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These 4 Problems Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your AC Filter 2022

These 4 Problems Will Happen If You Don't Change Your AC Filter

These 4 Problems Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your AC Filter

If you’ve ever suffered through a summer without an air conditioning unit, you probably understand the mental and physical health benefits of having a constant supply of gloriously cool air. Air conditioners help keep a house at a cold or moderate temperature, even on some of the hottest days of the year.

It’s easy to see how air conditioners are highly valuable for temperature control, however, you might not know that air conditioner maintenance is just as valuable. When it comes to addressing both physical and financial health, there are certain servicing functions on your unit that should be overlooked at your peril.

Interested to know what kind of issues you invite when you neglect to keep your AC filter clean? Read below for 4 not-so-great results of having a dirty or outdated air conditioner filter.

1. Harm Your HVAC System

Though HVAC systems are essential in modern residences for air regulation and temperature control, they don’t come cheap. Proper maintenance of all your HVAC systems should be considered a top priority. Companies like Magnolia Heating and Cooling offer affordable and reliable repairing and maintenance services for a number of systems, helping them achieve maximum performance and longevity.  

An HVAC system can run well into the thousands- no small fee for the average consumer. Luckily, most houses sold on the market today come ready with pre-existing systems. Unluckily, a lack of system maintenance can result in costly repairs or drastic decreases in life expectancy. In fact, clogged air filters can cause the entire system to be overworked and result in the need for a whole new HVAC system. Since this can cost anywhere from 4 to 12 thousand dollars, it’s undoubtedly worth it to keep an eye on your AC filter.

  1. Breathing Issues

Have asthma or allergies? Changing the filter on your air conditioner might be the best thing you can do to ease your symptoms. According to the recommendations made by filter gurus at, to best prevent further breathing issues in asthmatic or allergy-ridden homeowners, filters should be changed every 6 weeks. Indoor air quality is notoriously bad, however, it doesn’t have to be.

Even if you don’t suffer from a pre-existing breathing condition, breathing issues can still result from breathing air that is dirty or full of irritants. The best way to ensure cleanliness and ease of breath is to make sure that the filter you rely on to purify your air is doing the job right.

These 4 Problems Will Happen If You Don't Change Your AC Filter
These 4 Problems Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your AC Filter

3. Higher Energy Bills

When it comes to the cost of running your HVAC system, it all comes down to efficiency. The harder your system has to work, the less efficient it is, and the more costly it is to run. If your AC filter is congested or clogged, an increased amount of air will have to flow faster to achieve the same cool temperatures.

As a result, neglecting to change your AC filter can make your energy bills skyrocket. If you’d like to save money every month, the answer is simple. By taking into account your usage, home size, and existing air quality, you will better be able to estimate how frequently filter changes should occur.

4. Dangerous for Young Children

One of the most compelling reasons to change your air conditioner’s filter regularly is air quality, but did you know you need to be especially careful if you have young children? Particularly vulnerable and susceptible to illness, young children are prime victims of breathing problems and require clean, fresh air.

The same way you would avoid smoking around an infant, checking your AC filter thoroughly and often is just as crucial. This will also stop the build-up of pet hair and can prevent secondary issues like mold growth. If you are serious about giving your young children a healthy and safe environment, you’ll want to ensure that AC filters are swapped out as frequently as possible.

A healthy HVAC system might not be the first thing on your mind as a homeowner, but the reality is, it probably should be. On average, air filters cost around 40 dollars, so changing out your filter shouldn’t be a big hassle or a big expense. On the flip side, not changing out your filter can mean some serious problems. If you’re looking to save money, protect your family, keep your HVAC system running well, all while maintaining good quality air, the fix really couldn’t be easier.

These 4 Problems Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your AC Filter 2022

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the type of AC filter you have, and take your home environment into account. If you’re a smoker, you may want to consider changing filters more frequently. There is no magic number of days, but keeping an eye on the health of your filter is easy, free, and can preserve the state of your finances and health.

What happens when you don’t change AC filter?

If you don’t change your AC filter, it will begin to fail. It will no longer be able to filter the air properly, letting dust and contaminants get into the AC. Dust jams the moving parts of an AC such as fan motors and valves. Airflow is restricted which creates a strain on the system.

These 4 Problems Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your AC Filter

These 4 Problems Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your AC Filter

These are the 4 main problems that a dirty pollen filter causes in the car. Do not forget to replace it periodically as part of the maintenance.

Periodic maintenance is key to keeping the mechanics of the car in good condition and avoiding possible derived breakdowns. This type of review generally includes replacing oil, filters, and belts, and we should not overlook any of these components. Today, we will analyze the 4 problems that a dirty anti-pollen filter causes in the car.

The cabin or anti-pollen filter is responsible for preventing dust, dirt, and bacteria from entering the car’s interior through the air conditioning system. In this way, the effects of allergies are reduced, and a more pleasant environment is enjoyed for all passengers.

These 4 Problems Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your AC Filter 2022

In addition, the pollen filter is not only responsible for filtering impurities from the air that reaches the passenger compartment but also prevents humidity from being created or the windows from fogging up. The existence of dust on their surface also causes the small particles that make it up to act as absorbent elements that attract water and become mist or larger drops.

For this reason, they point out from ALQUILER that it is important to keep the clean car inside. The anti-pollen filter comes into action, which is also responsible for retaining dust particles, mites, and bacteria, preventing them from entering the car’s interior.

The concentration of these impurities can affect people with allergies or respiratory problems and the proper functioning of the car. For this reason, it is essential to check the condition of the pollen filter and, if necessary, replace it.

What are the 4 main problems caused by a dirty pollen filter in the car?

Changing the pollen filter is quite inexpensive, especially considering the consequences it can have on our vehicles and our long-term health. 

In addition to promoting allergies or respiratory problems, when the filters are clogged, it can also lead to:

  • Greater cost in fuel: the air conditioning systems must work more and, therefore, more energy is consumed.
  • Problems in the fan: When the filter becomes saturated, it does not allow air to pass through, so the fan motor must work harder. In addition, the dirt that the filter is no longer capable of retaining can adhere to the fan and cause its engine to seize and even burn out.
  • Impurities and unpleasant odor: If the filter is not in good condition, bacteria and mites can increase, end up suspended in the air, or accumulate in the ducts and surfaces of the vehicle, causing health problems and bad odor.
  • Air conditioning malfunction: Dirt can clog and even perforate the evaporator (where the air is cooled).

Don’t forget to check your car’s pollen filter condition regularlyConsult the vehicle’s service manual for the recommended usage periods of the filters and when they should be changed.

These 4 Problems Will Happen If You Don’t Change Your AC Filter 2022

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