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12 Money-Saving DIY Murphy Bed Projects Twin, Full, Queen & King 2023

Murphy Bed

12 Money-Saving DIY Murphy Bed Projects Twin, Full, Queen & King 2023

A brand-new fold-up Murphy bed purchased commercially and installed by pros can easily cost more than $3,000—and that’s not counting whatever mattress you pair with the bed. But a piece of furniture designed to save on space shouldn’t have to drain your bank savings.

Here are 12 DIY Murphy bed projects that won’t torpedo your bank account. Some of these projects use ordinary building materials available at any home center, while others feature mechanical hardware or other materials purchased from specialty retailers and used in various ways to create fold-up beds. Various IKEA product hacks make for especially ingenious DIY Murphy beds.

12 Money-Saving DIY Murphy Bed Projects Twin, Full, Queen & King 2023

Did you know? The fold-down Murphy bed is named after its inventor, William Murphy, who applied for the patent around 1900. Living in San Francisco where the local moral code frowned upon a woman entering a man’s bedroom, Murphy’s fold-down invention allowed his one-room apartment to serve as a parlor in which he could entertain friends of either gender.

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Although other forms of fold-up beds already existed, it was Murphy who invented the pivoting, counterbalanced design that caused his name to become attached to all hidden, fold-up beds.

The folding beds are undoubtedly an interesting answer from a functional point of view, since they provide an element for rest, without taking too much space from a room. That is why they are living a moment of glory when it comes to equipping indoor spaces.

A priori, all folding beds may seem similar, but … surely you have ever wondered:

  • : What use am I going to give the bed?
  • Is it going to be for one-off use or for continuous use?
  • At first glance, they all look the same …!
  • What details make them so different from each other?
  • What should I keep in mind when choosing one system or another?
  • My wall is plasterboard. Can it be attached well to the wall?
  • Are they safe systems?
  • Will it fold while I’m sleeping?
  • Is the safety of the mechanisms guaranteed?
  • Can any mattress work for me?
  • I have a LOFT. Can I use this system as a room divider without attaching to the wall?
  • I have a very small apartment. Are folding beds with a sofa practical?
  • Won’t it be tiresome to have to remove the sofa every time you want to open the bed?

That is why we are sure that this article will help you to find the most suitable solution for your particular case.


The price per square meter in recent years has imposed a type of apartment of increasingly smaller dimensions, which has forced designers to seek intelligent solutions that offer the possibility of dual-use rooms.

At we have been looking for a greater specialization in folding systems for several years, of which we offer different types and qualities.
A priori, if we look at the image of an environment equipped with this type of solution, it will be difficult for us to appreciate the nuances that make them so different from each other and it is precisely for that reason that a detailed article exposing the particularities that distinguish them.

About the modular programs available on our website, we always make a classification between BASIC RANGE, MIDDLE RANGE and HIGH RANGE, something about which we have already argued in our section “Product ranges”.

But when we restrict ourselves only to folding systems, this classification cannot be applied in the same way, since other details not visible to the naked eye must be taken into consideration.
In other words, a program finished in textured lacquer with marble dust particles, in terms of product quality, would be classified within a high range, but its folding systems may not be as sophisticated as those of another program, which despite using laminated boards, use hydraulics, or fittings that make them deserving of the highest classification.


In the folding beds belonging to the Basic Range, the rear beds are usually of less thickness and, generally, it is an independent piece that is nailed from behind.
This is something that over the years, or as a consequence of rough and prolonged use, can lead to several inconveniences:

  • The nailed backs never fulfill a function of structural reinforcement, but their function is purely aesthetic.
  • They have less resistance to lateral movement, something that with use will lead to oscillations and rocking of the structures, particularly in vertical elements.
  • Beds will always need a good wall anchor and are not suitable for plasterboard walls.
  • There are basic range models, whose folding doors even lack a back, leaving the same wall of the room as the bottom of the furniture.
  • Another very important fact is that the legs of these beds are usually manually positioned.
  • Some models do not have an anti-closure locking system and also lack floor levelers, something that to a greater or lesser extent the higher ranges do tend to have and avoid their vulnerability and lateral oscillations.


