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10 Best Android Tablets with Keyboard 2023

Tablets with Keyboard

10 Best Android Tablets with Keyboard 2023

What are the best tablets with keyboards in 2021? There are a lot of options with Windows 10, Android, and iPads. You can get docks, covers, and some offer touchpads. Here are the best tablets with dedicated keyboards you can buy in 2021.

Keyboards are quite important if you want to get some serious work done. You can get different styles of keyboards. Some manufacturers offer hard keyboard docks and others slimmer and softer keyboard covers. Usually, you’ll have to buy them separately.

Part of this list are tablets running Windows, Android, iPadOS, and Chrome OS. In the past, Windows tablets were the most interesting ones if you needed a keyboard. But by now, you can get very interesting options with Android, Chrome OS, and iPadOS as well. I reviewed all of them and you can find links to each detailed review below.

Best Tablets With A Keyboard: An Overview

Here is a quick overview of the best options I can recommend right now.

  • Outstanding budget tablet: Lenovo Duet Chromebook (on Amazon*). The Lenovo Duet Chromebook is not the best overall tablet, but it offers a fantastic value for its cheap price. I think for many students that are on a budget, this can be the best choice. We’re getting a great design, a good 10.1-inch full HD screen, an optional stylus, and the keyboard is included for free. The Duet Chromebook is running Chrome OS, will be updated for 8 years, and thanks to the Google Play Store, you can install most Android apps.
  • Best Windows tablet with a keyboard: Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (on Amazon*). The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the best Windows tablet out there. We’re getting a premium design with a premium keyboard called the Microsoft Type Cover. That means because it has high-end internal hardware, you can use it just like any premium Windows laptop. It’s the best choice for demanding Office work if you need to use Windows apps.
  • Best iPad with a keyboard: Apple iPad Pro (on Amazon*). The Apple iPad Pro 2020 generation is the best choice if you’re mostly looking for a standard high-end tablet that can also be used with a keyboard. Apple is selling the Magic Keyboard separately which has an integrated touchpad and it’s an amazing choice to get some work done. You can get the iPad Pro with an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch screen and the keyboards are being sold in both sizes.
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10 Best Android Tablets with Keyboard 2023

  • Best Android tablet with a keyboard: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+ (on Amazon*). The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ are the best Android tablets overall that you can also get with official keyboard covers. I like the keyboard a lot and together with the Samsung DeX desktop mode, you can use these Android tablets similar to a laptop. Samsung is selling separate keyboards for the 11-inch S7 and 12.4-inch S7+. Besides their screens, they’re almost identical.
  • Great iPad Pro alternative: Apple iPad Air 4 (on Amazon*). For many, the Apple iPad Air 4 can be a better value than the 11-inch iPad Pro since both works with the same Apple Magic Keyboard. The iPad Air 4 has a 10.9-inch screen and the performance of the Apple A14 is similar. Unless you want a 120Hz screen or the bigger 12.9-inch version, the Air 4 is the better choice for many.
  • Interesting Windows alternative: Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i (on Amazon*). The Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i is an interesting alternative to the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. While its internal hardware is a bit slower, it usually is cheaper, and the keyboard and stylus are often included. It has a bigger 13-inch screen, a premium-feeling design, and the keyboard can be used while attached but also while separated from the tablet.

10 Best Android Tablets with Keyboard 2023

  • Best 10-inch Windows tablet: Microsoft Surface Go 2 (on Amazon*). The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is the best 10-inch Windows tablet with a keyboard right now. Its body is as high-end as its bigger brother and you can get it with an equally great but smaller Microsoft Type Cover. The performance is fine for Office work but not good enough for more demanding apps like Adobe Premiere Pro or Photoshop.
  • Cheaper 10-inch Windows alternative: Lenovo Yoga Duet 3i (on Amazon*). I think the Lenovo Yoga Duet 3i can be a great alternative to the Surface Go 2 if you don’t need much performance and want to save some money. The keyboard is decent, and it’s usually included. It’s a nice little tablet for basic Windows tasks. But again, don’t expect it to run too demanding apps or high-end games.

