10 Best Orchid Pots & Containers 2021

Orchid Pots

Orchid Pots

Planting your Phalaenopsis orchid in properly estimated pots can assist it with developing better. Essentially, the pot must be sufficiently large to contain the roots without packing them. Nonetheless, it can’t be too enormous either, or it will prompt watering issues. The following are tips on the most proficient method to pick the correct pot size for Phalaenopsis orchids:

Orchid Pots Size

Phalaenopsis orchids are commonly sold as developed plants that are fit for creating blossoms. The measures of pots where they are planted shift as indicated by their common sizes, propensities, and species, or mixtures.

At the point when they are in the nursery, Phals are generally developed in pots that measure 4 to 6 crawls in width. Bigger pots are required for developing bigger plants that have more leaves and roots.

Pots of similar size can be utilized for around two years, and afterward, they must be supplanted with pots that are 1 inch bigger in breadth when the orchid is repotted, which ought to be done once every one to three years. The pots ought to be sufficiently large to forestall bringing down when they are determined to a level surface.

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Developing Medium and Pot Size

The best preparing materials for Phalaenopsis orchids are those that permit water and air to move openly around the roots, for example, bark and peat-based media. These preparing media deteriorate at a generally quick rate, making it vital for the plants to be repotted each one to two years.

10 Best Orchid Pots & Containers 2021

Balancing out Orchid Pots

Most cultivators plant their orchids in plastic or vinyl pots nowadays. These pots are light, and they can undoubtedly spill. Be that as it may, you can put them in bigger earthenware or clay pots to forestall bringing down.

Indeed, I think I need some assistance! I accept apparently my orchid is a phalaenopsis. I got it for my birthday this previous Nov. from my child. Anyway, I have repotted it and removed the terrible roots that were spongy and soft of which there were many.

I put it in an earthenware which I’m certain is too huge since I’ve perused your data on pot size. Gradually, gradually, the buds one a period started to turn a lot more obscure purple, than the blossoms really were, and evaporate, and tumble off. I took this to be, on account of the adjustment in air and distinction in temperature being moved around.

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Next, the leaves started to turn yellow after two leaves falling off and being a jam delicate quality were associated with the primary tail I chose my plant had Crown Rot and begun in with the hydrogen peroxide treatment.

The hydrogen peroxide made air pockets yet not of a white sort of air pockets like you ordinarily get from peroxide, sufficiently just to show development when they popped. I have proceeded with this treatment each a few days for a week or something like that.

Meanwhile, my blossoms started to wither and tumble off. I’m trusting this is on the grounds that they have served out their lifetime, as the last sprout that completely opened after I got the orchid is still on the tail and not withered all!

Growing Orchids In Containers: Do Orchids Need Special Pots

Presently I have these little fine, uncovers coming up of the medium, that resembles root hairs. Likewise, some of them, what I would call air roots are getting delicate and within the enormous air root is a meager little root, white in shading that is, one of two, originating from the fundamental plant or originating from the root emerging from the dirt medium!

Likewise, I think I have child plants additionally originating from someplace like between the leaves of w, which just three are left @ this time. What do you believe is going on with this orchid plant

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Do orchids need pots with holes?

Phalaenopsis orchids can easily exist in plastic or clay pots. Be mindful of the difference in watering that is required for your orchid if you change from the plastic pots to a clay pot. All pots must have drainage holes; roots that continuously touch the water will rot and die which will eventually kill the plant as well.

What is the best container for orchids?

Mesh. Woven plastic or fiber pots most closely resemble how many orchids grow in nature. These basket-like containers loosely hold orchid roots and potting media, allowing air and water to easily pass through. Mesh pots are best in humid environments to ensure plants do not dry out too quickly.

Do orchids need bigger pots?

Most orchids require a 4, 5 or 6-inch pot. There are seedlings and miniatures that require smaller pots, older specimen plants, and some genera (Cymbidium, Phaius, large Cattleya…) that often require 8-inch pots or bigger but the majority of orchids sold in groceries, box stores, florists, and the like are not these.

