15 Best Bar Carts & Utility Tables Under $500 2022

Bar Carts

15 Best Bar Carts & Utility Tables Under $500 2022

The subject of the bar cart can really bring out the creativity in any home-decor lover. How should you style a bar cart? What’s the best way to stock it? What tools will you need? It’s a source of inspiration that can quickly spiral into a very expensive endeavor.

Today, we’re going back to the basics and have selected the best bar carts under $500 that will suit your needs and your decor style, whether it’s Art Deco, midcentury modern, Old Hollywood, bohemian, or industrial. Perfect for storing bottles, transporting ice buckets, or displaying serving trays, these picks come suited with wheels and will help you deck out your dining room, living area, or any small space. Cheers to your new favorite design object!

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Your party is in full swing, and your guests are scattered in every room of the house. People are in the living room, in the bedroom, on the porch, and who knows, if the party is really good, guests are dancing in street. The challenge with a huge, awesome party is to keep every glass filled with the right alcoholic beverage, without requiring guests to give up their party real estate and return to a single serving area. Your secret weapon: bar carts!

15 Best Bar Carts & Utility Tables Under $500 2022

The designated portable bar cart first came into fashion in the 1940s. After Prohibition ended, party goers were eager to fill their homes with bottles of store-bought booze. Rolling bar carts allowed hosts and hostesses to mingle and serve, while showing off all of their liquor labels. As the 20th century rolled onward, the bar serving cart was replaced by built-in wet bars, which later gave way to plastic coolers and pre-mixed drinks.

Thankfully, bar carts are back, and we couldn’t be more excited. They offer classic style, convenience, and mobile cocktail fixings all in one! We’ve rounded up a list of the best bar carts we could find to help inspire you in your own search for the perfect bar cart. Some are commercially available, and others are one-of-a-kind works of art. So shake up a martini, and let your imagination run wild with these amazing bar cart ideas.

A great bar cart offers a solution to your bottle storing woes––not only does it offer storage space, but it creates a sense of display, all while …Servis Bar Cart · Perrier Bar Cart · Barbican Trolley · Teter Bar Cart · Vintage Midcentury Bar Cart · Peekaboo Acrylic Rolling Two-Shelf · Block Table …

Bar Carts

15 Best Bar Carts & Utility Tables Under $500 2021

Back in the Victorian Era, bar carts were used as tea trolleys. When, exactly, the switch was flipped from tea time to party time is unknown, but we know bar carts …Discover Kitchen & Dining Room Serving Carts on Amazon.com at a great price. Our Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture category offers a …Back in the Victorian Era, bar carts were used as tea trolleys.

When, exactly, the switch was flipped from tea time to party time is unknown, but we know bar carts …Hallie Retro 2-Tray Brown Mid-Century with Brass Metal Finish Rolling Bar Cart or Serving Cart. by Nathan James.

(11) $11999. Add To Cart. Your secret weapon: bar carts! The designated portable bar cart first came into fashion in the 1940s. After Prohibition ended, partygoers were

Bar Carts

Vintage Suitcase Rolling Bar Cart

Bar Carts

Nothing screams early 20th century louder than a vintage suitcase, with is why we love this rolling bar cart. A weekend project, at least, this DIY bar cart is perfect for folks who love to travel, or those nostalgic for years gone by. You can take the same ideas, and incorporate them into any old suitcase you find. It’s also a great way to take that heavy-but-beautiful luggage that great-grandma gave you, and give it a second life. Be sure to stock with plenty of dark liquors and sherry.

Faux Bamboo Vintage Bar Cart

Bar Carts

Have I shared with you my love for faux bamboo furniture? I don’t think I have, but now you know. This beautiful vintage bar cart brings back the sophisticated style of early mid-century America. The gold “bamboo” frame reminds me of watching clips from historic Academy Awards ceremonies, and a sea of celebrities reclining in those ubiquitous chairs with the red velvet seats. This vintage bar cart would fit in well at an upscale West Coast home, or in on an Asian-inspired lanai. I’m sure you can tell this antique bar cart sends my imagination running wild.

