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Band Saws Which is the best of Models for Wood 2023

Band Saws Which is the best of Models for Wood 2022

Band Saws: Which is the best of Models for Wood 2023

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If you are a DIY lover and need a new tool for your projects, you have come to the right place. Band saws cannot be missing in any workshop. Next, we offer you a complete guide to choosing between the best models of band saws on the market.

Band saws are an ideal tool for cutting wood and metal. 

You can also use them for other types of materials. The speciality of this type of tool is curved cuts and irregular shapes. These are heavy tools, essential for any metal or wood professional.


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  • 2The most important
  • 3Ranking: The five best band saws
    • 3.1No. 1: POWERTEC BS900
    • 3.2No. 2: Bosch GCB10-5
    • 3.3No. 3: Wen 3962
    • 3.4No. 4: Rikon 10-305
    • 3.5No. 5: Truper SCI-14E
  • 4Buying Guide: What you should know about band saws
    • 4.1What is a band saw?
    • 4.2How does a band saw work?
    • 4.3Why is a band saw better than a circular one?
    • 4.4How do I take care of my band saw?
    • 4.5What types of band saw are there?
  • 5What safety measures must be followed to avoid accidents when using a band saw?
  • 6Purchase Criteria
    • 6.1Part depth and width of cut
    • 6.2Cutting speed
    • 6.3Steering wheels
    • 6.4Table and blade guides
    • 6.5Switches and brake
    • 6.6Size of saw teeth
    • 6.7Shear and frame capacity
  • 7Summary

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Bestseller No. 1
WEN 9-Inch Band Saw, 2.8-Amp Benchtop (BA3959)
1,023 Reviews
WEN 9-Inch Band Saw, 2.8-Amp Benchtop (BA3959)
  • 2.8-amp motor rotates the blade up to 2500 feet...
  • Create cuts up to 3-1/2 inches deep and 9 inches...
  • Uses 59-1/2-inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 3/8...
  • Spacious 12-1/4 x 11-7/8-inch work table bevels up...
  • Includes a 1/4-inch-wide blade, a 2-1/2-inch dust...
Bestseller No. 2
WEN Band Saw with Stand, 10-Inch, 3.5-Amp, Two-Speed (BA3962),Black
  • 3.5 amp motor creates cuts up to six inches deep...
  • Uses 72-inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2...
  • Spacious 14-1/8 x 12-1/2 inch cast aluminum work...
  • Operates at two speeds of either 1520 or 2620 FPM
  • Includes a 2-year warranty, a work light, a 3-in-1...
Bestseller No. 3
SKIL 2.8 Amp 9 In. 2-Speed Benchtop Band Saw for Woodworking -...
  • POWERFUL 2.8 AMP INDUCTION MOTOR—Rip through a...
  • 2-SPEED DRIVE SYSTEM—Allows tool-free belt...
  • QUICK BLADE TENSION SETTING—Set blade tension...
SaleBestseller No. 4
RIKON Power Tools 10-3061 10' Deluxe Bandsaw
569 Reviews
RIKON Power Tools 10-3061 10" Deluxe Bandsaw
  • Includes 10-3061 Deluxe Bandsaw and 5/16 x 70-1/2...
Bestseller No. 5
8 Inch Band Saw, 0-45 Tilting Range, 3A & 1800RPM Pure Copper Motor...
  • 【Accurate Multi-angle Cutting】With a cutting...
  • 【Powerful and Efficient 3A Pure Copper Motor】...
  • 【Easy and Clean to Use】Our band saw is...
  • 【Sturdy and Stable Construction】The equipped...
  • 【Sharp and Quick】The blade size of our bandsaw...

The most important

  • There are two basic band saws: table saws and hand saws. Table saws are more powerful, but they are also more expensive and cannot be moved. Think about the use you are going to give it before choosing one.
  • Band saws are especially good at making curved cuts and irregular shapes. If you don’t plan to make these cuts, you may need to choose another type of saw, such as a jigsaw or circular.
  • Saws are dangerous tools, so you always have to consider the corresponding safety measures. Do not skip the security protocols and use all the necessary protection elements.

Ranking: The five best band saws

  • No. 1: POWERTEC BS900
  • No.2: Bosch GCB10-5
  • No.3: Wen 3962
  • No. 4: Rikon 10-305
  • No. 5: Truper SCI-14E


POWERTEC BS900 9-Inch Table Band Saw

PowerTec brings us this excellent band saw; it’s 9 inches and a user favourite. This saw has a change system to change the blade quickly if it can be tilted naturally up to 45º, with a 2.5A motor.

The work table is made of aluminium, and according to users, it is hushed when working. With an approximate weight of 20 kg, it is not extremely heavy and can move with some ease.

No.2: Bosch GCB10-5

Bosch defends its place in the market with this band saw with a difference. In this case, we have a portable saw, that is, it can be loaded and used from the hands. It has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you can use it to cut fixed surfaces, but on the other, carrying it is a heavy job.

