25 Best Sustainable gifts for Christmas ideas the ultimate guide 2021

Sustainable gifts

25 Best Sustainable gifts for Christmas ideas the ultimate guide 2021

ustainable gifts can be scary if you don’t know what to look for, but they are not difficult to find. The benefits of minimizing the impact on our surroundings outweigh the process of finding a green gift along with purchasing the gift. It only takes a few minutes to think about your friends interests, whether it is gardening, cooking, sewing, fashion, decorating or music you will be able to find something that supports sustainable living.

More than likely the next question you have is what’s a sustainable gift? Sustainability is the capacity to endure. There is no global definition of a sustainable gift but you probably will know one when you see one.

The giftie items you are looking for are products that are natural, organic, handmade, recycled or promote a sustainable environment. You won’t have to skimp on style, fashion or substance.

25 Best Sustainable gifts for Christmas ideas the ultimate guide 2021

Paying attention to the labeling will help you pick out a gift that captures the lifestyle you are trying to support. Examples are green, fair trade gifts, organic, made from recycled and renewable resources, supports local artisans, small businesses, cooperatives, cottage industries, and fair trade.

1. Ezeso Plant-Based Cleaning Brush Set 4 Piece, Beech Wood and Coconut Bristle Wooden Pan & Pot Cleaning Brush – Bottle Brush – Dish Brush – Zero Waste & Biodegradable Kitchen Brushes

About this item

  • ✔Environmental Friendly Material – Natural Kitchen Cleaning Brushes are all made from plant coconut fiber and sisal + bamboo wood handle. All the materials are plant-based and biodegradable. Natural raw materials, health, and environmental protection.
  • ✔Practical Design Kitchen Pot Brush – Come with 4 shapes, the round shape design easily reaches into corners and crevices with good fiber bristles stiff and flexible to handle heavy cleaning work; The curved brush head can be deep inside the bottle to clean, better cleaning effect, and also solves the problem that plastic bristles easily cause stain splash.
  • ✔Sustainable Satisfaction Pan Cleaner – No glues, no chemicals, no BPA, no plastic, and no guilt. Essential kitchen tools for any zero waste, minimalist kitchen. These also look great in any kitchen which is a nice bonus.
  • ✔Multifunctional Cleaning Brush – Safe to use in boiling water and no easy to deform, can be applied for cleaning bowls, baking trays, pots, pans, cans, food storage containers, and vegetables. Versatile and functional.
  • ✔Easy Care Pot Scrubbers – Clean with mild soap and water. Be sure to dry completely after washing. Do not submerge in water for long periods of time. Do not place in dishwasher.
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20+ Sustainable Ethical Gifts for Everyone on Your List … 2021

Okay, you know the definition of a sustainable gift and what to look for. So, where do you find such a beast as a sustainable gift? The answer is anywhere and everywhere. You only have to go to the local store and ask. Can they make you up a fruit basket with only local fruits? Look in the phone book under local art, see who is creating at your end of town.

The internet is an endless pool of sustainability, just type in what product you are looking for and you probably will find it close to home. Quite a few mainstream stores have started putting organic merchandise out on the floor such as Walmart and Target. Don’t forget about antiques or reused items.

Boutiques and local gift stores will also be able to help you out with clothing and handbags. If you are creative and have time make your own gift.

Cakes and pies are easy to start with but when you have time use your sewing skills or painting skills that you may have acquired. Go to the library and find a craft book then try your hand at something homemade.

Eco-friendly thinking is good for giving, good for living, and good for the environment. It also is a lot of fun. Don’t sweat it when someone you know is living a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable gifts are right around the corner.

2. O Naturals 6-Piece Black Bar Soap Collection. 100% Natural. Organic Ingredients. Helps Acne, Helps Skin Moisturizes, Deep Cleanse, Luxurious Face Hands Body Soap Women & Men. Triple Milled Vegan 4oz

VEGAN COLD-PRESSED & SUSTAINABLE PALM + ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, natural scents from Therapeutic Essential Oils, Sustainable Palm Oil, no harmful chemicals, cruelty-free.INDULGE: Let your skin relax, hydrate, and be deeply cleansed with the choice of African Black Soap, Mud & Green Clay, Activated Charcoal, Black Tea & Tea Tree, Dead Sea Mud & Salt, and Black Coffee Soap. ALL SKIN TYPES: Beneficial for all skin types; dry, oily, sensitive, aging, teenage, and normal. Ideal for damaged skin with its soothing and healing properties. FRENCH TRIPLE MILLED: O Naturals 6-Piece Black Soap Bar Collection is the ultimate gift. Designed to give your skin an indulgent and clarifying at-home spa experience. Filled with authentic, all-natural, and organic ingredients, our triple milled soaps will leave your face and body feeling cleansed, hydrated, moisturized, and lux. The African Black Soap Varies in Color ranging from Brown to Light Brown, Black, or Beige. The color mainly depends on our suppliers and how the ingredients were harvested.

