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7 Signs That Your Plant Is Dying: What Should You Do To Save It

7 Signs That Your Plant Is Dying: What Should You Do To Save It

7 Signs That Your Plant Is Dying: What Should You Do To Save It

Plants may die when they are well tendered to. That means that you can save your plants from dying if you are careful about treating them. But what are the signs that you need to watch out for, and what can you do to save a plant from dying?

You need to watch out for a few things to know if your plant is almost dying. And to save the plants, it doesn’t take a lot of effort, just everyday things that anyone can do. Below are signs to note when your plant is dying and how you can save the plant. 

  1. Shivering Plant With Wilting Leaves

This may be a sign that your plant isn’t under the proper humidity. This may not so much be your fault as much as it is an environmental issue. When you start seeing this, you need to move the plant to get more moisture in the air. 

You can also try to mist your plant regularly when you notice these signs. Check out this site to find out how to do it. You will find more information on plant care too.

2. It’s Turning Brownish

The first and obvious sign that your plant is dying is if it starts to turn brownish. When you begin to see this, you will also notice that the plant may appear to have lost life. It is withering in the process, and you need to act early if you are to save the plant from dying. 

First, what you need to do is to check the roots of the plants as these are the supporting system for the plant. This is where the plants mostly get their nutrients from, and it has to be on point for the plant to survive. If the roots are healthy, then the plant can be saved. 

How to figure out healthy roots – they should be whitish and appear plump. If this isn’t the case, the plant can’t be saved, and you need to find out why it died. You have a better chance with the next one when you figure out the problem. 

  1. Yellow Wilted Leaves With Moist Soil

The other sign that you have a dying plant is wilted leaves that are often brown or yellow. And it may be accompanied by moist soil – this is a sign of overwatering of the plant. Plants need water to survive, but you shouldn’t overdo the watering process. 

When you overwater the plants, you’ll be making the first mistake by killing the plant’s roots. When there’s more than enough water, the roots start to rot, and they won’t support the plants. At this point, you need to move the plants to direct sunlight and stop watering. 

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You may need to check the soil – if it’s soggy, you need to change the soil type that the plant has. You can then seek to find out more about the plant and how to water it. 

4. Dead Leaves

Dead leaves are another sure sign that you have a dying plant. And this has more serious issues than what you see above the soil. The first reason this may be happening is that you may be underwatering the plant. 

Now, you will need to find out how often you need to water this specific plant. Also, you may need to remove the plant from direct sunlight. You may now need to start trimming the dead leaves so as not to take up any more nutrients. 

  1. Dead Stems

You may also start to see the stems of the plants dying, which is a sure sign that your plant is dying. When you see this happening to your plant, the first thing you have to do is to trim the stem. 

When you trim the stems a bit, you need to ensure that the leaves of the plants are a few inches from the soil. This is when they can be the healthiest as they are close to the nutrients from the soil. You can also opt to change the soil the plant has. 

7 Signs That Your Plant Is Dying: What Should You Do To Save It
  1. Wilting Plant

Generally, a wilting plant is a sign that things aren’t going on well with it. You will need to find out the reasons why by checking some of the ideas on this list. One by one, and maybe you’ll find out what the issue is. 

7. Do Not Throw Out The Plant Immediately

When you notice signs of death on your plant, you don’t need to throw them out immediately. You need to give it at least a month and perform some of the tips above to ensure it survives. After, if there’s no sign of life, you can then throw away the plant. 

Always take your time trying to revive your plants before throwing them away. 


There are several signs that a plant is dying, and when you know them, you can quickly start trying to save the plant. These are some of the characteristics of a plant that is dying and how you can save the plant. There are also some lost causes that you need not spend time trying to figure out how to save. 

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