It has a powerful 10 A motor, giving it the ability to cut tubes and metals. It has an anti-spark system to improve user safety. With variable speeds and a weight of 6.58kg, it offers excellent practicality and is an excellent option.

No.3: Wen 3962

Wen brings us a somewhat larger saw than the previous ones, this time offering 10 inches of cut. With a weight of 33.1 kg, it is difficult to move, and it is recommended to have it in a fixed place. It has a 3.5 amp motor and two speeds, making it robust and efficient.

It has excellent customer service and two years of free technical support. It is hushed, and users consider it to be one of the best on the market, although some people have had problems setting it up and need to follow the guide carefully.

4: Rikon 10-305

The 10-inch Rikon is another strong contender in this ranking. She weighs 34.5 kg, making her a fixed tool and challenging to move. The 3.5 A motor and power are similar to the WEN, and in general, these two compete with each other.

The tool is rugged and heavy-duty, has excellent accuracy and is a user favourite. The price is excellent, and although it does not have the capabilities of larger and more powerful machines, it does not have the economic weight either.

5: Truper SCI-14E

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Truper is another recognized brand in terms of tools. In this case, the band saw that it brings us is very powerful. With a motor power of 750W, which is one horsepower (which is very high), this machine offers the best possible professional work and the heaviest workload.

Due to its powerful motor, the maximum daily use is 6 hours, more than enough for most professional jobs. And at 14 inches in size, it’s easy to tackle any job with this powerful tool. The price is higher due to its engine.

Buying Guide: What you should know about band saws

There are many models of band saws, so you should know all their features before choosing one. You must understand how they work and what these tools are before buying one. Here is a list of frequently asked questions from users so you can buy the right one.

Band saws are used to work wood, metals, and other materials.

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What is a band saw?

The band saw, or band saw, is a pedal or electric saw. It has a long, narrow and flexible toothed metal strip. This strip moves on two wheels in the same vertical plane with a gap between them. This toothed belt is what makes the cuts. The pedal usually regulates the speed of the cut.

Band saws are used to cut metal and wood. They are handy for making irregular cuts. Band saws are specially designed to give curved shapes to materials. A particular type of saw is used for metal since they need to supply coolant to avoid overheating.

How does a band saw work?

Band saws cut using a sharp, serrated metal blade. The most modern ones use durable and resistant metal alloys. The saw is mounted on two or three flywheels, which rotate at high-speed thanks to the motor. They are used to carry out precision cuts in industrial production and woodworking.

Why is a band saw better than a circular one?

  • There are other types of electric saws with functions similar to the band. For example, circular or disc saws. However, most professionals prefer to use band saws for cutting wood. They also prefer them for “soft” metals like aluminium. Let’s see why: Cutting power: Band saws cut thicker pieces than regular circular saws.
  • Versatility: With the tape ones, curved pieces and patterns can be made quickly.
  • Low noise level: Unlike circular saws, band saws are relatively quiet. It is an essential factor when working in a workshop or a noisy environment.
  • Ecology: Band saws reduce wood waste. The blades are narrow, so the cut is more delicate, and less sawdust is generated.
  • Savings: band saws are cheaper than disc saws.
  • Space: They are more compact. They occupy a smaller surface, and some models can be moved.
  • Safety: The downward thrust of the blade reduces the risk of throwing the piece toward the user.

Caring for band saws is essential to their proper operation.

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How do I take care of my band saw?

Like any power tool, band saws require some care. With use, both the motor and the saw blades wear out. If you want your tool to have as long a useful life as possible, you must consider specific basic care. Here we will describe some of them:

  • If we cut metal, we must ensure that the saw blade is permanently lubricated. The coolant will prevent the blade from overheating and splitting. It is essential to lubricate continuously so that it does not heat up.
  • When we finish working with the saw, it is convenient to make sure it is disconnected.
  • Before changing the saw blade, clean the area well. Remove all chips and sawdust and clean the area carefully. If the blade does not fit properly due to dirt, it can break during work.
  • If you just used the tool, wait at least three minutes before cutting again. Let the blade cool down before using it again.

Did you know that band saws make precision cuts in industrial production and woodworking?

  • Always use saw blades that are suitable for your tool. Using different blades could cause the blade not to hold properly. `1 1This can cause significant accidents.
  • When changing the saw blade, remember to position the saw teeth correctly. If we place the blade upside down, we can cause accidents.
  • Keep the cutting surface clean. After each cut, remove chips and sawdust. It is done using blowers or air guns.
  • Keep moving parts greased. Both the table and the head have pieces that allow you to change the inclination of the saw. They must be clean and oiled to achieve maximum precision in the cut.

What types of band saw are there?

We can find two types of band saw, which differ in the support system. Thus, on the one hand, we find the so-called floor saws, which are more prominent and directly supported on the ground. Due to their enormous weight, these are fixed in space since their transport is complicated. They are usually professional tools. The other type of band saw is called table saws. These saws must rest on a flat surface. They are much smaller and lighter, as well as portable. They have a minor fixation but are more versatile since you can move them and take them out of the workshop. They are also less potent than ground ones.

