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Porch Perfect outdoor, indoor, Patio Dealer, Fruitland Park, FL 2022

Porch Perfect outdoor, indoor, Patio Dealer, Fruitland Park, FL 2022

Porch Perfect outdoor, indoor, Patio Dealer, Fruitland Park, FL 2022

With Porsche Connect, your Porsche is finally entering the digital age at full speed. Thus, and thanks to intelligent services that simplify day-to-day tasks, the time you spend in your vehicle will be even more pleasant.

In this way, you will have an excellent analog driving experience, perfectly integrated into the digital environment.

Among other information, on this page, you will find out what services make Porsche unique. Connect.

Porsche Connect overview

Characteristics – porch perfect

These features are just a small selection of all the functions and services Porsche Connect¹´² offers you. In the Porsche Connect Store, you will find an overview of all the parts available for your vehicle.

Go to view – porch perfect

¹ The basis for Porsche Connect is the LTE phone module. It has a SIM card reader for high operating comfort and optimal data connection. You also have a SIM card suitable for LTE included in the set in certain countries.

² The range of Porsche Connect varies by model and country availability. The information on this page is intended to provide an overview. To find out the service availability in your vehicle, please log in to the Connect Store with your Porsche ID.

1. Register – porch perfect

To use Porsche Connect, you need a Porsche ID – your key to the digital world of Porsche. If you have purchased your Porsche from a dealer, you will receive an email with your Porsche ID and a registration link in My Porsche. If you have not received the registration email, please contact your Porsche Center. In any other case, please log in to My Porsche directly.

2. Activate services – porch perfect

In My Porsche, you can activate the services separately or purchase them after the free period has elapsed. The 8-digit connection code you need to use Porsche Connect services in your vehicle is displaye on the My Porsche main page. For Porsche Connect services, your car must have a configured Internet connection. Further information and instructions can found in the Porsche Connect Store. 

3. Use services – porch perfect

With your Porsche ID, you can connect your vehicle with your smartphone. The Porsche Connect app enables your smartphone to access Porsche Connect services. In this way, you can use the various services and functions of Porsche Connect directly in the PCM or access them via your smartphone. You also can use My Porsche and configure and activate the services on your computer or mobile terminal.

Do you have any more questions? porch perfect

You can get more information on the availability of services as well as answers to your questions about registering and activating Porsche Connect services in your vehicle at the Porsche Connect Store.

Ken Hake. He has seen the oceans of the whole world. Yet Ken Hake can imagine going back to where it all began, the minor waves: to Sylt. Sometimes the way back home is marked with detours. Today, with the support of the Porsche Connect app, we have taken away your beloved 911 for a day and loaded the surfboards into a Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

First Mile. Ken Hake pulls the Porsche 911 out of the garage because he wants to grab some of his 25 surfboards and drop them off in the Cayenne this morning. It is not just any Porsche 911, but one of approximately 200 built 964 Turbo 3.3 units with the factory power increase.

Porch Perfect outdoor, indoor, Patio Dealer, Fruitland Park, FL 2022

Now we have to take the “born islander,” as Ken calls himself, his Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 for the next 24 hours. The Cayenne and a task await you: you have to test the functions of Porsche Connect. Ken has prepared for the appointment and, with the help of the Porsche Connect app, has already planned a route for today. The intermediate stop is the perfect wave, as always in the life of a surfer.

“I’m amazed at how easy the transition from smartphone to vehicle Connect is and how easily it got me to my destination.”

“When I was little, my father still moved with maps. Luckily, those times are past. I find it great to sit on the couch and set up a new route on the phone. Then you have to get in and start”, says this 39-year-old father while looking at the mobile screen.

“First Mile / Last Mile Navigation” is a service based on the Porsche application that allows you to navigate wirelessly to the car and the last few meters from parking to destination. «The app is fascinating and well integrated. 

Porch Perfect outdoor, indoor, Patio Dealer, Fruitland Park, FL 2022

I’m amazed at how easy the transition from the smartphone to the car’s Connect system is and how easily it got me to the destination,” says Ken, who relies on Porsche Connect’s still-unknown surf spot search. Smartphone-enhanced navigation not only guides Ken through the last mile but down to the last meter. All he has to do alone is get into the water.

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Porch Perfect outdoor, indoor, Patio Dealer, Fruitland Park, FL 2022

“I have a lot of affection for the brand, for the passion for Porsche, not for the Porsche status symbol .”

Sylt was almost 70 years ago the cradle of the German surf scene; shortly after learning to ride, Ken learned to surf and ride a scooter. 

Later he became a German surf champion and became a member of the national team; At the age of 18, life took him to San Diego, USA, where he studied economics and marketing and worked part-time in a skate shop. Due to a job offer that he couldn’t say no to, in 2010, he moved to Hamburg, where he lives with his wife and daughter, closer to his roots. To this day, he runs his brand, “Marine Machine,” and works as an agent in the world of fashion.

In addition to his passion for surfing and skateboarding, what brings him to life is an air-cooled Porsche. For this reason, in August 2018, together with his friend Angelo Schmitt, he founded the Petro-Surf Festival in Sylt. “There are cool motorcycling and surf festivals all over the world, but no events that bring together surfing and air-cooled Porsche s. Many people love the Porsche brand, and they love air-cooled models. 

Porch Perfect outdoor, indoor, Patio Dealer, Fruitland Park, FL 2022

It was about time there was a special meeting,” explains Ken. «For me, 911 symbolizes freedom; I love driving it. He’s a bit like my mechanical brother. Petro-Surf, composed of the words petroleum, retro, and surf, is the union of two vibrant cultures, the expression of a way of life for Ken. Ken has long been planning the second edition of his Petro-Surf festival for July 2019.

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Porch Perfect outdoor, indoor, Patio Dealer, Fruitland Park, FL 2022

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