Reasons Why Learning Online is Better Than Learning in Classrooms

Learning Online

Reasons Why Learning Online is Better Than Learning in Classrooms

The world is evolving and hence the emergence of online learning. So are you wondering what the benefits of learning online are? Or which is better between classroom learning and online learning. Well then, worry no more because we have all the answers you need in this article. We have analyzed and done in-depth research to bring you this article. It focuses on comparing classroom learning and online learning to help you make the right decision.

Why do people love learning Online?

Online learning is an industry that has been growing rapidly every day. As a result, many people are opting to study online these days. The platform was first tried out in the 2000s, and since then, the number of students enrolling to learn online has been growing each day. 

In the United States of America, an estimate of 32% of the available students are studying at least a single long-distance course. 

The number of students attending classroom learning has also decreased at a rapid rate. Between 2016 and 2012, the number of students decreased by a million students. The decrease has been gradually increasing over time, and online learning seems to be gaining popularity.

The fact that learning online has all the features that learning in classrooms has made it even more popular. The enrollment process is the same, with students expected to have passed in all the required subjects. It is, however, cheaper than in-class learning, another reason why it has become quite popular. You can also pay someone to do homework and you will have more time to find additional work and start building a career.

However, online learning has not overtaken in-class learning due to several reasons that we shall discuss in this article. 

To make it more understandable, I have divided the points into disadvantages and advantages.

Advantage: Freedom and Flexibility

While learning online, students enjoy a lot of freedom as compared to when they study in classrooms. In addition, the hours are friendly and even flexible. Thus, making it easy for students who would like to study part-time. 

Some courses are pre-recorded, meaning you get to study at your own pace. You can be able to pause and rewind the parts that you did not understand. Doing so helps students grasp content a lot easier as compared to face-to-face learning. The online platforms also offer a variety of courses that you can choose from.

It, therefore, gives you the advantage of having many options which you can choose from. Registering is easy and accessing their material even easier. Hence taking the course, you have always dreamed of might be one click away.

Disadvantage: Lack of self-discipline and self-control

Some students find it comfortable to study in the classroom; hence switching to online learning can become intimidating. However, that is what the pandemic did. It forced the people who thrived in face-to-face learning to switch and cope with the online learning conditions. 

The online learning trend has led to a lack of discipline in classrooms, which has led to a decrease in students’ performance. Many students also fail to attend classes as the lecturer does not note them.

Advantage: Reduced Cost

The cost of studying online is lo while compared to studying in class. You only have to pay a small amount of money to register, and you are good to go. In addition, you learn at the comfort of your home, hence saving gas money or fare. You also get to eat homemade meals, which means you save on the money you would have spent eating out.

However, studying in classrooms is very costly when you consider the school fee: transport money, and even lunch money. Therefore, students studying in the face-to-face programs get offered student loans to help them out. However, the loan is to be repaid in full, plus an additional interest cost. Hence it is expensive.

Disadvantage: Education has reduced quality 

Studying online is not as productive as studying in classrooms. The fact that your homework is not well checked. And you do not get direct feedback on questions that challenge you makes it less productive. Many parents have sued universities requiring them to have their tuition money returned to them. They complain about the academic quality is low and not worth the money they paid as school fees.

Reasons Why Learning Online is Better Than Learning in Classrooms

Advantage: accessibility

You can attend online classes at any place and at any time. The lecturer only needs to communicate the time, and the students make arrangements to access the sessions. Hence you can be able to study in the comfort of your house. Also, some courses are pre-posted; hence you can even access them at any time of the day or night.

Disadvantage: inequality

Students come from different regions. Some have good internet access while others do not. Hence this brings about inequality in accessing classes. You will find some people missing classes because they did not have sufficient bundles to access the sessions. Others live in areas that do not have electricity. And as we all know, electronic materials require electricity to function. 

Advantage: Asynchronous and synchronous

In synchronous learning, the students study together. The lecturer sets the time to meet up, and all the students attend at the same time. It gives room for discussion and interaction between members of the same course. In asynchronous studying, the students study personally. Lecturers provide assignments for the students to work on remotely. 


Studying online has been growing at a high rate. And with the occurrence of the pandemic, many learning institutions have moved their classes online. If you are considering taking up an online course, then I hope this article has helped you.

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