10 Best Android Tablets with Keyboard 2023

  • Mid-range Android tablet with a keyboard: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (on Amazon*). The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a mid-range alternative to the Galaxy Tab S7 and one of few Android tablets that you can get with an official keyboard cover. That keyboard is decent and just like on the Tab S7, you can use the Samsung DeX desktop mode. Its internal hardware is weaker and there’s no stylus option but it’s a great mid-range Android tablet.
  • Cheapest iPad with a keyboard: Apple iPad 8  (on Amazon*). The Apple iPad 8 is the cheapest iPad you can buy right now, and Apple is selling an official keyboard called the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio. While it’s much lighter than the Apple Magic Keyboard that’s being offered for the Air and Pro, it’s not as good. The keys don’t offer much travel and there’s no touchpad. I think it’s a great travel keyboard. But if you want to write for hours every day, I would either spend more money or buy a generic desktop-class Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad 8.

Best Tablets With Keyboards: In-Depth Look

Let’s check out these tablets in more detail.

Lenovo Duet Chromebook: Outstanding Budget Tablet

Lenovo Duet Chromebook on* Amazon

The Lenovo Duet Chromebook is certainly not the best overall tablet out there. But I think it offers such an amazing value if you’re looking for an inexpensive tablet with a keyboard, that I have to mention it right at the beginning. If you’re on a budget and want to save some money, this can be the best choice – especially for students.

Usually, the keyboard for the Duet Chromebook is included at no additional costs. It consists of two parts. There’s a back cover that attaches magnetically and has an integrated kickstand. You can use it without the keyboard for watching movies. And then there’s the keyboard itself that’s being attached using a magnetic keyboard. It’s not the most premium-feeling one, but it works well and has a decent touchpad.

One highlight of the Duet Chromebook besides its price and keyboard is the Chrome OS operating system. With it, you’re getting a desktop-class Chrome browser including all the extensions. At the same time, you can install most Android apps from the Google Play Store. Chrome OS works as a desktop operating system when the keyboard is attached, and as a more mobile-friendly one if it’s separate.

10 Best Android Tablets with Keyboard 2023

A major advantage compared to all Android tablets is that it’s supposed to get updates until June of 2028.

The tablet itself is good for its price but not as outstanding as higher-end ones, of course. We’re getting a part metal, part plastic body, a good 10.1-inch full HD screen, and a MediaTek processor that’s fast enough for Office work and many games. Just don’t expect to run demanding titles like Fortnite on here.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Best Windows Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 on* Amazon

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an expensive tablet, especially since you’ll have to buy the Microsoft Type Cover separate, but it’s the best choice running Windows. Due to the Windows 10 operating system and its internal hardware, you can use the Surface Pro 7 just like any other Windows PC. That means you can use the full desktop version of Microsoft Office, for instance, as well as pretty much all other Windows programs.

I think the Type Cover is one of the best tablet keyboards out there. It’s attached using a magnetic connector and it has a magnetic strip which allows you to use the keyboard at an angle. That’s more comfortable and more stable when using it on your lap. The keyboard feels comfortable, the keys have a great travel, and the touchpad is good too.

You can get the Surface Pro 7 with Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, as well as up to 16GB of RAM and a 128GB up to 1TB SSD. The 12.3-inch PixelSense display is a pretty one and you can navigate it with a stylus called the Microsoft Surface Pen.

Like all Surface tablets, the Pro 7 has a premium-feeling magnesium body with an integrated kickstand. Using USB C, you can connect lots of accessories including printers and external monitors.

Apple iPad Pro 2020: Best iPads With Keyboards

Apple iPad Pro 2020 on* Amazon

The current 2020 Apple iPad Pro generation are the best iPads with keyboards. For both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you can get two different kinds. If you want to get lots of work done, the best one is the Apple Magic Keyboard. Here, the keys do have real and good travel and a touchpad is build-in. With this, you could replace a laptop.