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Orchid Pots
Orchid Pots

7 Best Orchid Pots & Containers – Buying Guide

Do orchids like terracotta pots?

Are our terra cotta pots good for growing orchids? Terracotta can be a great choice for potting orchids if you are looking for a pot that is inexpensive and readily available, is heavy enough to keep the orchid from toppling over, it absorbs water, absorbs fertilizer salts away from the orchid’s roots.

Should you put rocks at the bottom of a planter?

In general, it’s not necessary to put rocks in the bottom of plant pots. One rock to cover the drainage hole is enough – just enough so that the soil doesn’t leach out of the bottom but water can flow freely through the pot. Putting rocks in plant pots doesn’t aid drainage or improve air circulation

Do you water orchids from top or bottom?

You can’t properly water an orchid unless it has holes through which the water can drain. Water sitting in the pot will cause the roots to rot, so it needs to be able to drain through the bottom.

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1. Flower Pots and Transplanter, Brajttt 5 Inch Cylinder Ceramic Plant Pots with Connected Saucer, Planters for Succulent and Little Snake Plants (4 Pack, White)

Orchid Pots
  • ☀Scope of application: 4 Pack 5-inch flower pots are suitable for planting most small and medium plants like herbs, peace lily, succulent plants, orchid, and so on.
  • ☀High Quality & Modern Shape: These Flower pots are Created with the sturdy ceramic which is made of the kaolin, durable, not easily broken. Brief white, with modern irregular stripes, beautiful and elegant.
  • ☀Reasonable design: 1. Each flower pot is carved with fine stripes, make your windowsill, living room, desktop, patio more tidy and beautiful. 2. Every ceramic planter comes with a drainage hole in the bottom, and the attached saucer helps to minimize water run-off.
  • ☀Packing is solid: wrap with thick foam, prevent earthquake and prevent falling, reduce the probability of damage in transit. The display plants in the figure are not included.
  • ☀100% SATISFACTION – We provide professional after-sales service, please feel free to contact us by email if there’s any quality problem after receiving the Flower Pots.

2. 10 Pack Clear Orchid Pots Set w/Holes Clear Plastic Baskets w/Great Aerification and Drainage 5 Items 6″ and 5 Items 4,5″ Two Sizes of Orchid Planter

Orchid Pots
  • Aerification: breathable clear pots with holes are perfect for plants whose roots require sunlight and air. Holes in the plastic pot provide a plant with an essential amount of air. Great for different kinds of Orchids.
  • Drainage: it is essential to follow the rules of proper planting. We designed our product according to the drainage standard. The small holes on the bottom have the optimal size to prevent a potting mix from falling out of a container.
  • You do not need to buy 2 sets of orchid baskets of different sizes anymore. Our set has 2 different sizes – 6 and 4,5 inches. You can replant Orchid, which has grown, to a bigger planter (pot). Moreover, you can wash the pots and reuse them.
  • Clear orchid pots let sunshine get to the roots to improve the well-being of a plant. These pots are made of an uncrackable white plastic, which remains its shape in case of falling down
  • In addition to drainage, bigger orchid pots have a raised center that prevents water stagnation. Stagnant water can lead to the death of plants. Protect your plants by buying only qualitative orchid bowls.

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3. Meshpot 6.3 Inches Plastic Orchid Pots With Holes – 2 Inner Pot,2 Outer Pot,2 Tray (2PCS White)

Orchid Pots
  • Made of Food Grade PP(sturdy and durable), non-toxic and tasteless, can be used outdoor for 10 years old.
  • This Plant Pot is specifically designed for Orchidaceae, such as Orchid, Dendrobium, Clivia Miniata, Phalaenopsis aphrodite Rchb. F., It’s also suitable for common plants.
  • Excellent Drainage and Air Ventilation: the holes in the sides provide more air to the roots; the holes in the bottom not only can provide proper drainage but also ensure enough water retention to keep your roots healthy and happy.
  • Prevent Root Circling and Rotting: when a plant becomes too big for a solid pot, roots begin to circle and choke each other, but for our pots, roots can grow along slots outgrowing of the pot by holes in the sides and bottom, prunes the root structure, prevent root circling and rotting, also can reduce re-potting times.
  • Package Included: 2 inner pots,2 outer pots,2 trays(6.3 inches dia.) ; 1 inner pot,1 outer pot,1 tray(4 inches dia.,for gift)