In the Medium Range, the backs of the beds are thicker (they measure between 8 and 10 mm.) And have a structural function. The sides are machined from the factory with a landfall that serves as a guide to insert the thick boards that serve as the rear, giving rise to very compact structures. This is an important fact since a folding bed is a moving mass and therefore very vulnerable to lateral oscillations. Poorly leveled surfaces can also affect its stability, which is why this type of backrest prevents any type of swaying and favors the durability of the furniture:

  • The interior shelves of the cabinets are 3 cm thick and are edged with PVC.
  • The hydraulic pistons used are more sophisticated, guaranteeing perfect and silent smoothness both when opening and closing the beds.
  • The beds come with an integrated slatted base as standard (the slats are inserted into the metal frame).
  • The advantage of a mattress is that its use has a significant impact on the life of mattresses, being able to choose without problems a memory foam or latex type mattress, not recommended to rest directly on the board.

12 Money-Saving DIY Murphy Bed Projects Twin, Full, Queen & King 2023

  • In addition, almost all the models in this range come with self-positioning legs by gravity and usually include an anti-closing locking system.
  • In this range you will not find self-supporting elements (they do not need wall anchoring), on the contrary, all these beds require a perfect wall anchoring and are not suitable for Pladur walls.
  • It is easy to find a wide offer for different mattress width measures, generally the most usual measures (80-90-135-150 cm wide) and in lengths of 180 and 2 meters, and special measures can be requested on request.
  • Likewise, we can find different structural backgrounds (38-45 and 60 cm) and both vertically and horizontally. The single beds and bunk beds are manufactured in 38 and 45 cm depths, leaving the 60 cm depth versions for the models that include a wardrobe with sliding doors in the upper part.

Other details to consider are also those related to the measurement options, the finishes, and the complements or accessories.

  • As for the mattress lengths, the usual are the standard measures, they are manufactured as standard for lengths of 180 and 190, and in most cases lengths of 2 meters can also be requested as a special measure.

12 Money-Saving DIY Murphy Bed Projects Twin, Full, Queen & King 2023

  • The range of handles, as well as tones and textures is very wide, thus facilitating the possibility of personalizing the environments.
  • In this range you will easily find state-of-the-art accessories such as multimedia accessories or shelves with LED lighting.
  • This product range is the ideal one if you plan to furnish your children’s room in a definitive and lasting way.
  • In terms of materials, mid-range laminates are of the highest quality, reaching surprisingly accurate finishes and sometimes (except for their edges), making it difficult to distinguish between an oak veneer board and a laminated board with oak imitation finish.
  • The advantage of a laminate material compared to a furniture made of noble wood veneers is above all its price and its durability.


In addition to sharing the features listed for the Measured Range systems, a series of extras that make them highly sophisticated systems are worth mentioning, such as the floor levelers in the structures (boxes that contain the beds), something tremendously important, since it avoids the misalignment of the structure derived from the inertia of the movement.
Of course, they have automatic opening legs in all folding beds) for perfect support, (except those that have an automatic folding desktop on the front, which requires a different system.

While in the mid-range, the backs of the bed storage units measure between 8 and 10 mm thick, in the high range, they measure almost 2 cm, exactly 19 mm thick. This thickness, which in principle may seem excessive if the knowledge of the stress tests to which the furniture is subjected before being sold is not deepened, represents an important structural reinforcement that prevents lateral movement and the mismatch of the structures with the pass of the time.

Another advantage is the small setback of 2 cm concerning the wall, which makes it easier to pass cables and divert sockets to a more accessible point. Regarding the opening and closing of the beds, high-pressure hydraulic pistons have been used that act in retention and compression (10-year guarantee).

All the models, both vertical and horizontal, in their different heights and structural depths, whether they are single beds or folding beds with a sofa or bench, are finished with slatted bed bases as standard. Horizontal folding systems with push-button locking up to a bed frame up to 105 cm. The 135 and 150 horizontal slatted beds and all the vertical ones do not have a safety lock.