What safety measures must be followed to avoid accidents when using a band saw?

It is always advisable to respect the basic safety rules applicable to any job and any power tool. A saw is a dangerous tool, so let’s look at some specific safety rules for band saw use:

  • Never accompany the piece in line with the tape with your hand. To push or guide the small pieces, use a piece of wood that you don’t need.
  • Set the upper guides and keep them close to the piece. Don’t push back thick pieces of wood while you’re cutting them. The tape may shift or come off the ruffles.
  • If the tape comes off the ruffles or breaks, immediately walk away from the machine and unplug it. The saw, when broken, will burst and throw pieces of sharp metal.
  • Never open the flywheel doors with the machine running.
  • Do not extend the life of the saw blades to the maximum. Replace them as soon as they start to dull or wear.
  • Wear gloves whenever you work with the machine. Also, use them to manipulate, wind or unwind the band saw blade.
  • Wear safety glasses. Not only to prevent sawdust from falling into your eyes but also to protect you from any accidents.

Purchase criteria

To choose the best band saw, following a few points that will facilitate your purchase is essential. In this section, we show you what aspects you should consider before deciding. Thus, you can count on a small guide to adjust quality and price. The elements you should pay attention to are the following:

  • Part depth and width of cut
  • cutting speed
  • Frills
  • table and blade guides
  • Switches and brake
  • Sawtooth size
  • Cutting and frame capacity

Part depth and width of cut

The most basic band saw models can cut wood up to 15 cm thick. Industrial models and foot band saws can cut wood up to 30 cm. The same thing happens with metal cutting saws. It is an essential characteristic since it will define the materials we will work with.

The width of the cut is the distance between the tape and the nearest vertical element. This element is usually the protector. This distance will determine the maximum cutting width. Typically, a mid-low range saw can cut up to 35 cm. Professional models are better in this aspect.

cutting speed

Speed ​​refers to the treadmill’s meters (or feet) that travel in one minute. It is represented by the acronym “m/min”. This speed varies widely between models. To put a middle point, it can be said that the cutting speed of the most basic models varies between 200 m/min and 1500 m/min.

Better quality band saws have options to vary the speed. These options are ideal for adapting the cut to the materials. Increasing or reducing the speed according to the material’s resistance makes for more precise cuts. Working with the highest speeds is recommended, as long as the saw does not workforce.


Band saws have two or three flywheels responsible for turning the band. In models with two steering wheels, one is always located vertically to the other. The lower flywheel is the one that is attached to the engine and makes it work. On these saws, the width of the cut cannot be greater than the diameter of the flywheels.

To be able to make cuts in pieces of greater width, a saw with three wheels would be necessary. However, the belt runs more forcefully in these saws and tends to break more easily. It is helpful that the steering wheels have a self-cleaning system such as a brush, which prevents the accumulation of sawdust in the system.

table and blade guides

The tables are usually sheet metal, cast iron, steel or aluminium. Aluminium ones are usually better calibrated and balanced, although they are more fragile. The cutting tables must incorporate grooves to improve the removal of sawdust and chips. They must also be tilted in a controlled manner up to 45º to make bevels or mitres.

When pushing to cut, the tape tends to come off the ruffles. It is avoided to use bearings or guides located on both sides of the cutting belt. Flywheels that rotate on sealed bearings are less prone to jamming or failure. Guides on the table are also used to adjust the width of the cut of the piece.

Switches and brake

For safety, the starting and stopping of the tape rotation must be assured and automatic. Conveniently, the belt stops automatically when opening the access doors to the flywheels. In specific jobs, such as workshops, it may be necessary for the saw to need a key to turn it on.

Sawtooth size

The size of the teeth is expressed by the teeth that fit in one inch. One inch corresponds to 2.54 cm. This relationship is called TPI. The thicker the part, the higher number of teeth (TPI) needed to be cut. For this reason, raw wood requires a higher TPI than industrially treated ones such as plywood.

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Cutting and frame capacity

Cutting capacity depends on how much material you can cut in one pass. The capacity usually ranges from six to thirty-six inches. This factor will depend on the size of the saw. You have to consider the materials with which you will work before deciding on a model.

The frame is the maximum width you have to cut. This “throat” can be 12 to 14 inches in the case of a tabletop bandsaw. Self-supporting saws are more significant and therefore offer professional measurements. If you are going to use it at home, it is best to buy a tabletop.


Buying a band saw is always a good choice for your workshop or home. With this tool, you can tackle all projects in less time and with less effort. You just have to take into account your needs and the materials you are going to work with before choosing a model.

If you intend to buy a band saw, consider some criteria, as you can see in the last section of the article. Materials, spare parts, and safety are crucial and the value for money. Take all factors into account!

If you liked the article, leave a comment or share it with your friends and family to buy the best band seen on the market.

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Band Saws: Which is the best of Models for Wood 2022

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