4. Santino Self-Watering Orchidea Twin Flower Pot 4.9 inch, Violet, Wicking Pot for Orchids

Orchid Pots
  • SELF-WATERING WICK SYSTEM WITH CLEAR VIEW WINDOW. The best solution for water-loving plants moist roots for over 4 weeks
  • TIME SAVING/HASSLE-FREE. The best solution for those who are busy
  • FAST GROWTH. Our system enables optimal air circulation in the roots
  • UNIQUE LACQUER DECORATIVE PLASTIC POT. Durable UV stable planter great for indoor-outdoor use

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5. Orchid Flower Pot, 8-inch Flower Planters with Holes and Mesh Plastic Round Plant Pot for Indoor Outdoor Gardening Plants – Outer and Inner Pots

Orchid Pots
  • ★Premium Material – Made of high-quality PP, durable, UV-resistant, heat-resistant (120℃-20℃) plastic, anti-corrosion; Materials are ROHS approved can be in contact with food
  • ★Outer Inner Pots Set – Brand new double pots design; You can take the inner pot out of the outer pot to get rid of moisture during rainy days or take it outdoor for the sun; Upgraded tray design prevents soiling your beloved furniture
  • ★Patent Holes Design – Good air movement, when a plant becomes too big for a solid pot, the roots begin to circle and choke each other; More airflow to the root zone prunes the root structure and prevents circling
  • ★Root Controlling Patent – Excellent drainage, provides maximum drainage to encourage healthy root development
  • ★Wide Use – Plant pots are specifically designed for Orchidaceae, such as orchid, dendrobium, cattleya; Also suitable for common plants

6. Orchid Pots with Hole Decorative Planter Pots Orchid Planter Succulent Pots 5.5inch Brown Indoor Decorative Planters with Removable Saucer Set of 2

Orchid Pots
  • 【Ceramic tray】Orchid Pots with Hole Orchid Planter Succulent Pots 5.5inch Plant Pots with ceramic tray, it can keep the table clean and store water when excessive watering. you don’t worry it will be leaking like a wooden tray.
  • 【5.5inch Indoor Planters Decorative】flower pot size,2pcs pots are the same sizes; top opening dia.:5.5inch; the widest:5.5inch; H:4.33inch, It has a drainage hole at the bottom, and the outside is glazed, inside is not glazed.

10+ Best Orchid pots images | orchid pot, orchids, ceramics

  • 【Perfect gift 】It is sturdy and well-made, it is used for an African violet in the ketched and also can put it on the bookcase. Modern style planters decorate your home; and also as a gift to send to your friends.
  • 【 Package】Packing:2pc ceramic pot,plants&flowers are not included. securely packaged, and you don’t worry it will be broken.
  • 【 100%Promise】We hope to provide the best design and the best products to the customer; your happy shopping is our top priority, we hope to give you the highest quality, satisfaction, and support. We are proud to offer our 100% money-back guarantee to completely protect your purchase.or we’ll give you a full refund. With no absolutely no risk, pick your favorite color pot.

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What kind of pots are best for orchids?

Woven plastic or fiber pots most closely resemble how many orchids grow in nature. These basket-like containers loosely hold orchid roots and potting media, allowing air and water to easily pass through. Mesh pots are best in humid environments to ensure plants do not dry out too quickly.

Do orchids need pots with holes?

Phalaenopsis orchids can easily exist in plastic or clay pots. Be mindful of the difference in watering that is required for your orchid if you change from a plastic pot to a clay pot. All pots must have drainage holes; roots that continuously touch the water will rot and die which will eventually kill the plant as well.

Do orchids need large pots?

Most orchids require a 4, 5, or 6-inch pot. There are seedlings and miniatures that require smaller pots, older specimen plants, and some genera (Cymbidium, Phaius, large Cattleya…) that often require 8-inch pots or bigger but the majority of orchids sold in groceries, box stores, florists, and the like are not these.

