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Australian Shepherd husky mix Dogs & Puppies For Sale Near Me 2023

husky mix Dogs & Puppies For Sale Near Me

Australian Shepherd husky mix Dogs & Puppies For Sale Near Me 2023

Due to its Nordic heredity, the Siberian Husky is an outdoor dog, resistant to cold and who does not tolerate heat. A vigorous and muscular animal, he has a kind, affectionate and sociable temperament. He needs a master adept at long walks and possessing a natural authority, patience and rigor are essential for this easy to train dog. Our selection of advertisements is there to help you acquire your next puppy, do not hesitate to consult them!

A puppy is a juvenile dog. Some puppies can weigh 1–1.5 kg, while larger ones can weigh up to 7–11 kg. All healthy puppies grow quickly after birth. A puppy’s coat color may change as the puppy grows older, as is commonly seen in breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier.

When choosing a Husky cross breed, here’s how you might know which one is best suited to your expectations:

  • Husky + Corgi: for owners who want a smaller dog
  • Husky + German Shepherd: for owners who want a trained dog
  • Husky + Malamute: for owners who want a large, energetic dog
  • Husky + Australian Shepherd: for owners who want a medium-sized dog
  • Husky + Collie: for owners who want a lifelong companion

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These different breeds will all be very intelligent because they are half Husky.

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However, they will all be slightly different in the way they interact with people and other dogs.

Choosing a Mixed Breed of Husky

Choosing a mixed-breed Husky depends on what your expectation is : whether it is a large, high-energy dog or a smaller, cuddly dog.

Some dogs adapt better to children depending on the breed , so knowing your family’s needs first and foremost is important.

Before making a decision, make a list of the things you need from a dog. Here is a general list, with a few questions, which we hope will be of use to you:

  • What size dog can you keep?
  • How much room do you have for your dog?
  • How much time do you have for your dog?
  • Do you want a very energetic or rather cuddly dog?
  • Would your dog adapt best to your children?
  • What kind of commitment are you prepared to make? 10? 15? 20 years ?
  • Want a long-haired dog or a dog that doesn’t shed?
  • Do you have another pet and your dog will get along with others ?

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Australian Shepherd husky mix Dogs & Puppies For Sale Near Me 2023

We hope these questions give you some food for thought before we venture into dog breeding.

Knowing what you want or need is one of the most important steps.

You should also be aware that true crosses are between two purebred parents, which can make the crossing a bit more expensive.

Here are the top five crosses we selected for this list:

  • Husky / Corgi,
  • Husky / German Shepherd,
  • Husky / Malamute mix,
  • Husky / Australian Shepherd mix,
  • Husky / Border Collie mix.

Husky / Corgi cross

This cross is often referred to as Corgski or sometimes Horgi. Being descended from a Corgi and a Husky makes this breed short .

The crossbreeding between the colors of these puppies is quite astonishing.

It is often difficult to predict the color of Corgski in advance for breeders.

A puppy can be any color, from the golden brown of the Corgi to the white and black of the Husky.

The range of colors goes from red, to gold, to brown, to fawn, to white. A Corgski will never be one color.

This cross often has markings around the eyes . Most of the time it looks a bit like a white mask.

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WeightCutLife expectancyLossTemperament
Husky Corgi cross9-22 kg20 – 38 cm12 -15 years oldStrongEnergetic and loyal

Australian Shepherd husky mix Dogs & Puppies For Sale Near Me 2023

  • Corgskies are notoriously friendly and very, very cute !!!
  • Since this breed will be smaller, it will be suitable for children.
  • Remember, dogs should be trained early so they don’t jump on people.

They have a lot of energy to deal with, which comes from both sides of the family. So if you want a smaller dog that can play with the kids, this will be the best option on this list for you.

These dogs have thick coats , so they will need to be brushed often. It might not be a very alluring idea for you, but with beautiful, luscious fur coats, there is a responsibility.

Another thing to keep in mind is that they gain weight easily, so try not to overfeed your Corgski as this can lead to health issues including back pain.

Husky / German Shepherd

We may not be biased but this is the best cross .

German Shepherds, called “Gerberian Shepskies”, are awesome and very, very smart.

Huskies are intelligent and so are German Shepherds, so that makes a smart dog.

WeightCutLife expectancyLossTemperament
Husky German Shepherd crossbreed22 – 40 kg50 – 60 cm10 -13 yearsStrongProtector, active

Gerberian Shepskies are magnificent. With their thick coat, they are designed to withstand cold temperatures . They lose a lot of hair.

The colors that you will usually find among German Shepherds are:

  • Brown,
  • black
  • and gray.

Some have a white coat, others are golden or tinged with red.

These dogs are both active and therefore have a healthy appetite.

