Top Ways To Save More Energy And Lower Your Utility Bills

Top Ways To Save More Energy And Lower Your Utility Bills

Top Ways To Save More Energy And Lower Your Utility Bills

If you want to live the life of an energy-efficient household owner, there are many ways that you can adapt to do so. These methods include saving energy by adjusting your habits or improving the household in general. People consider energy conservation for two reasons: they feel passionate about protecting the environment or cutting down on the electricity bills. In this guide, we have a few suggestions to help you embark upon this energy conservation journey.

Bring a Change in Your Behavior

It is about time to bring some energy-efficient changes to your daily habits. The journey to conserve energy is not only about buying relevant products but is more about changing your habits, for good. In simple words, you can save resources by merely switching off the appliances or lights around you when you are not using them. Another good habit is to minimize the use of devices that consume a lot of power. Instead of relying too much on electrical appliances, get into the habit of doing things manually because it is more efficient and a lot more fun. For example, instead of using a dryer for washed clothes, you can simply hang them outside and let them air dry; or, avoid using the dishwasher and wash the dishes manually. It’s all the simple choices in our routine tasks that can make a big difference.

Get Efficient Light Bulbs

So, you want to save energy without breaking a lot of sweat? One sure way to do this is to change the light bulbs you have around the house. Usually, an average household has many incandescent traditional lights but the drawback of these lights is that they consume a considerable amount of energy. A good lighting alternative is to go for energy-saving LED bulbs, halogen bulbs, or CFLs because all of these save more on electricity. Although you may find the energy-efficient light bulbs a little pricey than others, it is still a worthwhile investment that lasts for a long time.

Go for Advanced Power Strips

The appliances are still using electricity even when they are switched off. This phenomenon is known as ‘phantom load,’ which is a significant reason for unnecessary electricity dissipation. According to an estimate, this type of energy consumption accounts for about 75% of energy load. One easy solution is to use the advanced power strips that help you avoid this phantom load problem.

Get a Programmable Thermostat 

With an advanced programmable thermostat, you can easily cut down on energy consumption by setting it to automatically reduce the cooling or heating while you are away or not actively using it. With a programmable thermostat, you can make your home an energy-friendly space without upgrading the HVAC system. These thermostats are available in different models, and you can choose one based on your weekly consumption schedule.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Appliances

Your appliance contributes to about 13% energy consumption, and you can cut it down by simply selecting more energy-saving devices. While buying an appliance, consider the initial price and its yearly operational cost. These appliances may often come with a higher price tag, however, they lower the electricity charges in the long run.

Implement Water Heating Alternatives

This is another culprit that accounts for a lot of energy dissipation. To resolve this issue, you can buy a water heater that is more energy-efficient, or you can consciously use hot water less often or set the thermostat to a lower temperature or simply get an insulated water heater. Another great idea is to insulate the water pipes (both hot and cold) for up to 6 feet.

In case you have been mulling over the idea of purchasing a new water heating system, carefully consider the type of model you will go for and whether it will save more electricity or not. For instance, the tankless water heaters are pretty energy efficient but they are not a great choice if you have a large family because they will not handle simultaneous or multiple hot water usage. With an energy-friendly water heater, you can save energy by up to 300% though make sure that you are considering your family’s needs.

GE Washing Machine Laundry

Nowadays, energy consumption has gained a lot of attention, and it has various advantages too. Not only can you save your hard-earned dollars but you can increase the value of your property and help save the environment as well. With small and simple steps, your household can make a big difference in reducing the energy consumption crisis. So, use the ideas shared above and add more to the list. The most important thing is to take the first step.

Top Ways To Save More Energy And Lower Your Utility Bills

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