Do orchids outgrow their pots?

Orchid roots like air and will rot if kept soggy and wet. … Moth orchids can outgrow their pots in about a year’s time as their wandering roots reach outside and above the edge of the containers. Mature plants usually flower from late winter into spring and their blossoms can last for several months.

About Orchid Containers. When you purchase an orchid from a greenhouse or garden center, they are usually sold in clear plastic pots…Good drainage and multiple holes are critical for orchids because one wants to avoid roots standing in water or sopping wet media; airy environments are what …MUZHI Orchid Pot with Net and Holes, Round Self Watering Planter Pot for Indoor Plants and Flowers 3 Sets White … Only 8 left in stock – …

Types Of Pots For Orchids – Are There Special Containers For Orchid Plants 2021

Need help solving orchid watering problems? You’ve come to the right place. Learn how to take the guesswork out of watering orchids by choosing the right pot.

The right orchid pot will complement your orchid’s growing environment. When choosing orchid pots you have 6 main options:

  1. Clear plastic 
  2. Opaque plastic – a black grower pot
  3. Terracotta
  4. Pottery and ceramic pots with drainage holes
  5. Pottery and ceramic with holes in the bottom and sides
  6. Mounted and kokedama

In this post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of orchid pot. This way you can make an informed decision based on your growing environment. The orchid pot, the potting mix, and the humidity in the air all have an enormous impact on how frequently your orchid will need water. 


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Clear Plastic Orchid Pots

One option is to plant your orchid first in a clear plastic pot that is set inside an outer pot.  You’ll want the outer pot to be narrower at the base than the plastic pot so that excess water will drain out of the clear inner pot into the outer pot. This will keep the orchid’s roots from sitting in water.  The clear plastic serves as the window to the orchid’s roots and potting medium and the outer pot discourages algae from growing. 

You may be wondering, why are orchids grown in clear pots? This is especially baffling when you can use a beautiful piece of pottery. The answer is all about visibility.

Clear Orchid Pots Help with Watering

In a clear pot, the grower can easily see if the planting medium is drying out, or if it is still wet. With a clear pot, water condensation on the sides of the pot is easily visible.

Clear Orchid Pots Let’s You See the Orchid’s Roots

Another reason orchid growers like clear pots are that the health of the roots can also be easily ascertained. Brown and mushy are dead, overwatered roots. Wet roots are bright green. Silvery roots are healthy, but not wet. Green or red root tips are healthy.

I like to use RePotMe‘s clear pots because they are heavy-duty and have lots of slots that provide air circulation to the orchid’s roots and water drainage.

What About Stability?

Setting the plastic pot in a secondary pot will add stability to the orchid as plastic is lightweight and orchids tend to be top-heavy. Additionally, you can choose an attractive outer pot, enhancing the overall appearance of your orchid.  The grower will then need to lift the plant out of the outer pot to see what is going on with the roots an potting mix. Together, the plastic inner pot and the ceramic out pot create form and function.


Use a clear plastic pot as a liner, which is then set inside an outer pot. This way, you can easily check to see if the roots are healthy and if the plant needs water.

Opaque Plastic Orchid Pots

I have several orchids that have come in an opaque plastic pot.  When the plants come like this, I wait until they have finished blooming and then I re-pot them. As stated above, my preference is to re-pot in a clear plastic pot and then to set the plant in a secondary clay pot.

Use extra care when switching a Dendrobium from an opaque to a clear spot. These orchids do not like their roots disturbed. Before making the switch, be sure the Dendrobium is growing new roots, then quickly, lift the orchid out of the opaque pot and set it into the new clear, plastic pot. Keep the roots and potting media as intact as possible.


Terracotta Orchid Pots

Terracotta is another popular choice.  It is inexpensive and looks nice.  I actually like the look of the water mineral stains that build-up on the sides.  The downside is that orchid roots cling to the sides, making re-potting more of a challenge–and you can’t just lift the orchid out of the pot to see the roots. 

Terracotta is an inexpensive and popular choice for potting orchids.

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