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Why is Appliance Repair so Expensive? Prices Explained

Why is Appliance Repair so Expensive? Prices Explained

Why is Appliance Repair so Expensive? Prices Explained

Major appliances play a big role in each homeowner’s life. From fridges to dishwashers, these machines are designed to make people’s chores easier. When they break down, homeowners rush to fix the situation quickly before it causes inconvenience for the entire household.  

Buying new appliances is often out of the question due to high prices. Replacing an appliance before its lifespan is up can be expensive. That’s why homeowners turn to repair services.

Appliance repair is a highly demanded service. Many companies are ready to respond within 24 hours to keep the inconvenience to a minimum. The prices these technicians charge can vary since they depend on a variety of factors.

Do you think that appliance repair is expensive? Let’s take a look at why it might be.

1. Type of Appliance

Since all appliances are different, the costs to repair them differ as well. For example, complex appliances like fridges may require more time and effort to fix than garbage disposal. Diagnosing problems with complex appliances is also time-consuming and complicated. Meanwhile, there are only so many things that can break down in a simple appliance.

The more time a technician spends diagnosing and repairing the problem, the more you can expect to pay for repair. For example, the average price of fridge repair is $200 – $330. The cost of dishwasher repair can be as high as $600.

2. Spare Parts

When an appliance malfunctions, it could be due to a broken part. From pumps and motors to seals and bulbs, spare parts can be expensive. The price of a replacement part is included in your final bill.

The cost of these parts can depend on many different factors. The more complex and expensive the appliance is, the more expensive the spare part is likely to be.

Meanwhile, the problem with some of the old appliances is the lack of new parts. If the manufacturer stops producing an appliance, the spare part manufacturing stops as well. Then it can take a while to find the right part for your machine.

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3. Emergency Services

When an appliance breaks down, you want to fix it as soon as possible. For some of them, you can wait for the technician to come within a week. For others, you need immediate assistance.

For example, your dishwasher could be leaking or you could hear a burnt smell coming from the dryer. These problems need fast help.

Emergency services are usually more expensive than planned services. According to Hartman’s Jacksonville appliance repair experts, you could pay 10% to 50% extra for same-day responses. Some technicians charge a flat emergency call-out fee, which can sometimes be higher than the cost of the repair.

4. Consultation Fees

Sometimes your problem may seem minor but still cost up to $100 to fix. Why does this happen? Many companies charge consultation or a minimum fee for their services. This is their way to protect themselves in case the repair turns out to be minor.

Since the company still needs to pay technicians their salary, it’s not reasonable to have them spend hours on commute only to do a $5 repair. That’s why there is a minimal fee. Before calling an appliance repair company, make sure to ask what this fee is.

The size of the consultation fee may vary depending on the company’s location and the technician’s experience.

5. Location

The location can have an effect on the price of appliance repair. In some states, fees are higher than in others. Additionally, if you are located far away from the repair company, they may charge more for the time technicians spend on commute.

Take the time to find an appliance repair company nearby. This can help you cut costs and enjoy faster service.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to appliance repair services, many factors can affect their cost. To cut costs, you want to take time to find a reliable repair company in your area in advance.

In most cases, appliance repair is less costly than replacement. However, if the expected lifespan of your appliance is almost up, you may save money by buying a new one. 

Why is Appliance Repair so Expensive? Prices Explained

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