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Praying Medic: Audio Books, Biography, Blog, Medical, Pray, Clinical 2022

Praying Medic

Praying Medic: Audio Books, Biography, Blog, Medic, Medical, Pray, Clinical psychology 2022

Praying Medic is a paramedic and author living in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2009, he has written about the miracles God has done through his medical practice paramedic and author living in Phoenix, Arizona. Since Learn more about Praying Medic. Browse Praying Medic’s best-selling audiobooks and newest titles. Discover more authors you’ll love listening to on Audible.

Praying Medic, the pseudonym of a man from Arizona who has become one of the most popular and influential performers of the writings of the mysterious entity known as Q, left Facebook after the social media announced a crackdown on pages promoting the QAnon plot.

Defeating Your Adversary in the Court of Heaven Praying Medic
Praying Medic

QAnon, a set of baseless online conspiracy allegations, typically alleges senior officials cover up secret sex crimes and other evils. It has become a major problem this election season as more activists support the idea and Republicans, including the president, have been slow to condemn it.


Also this week, a page for an Arizona-based militia mobilization group was removed. This page was not posted to support QAnon, although supporters of Rise overlap with other activists who are supporters of QAnon. Facebook previously announced that it was disabling accounts that encouraged violence.

INVESTIGATION: How the AZ Patriot Movement Became a Political Force

God Speaks: Perspectives on Hearing God's Voice Praying Medic
Praying Medic

In a video posted Tuesday, Gilbert’s Dave Hayes, whose Praying Medic character has amassed more than 750,000 followers on Twitter and YouTube, said he voluntarily removed his pages from Facebook and Instagram before they were unintentionally unpublished. “It’s either I’m removing them or they’re going to be removed,” he told the Q news that he regularly produces. Countless other Arizonans have lost their Facebook pages as a result of the crackdown the social media site announced on Tuesday.

QAnon enters politics

Facebook had previously said it cracked down on websites that encouraged violence, either by citing the QAnon plot or through militias. But, in a post on Tuesday, Facebook said that had proven to be insufficient and that it was shutting down any page promoting the fake QAnon plot, which started on the sidelines but entered into political discourse squarely. General public.

Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps Praying Medic
Praying Medic

Dozens of congressional candidates across the country, including two Republican candidates in Arizona, posted articles on Q. Two Arizona state lawmakers also posted Q content, though one said he regretted it. At least two candidates for the state legislature are Q members.


Facebook said it was expanding its ban on QAnon because nonviolent discussions between believers were causing damage in the real world. He cited false concerns that the wildfires in California and Oregon were caused by Antifa or similar left-wing groups, diverting resources from public safety. Your stories live here. Fuel the passion of your hometown and connect with the stories that define it.

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Facebook had already taken action against Praying Medic, according to articles written by Hayes on his blog. In May, he said he lost administrative control of the page because his posts on QAnon violated Facebook standards. He said the posts and videos stayed, but he had no control over adding new posts.

It was not immediately clear whether Facebook was re-establishing Hayes’ administrative access and, if not, how he was able to voluntarily delete his page prior to the crackdown. Hayes did not respond to a request for a telephone interview.

Praying Medic
Praying Medic

INQUIRY: Years before QAnon, Arizona radio host had the same ideas

Hayes, since December 2017, has provided viewers with message summaries and information about the Q phenomenon in a calm, down-to-earth voice that belies the grim and grim outlines of the conspiracy imagining a ruling global cabal of pedophiles.

The QAnon theory is based on the assumption that a government agent with a top-secret Q-level security clearance posted cryptic messages on online message boards that suggest events taking place behind the scenes.

While the posts are subject to interpretation, the central narrative has President Trump investigating the perversions of a decades-old secret ruling class. There are beliefs that leaders need children and babies to have sex and for a nourishing chemical in their blood. Mass arrests, according to theory, are imminent.

Praying Medic
Praying Medic


Hayes was a self-proclaimed paramedic and atheist until, as he described on his website, God spoke to him in a dream and told him to pray for those in his ambulance. He is the author of several spiritual books under the name of Praying Medic. He started following QAnon a few weeks after Q’s first post in October 2017.

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