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Original Muck Boot Slip-On Shoe Low Rubber Hunting Shoes 2023

Muck Shoes

Original Muck Boot Slip-On Shoe Low Rubber Hunting Shoes 2023

Boots fit in with a type of shoe and they are a specific form of shoe. Boots specialize in protecting a person’s ankle, foot and in certain models may extend up to the leg. Some boots also travel till the knee as well as till thighs. Traditionally made from leather or rubber, many boots come with heels.

However, modern-day boots are created from several types of materials. In addition to fashion and style, boots are also used for their functionality. These protect our legs and foot from snow, water, mud, and various other hazards and also for the extra support they give to the ankle during stressful pursuits.

Muck boots are made of rubber and may be used for a wide variety of purposes. These boots are waterproof and are helpful for people working in plantations, and also for the purposes of fishing, hunting, gardening and many other external activities. Despite its title, muck boots are also available in clogs, sandals and shoes. It assists to keep our feet dry and comfortable in severe weather and in dirty working places. This footwear has self-insulating foam and is made with 100% natural and waterproof rubber.

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Original Muck Boot Slip-On Shoe Low Rubber Hunting Shoes 2023

Muck boots are also offered for kids. Children often get soiled and messy quickly and the boots can keep them from having their toes soaked. Muck Boots for children come up until their thighs, therefore providing them utmost protection and support from elements similar to rain, snow, hail and sleet. When you know that your children are wearing muck boots, you will be free from worrying about dangerous weather or the environment.

To suit kids’ imaginative nature, muck boots come in various colours according to every one child’s wants. All these boots are certainly durable and can last for many years, despite their frequent usage. The boot’s inside is made from a soft foam that soaks up and draws dampness from your foot and lower leg. There aren’t any chances for skin irritations when utilizing this footwear, as they don’t come with an internal liner.

This liner can easily be dried within seconds with a usual blow-drier. The foam applied to this footwear is also hypo-allergenic and non-abrasive. There is no need to wear socks along with this footwear except if and until you have intended actions for extremely cold conditions. The footwear contains a flexible upper part which allows us to wear the pant together outside and inside the boot.

Muck Boot The Original Muck Boots Adult Muckster Slip-On Shoe 2023

Muck boots change depending on the weather conditions and are found to be cool during summer and warm during winter seasons. The comfort level of these boots is around four to twenty-nine degrees Celsius and is hence, supportive and flexible. All these boots are stretchable and they are easy to match legs in any measurement, therefore are hassle-free for simple off and on.

Because of its flexibility, you should employ your typical running shoe size instead of the measurements of your dress shoes, although picking muck boots. There is no individual line of boots and sizes for women and men and thus, are easy to select from.

I’m a picky guy (I prefer “a guy with refined taste,” for the record), and that pickiness is particularly exacting when it comes to footwear.

From running to working in greenhouses and tromping through woods, gardens, and parks, I know what makes a shoe good or bad.

The Original Muck Boot Company’s Muckster II Ankle boots get the thumbs-up from me. Let’s take a look at what’s going on with these gardening boots.

Upfront disclaimer: I am not a “boot person,” so trying this pair was my first foray into wearing anything resembling a boot in a long time. It’s been a positive experience.

Benefits of Muck Boots

Keep your feet warm and dry. Some muck boots have a structured, breathable Airmesh lining. The lining is made up of thousands of tiny fibres that allow air to circulate inside. Quickly removes excess moisture and perspiration that can make your feet uncomfortable, allowing you to wear the boots for extended periods.

Easy to wear and remove. Well, fitting muck boots hug your feet like sneakers and are easy on and off. They stay upright no matter what you step on and keep them warm and dry. But it is important to get mud boots that fit well.

Strong and lightweight. Mud boots are perfect for all kinds of outdoor tasks due to their rugged exterior. They have non-slip soles made of high-abrasion rubber, so your feet stay where you put them. They also have a natural rubber layer that works like a second skin to their exteriors, making them waterproof and flexible.

It can be used in all seasons. Mud boots have different heights and soles for different jobs. Some have met-guard foot protection to protect your feet from heavy objects, while others have steel shanks for better arch support. Some boots come with linings and scent masking for hunting. You can also get snake-proof mud boots if you live or hunt in areas where snakes are common.


