Is PMP Certification Worth it? Four Major Advantages of PMP Certificate

Is PMP Certification Worth it? Four Major Advantages of PMP Certificate.

Is PMP Certification Worth it? Four Major Advantages of PMP Certificate.

In China, most certificates are merchandized, becoming a tool for earning profits for individuals or companies. Therefore, many certificates left useless in the hands of many employees. That’s also one of the reasons for more and more people paying attention to the value of PMP certification.

Let us first have a look at the usage of PMI PMP certification know more about pmi approved pmp training

Enterprises prioritize recruiting the management talents with PMP certificates. It can be said that if you want to take the position of management, you must acquire the certificate. PMP is attached by great importance by many foreign-invested enterprises and domestic medium and large sized companies.

Such enterprise as PetroChina, CNOOC and Huawei all train their employees. Many companies require that their advanced project managers must be equipped with PMP certificates. When Fortunate 500 and famous institution are hiring project managers, job seekers with PMP exam certification are always preferred.

Is PMP Certification Worth it? Four Major Advantages of PMP Certificate

PMP is used in a wide range of industries including IT. electronics, communications, engineering, finance, real estate, petrochemical, data management, military industry, aerospace, etc. and it is applicable to most project-based enterprises or project managers, technical backbones and project team members in enterprises.

However, IT industry still takes up a large proportion because it involves more projects, belonging to the project-oriented enterprises. Project management accounts for most of its management and the operability and implementation of the project are emphasized.

The salary of people with PMP certificate is one third higher than those of the same position without. Through the analysis of the survey data, the average salary after receiving PMP certification training increases by 10.2% compared with that before the training. Their salary is one third higher than those of the same position, and they can get more room for promotion.

The possibility of transforming positions from the technical ones to the management ones is two thirds higher than before taking the PMP certification test. According to the relevant survey in the United States, 79.2% of the interviewees believe that their leadership has been improved, 85.9% believe that the executive ability has been enhanced, 61.4% hold that their innovation has been improved, and 84.9% believe that the competitiveness has been strengthened.

Of course, a more essential reason is that PMP certification can bring concrete benefits mainly in the following aspects:

1. Promotion

In the workplace, promotion often depends on ability. Whether the project manager bring true value to the firm. Despite the practical skills and the responsibility of a project manager but he does not get promoted.

Therefore, project managers are committed to obtaining PMP certificates, because only by comprehensively learning the systematic method of project management can they make sure that the project is successful or improve the success rate of conducting projects. In the case, it is easier for them to get promoted.

2. Salary Rise

“I want to increase my salary ” has become a difficult wish for most employees.

Some people decided to leave their jobs after they failed to get a payment rise, and even didn’t give up asking for salary increase. If you do want to have a salary increase, you should show your value to your superordinate. To realize it, you have to pay more efforts. I believe only if you constantly improve yourself and show your value like acquiring more certificates, can you have the opportunity of having salary rise.

3. HR values the certificate

Just like what we have said above. When many enterprises are recruiting, they require their employees to hold PMP certificate and they prefer those with certificates.

It can be said that obtaining the PMP certificate indicates that the individual’s project management has been recognized by PMI and he is able to engage in project management activities.

In the opinions of HR, this is astandard to measure the ability of project managers. Therefore, try to obtain the certificate if it is possible.

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4. Enjoy more opportunities

For project managers, PMP certification means more opportunities and challenges.In the bidding, the party holding PMP certification has more advantages; In the enterprise, PMP certification plays a role in forming a new team, adjusting positions, promoting and increasing salary.

The certificate is not only a stepping stone to the workplace, but another shortcut to improve your ability.

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