They eat a lot of food. If you want to save money, it is safer to go for a smaller dog.

Unlike purebred Huskies, this mix is easier to train .

Huskies are independent, but being mixed in with a docile breed seems to solve a lot of the problems people have when it comes to being in control.

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Just make sure you get them into dressage school from a young age.

Be sure to let your dog spend time with other dogs when he is young, to avoid having an aggressive dog. This breed will be protective for a family, which can be tricky but also good to have as a guard dog.

Husky / Malamute

Alusky is the name we often give to this adorable mixture. This breed is beautiful and tall.

An Alusky will look more like a wolf than a normal Husky. Playful and gentle, it will surprise you with its different behavior compared to its appearance.

WeightCutLife expectancyLossTemperament
Husky Malamute crossbreed27 – 45 kg66 – 70 cm10 -15 yearsStrongFriendly, loyal

This dog is the one who eats the most among all the others on the list , which can mean that he is expensive.

Larger dogs usually are. But big dogs are fun to play and an Alusky, in particular, is a tough dog.

His friendly demeanor makes him a good dog to play with children.

Just make sure your dog is well trained and the kids can play with an Alusky as much as they want.

The Aluskies dig and run, which can make a bad combination.

Make sure that your fence is well built, that is, sunk into the ground. Having a sandbox to dig in is a great solution.

These dogs can be stubborn which is why it is best to have an experienced dog owner to ensure that the dog behaves well.

Husky / Australian Shepherd

A Husky crossed with an Australian Shepherd will have an amazing result. These puppies are so beautiful. The coats are generally wonderfully mixed with browns, blacks, and whites

Mixtures of this breed often have bright eyes too. Really, he is one of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

WeightCutLife expectancyLossTemperament
Australian Shepherd Husky crossbreed15 – 27 kg45 – 55 cm11 -14 years oldStrongEnergetic

This dog is a relatively new mixed breed so there isn’t a lot of definitive research on temperament as a lot of this breed is first generation.

That being said, train the young dog to make sure that you are ready to pick up a high energy dog.

Be careful not to dig in the yard. These are the biggest concerns of these dogs.

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Husky / Collie

This breed is so beautiful.

They have long pelages and they are silky and smooth.

Both parents are intelligent and athletic, making them an excellent dog for an active and adventurous household.

The coats of a Husky / Collie pair are typically brown, red, gray, and black. It will be really different for each dog.

WeightCutLife expectancyLossTemperament
Australian Shepherd Husky crossbreed13 – 20 kg50 cm12 -18 years oldStrongIntelligent, affectionate

Collies are known to be great companions , which is why their babies are great.

A mix of this breed will live a long time and be very kind to those who want to feel like their dog is really listening to them.

Make sure this dog is trained and socialized with other dogs from a young age. This should help resolve issues of aggression or stubbornness.

Huskies shed a lot of hair just like Border Collies, so it’s no surprise that a mixed breed sheds some too.

Characteristics of a Husky

Huskies are truly amazing dogs.

Most owners would say huskies are smart, very energetic, and zealous.

This can make them difficult to train if you wait too long.

All of this is important to know when considering adopting a mixed breed for your dog, because any Husky offspring will have the same (possibly muted) personality traits.

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  • Humans are drawn to these fluffy creatures because they are dogs that look wild, yet playful and cheerful.
  • The Husky weighs on average between 15 and 22 kilograms, with females generally being smaller than males. He is therefore considered to be a medium-sized dog.
  • Huskies are generally black and white, but the range can lead some to be pure white.
  • They have a long coat and a double coat.
  • This is an important reason not to shave a Husky, as it could prevent a dog from having the ability to isolate or properly regulate body temperature.
  • Shaving a Husky could also result in sunburn for a puppy, which is not good.
  • Huskies also have naturally pointed ears , which makes them look like wolves.
  • They are believed to be the descendants of the Taymyr wolf in North Asia, a now extinct breed.
  • These are sled dogs, or at least they were mostly used for this purpose before the idea of ​​having dogs as pets spread.


Huskies will play a lot in the yard, even as adults.

So if you have kids who like to run around this can be a good thing.

If you think you can’t take care of a dog that is constantly on the move, this might not be the breed of dog for you.

Because these dogs are constantly on the move, and they’re not exactly small, they will eat a lot.

So dog food will need to be purchased often , which is something to keep in mind if you are struggling with money.

This is sort of a complaint from the owners, who say that a Husky is “a very difficult dog to handle”.

However, what one hates, the other loves it, which is why mixed huskies are well loved and popular.

They are not particularly talkative dogs, but they do bark.

A Husky will likely bark if he sees anything in the yard, but he won’t bark for no reason (most of the time.) If there is something, he may howl.

