts for all ages

Do you have a birthday insight? Why not give ecological gifts to help improve the environment? When it comes to simply buying any conventional object that is not ecological, you are participating in the increase in pollution by being made with plastic or petroleum-derived materials; why not think about buying ecological products as gifts? At Ekoideas, we have a large selection of original sustainable gifts.

They are not just gifts for ecological people; they are natural gifts designed for all kinds of people who care a minimum about the health of our planet. Also, do not think that you have to have a high budget; in our online store, you can choose your eco gifts in the price range that suits you best. Isn’t it easy to find

Ecological and sustainable gifts at Ekoideas?

Find original ecological gifts 100% respectful of the environment.
If you are looking for original ecological gifts, you have come to the right place. Do you know well the person to whom you are going to gift? Don’t you know her too well? Never mind! In our store, you will find our eco-friendly gifts organized so that it will not be difficult for you to find what you were looking for Ecological details for most kitchens, for those who like to play non-stop, for those who like to relax or, for example, for those who love to take care of their plants

The creative gifts echo of Ekoideas are perfect for everyone: for him, for her, for babies, children … Check out our green products to give and take ideas from ecological gifts to fit perfectly with your friends, you watch your gift will be the best and most sustainable of the party. In addition, you will encourage your friends to consume more responsibly; it all adds up!

sustainable gifts for her

February 14 is approaching; what do you think if you forget about conventional gifts and surprise your partner or friends with a beautiful and environmentally friendly gift? I assure you that it is not complicated. It can be a lot of fun, and you will show your love to that special person and the planet. Here are ten sustainable gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day, like mother’s, father’s and child’s day, has become the perfect excuse to squander, consume, spend, and discard in excess. It has been that way for years. But the current context demands a real change for the future of the planet and the well-being of society. We must use resources intelligently and rationally to avoid the generation and use of unnecessary and highly polluting products. Sounds complicated, right? But if you think about how much good you do the planet and your fellow human beings, you will realize that it is not. 

It is enough to make small changes in our habits and customs, such as stop buying balloons made of plastics that take thousands of years to degrade or items that wear out or stop working quickly instead of giving original, more durable and valuable details.

Don’t wait any longer, and join the change by giving these sustainable gifts for Valentine’s Day. Celebrate the Day of love and friendship in a healthier, more economical and ecological way.

1. A plant – Sustainable gifts

It is an excellent gift because it will help absorb heat and eliminate pollutants that degrade air quality and cause lung and visual disorders wherever it is placed. In addition, whether it is integrated into a space in the house or office, its attractiveness and aroma will always give it a very special decorative touch.

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Best air-purifying plants

2. A book – Sustainable gifts

Electronic or physical? You decide that take into account the environmental impact of paper and Internet pollution. By giving a book, you encourage constant reading and learning and avoid buying those gifts that are wrapped in a large amount of plastic and cardboard.

3. A card – Sustainable gifts

But not one of a kind they sell in bookstores. NO. One handmade by you, using things that you have at home and no longer use. Reuse sheets, newspapers, magazines, badges, corks, buttons, scraps of fabric, everything you can and want. If you don’t like the idea of ​​making a card or you want to complement it, you can choose to make a photo album or a nice portrait. Let your imagination fly, do what you like and decorate following the instructions of your heart. Leave a dedication in your handwriting and remind him how much you love him. It does not matter that you are not a consecrated artist; surely that special person will appreciate that you had them in mind while doing so a nice and open present.

4. A set of bracelets or rings – Sustainable gifts

Of course, they were made with natural materials. You can buy it from local artisans or make it yourself with stones or cork. You can also customize it. Please enter the name of both or the date they met. In addition, you can reuse a glass container, without apparent utility, to create a jewellery box in which they can store those bracelets or rings later.

5. A sustainable garment

Now there are many options on the market. You can find beautiful clothes made from recycled materials, from bags and purses to shoes and jackets. These pieces have beautiful designs and surpass any passing fashion trend, are respectful and encourage ethical and responsible consumption in favour of preserving the environment.

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The fashion industry is one of the most polluting

 6. A pet – Sustainable gifts

And here we are not telling you to buy one but to adopt it. There are many puppies and cats, among other domestic animals, abandoned on the street. Some, hopefully, have been taken to nursing homes, but many times they cannot be kept there for long. If your partner likes pets, he will surely love this option.

give away a card made with recycled materials

The application of the 3Rs is a demonstration of affection for the planet.

