7 Best Elevated Dog Pet Bowls Stand Small & Large 2021

Dog Bowls Stand

7 Best Elevated Dog Pet Bowls Stand Small & Large 2021

For dogs 8-11 inches, a bowl 4 inches high should be used; for dogs 12-15 inches, an 8-inch-high bowl; for dogs 16-19 inches, a 12-inch-high bowl; and for dogs more than 19 inches, a 16-inch-high bowl should be used. There are also bowls that slope outward, with smaller openings at the top and a larger base.

You don’t put your plates on the floor at dinner time, so why do you make your dog eat off the floor? Elevated feeding platforms provide you with the chance to offer your dog a more dignified and comfortable eating experience. Treat your pooch like the family royalty he is!

While elevated food dishes aren’t recommended for all dogs, many will enjoy and benefit from a raised dog bowl at supper time. Read the full article for the whole low down on high dog bowls!

Why Opt for an Elevated Dog Bowl?

Elevated dog bowls can provide a number of benefits for you and your pup. Some of these advantages are thought to offer health benefits, while others simply make your life easier.

A few of the most obvious advantages of elevated feeding bowls include:

  •  Less Painful for Arthritic Dogs. Some dogs, particularly older ones, have medical conditions that make feeding time painful or difficult; elevated food dishes often make eating easier. For example, dogs suffering from arthritis, spinal problems or a condition called megaesophagus may be able to eat more easily from an elevated food dish.
  •  Keep Your Dog’s Eating Area Cleaner. Elevated feeding dishes help keep your dog’s eating area clean. Food crumbs will spill out of any food bowl, but floor-level dishes often trap these food bits underneath the bowl. By using an elevated feeding platform, you can see food debris and clean up messes more easily.
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7 Best Elevated Dog Pet Bowls Stand Small & Large 2021

  •  Easier to Fill and Maintain. It is easier for you to fill, empty, and clean elevated food dishes, as you don’t have to reach all the way down to the ground to access them. Your dog doesn’t care too much about this problem, but there’s no reason to make things harder on yourself than need be. This is an especially valuable benefit for older or disabled owners.
  •  Keeps Bowls Cleaner. Elevated dog bowls allow less hair, dust, and debris to coat your dog’s food and dish. You wouldn’t let your child eat food off the floor – even floors in clean homes are filthy with bacteria. Raising your dog’s food bowl off the ground will help keep your dog’s bowl and food cleaner.
  •  Built-In Food Storage. Some elevated feeders feature storage compartments for holding dog food or bowls when not in use. This is another feature your dog won’t care about, but it will make your life a little easier.
  •  Stylish Design. Because many elevated dog bowls feature stylized designs, they can look quite nice in your kitchen and can complement your home decor!

Bloat and The Role of Elevated Dog Bowls

Known by a variety of names, including gastric dilation and volvulus (GDV) and gastric torsion, bloat is an emergency medical condition that occurs when a dog’s stomach rotates along its axis, literally twisting itself so that gases and fluids become trapped in the stomach.

Bloat typically requires immediate surgery, as well as supportive measures to treat the animal’s shock. Complications are common, and even dogs that receive prompt treatment may ultimately pass away, making bloat a very scary situation.

Despite the gravity of the issue, the cause of bloat remains elusiveHowever, a few associations have been documented. These include:

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Do Raised Bowls Help Bloat Or Make it Worse? The Jury Is Still Out

In addition to smaller meals and taking it easy after dinner, breeders and vets used to recommend that owners of dogs susceptible to bloat (primarily big, deep-chested breeds) feed their pooch from an elevated feeding dish.

However, an analysis published in a 2000 issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association provided a shocking conclusion. According to the authors: “Approximately 20% – 52% of cases of GDV among the large breed and giant breed dogs, respectively, were attributed to having a raised feed bowl.”

Accordingly, some veterinarians now advise against feeding bloat-susceptible breeds and individuals from elevated food bowls.

