9 Tips Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces – Fits Any Style 2021

Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

9 Tips Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces – Fits Any Style 2021

freestanding fireplaces

Living in a country where the temperature is usually low needs you to have some kind of arrangement to ensure that your home is cozy and warm at all times. If you have one of the traditional houses then, it is quite possible that you would have that beautiful indoor wood-burning fireplace.

Though the technology has advanced and there are many alternatives available than burning the wood in these traditional fireplaces but then there are people who depend upon the same. These traditional wood-burning places look so beautiful that some people especially get this spaced out in their living room.

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Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces
Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces 1

As everything that glitters is not gold, the same story stands true for these traditional fireplaces. These no doubt would keep the surrounding warm and cozy but at the same time, there are a lot many things associated with it, which you might not like. Some of them are listed below –

o There is a lot of work around needed when you have the traditional indoor wood-burning fireplaces. You would need to take care of the actual fireplace, the wood log supplies, and the other equipment which is required.

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9 Tips Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces – Fits Any Style 2021

o A lot of cleaning is needed when you have a traditional one burning the wood logs to keep you warm and comfortable. This might be a beautiful and warm experience for you but the person who actually is taking care to ensure that the fireplace is ready to lit any time you would want, might not like the warmth of that fireplace as he would be paying a great deal of hardship for making that thing work.

o The leftover and the ashes when the wood logs are burnt or are still burning would make the surroundings dirty unless you are very particular about the same. Every time you would be around, you would tend to dirty your hands and maybe the carpet or the flooring around.
o If you have children then having the traditional indoor wood-burning fireplaces could be quite risky.

No matter they are infants, toddlers, or are at an age that they know that they should not be going near the fireplace, the possibility of an accident can’t be ignored. o Not only this, the chimney, the smoke is also the concerns that you would have around the traditional indoor wood-burning fireplaces that you might want to know in detail before you need one in your living room.

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9 Tips Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces – Fits Any Style 2021

Though no doubt that these traditional fireplaces would add drastically to the look of your living room, then are you willing to work around that much for the same, especially when our living style doesn’t approve of such a luxury.

If you have domestic help who would take care of the nuances around the fireplace then, obviously you don’t have a problem. But if you need to do all the work, then you might want to consider the modern indoor wood-burning fireplaces.

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These are actually heaters but they look like fireplaces. They such replicated versions of the real thing that from a distance a person might not know the difference between the real and the artificial wood-burning inserts.

While researching about cool and unique designs of fireplaces, I came across freestanding wood stoves which are appliances that people in years past used as a fireplace. If you search the internet for these appliances, you’ll see that some of these stoves are inside a fireplace while others are actually as it is called, a freestanding wood stove.

This type of a wood burning fireplace could actually be placed anywhere in the house to be able to facilitate the flow of heat as long as the requirements for combustibles are observed; things like these are checked by housing officials for permits.

If you are interested in achieving a bit of rustic feel to your living room and need a fireplace, you should consider these freestanding wood-burning stoves as an alternative for an entire fireplace, with that, check out the list that we have below about 20 Awesome Freestanding and Wood Burning Fireplace.

Moss Rose – Portulaca grandiflora

1. 1670 Antique Colonial

Antique Colonial  Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wilson Kelsey Design

I chose to place this photo to be in the beginning of the list because it has the most vintage design of a free standing wood burning stove that this list have. I also want you guys to actually check the vintage table and chair combo beside it. Who says you can’t work at home in style?

2. Bovina House

Bovina Housers  Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Kimberly Peck Architect

The photos of this home is one of the houses that look at before because of how interesting the entire house is, and now, I am given the chance to actually share it with you because of the beautiful freestanding wood burning stove that it has. I think this area needs more seating but the large bean bags seem to compensate well for the needed seating this living room needs.

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3. Broadgates Road

Broadgates Road  Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Granit Chartered Architects

This home in Broadgates road sure looks incredible! The color of the couches is definitely my favorite along with the choice of pillows that they added to it. It may not seem to be in the middle of the couches, but I think that the fireplace sure looks like it’s in the most ideal place.

6. Camden Workshop

Camden Workshop  Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Henning Stummel Architects Ltd.

Here is an example of a freestanding wood stove that is not all-black; notice that the base is like a light grey and the tube where the smoke passes is in silver! I think that this color combination for the fireplace is really nice and it sure is the center of attention of this living room.

7. Contemporary Mountain Home

Contemporary Mount  Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Futral Construction

This is one beautiful contemporary mountain home and adding a vintage looking wood burning stove created a transitional look and feel to the entire space. Imagine if it was a contemporary designed fireplace – it think the look would be different, but since they used mid-century modern furniture, it’s just right that they used this type of fireplace.

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8. Hidden House

Hidden House  Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

Van Ellen + Sheryn Architects

I remembered that freestanding wood stoves should be placed above a non-combustible thing and I think that placing it in a brick based counter is not a bad thing. It looks like it actually belongs on that table, plus this base help it to actually ‘stand’.

18. The Belfry

The Belfry  Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

A+DP Architecture + Design Partnership LLP

Look at how symmetrical this living room looks! I mean, the couch beside the window does not really have a side table and lamp but from the cabinets on the each side of the fireplace to the couches and the way this space is actually divided, at one glance, you know it’s symmetrical.

19. The Moat House

Moat House  Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces


I like the color of the freestanding wood burning stove that this fireplace have. From a distance I think it somehow looks like it’s pink or something – but then again, it’s actually safe to say that this is white and it was chosen to really blend with the color of the entire living room.

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20. Yorkshire Cottage

Yorkshire Cottage  Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

24mm Photography

This list is ended by a cottage home with a comfortable and homey looking living room. The color scheme used in this space is a simple one but sure is neat and fab! Looking at the colors of the couches and the coffee table, we can say that they could be a set when they were bought.

When I came across the first photo I got when I was completing this list, I thought that only old houses used or had this type of fireplace, but if you noticed, there are more modern and more sleek designs of these freestanding wood-burning stoves in today’s homes too; but if you want a more contemporary or modern fireplace design, check out the 20 Suspended Fireplace Designs in the Living Room and maybe pick a favorite and maybe that’s something that you can actually add to your home!

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Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces
Indoor Wood Burning Fireplaces

What is the best wood to burn in an indoor fireplace?

The best kind of wood to burn is one of the hardwoods, such as oak, hard maple, and birch because they release more heat and produce fewer creosote deposits.

Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning from a wood-burning fireplace?

Fireplaces and other fuel-burning appliances are the leading sources of exposure to carbon monoxide. With the proper awareness and preventative action, CO poisoning is entirely preventable. Carbon monoxide is produced when fuels such as wood, gas, charcoal, kerosene, and oil are burned.

Our wood-burning fireplaces allowed in bedrooms?

So woodburning fireplaces are permitted in bedrooms on two conditions: (a) they must not be in a “confined space” and, (b) if “decorative gas-fired appliances for installation in vented solid fuel-burning fireplaces” (gas logs) are installed they must be “listed”

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