Where can I buy sustainable gifts? Don’t miss our favorite sustainable gifts for this year (and gifts for him, too).

  • The Little Market. Best For | Home goods like baskets, candles, and Serveware. …
  • Thrive Market. …
  • Pildora. …
  • DoneGood. …
  • Accompany. …
  • Made Trade. …
  • Verishop’s The Responsible Shop. …
  • Fair Trade Winds.

Sustainable gift ideas: the ultimate guide for home & travel 2021

Giving a gift to a loved one can be a beautiful way to demonstrate your feelings… or a stressful and expensive exercise in consumerism. Giving should be about thoughtfulness and gratitude, and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. Sustainable gift ideas aim to use materials that already exist, support artisans and all workers fairly, minimise negative impact on the environment, and give back in a positive manner.

I’ve done a huge amount of research for you here, so you can easily find ethical and sustainable gift ideas for that special someone. Each product has been vetted to ensure it’s a sustainable option, and you can choose to buy it from my included links or find it locally.

This gift guide is suitable for Christmas gifts, Hanukkah gifts, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any reason! It will help you to find meaningful, useful and environmentally friendly gifts for anyone in your life. Below are ideas that have been recycled, upcycled, and made with non-toxic materials and processes. They’re also fairly-traded, reusable, responsibly-produced, vegan-friendly, and come from stores I trust to be ethical.

3. Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids (Bamboo) – 4 Piece Value Set – The Most Eco-friendly Glass Containers for Food Storage with Lids – Airtight, Glass Meal Prep Containers or Glass Food Containers

  • **NO QUESTIONS ASKED, NO RETURN NECESSARY GUARANTEE** – If your glass containers arrive broken or you’re displeased with them for any reason please contact us for a NO QUESTIONS ASKED, NO RETURN NECESSARY REPLACEMENT OR FULL REFUND. Greener Chef is a teeny, tiny family brand run solely by whole foods nutritionist Laura (me), my Super Hero Buddy Brent, and our sweet little ones. We share your passion for natural food, family life, and creating kitchenware that respects our bodies and earth.
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZES – BOROSILICATE FOOD CONTAINERS, hand-selected by our family of NUTRITIONISTS, in the sizes your family needs most; 370 mL (1.5 cups), 640 mL (2.7 cups), 1040 mL (4.4 cups), and 1520mL (6.4 cups), with Ultra-Durable, gorgeous Bamboo Lids that DOUBLE as suave CUTTING BOARDS for those special family events.
  • THE HEALTHIEST & MOST ECO-FRIENDLY – ZERO PLASTIC: The best food storage containers for families who care about their bodies and the planet. Non-toxic, BPA-FREE, phthalate-free, biodegradable, and 100% RECYCLABLE glass storage food containers are meticulously inspected, then carefully placed in JUST ENOUGH STYROFOAM-FREE packaging to ensure they arrive safely on your doorstep.
  • SNUGGEST AIRTIGHT SEAL – “TIP TESTED” – MESSY FAMILY APPROVED: Fill, seal, tip upside down and jostle in the fridge without worry. Glass storage containers with silicone do more than help you SAVE MONEY by PRESERVING FRESH FOOD LONGER, FOOD SAFE, OCEAN SAFE, removable silicone seals work perfectly for busy, happy families that have better things to do than clean up messes in the fridge.
  • ULTRA-CONVENIENT – HEAVY DUTY OVEN, MICROWAVE, FREEZER SAFE, BOROSILICATE glass storage containers retain their gorgeous look and durability in temperatures up to 520*F. Because they’re DISHWASHER SAFE, with a SPACE SAVING NESTING design, they’re guaranteed to quickly hold a place among your favorite kitchen supplies. (Like all bamboo lids these are gentle rinse, freezer-safe only).