In light of conflicting evidence and varied opinions, the best approach is to discuss the issue with your veterinarian and follow his or her recommendations regarding the height of your dog’s food bowl. Your vet will most certainly know best!

What to Look for in an Elevated Dog Bowl

In its most simple design, an elevated feeding station consists of nothing more than a small box with a food bowl resting on top. But many elevated feeding stations include other features that can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your dog’s supper station!

  •  Food Storage. Some units are built around a storage-box concept, which allows you to store your dog’s food inside for easy access. But the flip side of this convenience is that many such units feature a flat bottom, which can trap moisture, mold, and bacteria on the floor, just like a food bowl sitting on the floor can.
  •  A Design That Matches Your Style. Other units pair form with function and are designed to be an attractive addition to your home. Some such models are made with wrought iron, while others are made with exotic hardwoods or aged copper. Some even feature hanging shapes and dog-inspired artwork! Just remember that these considerations are for your benefit, not your dog’s. Still, impressing visitors with a stylish dog bowl is always fun!
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7 Best Elevated Dog Pet Bowls Stand Small & Large 2021

  •  Adjustable Height. Some models allow you to adjust the height of the platform, which can be a benefit for those with a growing dog. They can also be useful for breeders, veterinary offices, groomers, and anyone else that cares for a large number of dogs.

Personally, I think that the most attractive elevated dog bowl platforms feature a clean, modern design and are made from real wood. Then again, I can also appreciate the convenience offered by-products that include storage space – especially for owners of large dogs who eat lots of food. Consider what features matter most to you and select a bowl based on your preferences. If you prefer the DIY route, you can even attempt at crafting a raised dog bowl by hand, as demonstrated in this video!

1. Best Budget: Loving Pets Black Label Collection Rustic Bone Diner for Dogs

Rustic Bones Diner

Buy on Amazon

For a budget-friendly option with plenty of flair, we love this elevated feeder from the Loving Pets Black Label Collection. Two stainless steel bowls sit inside a vintage frame with a decorative bone design on the front. It’s sturdy and attractive, while also accomplishing the goal of raising the food and water dishes above ground level. 

This set is available in several sizes, so you can pick the option that’s the best match for your dog’s size. You may want to place this feeding set on top of some sort of mat to prevent it from sliding around, though.

2. Best Single Bowl: Frisco Stainless Steel Bowl with Elevated Stand

Frisco Stainless Steel Bowl with Elevated Stand

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Don’t have room for an elevated stand with two bowls? The Frisco Stainless Steel Bowl with Elevated Stand is a modern take on an elevated feeder, and it takes up minimal floor space. The elevated stainless steel bowl fits into a melamine stand that’s available in white and black.

Since the stand has raised edges, food (or water) won’t spill over on the side. Also, the rubber bottom prevents the bowl from sliding around on the floor as your pet eats or drinks. While this bowl is ideal for messy eaters, be aware that it’s somewhat small in size, so make sure it’s large enough for your pup before purchasing.

3. Best Adjustable: Pet Zone Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Dog & Cat Bowls

Pet Zone Elevated Dog Bowls

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If you’re not quite sure which height will work best, or you have a growing dog, an adjustable feeder is a good idea. The Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowls from Pet Zone can be adjusted to three different height options: 2.75 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches. 

Each stainless steel bowl can hold 7 cups or 56 ounces, and they’re dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The plastic coating on the stand makes for easy wipe-down clean-up, too. Another bonus? The legs are collapsible, so you can fold them down and take this feeder on the road (or just to a different room). The Best Dog Treats to Reward Your Furry Friend

4. Best for Travel: Dexas Popware Double Non-Skid Elevated Dog & Cat Bowls

Dexas Popware Elevated Bowls

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Interested in buying an elevated option for camping trips, park excursions, and other outdoor adventures? This Texas Popware elevated feeder has silicone bowls and legs that easily collapse, which makes it a breeze to move around or stash in a tote bag as you set off on an exciting adventure.  