These boots weren’t worn lightly.

The only time I typically wear boots is in the dead of winter during snow removal, or in late winter to early spring when the nursery is sopping wet with foot-deep “surprise” mud pits to slip into. Any other time of the year, I prefer sneakers and slip-on shoes – the lighter the better.

However, my usual line of working shoes has experienced a slip in their quality lately, and I was eager to try out something new. So I jumped at the opportunity to review a pair of Muckster II Ankle boots, available on Amazon.

They feature a natural rubber outer extending into a flexible neoprene cuff that covers your ankle, making them easy to slip on and off. The moulded rubber outsole has a medium tread to provide traction in slippery conditions.

On the inside, they feature 4-millimetre-thick, comfortable neoprene with an “air mesh” lining to allow for some airflow and to wick moisture away from your feet.

Key features I look for in a gardening shoe are lightness and fit, comfort over long periods of wear, durability and water resistance, and overall appeal.

Let’s review each of these.


Light and easy to move in, I was surprised most of all by the minimal weight of the Muckster II Ankle boot. The shipping weight for these was a mere four pounds, and each shoe weighs just 21 ounces (don’t tell my wife I used the kitchen scale!).

Muck boots II Ankle – Brown

When I popped them on, I was delighted that they felt as if they were barely there. Super light and airy… but they fit a bit loosely. It turns out this is the way they are intended to fit, providing a roomy neoprene collar above the ankle.

They sort of “lock-in” on the lower part of your ankle – not unpleasantly – and hold your foot in place while providing airy room above. The idea here is to give you the option of tucking your pant leg comfortably into the boot, should you wish to.

That sensation took a bit of time to get used to. I like shoes to fit snugly, and wearing these ones is an exercise in liberating your foot from the feeling of a more confining shoe.

It’s important to note that I prefer wearing thin socks, and this contributed to my experience of such a loosey-goosey feel.

The Original Muck Boot Company says that a medium-weight sock will increase the comfort and fit considerably, and after trying them with thicker socks, I agree. Thick wool socks were the most comfortable to wear during the coldest days.


One day, I was hoofing it up and down hills in wet conditions. The Muckster II Ankle boots kept my feet dry and comfortable, but that looseness was a bit stressful.

Back View of the Muckster II Ankle

Tighter shoes prevent my feet from wiggling around on the uneven ground, and the relaxed fit of these allowed for a little too much movement for my liking.

My personal preference is for shoes to be tight-fitting and snug, so in my experience, this is an area where these are lacking.

Your experience may differ, especially if you aren’t climbing around like a mountain goat all day long – or if you typically wear thicker socks than I do.

COMFORT Muck Shoes

I’m happy to give these five stars for comfort, and that’s no exaggeration. The Muckster II Ankle boots kept my feet dry, comfortable, and warm through many hours of work – although not always in one stretch.


These shoes use neoprene insulation with an air mesh lining to keep your feet warm and dry by wicking perspiration away from your feet.

I wore mine first during the early days of spring when temperatures were still cold in the morning with wet conditions, and I never experienced a bit of discomfort. This was by far the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn in colder temperatures.

As the temperatures climbed during the spring, these boots were still comfortable to wear throughout the day. But once the mercury started climbing over 80°F, I had to ditch the Mucksters in exchange for my normal work shoes.

Being comfort rated for temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 65°F, they are not ideal for use in very hot conditions.


I’ve not been able to wear my Mucksters for more than four or five hours at a time.

Muckster II Ankle – Black

A vital trait I look for in a shoe is a good ground feel. Thick and inflexible soles are a no-go for me.

Heck, I ran barefoot for years and still prefer the thinnest running (and working) shoes possible. The more my feet can feel the ground and flex, the more comfortable I am.

The Muckster II Ankle boot has a thick outer sole that is not conducive to the ground feel. I very much felt like I was standing on a piece of inflexible, unfeeling rubber.

Waterproof and durable, sure, but these provide almost no ground feel at all.

Because of this, my feet felt tired and uncomfortable by lunchtime, and at that point, I’d swap over to my normal work shoes.


Well, this is why I tend to not like boots! These are by far the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn, but in my opinion, a boot is still a boot.