Sleek & Chic Mirrored Bar Cart

Mirrored Bar Cart
Bar Carts

If they ever make a live action version of The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones, they should use this mirrored bar cart. Well, maybe not the Flintstones, but it would totally work in The Jetsons Meet The Ewings. I couldn’t find the origins of this cart, but with the tell-tale signs of acrylic handles and mirrored surfaces, it could easily enter a contest for best bar carts of the 80s. It feels very new, though, and could absolutely pass for an ultra-modern piece today. I could see it paired with leather counterstools, as well as those big plastic chairs in the shape of a giant hand. I’m picturing fizzy drinks and freshly made club soda on this one.

16th-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar

Globe Bar
Bar Carts

Italians of the 1500s liked to hide their booze inside a globe bar, presumably giving a stronger impression of culture and being well traveled, as well as hiding their hooch from guests who would simply help themselves. Since globes were made of paper, it’s almost impossible to find the real thing today, and it would be unthinkable to actually use one to serve drinks. These replica globe bars will give you the same benefits, but without the million dollar price tag. It’s also fun to have a few drinks, then make an impromptu plan to travel the globe, shaking on the decision to finally visit the Congo, then promptly having another round and forgetting all about it.

Concord Acrylic Bar Cart

Acrylic Bar Cart
Bar Carts

This little gem is the perfect acrylic bar cart for apartments and vacation condos. It’s big enough to hold at least the basics, but small enough to stick behind a chair when not in use. I love the round shape and the frosted shelves. At 36″ high, you could also serve a light lunch for two, and still have room underneath for an ice bucket and bottle of bubbly. I would totally find a battery operated lamp to put on the bottom shelf, and make it glow all night.

Cast Iron Antique Bar Cart

Antique Bar Cart
Bar Carts

You can serve up some serious booze with this antique bar cart. Made from cast iron, you want to make sure the floor is reinforced before filling it up with liquor bottles and rolling it to the center of the room. The industrial styling is perfect for all types of decor, from country-French to steampunk. This would also fit in well as a portable kitchen island, or even a poolside bar cart, standing up to all kinds of weather. You might keep it rolled in the shade, though. Cast iron will heat up quickly in direct sunlight.

Tiered Glass Bar Cart

Glass Bar Cart
Bar Carts

We found hundreds of glass bar carts out there, but found this one especially cool. The three tier design is reminiscent of a wedding cake, but the back-leaning angle of the handles seems inspired by a European shopping trolley. The round glass shelves are perfectly complimented by the large, clear acrylic wheels, giving this glass bar cart an incredibly unique look. Since the position of the tiers shifts backward as they move up, grabbing your favorite bottle of gin from the lowest shelf couldn’t be any easier.

Tailgate Friendly Portable Bar Cart

Portable Bar Cart
Bar Carts

Who says you have to leave your bartending skills at home? With this portable bar cart, you can go to the beach, the cabin, or the game, and keep the cocktails flowing. This folding cart includes its own carrying case, and three different changeable covers, appropriate for a variety of occasions. My favorite is the tiki cover, because floral print says “fun” no matter where you go. There’s even a folding shelf in the back so you can keep the upper surface clear for mixing.

All-in-One Outdoor Bar Cart

Outdoor Bar Cart
Bar Carts

This ingenious outdoor bar cart pushes the boundaries of how much function you can pack into a rolling piece of furniture. There are two gas burners for cooking, a food and drink prep surface, recessed areas to house your glasses, bottles, and even the salt shaker! Who wants a margarita? Another very cool detail is the ability to attach the end of the water hose, turning this outdoor bar cart into an actual wet bar. You’ll never need to go inside again.

Full Service Portable Home Bar

Best Bar Carts
Bar Carts

If you really want to keep up with the Joneses, check out this top-of-the-line portable home bar. It’s outfitted with a wine rack, liquor shelves, glassware holders, serving trays, and, most importantly, a lock. This is definitely way more of a statement than your average cart, but the wheels give it that same portable convenience. An extra cool feature is the inlay game board on the serving trays, giving you the tools to drink, and play backgammon.