But not everything has to be material. There are options that, in addition to being sustainable, are perfect for giving romanticism and tranquillity; that is why we add the following alternatives to our list of sustainable gifts for Valentine’s Day:

7. A getaway – Sustainable gifts

Surprise your partner or your group of friends with a last-minute invitation to the beach, the park or the mountains. Enjoy the sunset, the scent of flowers, the texture of herbs, and the fresh air. Remember to take care of the place, not to dirty it, not to disturb the animals that may live there, or to strip it of its flora

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Ecotourism is respect, diversity and tolerance

8. A vegan, vegetarian, ecological, organic or raw food dinner

Prepare the recipe you like the most or one that you have not tried, but yes, avoid meat, remember everything before, during, and after its production: contamination. Make a salad, a cream, a soup or any other healthy food option that respects animals and the planet’s limited resources.

You can decorate the place with plants and flowers or make it even more cosy and romantic with scented candles. You can also make these yourself by recycling used cooking oil.

9. A challenge – Sustainable gifts

Yes, a challenge:

  • Go for a run every day
  • Walk in the morning.
  • Cycle to work.
  • Drink at least two litres of water a day.
  • Learn to cook.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Yes, I know you will say: this is not a gift, but it is. In this way, you give health, physical and mental well-being. You open the door to motivation to improve their habits, physical condition, strength, stamina, and self-esteem.

10. An inspiring message

Inviting that special someone to participate in the cultivation of a home garden or a mini urban forest allows you to quickly relate the care that a plant needs and that a partner needs to grow and flourish. It will not only keep them in contact with nature but can (who says not?) Contribute to strengthening the couple’s bond. 

an outdoor date is an eco-friendly way to gift love

An outdoor date is also an eco-friendly way to gift love. – Sustainable gifts

February 14 is the Day of love, not consumerism. You don’t have to rush out to buy items that usually get packed somewhere in the house or whose packaging, often unnecessary, is kept doing terrible damage to the planet for millions of years. Take the opportunity to squander love, not to squander and pollute. With these sustainable gifts for Valentine’s Day, you can do it. Giving your partner and friends love and awareness is giving the environment health and life-creating power.

sustainable christmas gifts

15 SUSTAINABLE GIFTS that will make you look good

I suggest that when you give away, you bet on a more responsible consumption with sustainable gifts and that you bet on a commitment to the environment.

I firmly believe that changing the way you consume can achieve many things.

Giving sustainable gifts is supporting local consumption.

If the gesture of giving implies love, why not give things made with the care that the people who receive it deserve.

It could add many more positive reasons to make a sustainable gift. But I will tell you that you are a very important link. Your purchase supports all the work behind it and also helps to take care of the planet.

I leave you my list of sustainable gifts and also vegan.

I hope they help you.

What do you get someone who is eco friendly for Christmas?

  • Biome RPET Foldable Shopping Bag – Blue. …
  • Bamboo Toothbrush Adult Soft – Single Brush. …
  • Biome Organic Cotton Produce Bags Super Size – Set of 5.
  • Urban Composter Bokashi Bucket 16L – Chilli. …
  • Onya Reusable Mesh Fruit & Veg Produce Bags – Set of 8.
  • Lyra pencils giant: rainbow. …
  • Bokashi compost bin KIT – tan & green.

What Is It? In the 5 Gift Rule, the first four gifts are the same – something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.

etsy birthday gifts – Birthday themed gifts – Sustainable gifts

  • Yummy Treats on the Big Day Birthday Cake Themed Gift Box
  • Yummy Treats on the Big…
  • Gift Basket Dropshippig Birthday Surprise Birthday Gift For Him
  • Gift Basket Dropshippig Birthday…
  • Gift Basket Drop Shipping Gift Box to Say Happy Birthday
  • Gift Basket Drop Shipping…
  • Divine Delights Birthday Themed Snacks and Cookies Gift Tower
  • Divine Delights Birthday…
  • Birthday Wishes Birthday Gift Box
  • Birthday Wishes Birthday…
  • Your Special Day! Birthday Gift Basket for Him or Her
  • Your Special Day! Birt…
  • Birthday in a Box Birthday Gift Basket for Him or Her
  • Birthday in a Box Birthday.