This durable set can be used for wet or dry food, and it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Choose from four bright colors including lime green and purple. Do note that this option is best suited for small to medium breeds.

5. Best with Storage: IRIS USA Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage

IRIS USA Feeder with storage

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Along with offering a food and water dish, the IRIS Elevated Feeder also includes an airtight storage compartment, which is handy for stashing dog treats or kibble. This feeder is another great option if you’re traveling because both food and dishes will all be in one single unit.

Since the space-saving storage container is slightly see-through, you’ll be able to see when you’re running low on food and need to restock. Plus, you remove the need for other airtight storage containers for your dog’s kibble. Similar to other options on this list, the stainless steel bowls are removable and easy to clean. The 8 Best Dog Food Storage Containers of 2021

6. Best for Small Dogs: Petrageous Designs Toftee’s Paws Feeder

IRIS USA Feeder with storage

Buy on AmazonBuy on Walmart

Small dogs need a bowl that doesn’t sit too high above the ground but is still a bit raised for comfort. This option from Toftee is ideal for smaller breeds (think, a West Highland White Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, and so on). Each perfectly pink ceramic bowl holds 2 cups of food or water and can be popped into the dishwasher for quick and easy cleaning. Not only are these bowls able to make eating a more comfortable experience for smaller dogs, but they’re also beautiful to look at!

7. Best for Flat-Faced Dogs: Fluff Trough Binge Blocker


Buy on Flufftrough.com

This elevated dog bowl was originally designed after a dog parent’s pug struggled to eat because of his flat face. The Binge Blocker has a totally different look than any other dog feeder out there—it’s surrounded on three sides, but has an open front to make it easy for pugs to eat. 

The manufacturer notes that other dogs can also use this feeder too because it promotes slower eating. So if your dog wolfs down dinner in a matter of seconds, this feeder is a smart choice. It’s made from FDA-approved silicone, which is dishwasher safe and can hold up to 2 cups of dry, wet, or raw food.

Should dog bowls be elevated?

Having your dog’s bowl higher off the ground puts less strain on your dog’s neck. So if your dog is older or struggles with joint or bone issues, elevated bowls are a great way to make them comfortable when they eat. If you have a large or giant breed dogelevated bowls aren’t going to be the best fit.

What is the best-raised dog bowl? The 9 Best Elevated Dog Bowls of 2021

  • Best Overall: Pawful Pets Products Elevated Dog Feeder at Amazon. …
  • Best for Great Danes: Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Feeder at Amazon. …
  • Best Budget: Loving Pets Rustic Bone Diner at Amazon. …
  • Best Single Bowl: …
  • Best Adjustable: …
  • Best for Travel: …
  • Best with Storage: …
  • Best for Small Dogs:

Are ceramic or metal bowls better for dogs?

Ceramic is still very durable and provides a much wider range of colors and styles. Both are great choices. Above: Every house needs a dependable metal dog bowl. … Low-quality ceramic bowls have also been tied to lead poisoning – so always choose a high quality, lead-free dog bowl.

Dog Bowls Stand
Dog Bowls Stand

How high should a dog bowl be elevated?

For dogs 8-11 inches, a bowl 4 inches high should be used; for dogs 12-15 inches, an 8-inch-high bowl; for dogs 16-19 inches, a 12-inch-high bowl; and for dogs more than 19 inches, a 16-inch-high bowl should be used. There are also bowls that slope outward, with smaller openings at the top and a larger base.

Why is elevated dog bowls bad?

Elevated feeders may increase the speed at which a dog eats, and this can further elevate the risk of GDV. In the study, a faster speed of eating was significantly associated with a higher risk of GDV. Eating off of the floor or a ground-level bowl can facilitate slower eating for dogs.

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7 Best Elevated Dog Pet Bowls Stand Small & Large 2021

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