You can also get the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio which is a lighter travel cover. A touchpad is missing here, and you can only press down the keys a little bit. So, I wouldn’t use it for hours every day. But it can be a great and light travel option.

With iPadOS, you can get a surprising amount of work done these days. Keyboards are well supported and you can even connect a generic mouse now. Inside the App Store, you can find tons of professional apps including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. They’re not as feature-rich as the desktop versions are, but they come close.

You can get an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro which both are very bright and support 120Hz. Besides that, they’re the same as the Apple A12Z Bionic processor, 6GB of RAM, and between 128GB and 1TB of internal storage. You can get cellular versions too. And if you want, you can also get the Apple Pencil 2 which is an active stylus.

I think the iPad Pro can be a better choice than the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 if you don’t need to fully replace a desktop machine or if you don’t need a specific Windows app or feature. I can’t fully replace my Windows laptop with it yet. But it’s an amazing machine while traveling.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+: Best Android Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ on* Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ are the best Android tablets on the market right now. And Samsung is selling excellent keyboard covers for both.

Here, that accessory consists of two parts. One is a back cover with an integrated kickstand that attaches magnetically to the back of the tablet. You can use it without the keyboard too. The second part is the keyboard which attaches magnetically as well. It’s a well-made keyboard. The keys have a real travel and the touchpad is decent. I wrote tons of articles with it.

Vanilla Android might not be the best operating system for productivity work at first sight. But in fact, Samsung has added lots of interesting features. You can open apps in free-floating windows, for instance, just like on Windows. And there’s a Samsung DeX desktop mode build in that transforms Android into a kind of desktop operating system.

12 Best Tablets with Keyboards in 2021, Buyer’s Guide …

Just like for iPadOS, you can get apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and they work great. But others like Adobe Photoshop don’t exist like this for Android. Still, I think this can be a great choice if you love Android and also if you want to save some money compared to an iPad Pro.

The biggest difference between the 11-inch S7 and 12.4-inch S7+ are their displays with the later one having a Super AMOLED screen. Both support 120Hz and can be navigated with the S Pen stylus that’s included for free. With their Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor, they’re faster than all other Android tablets. You can get versions with 6GB or 8GB of RAM, 128GB up to 512GB of storage, as well as versions with 4G and 5G.

Apple iPad Air 4: Great iPad Pro Alternative Tablet with Keyboard

Apple iPad Air 4 on* Amazon

If you don’t need a 120Hz screen or a LiDAR sensor, the Apple iPad Air 4 offers you a much better value than the 11-inch iPad Pro. Many aspects are the same and that includes the basic design. It means that you can use the same keyboards with both tablets.

So, with the iPad Air 4, you can use the excellent Apple Magic Keyboard with keys that offer a real travel and an integrated touchpad. But you can also use the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio which is a more travel-friendly keyboard that I wouldn’t use for hours every day.

The iPadOS operating system is the same. So, you can use apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator too. If you want, you can use it with the Apple Pencil 2 which is an active stylus.

Apple ships the Air 4 with an Apple A14 Bionic processor that has access to 4GB of RAM. You can get it with 64GB or 256GB of internal storage, and there are cellular options. The 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display is not as bright as the 11-inch iPad Pro screen and it’s a 60Hz one instead of 120Hz. But many people won’t notice a big difference.

Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i: Interesting Surface Competitor

Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i on* Amazon

The Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i is an interesting alternative to the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Usually, it’s a bit cheaper, especially since the keyboard and the active stylus are often included. And the keyboard is a good one. While you can’t use it at an angle like with the Surface, you can use it completely detached from the tablet. That’s possible because it has its own battery and Bluetooth.

I think the keyboard is a good one and that it can be a Bluetooth one too, is very interesting. That allows you to have the Yoga Duet 7i sitting on a table while the keyboard sits on your lap, for instance. It can be especially useful on a plane or train where space is tight. And since it’s running standard Windows 10, it behaves like any other Windows PC and you can use full desktop apps like Microsoft Office and others.