1. 12 DIY Murphy Bed for Small Spaces

  • The DIY VillageJacque and her husband Matt from The DIY Village website built a Murphy bed for their craft room so it could double as a guest room. Depending on your budget, you could use hardwood, plywood, or MDF to construct this Murphy bed design. Jacque and Matt picked PureBond hardwood plywood. They say that this professional-grade building material enhanced the strength and beauty of their finished project. PureBond products are also formaldehyde-free and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. 

2. Build a Murphy Beds for Less

 Lori Wall BedsTechnically, a true Murphy bed has a spring or piston lifting mechanism that helps swing the bed platform up and down. The hardware does take the effort out of opening and closing, but it can more than double the cost of making the bed.  If you’re willing to sacrifice a little convenience to save money, consider ​the Lori Wall beds kit. It’s a mechanism-free solution that makes it possible to create a custom Murphy for much less money.

How does the Lori Wall Bed open and close? The design relies on good old fashion muscle power. To help counterbalance some of the weight, the bottom of the bed frame has rounded “rocker” edges that double as shelving when the bed is closed. Each Lori wall bed kit comes with building plans and assembly fittings (more than 200 hinges, screws, connectors, and bolts). Customers can pick from two types of bed orientations—vertical or horizontal—and from three different bed sizes—twin, full, or queen.

3. DIY Murphy Bed for Mere Mortals

  • We know you’re only human—and this makes this DIY Murphy bed by Steve at Woodworking for Mere Mortals the perfect choice. Steve specializes in designs for folks with limited budgets and zero building experience. To kick things off, he purchased a DIY kit from Murphy Bed Hardware. Just like the kit we mentioned earlier, it comes with all the stuff to assemble a lifting mechanism plus building plans for constructing the cabinet and bed frame.

4. A Modern Farmhouse Murphy Beds

This Murphy bed office combo by Katie at the Addicted 2 DIY website blew our minds. Katie created a one-of-a-kind furniture system that includes bookcases and desks. The frosting on the cake is the bed cabinet. When closed, it resembles a storage wall so those not in the know would never guess it conceals a mattress. The mechanism kit for Katie’s queen-size Murphy came from Rockler. She also downloaded the company’s step-by-step instructions for building the cabinet and shelving units. Afterward, she modified the building plans to suit her space and needs. 

5. IKEA Murphy Beds Hack

  •  Renovations and Old HousesPaul from Renovations and Old Houses were inspired to build his DIY Murphy bed using pieces from IKEA’s PAX series after his wife saw an IKEA hack from Herbie’s World and another from Jerry’s Projects. All three projects incorporated a floor-mounted bed frame with a spring mechanism from ​Murphy Bed Frame. When assembled and installed, it’s an all-in-one free-standing device that supports, lifts, and lowers a mattress. To conceal, just build a cabinet around it.

6. Hack-a-PAX Murphy Beds

  • HuskvernaHere’s another DIY Murphy bed that’s also a PAX IKEA hack. Norwegian blogger Calvin Gross from Huskverna says that if you’re making a unit for a full-sized mattress you’ll need several things, including two PAX wardrobe frames and a couple of LURÖY slatted bed bases.

7. Transforming Sofa

  • by Imgur user Avalon Awaked explains how to build a Murphy bed for a heck-of-a-lot less. The sofa and ottoman are from IKEA’s SÖDERHAMN series. To simplify the DIY process, he purchased The Next Bed—a Murphy bed mattress frame with a lifting mechanism that you can anchor to a wall or floor. The unit is very easy to assemble, but keep in mind that Avalon created a custom mount for the bed frame so it would open over the sofa. Afterward, he made a Murphy bed cabinet with built-in storage using white melamine-covered panels.

8. A Basic DIY Bed Using Rockler Hardware

  •  Make Something TVThis project by David Picciuto at “Make Something TV” shows how to make a simple Murphy bed using Side Mount Deluxe Murphy Bed Hardware from Rockler. Each kit includes instructions, but if you find them confusing, David’s video gives an overview of the steps.