Christmas Dinnerware Festive Table 2021

25 Best Sustainable gifts for Christmas ideas the ultimate guide 2021

I don’t link to Amazon as I prefer to support smaller stores who support fair trade practices and do their best to reduce carbon emissions and their impact on the earth. I’ve also included links to three continents, so you can buy from the store closest to you and keep your personal emissions minimal.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, but many aren’t, too, because this guide is to help you find green stores and sustainable gifts even if I don’t get a cut. I do link to many products from my go-to stores on each continent, because they have similar stock and ethical initiatives. This is helpful for us because they’ve done the legwork to find sustainable products already! And if you have several things to buy, you can purchase at once and save on postage and handling.

pre decorated Christmas trees Buy 2021

My go-to stores are:2021

AustraliaBiome Eco Store

Biome has a massive range of sustainable products, is 100% palm-oil free, and is the most ethical and responsive store I’ve tried here.

United StatesEarth Hero

Earth Hero also has a large range of eco-friendly products, and they’re a certified B-Corp and member of 1% for the Planet among other great initiatives.

The Best Square Coffee Table 2021

United KingdomNatural Collection

Natural Collection stocks a huge amount products that are fair-trade, eco-friendly, locally-produced, organic, and/or otherwise having a positive effect on the environment.

Still, if you can buy presents within your local town, or make them yourself, that will always be a better option than buying online. But since you’re here I assume some internet ordering is necessary for you!

This green gift guide has been fully updated for 2020 so you can be sure these ideas are relevant and on sale now. This is one of the biggest sustainable gift guides available, as I’ve really tried to include as many types of people as I can. Anyone can benefit from an ethical and sustainable gift as there’s a better alternative for pretty much everything now!

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree sale 2021

The 17 Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Gifting with Our Home 2021

But being such a big post means that there’s a lot of info here, so to avoid overwhelm, use the table of contents to easily find the person you’re shopping for, or browse each section and find a suggestion for your location in the table columns: AUS/NZ is always the left column, US/CA is the middle column, and the UK is right column.

Please note UK readers, you may have to scroll left on the tables to see your column of suggestions on mobiles/cell phones.

To those of you reading from Asia, I’m sorry I couldn’t add suggestions local to you as well. I hope the included ideas give you the inspiration that you can find in a store

4. Sweetened Loose Leaf Tea Drops Standard Sampler

  • A Perfect Gift for Tea Lovers: Our popular Standard Herbal Tea Sampler makes the perfect gift for avid herbal tea drinkers who have a sweet tooth.
  • Organic Loose Leaf Tea: This blissful herbal tea blend is created with raw sugar and aromatic spices. Our standard sampler includes 8 tea drops. 2 of each: Caffeinated Matcha Green Tea & Rose Earl Grey and Caffeine-Free Citrus Ginger & Sweet Peppermint.
  • Tea Fiber: Tea Drops are produced with genuine tea leaves that are delicately ground and pressed together with no additives, just tea, and a little sugar! That’s why there will be tea fiber at the bottom of your cup much like when you make french press coffee! This residue is safe to drink, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and a great source of vitamins and immunity aids. You can drink the loose leaf tea residue at the bottom of your cup or if it’s not for you, skip the last sip!
  • Environmentally Friendly: 100% Recyclable, Compostable, & Bio-degradable! Packaging protects each individually wrapped Tea Drop. We source our organic teas from around the world and lovingly craft our USDA Certified organic tea products in the USA.
  • Amazon Reviews: “I love these little Tea Drops. I got this as a gift for a health-conscious friend. He absolutely loves it. No teabag to deal with. I bought these tea drops for my wife for Valentine’s Day and she absolutely loved them! Delicious!”

10 Best flocked Christmas tree 2021

1 For people who like to drink…

1.1 Coffee or Tea

1.1.1 Fair trade producers & subscription services

1.1.2 Reusable coffee & tea accessories

1.1.3 Coffee- and tea-themed products

1.1.4 Reusable mugs

1.2 Smoothies and cold drinks

1.3 Water

1.4 Wine, beer or spirits

Christmas Dinnerware Festive Table 2021

What is a good sustainable gift?

Perfect for zero waste beginners or greenies who are just getting started, these gift packs include things like reusable bamboo cutlery, organic shopping bags, zero waste shampoo bars, reusable produce bags, bamboo toothbrushes, vegan natural deodorant, and bamboo cotton earbuds.