Art Deco Brass Bar Cart

Brass Bar Cart
Bar Carts

Brass finishes aren’t right for every home, but this art deco brass bar cart is probably the most versatile we’ve seen. It has a great boutique hotel feel about it, and includes several unique features. You can rest an ice bowl in the top shelf without worrying about it tipping over, and the lower level includes a rack for your stemware. A smartly included brass rail is also built in, to help keep your collection of bottles from tipping over. Pop open some bubbly and imagine you’re having a nightcap at The Plaza.

Enamel & Chrome Folding Bar Cart

Folding Bar Cart
Bar Carts

If you are super cramped for space, then the perfect solution is this slick folding bar cart. When it’s party time, you’ve got a nice large cart with a rack for your bottles under the top shelf. When the party is over, it folds into a tight little package that, get this, still rolls, and can be moved behind a couch or to the back of the closet. It’s available in a few different colors, and would look superb in a retro style kitchen or home with mid-century detailing. These party plates would be a great accessory, too.

Clear Lucite Bar Carts

Lucite Bar Cart
Bar Carts

People seem to have a love/hate relationship with lucite, but when it comes to bar carts, there seems to be mostly love. It makes sense, though, because clear lucite blends well with any color scheme, and walks the line between utilitarian and modern aesthetics. This simple lucite bar cart has clean lines and neutral styling, so it’s a great choice for lovers of the chunky clear plastic. There aren’t a lot of frills, but I appreciate the lip around the edge of each level, helping keep objects from rolling off the side as you move from room to room.

Metal Bar Cart with Storage

Metal Bar Carts
Bar Carts

Excuse me while I put every single bar tool I own into this breathtaking metal bar cart. This thing is welded together within an inch of its life, and includes generously sized baskets to hold, well, you name it. I would use one for bar tools and necessities like napkins and swizzle sticks, and the other for garnishes and mixers. There’s a nice sturdy shelf on the bottom for your bottles, and plenty of space up top for mixing and serving. Especially perfect if you live in one of those converted warehouse lofts with the big sliding door.

Innovative Wooden Bar Carts

Wooden Bar Carts
Bar Carts

The designer of this unusual wooden bar cart certainly knows how to think inside and outside the box. Complete with several wooden bins, concealed drawer storage, and a cool leather strap so you can pull it around the house, you’ll practically be a distraction at your own party. I love that the entire top surface is made up of bins, making it almost impossible to lose anything while you’re rolling. This wooden bar cart would make a great coffee table, too, but furniture this beautiful deserves to be home to a well-curated liquor collection.

Catering Style Mobile Bar Carts

Mobile Bar Carts
Bar Carts

At the risk of looking like a cater waiter at a wedding reception, I’d like to put up a few points of defense for having your own black plastic mobile bar cart. First, they are designed to last for years of hard use, since they are made for a professional setting. Second, they are built for speed and efficiency, knowing that a good cater waiter needs to keep the line moving. Finally, it feels pretty cool to stand behind a professional-looking mobile bar cart and serve up drinks like you are a cool college kid who just “needs some extra cash.” A huge tip jar duct-taped to the top is highly recommended.

Triangular Black Bar Carts

Bar Carts

For every super fancy, feature-packed bar cart I find, there’s a simple option that seems just as appealing. I really love the triangular shape of this black bar cart, giving 60s office realness, but with a twist. This modestly sized rolling option is perfect for apartments, or even the deck, because you can role it into a tight corner when it’s time to play Twister. The classic black finish is durable and versatile, although some colorful accessories would help enhance the party feel.

Shiny Modern Bar Carts

Modern Bar Carts
Bar Carts

The beautiful thick frame on this modern bar cart make it seem substantial and significant. The metal is polished to an incredible shine, which is a trademark of modern decor. If you’ve got a Jeff Koons sitting around, it would look great on this bar cart. When you fill the top shelf with beautiful liquor bottles and decanters, you’ll want to pour a drink all the time, just so you can be near it. Serve your cocktails in platinum rim glasses, and everyone will want to put on their Sunday clothes.

Tube TV Retro Bar Carts

Bar Carts

Hands down the most innovative makeover for useless TVs I’ve ever seen. Even if you are still a youngster, you’ve seen these now quirky old TVs, with their spiky legs and strange oval-meets-rectangle screens. The outer design is always very appealing, but it’s the guts inside that are full of mercury and a picture tube that won’t even pick up an antenna signal anymore.

