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Love Preparing Meat? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Even More Delicious

Love Preparing Meat

Love Preparing Meat? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Even More Delicious

Whilst cooking is a necessity for most it is an art form for many. People use their creativity to make tasty meals that smell and look good as well. It’s not always an easy process when meat is involved, however. You need to cook chicken differently from beef or pork, and even the joints or cuts may need different preparation. 

It may be that you are a meat lover who’s looking for some tips. Your cooking techniques and recipes choices may have become stale and you may be wanting to enhance the meat flavors. If that’s the case you can learn from this article how to make your meat more delicious than ever before.

Spend Some Time Researching Online

There’s so much you can learn from specialist cooking sites. Many of the articles and blog posts are free, being written by professionals who are passionate about their food. People can view different meals and recipes and learn how to replicate them. 

You may be someone who’s been using a grill to smoke meat. If you are looking to enhance the process there are lots of products you can learn about online. If you want to read all about the reverse flow smoker you can discover how they work and whether they are better than traditional offset smokers. You can also discover pro tips, and find out if you can grill meat on them as well. 

Make The Meat Soft 

Meat tenderizers can be great when slices of meat are going to be breaded or fried, but you wouldn’t use one for steaks you wish to grill or cook in a pan. For steaks over 4cm thick you should use coarse salt on both sides; leave it for an hour before rinsing and drying. 

Many people use the acid marinade to tenderize thin slices of meat overnight. This typically contains wine, vinegar, or citrus fruits. You can research other methods using fruit puree, grilling, using baking soda, or slow cooking the meat in a pan.  

Understand Thawing And Salt

Don’t be in a hurry to thaw out your frozen meat, and let it take several days if necessary. By keeping it in the refrigerator, bacteria won’t develop, and the natural enzymes will work to get the meat tender. 

Whilst it’s not healthy to put salt on all your cooking, it’s great when added to the meat. Do so before you start cooking and allow it an hour to sink in. 

Buy A Cooking Thermometer

This is the most accurate way to stay in control of your cooking temperatures, and it’s especially good for barbecues. You need to check the inside of each piece of meat and when you reach the following your food is ready to eat: 

Beef, ham, and pork 145 degrees F

Poultry 165 degrees F

People enjoy their steaks being prepared differently, from rare to well done. A thermometer would be useful here and if you buy a large digital version you’ll get the results in seconds. 

Unlock The Potential Of Marinades

Whether it’s oils or spices, wine or juice, marinades have the power to wow. They can turn the mundane into the spectacular, and you can experiment with the different combinations and meats. Rather than quickly applying them before you begin cooking, it’s wise to do so the night before. 

The smoke from your barbecue wouldn’t be able to remove the tasty results. You can even brush on some more during the process if it’s fish. You can do so every ten minutes if you wish, and it can prevent the meat from drying out. 

Care For Your Meat While You Cook It

If you’re grilling your meat you won’t want the internal juices to run away and take the flavors with them. If your meat gets spiked it will encourage it to dry up during cooking too. For this reason, you shouldn’t use a fork or knife that can pierce it. Instead, use a spatula or tongs. 

Don’t keep turning the meat during cooking either. Whilst this may seem like a good idea, it will actually reduce the natural process of caramelization. If you press a kitchen utensil against it the juice could escape in the process as well. 

You could consider other things, such as making your own burgers and ensuring the meat has a chance to rest after cooking. When you turn some of these tips into action, both you and your guests will notice the difference. Whether it’s extra tenderness or a subtle flavor, new life can be breathed into your old cooking.  

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