Muckster II Ankle – Green

For many gardeners and workers, the Muckster II Ankle will feel like a light, comfortable piece of footwear. But if you’re like me and prefer the most ground feel possible, you’ll be disappointed.


Most of the time these boots felt safe… but not all of the time.

A few weeks ago, I was walking down a slick bunch of fieldstones and slipped more times than I care to say. Before that, I was on wet grass and felt myself similarly slipping all over the place.

It’s safe to say they aren’t the best when it comes to providing adequate traction in very wet places. This might have been a “user error,” but I rarely slip in other shoes. In these, I found myself walking delicately in the slippery conditions.


I’ve kicked around through rock piles, hoofed it through briars, and tossed piles of pruned branches and rose canes around while wearing my Mucksters, and they’re still fully intact with nothing more than a few cosmetic scratches.

I’ve used them for driving shovels into rough soil and they’ve never felt too thin or flimsy, and the natural rubber sole is still unmarred.

While carrying the boots around, I’m not very gentle (and that’s purely part of the review process). I’ve tossed them around, left them in my work van overnight, and washed off only the worst of the mud, and they’re still kickin’.


These are entirely waterproof from what I can tell.

I’ve worn many shoes with a claim of being waterproof, but they all lie! The Munsters, on the other hand, are genuinely waterproof, and not just while working in naturally wet conditions.

I put mine on the outside while reading one day with my feet in a bucket of water, and my feet were 100% dry after an entire hour of submersion.


Most of the time, plain water is enough to clean up these shoes. But if you want them looking spiffy, a little bit of mild soap is safe to use.

The Original Muck Boot Company suggests avoiding the use of any sort of conditioner on the outsoles, to prevent the soles from becoming slippery.

I use a hose and a towel and that cleans them up just fine. They’re gardening boots, after all, and a bit of mud and dirt does them well!


The Muckster II Ankle is kind of goofy looking if you ask me. But fortunately, it’s a boot with (relative) style, and it comes in no-nonsense colour combinations of two-tone browns, two-tone greens, and black.

Additionally, it’s available in what’s described as “Real Tree” – if you were so inclined.

Muckster II Ankle Boot – Real Tree

It definitely looks like a true gardening boot, and I like that a lot.

The semi-flared neoprene collar is what really makes it look a little silly, but that might be because I was wearing shorts for a good chunk of the review time. If you’re gardening in long pants, this won’t be as apparent.

This is perfect for slipping on while doing some yard work, whether that’s deadheading geraniums or digging and tilling the soil.

I wouldn’t call them stylish, but they don’t need to be. They work, and they work well.


When (if) this pair kicks the bucket I will buy another to replace them. It’s not my favourite shoe in the world, but it gets the job done well and excels in areas my previous shoes did not.

I would like to try the below-the-ankle option, the Muckster II Low, next, as well as one of the full-height versions, such as the MuckMaster Hi-Cut Boot.

The Muckster II Ankle boot is a solid middle-ground option for all types of work and I like that versatility, but the low option might be better for wear throughout hot days of summer.

Lovers of sturdy, heavy footwear will find that these provide a lighter, more comfortable fit, and they are breathable and flexible.

Folks with a “less is more” mentality regarding shoes will find the Muckster II Ankle to be the perfect option when you need a real boot but don’t want to commit to a pair of Wolverines.

Check out our garden shoe roundup for more options, and let us know in the comments below what you think about the Muckster II Ankle!

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What are muck shoes?

Raise your hand if you can define “muck boots.” … gives this definition, “Muck boots are waterproof rubber boots that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Are muck boots worth it?

They’re great boots. They also keep your feet warmer, because they are neoprene. The uppers are also bigger around than most rubber boots which are good because I have large calves. The only downside I’ve found to them is that they are a little harder to clean up as neoprene has a bit of a rougher surface.

Is the muck boot outlet legit?

Is the URL suspect? is the ONLY eCommerce site run by The Original Muck Boot Company® store; we do not have any online outlet or discount shops set up under different or similar URLs. … Check the reviews on the website you are shopping for.

What boot is better muck or bogs?

Bogs are reviewed as being a little comfier than Mucks because they are a touch more flexible. Partly that is due to the higher rubber on some of the Mucks, but also a little in the way they are made. So, if you want more comfort instead of stiffness, Bogs are the way to go.

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