Lenovo is shipping the Yoga Duet 7i with a 13-inch IPS screen which is pretty and supports an active stylus. You can get it with an Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processor with up to 16GB RAM and an up to 1TB SSD. With that being said, in my review, it was noticeably slower than the Surface Pro 7.

So, I think it can be a great choice if you like this kind of keyboard and if you want to save some money compared to the Pro 7.

Microsoft Surface Go 2: Best 10-Inch Windows tablet

Microsoft Surface Go 2 on* Amazon

I think the Microsoft Surface Go 2 is the best 10-inch Windows tablet. It has a similar premium-design as its bigger brother and you can get it with a Microsoft Type Cover too. Because of its 10-inch screen size, the keyboard is a bit smaller than the Pro 7, of course. However, I still think Microsoft makes amazing keyboards and this is no exception. The touchpad works well too.

Out of the box, it’s running Windows 10 in S Mode but you can switch to standard Windows 10 Home with just a couple of clicks. After you’ve done that, the Surface Go 2 behaves just like any other Windows PC with full Microsoft Office support and so on. The performance is a bit too weak for demanding games or Photoshop work but fine for Office stuff and most things students do.

Top 10: The Best Tablets With Keyboard – 2023 Edition

We get a pretty 10.5inch full HD screen that also supports the Microsoft Surface Pen. That means it can also be a great OneNote tablet. You can get versions with an Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y processor and with an Intel Core m3 8th generation chipset. The latter is faster, of course. Microsoft is selling versions with 4GB and 8GB of RAM, as well as a 64GB eMMC storage or a 128GB SSD.

The Surface Go 2 can be a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a small Windows tablet with a great keyboard. But unlike with the Surface Pro 7, I wouldn’t replace a desktop machine with it because the performance is too slow for that.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3i: Cheaper 10-Inch Windows tablet

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3i on* Amazon

The Lenovo Yoga Duet 3i is a cheaper alternative to the Microsoft Surface Go 2. Its basic design is very similar and that goes for the keyboard cover as well. I think it’s a well-made keyboard with a decent touchpad. Usually, it’s included, so it can be quite a lot cheaper.

Since it’s a Windows tablet, it behaves like any other Windows machine. But the performance is weaker than the Surface Go 2. And that also means while Office apps run fine, I can’t recommend it for more demanding work. But it can be a great little Windows machine if you want to write while traveling.

Lenovo is shipping the IdeaPad Yoga Duet 3i with an Intel Celeron N4200 up to an Intel Pentium N5040 processor. You can get it with 4GB and 8GB of RAM, and 64GB or 128GB eMMC storage. There’s optional pen support and the 10.3-inch screen has a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Mid-range Android tablet with keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e on* Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is one of few mid-range Android tablets that are being sold with an optional, official keyboard cover. I don’t think that the keyboard is as good as the one for the Tab S7. But it can be a great alternative if you want to save some money. The keys work fine but there’s no touchpad integrated.

Just like with the Galaxy Tab S7, the Galaxy Tab S5e is running Android 10 thanks to an update and it does support the Samsung DeX desktop mode. That means that together with the keyboard and an additional mouse, you can have a similar desktop experience. You can use the mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and they work great.

The S5e has a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen that is very pretty. It has lots of premium features like great speakers, a fingerprint scanner, and a full and super-slim metal body. But the performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 is quite a bit weaker than the Snapdragon 865+ of its premium brother.

Still, I think the Galaxy Tab S5e can be a great choice if you’re looking for an Android tablet with an official keyboard cover and you don’t want to spend lots of money.

Apple iPad 8: Cheapest iPad with keyboard

Apple iPad 8 on* Amazon

The Apple iPad 8 is the cheapest tablet that Apple is selling and for it, too, you can get an official keyboard cover. While it does not work with the Magic Keyboard that’s made for the Pro and Air 4, you can get an Apple Smart Keyboard Folio. Here, you can’t press down the keys much and there’s no touchpad built-in. It’s a good travel keyboard but if you want to work with it for hours every day, I would get a better Bluetooth keyboard instead.

