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Tips for designing a small bedroom

Tips for designing a small bedroom

Tips for designing a small bedroom

Small bedrooms are becoming the present and a thing of the future, especially with modern city apartments. Due to populations in major cities, apartments have become smaller and smaller. Decorating small spaces is not a walk in the park either. You have to think about the furniture. Furniture placement, and your lifestyle as well as other things. In this article, we focus on how to decorate a small bedroom for people living in tiny spaces. 

Here are some tips that will help you create the bedroom of your dreams, even when you have limited space. 

A simple layout

Considering the layout of a room is essential when you are planning to furnish and decorate it. This way, you only get pieces that will fit into your design, and in this case, fit into the space of the room. The position of the bed is just as basic as any other bedroom size. A popular approach is positioning the bed at the center of the biggest wall in the room, but you might not have enough space for that. So, the best layout would be to place the bed adjacent to the wall furthest from the door. This will give you enough space to arrange any other furniture in the room. 

Get a comfortable bed

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Tips for designing a small bedroom

Being comfortable is important, regardless of how much space you are working with. A comfortable bed will not only help you fall asleep faster but you will stay asleep for longer and your body will have time to relax. Some people think that getting a smaller-sized bed will take away the comfort but that is not always the case. These UK mattress surveys show that a quality mattress has the ability to keep you comfortable and well-rested. A quality mattress also goes hand in hand with quality, comfortable beddings, sheets, and pillows. 

Multipurpose furniture 

There is nothing better to save more space in a tiny bedroom than get multipurpose furniture. A wall bed can save you a lot of space in your micro condo or tiny apartment. It is designed to utilize the vertical space on your wall, leaving more room on your floor space for other things. The headboard and space around wall beds is converted into storage, so you will not have to get a separate wall shelf for your books, picture, and other décor pieces.  Other multifunctional beds that do not go into the wall have storage spaces built underneath so you won’t have an additional wardrobe to take up space in your bedroom. 

More light is better

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Tips for designing a small bedroom

Adding wall lights, chandeliers and lampshades will only make your tiny bedroom feel more cluttered. Instead, try adding more natural lighting to the room. Make sure there is no furniture blocking the light from the main windows into your bedroom. Use bright curtains and sheers to allow more light into the room during the day.

Do you need a Nightstand for reading? Why not get a minimalistic one? Modern headboards can be built into the wall next to your bed, leaving more floor space around the bed. The nightstand also provides you with space for a lampshade to add extra light to the room during the night. 

Utilize all awkward corners

Finding storage space in tiny bedroom spaces requires you to be a little creative. First, start by utilizing all weird corners in the room. You can place some floating shelves to act as extra storage for books, framed pictures, small plan décor, and more. 

Another awkward storage space is on the wall above your headboard. Instead of getting a huge headboard for your bed, consider using that space to build shelves or a wardrobe. Or in place of a plain headboard, get one with small storage spaces built into it so it can double up as a headboard and storage solution. 

Use Space illusion tactics

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Tips for designing a small bedroom

Adding illusions is a great decorating solution if you are living in a tiny apartment. We mentioned earlier that adding a lot of natural light will create illusion of more space. Mirrors work hand in hand with the lights. All you have to do is add a huge mirror that reflects more light into the room. It will also make the space appear bigger. Another way to create an illusion of space is by using bright, gentle colors on the walls as well as the decor. 

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Tips for designing a small bedroom

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