2 For people on-the-go and people with wanderlust: lightweight, zero waste travel gear Sustainable gifts 2021

2.1 Eating out and shopping

2.2 Zero waste travel bathroom

3 For organisers, record-keepers, students, writers and bookworms

3.1 Sustainable paper gifts

3.1.1 Journals

3.1.2 Notebooks/ for students

3.1.3 Second hand books

3.2 Sustainable writing, drawing and painting

3.2.1 Recycled and tree-friendly pencils

3.2.2 Non-toxic highlighters

3.2.3 Recycled and sustainable pens

3.2.4 Non-toxic crayons

Black Christmas Trees You’ll Love in 2020

What should I get for an eco-warrior for Christmas? 30 Presents for Eco-Friendly People

Environmental Activists Quote Bag. Save. …
100% CO2 Neutral – Children’s T-shirt. Save. …
Eco-Friendly Reusable Utensils. Save. …
Eco-Friendly Printed Yoga Mat. Save. …
Baby Wrap Sling Organic. Save.
Eco-Friendly Sports Water Bottle. Save. …
Cork Yoga Block Standard. Save. …
Eco-friendly Urine Bag. Save

Ecowaare Set of 15 Reusable Mesh Produce Bags – Eco-Friendly – Washable and See-Through – with Colorful Tare Weight Tags – 3 Sizes

  • Zero Waste and Eco-friendly — One more step closer to a zero-waste lifestyle and cuts plastic bag use in a convenient way; Get 15 pcs reusable and durable bags, a great addition to your goal of being plastic-free and helping the environment, and each mesh bags has the potential to eliminate up to 1000 plastic bags over its lifetime.
  • Safety and Lightweight — BPA free and 100% food contact safe, with the highest standards of quality, safely hold all your fresh produce. Made of ultra-fine yet strong mesh polyester, the mesh bag is super lightweight that it won’t add weight to your produce.
  • Scan Through Easily — Unlike most non-transparent mesh bags from other brands, our produce bags are nearly transparent so you can easily see through the bag to know what’s inside;bar-codes will scan right in the bag so that the cashier will be able to see the item numbers and also make your checkout faster.
  • Convenient and Easy to Clean — Easy to open and close with drawstring toggle closure; Colorful drawstrings and tags help to keep you more organized; Easy to clean, just rinse it with water or wash them with the rest of your laundry, then they are good to go again, no problem!
  • Multiple Sizes Meet All You Need — 3 sizes makes them very versatile, yellow is small 12″×8″, green is medium 12″×14″, and red is large 12″×17″, just take one from the bundle easily by its color and you have the correct bag to use; Great not only for veggies and fruit but also great for toys, bulk grain or fragile produce.

For people who like to drink Sustainable gifts 2021

Coffee or Tea

It’s enjoyed in most countries of the world, but coffee can be a very unsustainable drink. Tea can also be produced unethically, and all hot beverages can be wasteful if they come in single-use containers.

These ideas will help you find practical, ethical, zero-waste, and interesting gifts for the coffee- or tea-lover in your life.

Perfect gift for dad – on this Father’s Day 2021

3.2.5 100% biodegradable paints

4 For children

4.1 Stuff to play, pretend and dig with

4.1.1 Non-toxic, recycled plastic gear

4.1.2 Sustainable wood games and puzzles

4.2 Indigenous language resources and cultural learning toys Sustainable gifts

4.3 Children’s subscription boxes and DIY kits

5 For people who love to garden and encourage wildlife

6 For people who need clothing, shoes, bags, or underwear

6.1 Clothing for men, women, and kids

6.2 Ethical shoes and footwear made from sustainable materials

6.3 Sustainable underwear & swimwear for periods and light bladder leaks

6.4 Handbags, wallets, and purses

6.5 Backpacks for adults and children

7 For fur babies and their humans

What is Christmas Tree Collar

8 For people who prefer to give than receive: gifts for a cause Sustainable gifts

8.1 Worldwide

8.2 Aus/NZ and US/CA

8.3 UK/Europe

9 For that person who’s always really hard to buy for

10 Some last thoughts about eco-friendly gift-giving

10.1 Pin it for later

Sustainable gifts

Getting Started with a Picture Purse Collection 2021

What are the top gifts for Christmas 2019? From Apple AirPods to Instant Pots, these are the 20 best gifts that anyone will love in 2019.

  1. Apple AirPods. You’ve seen them everywhere. …
  2. Instant Pot. …
  3. Eufy RoboVac 11s. …
  4. Away Large Suitcase. …
  5. Gravity Blanket. …
  6. Kindle Paperwhite. …
  7. Staub Cast Iron 5.5-Quart Round Cocotte. …
  8. Fitbit Charge 3.

What to get someone who loves the environment?

Eco-friendly gifts under $25. Stocking stuffers don’t have to suck. Small items like biodegradable toothbrushes, dishwasher-safe sandwich bags, and bars of soap that skip the bottle and pump are things they’ll use every day anyway — now they can reduce their plastic waste while they’re at it.

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