Since the iPad 8 is running iPadOS, you can use the fantastic mobile versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. And you’ve got access to the huger number of professional apps inside the App Store that are optimized for iPads.

Best tablet with keyboard 2021: top tablets you can type on

Because of its Apple A12 Bionic processor, it’s faster than many Android tablets. We get 3GB of RAM, 32GB or 128GB of internal storage, as well as optional cellular versions. You’ll have to live with the old Lightning connector, which is a bit of a downside if you’re not an iPhone user.

The 10.2-inch LCD screen is a good one overall. However, it’s the only one on this list where the screen is not fully laminated. It has a visible air gap between the touchscreen and the IPS layer. That means that if you work with the Apple Pencil, which is supported, it can look as if you’re not touching the display directly.

Other Interesting Choices Tablet with Keyboard

There are a couple of other tablets with official keyboard covers that have been released recently. I did review them too, of course, but I don’t think they’re a great choice for most people. That’s why I can’t recommend them at the top. But for some, they might be a good fit.

Remember that you can also use almost every Bluetooth keyboard with almost every tablet. I tested a couple of ones and you can find the best Bluetooth keyboards for tablets here. And if you’re looking for other choices, you can find more recommendations here.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Tablet with Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Pro X on* Amazon

The Microsoft Surface Pro X looks like a much more modern and cooler version of the Surface Pro 7. And in fact, many aspects are as good and even better. The Type Cover sold for the Pro X is fantastic too and it’s a great tablet to use with Microsoft’s Office apps. But it’s not a great fit if you need Windows for standard desktop apps.

Inside the Surface Pro X runs an ARM processor that’s made by Qualcomm and Microsoft. The operating system is Windows on ARM which is specifically made for ARM chipsets. Apps that are made for Windows on ARM run great and that includes Microsoft Word, OneNote, and so on. But many other and especially traditional apps like Adobe Photoshop don’t run as well. That includes drivers for printers and other accessories too.

So, for some, the Surface Pro X might be an amazing choice. But for the traditional Windows user, it’s not good enough yet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Tablet with Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 on* Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the predecessor of the Galaxy Tab S7. It continues to be a great tablet especially if you want to save some money. I like almost all aspects of it a lot. But I was disappointed a bit by the official keyboard cover. While the keyboard itself is fine, the back cover is not connected by magnets but by a sticky material that kind of works like a suction cup. It’s a messy design if you want to remove it occasionally.

You might be fine with that, so check it out. And if you want to use another Bluetooth or USB keyboard anyway, then please go ahead and take a closer look. As I said, the Galaxy Tab S6 itself is a great tablet, I was just disappointed by the keyboard cover itself.

The S6 has a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, the S Pen stylus is included, and inside runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor that is powerful enough for demanding games like Fortnite. It got an update to Android 10 already and it does support the Samsung DeX desktop mode.

Lenovo IdeaPad D330 Tablet with Keyboard

Lenovo IdeaPad D330 on* Amazon

The Lenovo IdeaPad D330 is the predecessor of the Lenovo Yoga Duet 3i. If you can save some money and want an as cheap as possible Windows tablet, it continues to be a decent choice. But keep in mind that it’s slower starting with its Intel Celeron N4000 processor. And the cheapest version has a 10-inch HD screen only. I would advise you to get the full HD version with an Intel Pentium N5000 chipset.

Lenovo is selling versions with 2GB and 4GB of RAM and with up to 128GB of internal storage. It’s running standard Windows 10, so you can use standard Windows apps as long as they’re not too demanding.

For the IdeaPad D330, Lenovo is selling a solid keyboard dock. Because of its 10.1-inch screen, it’s a small keyboard, of course, but it’s a good one overall. And since it’s a dock, the combination is as stable as a standard small laptop is.

What about Huawei tablets?

Huawei is selling a couple of tablets with official keyboards as well. But I’m sure you’ve heard of the trade disagreements between the United States and China. That’s why the Google Play Store and all Google Services including YouTube, Chrome, and Gmail are missing on newer Huawei tablets. And you can’t install them without much hassle yourself.

