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Plants vs. Pets. Which Option Is Better for a Student?

Plants vs. Pets. Which Option Is Better for a Student?

Plants vs. Pets. Which Option Is Better for a Student?

Some people find it very difficult to choose between animals and plants. Who is better to have at home? There are many arguments for and against each variant. For example, the plant does not need to be walked, but it constantly needs to be watered. Moreover, it is obvious that you will not be able to play with it.

When we talk about student life, the choice becomes even more difficult. Students often have no free time for themselves, not to mention some spare minutes for a little friend. If you’ve ever been a student, then wondering “who would help me pass an exam” or turning to a service that will help with homework is familiar to you. There is no room for thinking about someone else.

Nevertheless, it is always possible to find a way out of a difficult situation. Let’s consider the issue and find out what is the best option for you!

Pros and Cons of Indoor Plants

The first and indisputable advantage of indoor plants is that they purify the air and eliminate harmful chemical components. Moreover, some flowers can absorb nicotine, reduce stress, and ease depression. Of course, it is the biggest advantage for students who always seek something to calm their nerves. Plants can perform this function perfectly – they cleanse the atmosphere in the house and create a favourable aura.

Before you decide to purchase a houseplant, think about the place you will choose for it. Sometimes, even with thorough care, the flower simply dies because of the wrong placement. If you live in a student dormitory, consider which place will be the most peaceful and inviolable. For example, some plants require shading, while others, on the contrary, need an abundance of sunlight throughout the day.

Pay attention to how often you can water the plants. If you are short of time and tend to forget about the details, then you should not buy moisture-loving ones. 

A Pet in the House – Advantages and Disadvantages

Caring for a small creature is an opportunity to develop a sense of personal responsibility. A pet can also help you overcome loneliness and relieve depression.

Even so, is it reasonable for a busy student to get an animal? Since owning a pet while studying at a university or college can significantly improve the quality of life, it is important to make the right choice. You must carefully weigh the existing conditions (physical, temporal, and financial) and figure out which pet best suits your individual lifestyle.

What is the first thing everyone associates pets with? Spending money on special food, vitamins, a veterinarian, cleaning the litter box, and fighting wool on the carpet? The list is non-exhaustive. But what do we get in return from our little friends?

The indisputable advantages of getting a pet include the following:

  • a source of warmth and affection;
  • pure friendship;
  • means of training to be more disciplined and responsible;
  • a positive effect on physical and mental health.

There is no point in getting a pet if you know in advance that you won’t be able to give it the necessary care. Moreover, it is recommended to ask whether the administration of the dormitory allows you to get a small animal. As a rule, no one is against fish or other small and quiet pets. Still, it is better to clarify this point.

Plants vs. Pets. Which Option Is Better for a Student?

What Animal Can a Student Make Friendship With?

When talking about the appropriate variants, we will start from the end. Which option is not suitable for a student at all? Let us face the truth. Everyone’s favourite dogs and cats need to be close to their owners. But you probably won’t have the time and energy to pay enough attention to your dog or cat, and the pet may suffer from it.

Thus, there exist several alternatives. You can still enjoy the fact that you have living beings in your house while not abusing any animal.

  1. Reptiles

Turtles, snakes, and lizards can be great companions for people. Even though they are not as pleasant to touch as cats or dogs, you can still communicate with them and have fun.

  1. Rats

Though a rat is a small creature, it still needs your attention. But there is a solution to the problem. You can buy two rodents and a large cage. Besides, you can put toys and tunnels into the cage. In this case, a pet will not be bored while you are out.

  1. Fish

Fish are perhaps the most popular animals among students. Indeed, some fish are the easiest animals to care for. The main rules are maintaining cleanliness in the aquarium and timely feeding. 

Fish do not demand a lot of attention from a person. Yet, this can come as both an advantage and a disadvantage for you. It is impossible to have full contact with them; you cannot hug a fish or pick it up.

Final Thoughts

Сaring for someone or something is always a complicated process. Taking responsibility is a difficult decision, especially for a busy student. Remember that both plants and pets require your time, love, and effort. Moreover, do not forget about the money you will need to spend to maintain a decent livelihood for your little friend.

When choosing a plant, think about creating favourable conditions for it. Even though a flower cannot tell you about its feelings, it will go another way to show you it is suffering. 

Getting a pet can be compared to the birth of a child. You must devote most of the time caring for it. Still, do not focus only on dogs, cats, or other hairy creatures. Think about those animals that are easier to look after.

When making a decision, you need to be careful in weighing all the pros and cons. Think before doing it because then it will be too late to regret what you have done.

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Plants vs. Pets. Which Option Is Better for a Student?

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