9. Murphy Beds Fit For a Kid

  • Need to make room for a grade-schooler? Martin Vester used leftover parts from an IKEA Ivar storage system to create a small Murphy bed with built-in shelving for his tiny home office. What’s our favorite part of this project? Martin used three of the plywood shelves to create a bench for blankets and sheets.

10. Disappearing Murphy Bed

  • Many Murphy beds is freestanding pieces of furniture that you bolt to the wall or floor. The blogging sisters behind Junk in Their Trunk share instructions on how to create one that seemingly disappears like magic without using an expensive lifting mechanism. It’s built with ordinary framing lumber, sheets of wafer board for the platform, thin sheets of finish-grade plywood, and basic door hinges. 

11. Faux Murphy Beds for Tiny Spaces

  • Andrew and Crystal Odom are the tiny house dwellers behind Tiny Revolution, a site that promotes small-space living. Since they couldn’t fit a traditional Murphy bed in their home, they came up with a similar idea called the roll-out bed. What’s inside this two-box design? The front box conceals an accordion-style bed frame on castors. Inside the second one is a foam IKEA mattress.

12. Kit-Built Bed

  • This do-it-yourself Murphy Bed Kit by Wilding Wall Beds comes with everything you need to create a functional Murphy bed, including the pre-cut lumber. Once it’s assembled, ​you can customize the cabinet using crown molding, paint, and beautiful hardware. Kits are available in your choice of wood: alder, cherry,

Does IKEA have Murphy beds?

Ikea still doesn’t sell Murphy beds (no clue why!) so we have found a list of the cheapest Murphy beds you can buy online. We have focused on stylish beds that cost no more than you would expect from Ikea. Before we look at how you can build an Ikea-style model yourself we will take a look at what you can get ready-made.

Can Murphy beds kill you?

Murphy bed could kill you. If not secured and used properly, there have been incidents of Murphy bed-related injuries and deaths. The cases are few and far between. In 1982, the woeful tale of an intoxicated man being suffocated inside a closed Murphy bed made headlines

What is the difference between a wall bed and a Murphy bed?

A traditional Murphy bed is wall– or floor-mounted and uses elaborate springs and metal frames to raise and lower the mattress. A traditional wall bed, on the other hand, also uses a spring mechanism and includes cabinets on either side of the bed, so the bed appears as a regular wall when in the upright position.

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Why are Murphy beds so expensive?

In short, murphy beds are so expensive because of their use of expensive materials such as durable solid wood, and intricate mechanisms such as hydraulics or spring lift systems.

Does IKEA have Murphy beds?

IKEA does not sell Murphy beds. While they offer a wide variety of different bedroom furniture, Murphy beds are conspicuously missing from their product line. The reason IKEA has stayed out of the Murphy bed industry is the durability, and strength of their construction materials.

What is the difference between a wall bed and a Murphy bed?

A traditional Murphy bed is wall- or floor-mounted and uses elaborate springs and metal frames to raise and lower the mattress. A traditional wall bed, on the other hand, also uses a spring mechanism and includes cabinets on either side of the bed, so the bed appears as a regular wall when in the upright position.

How much does a good Murphy bed cost?

The average price of a Murphy bed is between $800 and $1500 for a high-quality frame in a twin, full, or queen size. However, Murphy beds can be as cheap as $454.99 and as expensive as $8199.99 depending on the quality of the materials and the features that include

Do Murphy beds need to be anchored to the wall?

The majority of Murphy beds on the market require them to be secured to a wall. Wall-mounted units attach to studs and can generally be moved without causing much damage. Traditional wall-mounted Murphy beds rely on air piston lifting mechanisms to raise the bed platform up and down.


Are Murphy beds hard to install?

Murphy bed usually doesn’t require a whole lot of installation. In most cases, you’ll be able to stand it up flush with your wall and fit it with screws. In other cases, you’ll need to attach it to a stud for extra stability

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