I’ve seen them turned into fish tanks and hamster cages, but this retro bar cart would make anyone tune in. Although it might not give you a lot of storage space, as TVs weren’t always as big as Fiat, you can squeeze in the basics, and make your guests happy every time you roll by.

Sculpted Silver Bar Carts

Bar Carts

There’s no need to hire a bar staff for your parties when you’ve got these two guys to hold up your bar cart. A design by South African artist Carol Boyes, this silver bar cart is actually made of pewter and cast aluminum, with glass shelves and striking good looks. The back wheels on this bar trolley have brakes, so you can keep it out all the time as a prized piece of cool furniture.

Wine Bar Cart – Bar Carts

Bar Carts

In some circles, everybody just wants wine. This wine bar cart is perfect for those groups of people. There’s plenty of room on top for popping corks, pouring wine, and laying out a spread of cheese and crudités. It’s also sturdy enough to pack with enough bottles of wine to quench the thirst of a fairly large group. The riveted edge and industrial inspired wheels carry the look of an historic vineyard, as well as your best vintage.

modern bar cart

If you’re tired of hiding your cocktail glass collection in a cupboard, maybe it’s time to consider a bar cart. The bar cart is both a storage solution and a decoration option in one. We spoke to 11 interior designers about their best proposals. Below you will find a stroller to suit any budget, space or style. And if you don’t know how to best stock your new bar cart, don’t worry; we have a guide where you will find the best gear you need to keep your cart fully stocked and styled.

Mercer41 Schroeder Bar Trolley PLN 250 – Bar Carts

“This mid-century bar trolley can use in any space. It is spacious and open, making it ideal for storing bottles, glasses and other bar utensils. The mirror and the metal details are also sophisticated, and I love the reflection that mirrors makeup. “—Natalie Kraj, designer.

Mid-century Walnut Bar Cart $ 499

“We love the simplicity of this mid-century masterpiece. The warm walnut is nicely topped off with a bit of brass, making it chic but not too shiny. It is the cart from which we imagine making whiskey on rocks. “—Chloe Pollack Robbins and Anna Cappelen, designers.

Gold Cole 3-Tier Trolley on Wheels $ 170 – Bar Carts

“Three shelves mean maximum storage. This golden cart can work in just about any style – gold is neutral – where you want to add a little sparkle. “—Alessandra Wood, Modsy’s vice president of a kind.

Glasgow Bar Cart $ 150

“The price of this stroller is unbeatable, and the bonus is that it looks sharp too. In black, it seems very Bauhaus and provides a solid graphic punch on a white wall. Besides my bar duties, it can serve several purposes – I’d like to style it with books and plants. – Liz Lipkin, Homepolish, designer

Alesandra Bamboo Rolling Wine Buffet Serving Cart $ 156

“I love this bar cart for summer and spring fun. Great colour options and fabric are great for an outdoor party. I also love the removable tray. It is convenient, and you can even store glasses in it. It is perfect for an evening outdoors. “—Natalie Kraj, designer.

Ernest Chrome Bar Cart $ 199

“When you have an empty corner that you don’t know how to design, this small round bar cart is the perfect solution. Its size makes it easy to fit in the smallest living rooms. “—Alessandra Wood, Modsy’s vice president of style.

Sika Design Oslo Trolley 348 – Bar Carts

“This bar cart is like summer. I love the balance between the retro wooden atmosphere and clean lines; glass adds lightness to it. “—Chloe Pollack Robbins and Anna Cappelen, designers

Wade Logan Purple Bar Cart $ 179

“This little bar cart is perfect for tight spaces. The transparent acrylic material makes it modern and doesn’t stand out that much. It has significant sections for storing glasses and bottles so that every centimetre is used to the maximum. “—Natalie Kraj, designer.

Sideloader South Seas $ 398 – Bar Carts

“This bar cart brings the atmosphere of a beach holiday all year round. I love the rattan look because it’s a bit relaxed but incredibly sophisticated. “—Alessandra Wood, Modsy’s vice president of style

Mercer41 Luis Clear glass trolley – Bar Carts

“Lucite and brass will always be a perfect match. This bar cart looks rich and fun. “- Chloe Pollack Robbins and Anna Cappelen, designers.