Best birthday gifts to send – Sustainable gifts

  • Harry and David Birthday Sweets Gift Box
  • Harry and David Birthday…
  • Women’s Birthday Gift Box Set 8 Unique Surprise Gifts for wife
  • Women’s Birthday Gift Box…
  • Gifts for Him or Her Gourmet Birthday Gift Basket
  • Gifts for Him or Her Gou…
  • for your Special Day Birthday Gift Basket for Him or Her
  • for your Special Day Birt…
  • Wine Country Gift Baskets Happy Birthday Gift Basket
  • Wine Country Gift Bask…
  • Singing Celebration Happy Birthday Gift Basket for Him or Her
  • Singing Celebration Happy B…
  • Broadway Basketeers Gift Tower
  • Broadway Basketeers Gift Tower

The 40 best gifts everyone is buying in 2023 – Sustainable gifts

  1. Roku Streaming Stick+ …
  2. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. …
  3. Disney+ Subscription. …
  4. Apple AirPods Pro. …
  5. Barefoot Dreams Blanket. …
  6. Airomé Serenity Medium Diffuser. …
  7. Always Pan. …
  8. Laugh & Learn Grow-the-Fun Garden to Kitchen.

What is a sustainable gift?

So what makes a gift eco-friendly? Transparent sustainable practices from the brand that produces the item, any product that helps an individual live a more waste-free life, materials that are upcycled into new and unique products, and secondhand and preloved items all fit the bill.

What do you get someone who is eco-friendly for Christmas?

  • Biome RPET Foldable Shopping Bag – Blue. …
  • Bamboo Toothbrush Adult Soft – Single Brush. …
  • Biome Organic Cotton Produce Bags Super Size – Set of 5.
  • Urban Composter Bokashi Bucket 16L – Chilli. …
  • Onya Reusable Mesh Fruit & Veg Produce Bags – Set of 8.
  • Lyra pencils giant: rainbow. …
  • Bokashi compost bin KIT – tan & green.

What do you get someone who is environmentally friendly?

22 Eco-Friendly Gifts That Everyone on Your List (and the Planet) Will Love

  • of 22. Reusable Sandwich Bags. Nordic By Nature …
  • of 22. Living Composter. …
  • of 22. Compost Bin. …
  • of 22. Funny Produce Bags. …
  • of 22. Best Eco-Friendly Gift for Him. …
  • of 22. Hand Cream. …
  • of 22. Cheap Eco-Friendly Gift. …
  • of 22. Cork Yoga Mat.

Where can you buy sustainable gifts?

13 One-Stop Marketplaces For Ethical & Sustainable Shopping

  • The Little Market. Best For | Home goods like baskets, candles, and serveware. …
  • Thrive Market. Best For | Groceries, natural bath & cleaning products, wine & coffee. …
  • DoneGood. …
  • Accompany. …
  • Made Trade. …
  • Verishop’s The Responsible Shop. …
  • Fair Trade Winds. …
  • Ethica.

What to sell that is eco-friendly? Kind foods – Sustainable gifts

  • Organic and fair trade Peanut Butter Pitbull bar by Rescue Chocolate. …
  • Organic Mayan Magic espresso coffee beans by Higher Grounds.
  • Upcycled vegetable Pulp Chips in jalapeño lime by Pulp Pantry.
  • Solar-roasted coffee beans by Fluid.
  • Salted caramel plant powered energy balls by Little Tucker.

There is no doubt that vacations can be a waste of time if you are not careful. From loads of wrapping paper to non-reusable shopping bags that are about to fill Your Living Room, Now Could Be a Depressing Time of Year for You anyone concerned with sustainability.

The good news is that the range of eco-friendly gifts available in stores this holiday season is unique. From experience-based gifts to sustainable fashion brands that revitalize the floor and use otherwise unusable fabrics, you’ll be able to find the perfect eco-friendly gift for everyone on your list just in time to shop for gifts. Season

So what makes a gift eco-friendly? The transparent, sustainable practices of the brand that produced the item, any product that helps a person live a waste-free life, the recycled materials into new and unique products, and the used and loved items all projects fit.

If your sister intends to go zero waste for the New Year, try a kit to get her off to a good start. If your best friend loves slow fashion and is fascinated by her latest savings find, pair it with Goodfair’s Tree Hugger Bundle. And if your mom keeps forgetting her reusable tote, give her a cute new alternative that she won’t leave behind.

Read on for the top 25 eco-friendly gifts to help you shop local, handmade, and green this holiday season.

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Sustainable gifts

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