Huskies are considered independent which is why it is so important to train them. Sometimes huskies, due to a little attitude problem, are not considered good dogs for new owners.

Other naughty behaviors are to elude their owners, not because they want to escape but for the love of racing.

They can also dig holes in the yard.

Some do it to cool off in the summer.

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Health risks for huskies

Huskies present more common health risks than other breeds.

Many Huskies can suffer from hip dysplasia , which means their hips are out of place.

It can be extremely painful for dogs.

Another risk is that of eye problems in huskies.

This usually doesn’t happen until the dog is older, but it may mean that you need to give him medication.

What do you think ?

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The dog throws to regulate body temperature. You can do things like brush and …
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The Siberian husky is the iconic dog of sled dogs . Known for his intense blue eyes and for his exceptional endurance, he is a beast with a lot of energy to spare and who will not be adapted to a “relaxed” life in an apartment in Montreal.

There are several husky breeders in Quebec. To help you in your research, here is a list of professionals according to their location: they may have puppies for sale or litters to come.

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Australian Shepherd husky mix Dogs & Puppies For Sale Near Me 2023

Breeding Desloupiots (St-Alexis-Des-Monts)
Breeding Kanook (Ange-Gardien)
Breeding Minaska (Sainte-Rose-de-Watford)
Mysticwolf (Martinville)
Onetouch Siberians (St-Jérôme)
Sheytan’s Beauty Kennel (South Shore of Montreal)

Important: Our advice for choosing a responsible breeder
To read: How to convince a breeder to sell you a puppy
Quiz:  What is your ideal dog breed?

Are there any breeders missing from our list? Please send us the relevant information to we will process your request as soon as possible. For information on the puppies available, contact the breeders directly at the coordinates presented on their sheet.

In conclusion, it’s not just babies who have love to give. If offering a second chance to an adult dog interests you, why not consult our directory of shelters in Quebec ?Page summary hide1. Husky puppy for sale? Not so fast!2. Shelters, an alternative to consider3. Similar dog breeds

Husky puppy for sale? Not so fast!

Classified ad sites are full of puppies for sale, so it can be tempting to “hunt for the bargain”. Salespeople don’t necessarily have bad intentions either! In contrast, Canada is home to thousands of puppy factories that force intensive breeding of their animals for profit. Since the husky is very popular, it can be tempting for an unscrupulous person to make a quick profit from these animals.

Ask to see the environment: It is easy to pretend that a dog is raised “in a family environment”. On the other hand, the reality is often very different! Unless you buy the animal in another country, ALWAYS make the trip. If the breeder offers to meet you elsewhere to make your life easier, that’s a red flag.

Be prepared for the questioning: A good breeder will not sell his puppies to the first comer. He will want to know your level of experience with dogs, your motivations, your home environment and your lifestyle. He is committed to providing a good living environment for his husky. If the person doesn’t seem to be wondering, flee immediately.

Ask for referrals: Finally, if you want peace of mind, why not chat with a few past breeding clients? Ideally, ask people who have had their pet for several years. You will thus have the proof that the health of their puppy did not deteriorate quickly following the sale.

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Shelters, an alternative to consider

While buying from a breeder encourages healthy practices, have you considered giving an animal a second chance? Shelters employ specialists who build a dog’s psychological profile and help you find the right companion based on the lifestyle you’re willing to offer.

Les Pattes Jaunes , for example, aggregates the dogs available for adoption from several shelters and allows you to search by breed of animal. A call to your nearest refuge will also allow you to find out which animals are available.

How much do husky mix puppies cost?

Depending on their breeding, they usually cost anywhere from $600-$1,500.

What is the best husky mix?

Best Husky Mixed Breeds

  • Alusky. Parents: Alaskan Malamute x Husky. …
  • Gerberian Shepsky. Parents: German Shepherd x Husky. …
  • Goberian. Parents: Golden Retriever x Husky. …
  • Horgi. Parents: Welsh Corgi x Husky. …
  • Pitsky. Parents: Pitbull Terrier x Husky. …
  • Rottsky. Parents: Rottweiler x Husky. …
  • Sharberian Husky. Parents: Shar Pei x Husky. …
  • Beaski.

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How much are husky mixes worth? Husky Lab Mix Dog Facts

Breed Overview
Lifespan10 – 15 years
Price$400 – $800 USD
Breed TypeMix
Suitable ForFamilies, novice but active owners

Are husky mixes good dogs?

Gerberian Shepsky (Husky and German Shepherd)

Both of the parent breeds of the German Shepherd Husky Mix are very athletic and so these dogs have high exercise needs. … However, make sure that the yard is secure as these dogs are known to escape! This crossbreed can make a wonderful family pet and is extremely loyal.

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