Bachelor Bar Cart

“Custom Roman and Williams barstools are available for purchase in a variety of wood and metal finishes. The craftsmanship of everything they design is of a higher level – they make modern souvenirs. “—Christine Gachot, co-founder of Gachot Studios.

A cupboard for drinks in New York – Bar Carts

“The New York Drinks Cabinet of the Australian Design House Grazia & Co is modern and timeless at the same time. Thanks to the folding front and folding top, this versatile piece can hide the essentials in a bar or show off crystal decanters. I like to put furniture in my homes that are not only functional but also sculptural and beautiful, and Grazia & Co has done it with this bar cabinet that can become a standalone piece of art at home. “—Amy Row, Homepolish designer.

Fuori 959 serving trolley – Bar Carts

“The Fuori serving trolley is designed and manufactured by the Danish brand Skagerak in FSC certified wood and powder-coated aluminium. It is brilliant because it can use both indoors and outdoors, and the design is a perfect blend of modern and industrial. —Sheena Murphy and Tor Sauder, Pune Design Studio

Selamat Heaslip Bar Cart $ 712

“I love the delicacy and detail of this stroller – it feels like summer is just around the corner. I imagine rolling it from the dining room to the terrace to play outside (if you’re lucky enough to have a place in the open air). – Casey DeBois, designer

“Our # 1 choice is the HB 128 bar cart, designed initially by Horst Brunning in 1968! —Sheena Murphy and Tor Sauder, Pune Design Studio

Bar Cart by Chris Earl $ 2,040

“This piece by Chris Earl is the perfect combination of usability and good looks. Every detail is so well thought out – I love that there is a mini sump where your favourite bottles are on hand and a place for a bar towel. Its clean, timeless silhouette emphasizes the warmth and beauty of the brass construction. – Liz Lipkin, Homepolish, designer

Perrie bar counter $ 1,400

“This strap is one of my favourites, and it is very versatile. It is neutral and clean with an unexpected terrazzo detail. Glass shelves are perfect for displaying more unique pieces with storage space to hide everything else. “—Larisa Barton, Homepolish designer.

Oomph mirror trolley, $ 1850 fireworks

“Simple, clean lines, but with an accent colour. I would complete the artwork above the stroller. The scale is also significant in small spaces. – Casey DeBois, designer

small bar cart – Bar Carts

The bar chart is a must-have in any artist’s living room – and it can serve as a functional décor in a hallway or office (hello, double-height storage!), But it turns out to work just as well as a bedroom décor – especially when you don’t use what’s on a lot. On him. Listen to me.

I recently bought a bar cart – something I’ve been dreaming of for a while. Being hesitant, it took a good internet search to find it. I wanted something silver, two-tier, round, not too big and with a glass stand. Eventually found one for around $ 100 from Home Depot that matched the bill.

Aside from not having loads of space in the living room to accommodate a bar cart in my shared NYC apartment, I felt the bar cart would complement the existing modern decor in my bedroom. So I strategically placed a few bottles of spirits and champagne (which I’ll break into eventually), wine glasses and martinis, coasters and an ice bucket, a shaker and a candle filled with crystals.

Combined with a neon sign that glows red when illuminated, the small area of ​​the bar makes my rectangular room appear larger, offering another piece of space. On one wall I have a bed and a wardrobe. On this window-flooded side of the street is my desk. The bar cart area is kept near the door, TV and dresser. It is essentially a bedroom, office and living room packed into one space. You have to work with what you have, right?

15 Best Bar Carts & Utility Tables Under $500 2022

Lesson learned: no matter the size of the room, a decorative bar cart can still act as an eye-catcher – mainly if you base your choice of alcohol on how pretty the bottles are – and in a smaller room, it will create a feeling of more multi-functional space.

You can also ditch the bottles and use them to store books, candles, blankets, beauty products, and maybe even turn them into a coffee shop! In any case, if you want to give your bedroom an unexpected, sublime touch, try out a decorative bar cart.

vintage bar cart


This gorgeous bar cart has a matte metal frame and faux wood shelves to meet your serving needs. The style is simple and retro.

