Practical Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Filtration System

Practical Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Filtration System

Practical Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Filtration System

Having clean drinking water is a basic human right that not everyone – not even in America – has access to. While modern filtration systems are found in many households in Western countries, they are not as widespread as we would like to believe, given that there can be discrepancies between federal and state regulations.

Of course, the crisis in Flint, Michigan is a stark reminder of this sobering fact. If you are a homeowner and have the means to do so, you may be looking into installing a water filtration system. This is not just a good financial investment that will increase your property’s value; it will improve your quality of life in many ways.

Friends, the following are a few important, practical reasons as to why your home should definitely have its own filtration system.


Let’s start with the most important and practical reason of all: health and safety. With a water filtration system in your home, you can enjoy access to safe drinking water at all times. This is incredibly important, especially when you consider the dire consequences of drinking unhealthy – and unsafe – water. Depending on where you live, your water may have a surprising amount of ugly contaminants.

Pollutants like heavy metals can be found in drinking water, and they have a negative impact on your health. They can also make the water taste truly foul, and it will be hard to stay motivated enough to drink the doctor-recommended eight glasses of water a day. Drinking unsafe water can have profound implications for your health and that of your family, so ensuring that you have access to a safe source right in your own home is deeply important.

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Environmentally Friendly

If the water you have access to at home is contaminated, you will probably find yourself purchasing plenty of water bottles. By now everyone should know that single-use plastic creates a ton of waste and plays a serious role in the acceleration of the climate crisis.

As the Bullhead City experts at suggest, if you want to help preserve the environment, then a water filtration system is your best bet.

Even if you are mindful about recycling all those plastic bottles, you’re probably aware of the fact that not all of these bottles can be disposed of or recycled. They’re incredibly wasteful, and hard to destroy. Relying on a filtration system to stay hydrated as opposed to buying lots of bottled water is a better way of safeguarding the environment.

Save Money

As we’ve already established, water bottles are terrible for the environment. They are also very costly. If you’re buying bottled water for yourself and the entire family to use at home, the cost adds up very quickly. You may be spending hundreds of dollars a year, without realizing it. You can and should do other things with that money. Installing a water filtration system will stretch your dollar, and will save you even more money in the long run. 

Cancel Out Plumbing Issues

One truly awful impact of having poor quality water in your home is that it includes pollutants that are not only bad for you but also for your plumbing. Things like harsh minerals, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals in your water can lead to the corrosion and damage of your pipes and any other household appliance that relies on water. However, water filtration can help by removing these issues from the equation, to begin with.

By eliminating these damaging factors, you are not only saving money and taking better care of your own and your family’s health, but you are also extending the life of your pipes and hot water heaters. Plumbing is incredibly expensive, so if you can eliminate one of the biggest headaches coming your way due to unsafe water, then there’s no reason for you to not do so.

Reduce Limescale

Another horrendous side effect of having bad water in your home is the buildup of limescale. This is the chalky water deposit that comes from the buildup of minerals and lime in your water. Limescale can build up in pipes and appliances, leaving a nasty residue while also making the water taste unpleasant. Having a filtration system can get rid of this almost immediately.

Practical Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Filtration System
Water Filtration System

Water is the most essential element that your home and body need to keep running, which is why not having access to clean water can affect you in many ways. An expertly installed water filtration system will help ensure that you and your family are safe and healthy. It will also go a long way in protecting your home and keeping your appliances running smoothly.

Practical Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Filtration System

Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It? If you’re using well water: definitely yes. You will need a good filtration system that can remove sediments, rust, chemicals, heavy metals, and microorganisms to protect your health as well as household appliances. It will be worth every single penny you spend on it.

Most homeowners pay $1,400 – $2,100 for water filtration system installed by a pro. The cost ranges from about $360 for a basic DIY system to more than $3,500 for a professionally installed system with advanced filtration features.

On average, whole house water filters will last for the following lengths of time: Pre-Filter: Three- to Six Months. Carbon Filter: 12 Months. Post-Filter: Up to One Year.

Water softeners cost $800 to $2,500 on average for whole-house systems, depending on the size, type, brand, and installation costs. High-end brands like Kinetico or Culligan water softener systems cost up to $5,000 to install.

Installing a whole house filter system could take an experienced plumber two to four hours. If you’re installing it yourself, then it may take a little longer depending on your level of experience.

How long does the pitcher filter last? The filters are rated to last up to 100 gallons or 6 months (whichever comes first). Please Keep in mind that the lifetime ratings are on average. They could last less time depending on how often they are used and the content of the water.

Practical Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Water Filtration System

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