I think most people looking for an Android tablet want to use Google stuff. And since there are good alternatives from Samsung, Lenovo, and Apple, I think most will be happier with those. But if you’re a huge Huawei fan, you can check out the Huawei MatePad Pro which you can get with an official keyboard.

Which is the best tablet with a keyboard for you?

First, you should think about what kind of tablet you need. There are several kinds and everybody wants something slightly different.

For instance, the keyboards of some tablets are so good that you can replace a premium laptop with them. Among those are the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro 6, for instance.

Others like all Apple iPads or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 are excellent second devices. They’re great tablets with good and portable keyboards. But I would not replace my notebook with them. At least not if I need to write lots of text every day.

After thinking about that, you probably know which kind of tablet is best for you already. Next, you can think about your budget. How much are you willing to spend?

You should also consider operating systems. For some, it makes sense to choose a Windows 10 device. Others like to be in Apple’s ecosystem and if you’ve got an iPhone, you’re probably better off with an iPad anyway.

How I Review Tablet With Keyboards

I’ve been reviewing almost every tablet that has been released in the last couple of years. And if the manufacturer is offering an official keyboard cover, I do my best to test it as well. For my reviews, I usually do a couple of standard tests. I run benchmarks to test the performance, run a battery test, and use it privately. Do standard tasks like watching YouTube and Netflix, surfing the web, and playing games perform well?

Well, if the tablet has an official keyboard, I use it to work with too. I’m writing tons of articles every week and I write those on the tablets I’m currently reviewing. I was able to work well with all devices on this list. Most of my reports are written in Microsoft Word which works well under Android, iPadOS, and Windows.

You can check out my reviews to see what I’m exactly testing with each tablet. All of them are linked above.

The best tablets with keyboards at a glance

  • Microsoft Surface Go.
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2 (15-inch)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.
  • Lenovo Miix 630.
  • Surface Pro 7.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen)
  • iPad Pro 12.9.
  • Google Pixel Slate.

The 10 Best Tablets With Keyboard For 2021

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+
  • Lenovo Tab P11 Pro.
  • Microsoft Surface Go 2.
  • iPad Air (4th Generation)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7.
  • Apple iPad 10.2 (8th Generation)
  • Lenovo Chromebook Duet.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

What is a tablet with a keyboard called?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5eSamsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Mid-range Android tablet with keyboard. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is one of few mid-range Android tablets that are being sold with an optional, official keyboard cover.

Tablet with Keyboard

Also on this list is the excellent Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, an Android tablet with a DeX desktop interface, which can be used to double as your laptop.

Do Samsung tablets have keyboards?

Well, that depends on the exact device you are thinking of purchasing. Some tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Tab S5e, and Galaxy Tab S4 support official keyboard covers.

However, you will usually have to buy them separately. Other tablets like the 8-inch Galaxy Tab A series, for example, don’t have official keyboards. With that said, you can connect Bluetooth to all current Samsung tablets.

8 Best Tablets under $100

  • Lenovo Smart Tab M8.
  • Amazon Fire 8 HD 2020 #Best-Seller.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite.
  • Amazon Fire 7.
  • Vanko MatrixPad Z1.
  • Dragon Touch 7-inch Tablet.
  • Alldocube iPlay 7T.


Android devices with a keyboard can be used as a replacement for a laptop. That is, if you want something portable. Although they may not have all the features of a laptop, what they do have is flexibility.

You can easily transform them and use them to suit your needs. It’s like enjoying 2 devices on 1 tablet: a tablet and a laptop. There’s even a bonus: a digital sketchpad if the device comes with a pen. It may not be that many 2-in-1 Android tablets or keyboard tablets. So the ones we feature here are guaranteed to be the best among the few.

While we think these are all great, we think the ultimate keyboard tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Not only does it look great, but it also meets expectations. It surely won’t disappoint. But we are sure that you may also have a personal favorite among the list. So feel free to let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

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