It has racks that can hold up to 6 wine glasses or Nick and Nora glasses, perfect for serving modern cocktails in vintage glasses. It also comes with five compartments for a wine bottle or a slim alcohol bottle.

The upper tier is open and straightforward, perfect for larger liquor bottles, snacks, and stacks of plates. It is a beautiful way to serve friends in your home. and It is also ideal for coffee and pastries.

It is mounted on four metal wheels, so you can keep it out of sight if you wish and roll it out for special occasions.


This rattan cart is deceptively clever. It looks simple, but the six rings keep the bottles steady as you move the carriage on both sides of the bottom shelf.

It is a convenient little feature, especially if the reason you want it is that it can move around your home.

With blue and white patterned rattan surfaces, the vintage style goes perfectly with beach or marine décor.


We have been fans of this bar cart for a long time. It was designed to look like an old-world globe.

The top opens to reveal the ring storage space around the centre of the alcohol bottle.

The bottom shelf holds a range of bottles or other accessories. And in this little bar, every bottle is in a niche that has it securely. There is no chance of the bottle falling over and breaking.

The only thing you may be missing is a place for snacks or plates. Each part is intended for storing bottles or glasses.


This piece may be from the Art Deco period a hundred years ago. The pattern of interlocking diamonds on this bar cart makes it an element that will decorate your home as soon as you see it.

Rose gold adds a modern touch, and the glass shelves make it easy to clean. Thanks to the beauty of this item, it is easy to miss the three rings in the lower right corner that hold the alcohol bottles steady as you move the cart.

It is a work as functional as it is beautiful. It has handles on both sides, which makes it easy to roll up. You can put it away until you need it, or move it to the balcony or terrace when you want to drink drinks there.


If your stylistic aspirations consistently exceed your space, this is the bar trolley for you. It’s small and space-saving but gets the job done and looks great.

This golden mirrored shelf trolley may look tiny but is designed to hold tons of bottles, glasses and snacks. It is also great for serving coffee.

It is a compact cart that takes up little space and has everything you need to serve in style.


If rose gold and Art Deco glam aren’t for you, maybe this more industrial bar trolley will do it for you.

A unique feature is the metal hookahs that form the frame. It gives it an altered look that feels more like a home in the last century. U

This cart has plenty of space for bottles, glasses, snacks and plates on both shelves. All four wheels lock so you can stop traffic.


This trolley is just two simple shelves surrounded by golden hoops. It looks like something you’d see on an old TV show (where everyone was offered a drink the moment they arrived at someone’s home or office.

Mirrored shelves provide plenty of space to add wine racks, serving trays or anything else to help you keep items in your basket.

While there is no way to secure the bottles while driving on this cart, we feel the fantastic looks more than makeup. It might be a better choice for those planning to leave it in place rather than moving it around frequently.


It might be the cutest bar cart we’ve found so far. It is made of chrome and tempered glass, and it all depends on the graceful curves.

But what makes it so cute are the two big wheels at the rear. They also make it easy to carry, even on carpet or rugs.

It almost looks like an old bicycle, dismantled, refurbished and reassembled into a street vendor’s stroller. But it’s intended for home, and that’s clear.

It looks very gentle but

What is the point of a bar cart?

After all, the purpose of the cart is to be a place to actually make and serve cocktails, so be sure to leave an open workspace. Then, group items by theme (hard liquors, mixers, glasses, et cetera) and consider using trays as dividers.

Here’s a little cheat sheet for a well-stocked cart:

  • Tools: jigger, shaker, strainer, bottle opener, corkscrew, and ice bucket and tongs.
  • Basic boozes: vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey.
  • Extra-credit boozes: vermouth, St-Germain, Campari, and orange liqueur.
  • Mixers: juices, sodas, tonic water, and bitters.

Are bar carts still in?

Thankfully, bar carts are back, and we couldn’t be more excited. They offer classic style, convenience, and mobile cocktail fixings all in one! We’ve rounded up a list of the best bar carts we could find to help inspire you in your own search for the perfect bar cart.

What can I use instead of a bar cart?

Though your small space may seem better suited for a bar cart, there’s still a sideboard that can work for you, Mason assures us. “Anything with storage below and a cleanable surface works great.” Mason recommends

Bar Carts

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