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The Ultimate Guide To Entertaining Outdoors 

The Ultimate Guide To Entertaining Outdoors 

The Ultimate Guide To Entertaining Outdoors 

Life shouldn’t be all work and no play. Sure, work is essential, as it pays for your food, shelter, activities and even holidays. However, what’s the point of working your whole life if you don’t find some time to have fun here and there?

Enjoying your free time with your nearest and dearest is one of the most enjoyable things to do in your leisure time. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a drink, some food and some chatter with your close friends or family. 

And hanging out together outdoors is a lovely way to connect with those close to you. However, what if you’re not quite sure about the best way to host an outdoor shindig?

Well, relax, because in this helpful article we’ll share the ultimate guide to entertaining outdoors. 

Invest in Heating Solutions

Your first step should be to invest in some outdoor gas or electric heaters. Without these, your outdoor area will be off-limits for half the year due to the weather. However, you can entertain year-round with an outdoor heating system without worrying about your guests being uncomfortable due to the cold. 

Gas heaters are a good choice; however, they require gas to fuel them, so you’ll need to consider swapping out cylinders once they run out, which you need to take a trip for, and pay for the new cylinder. This is worth considering, as this takes a little bit of time and cost. 

Electric heaters may be better because you don’t have to stress about their fuel running out. That said, they will contribute to your power bill, so factor this into your decision.

Create Some Ambience With Lights

The next tip to guarantee an unforgettable outdoor experience is to decorate your backyard with some gorgeous fairy or festoon lighting (or both!).

This will create a glittering, sparkling ambience that will enchant and dazzle your guests and have them itching for another visit. 

Drape the lights around tree limbs, over pergola beams and across your fences. 

A good tip here is to choose solar-powered lighting. This means that you won’t have to pay extra on your power bill. However, be warned that on an overcast day, your lights won’t glow quite as bright as if the sun was out in force. 

Music Matters

It’s not a party without some music. When entertaining outdoors, you should consider having some music playing. There are a few options here. If you are on a budget, you can invest in a small Bluetooth speaker that can connect to your devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

If you have a larger budget, you could install some hi-fi speakers in your outdoor space, especially if you have a verandah roof or a balcony roof. These can be linked to your indoor stereo system, so you’ll have the same music playing indoors and out.

Whatever your sound system setup, the next step is to curate a playlist full of amazing tunes that you and your guests will enjoy.

Depending on the party’s vibe, you can either keep the music to a just audible level to create an excellent background soundtrack to the conversation or, if things get rowdy, you can crank it up so people can have a dance. 

Plan a Menu

There’s nothing worse than getting to a few hours before your party and realising that your fridge and cupboards are bare. 

Plan your menu in advance to avoid any last-minute panic and rushed trips to get groceries.

If you’re putting on lunch or dinner, pick a few dishes and ensure you have the ingredients a few days before your event. Then you can spend the time before the party cooking and getting everything ready.

If you’re hosting an afternoon tea or a later evening event, you can quickly put out a few things to nibble on, such as a fruit and cheese platter or a charcuterie board. 

Have a Variety of Drinks

The last tip is to have a well-stocked fridge with a selection of tasty beverages for your guests. You may want a case of beer and a few bottles of wine. 

Ensure you have some tasty options for those who don’t indulge in alcohol and designated drivers. There is a growing market of craft ultra-low alcohol beers, which are tasty and an excellent option for those abstaining. You can also ensure you have some fruit juice, flavoured mineral waters and classic soft drinks as well.

In Summary

Follow this ultimate guide to entertaining outdoors to ensure that your guests enjoy a lovely time in your yard and will hang out for their next invite. 

From outdoor heating solutions to ambient lighting and sound systems, we’ve covered what you need for an unforgettable outdoor party set-up. 

Don’t forget to plan a menu to avoid the last-minute rush and supply a range of delicious drinks. You’re all set now; enjoy your event! 

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The Ultimate Guide To Entertaining Outdoors 

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