Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges Review Nutrilite 2021

Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges

Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges Review Nutrilite 2021

What is Immune Defence?

Immune Defence is a food supplement for people who want to make sure their immune system is working in top form. It’s an aniseed flavored lozenge you can take on an as and when required basis when you already have bacterial or viral infections, such as cold or flu, and wish to ease the symptoms and speed up your recovery.

Alternatively, you can take up to four lozenges a day on an ongoing basis to keep your immune system strong in an effort to avoid diseases.


The manufacturer promises six main benefits:

  • Provides antiviral defense during cold and flu season
  • Reduces the duration of cold symptoms
  • Contains ingredients proven to provide immune support
  • Cares for your immune system when you are feeling stress
  • Easy to use immune system booster
  • Provides immune support for the whole family

You would not be too far off the mark if you thought of Immune Defence as a highly specialized vitamin and mineral product. Because, basically, that is exactly what it is The lozenges provide extra zinc, along with the “ACE” vitamins, A, C, and E.

Research shows the immune system needs adequate amounts of all four of these nutrients to keep it in tip-top form. It also shows topping up your levels of these supplements during illness can be a good way to speed-up recovery. 


Who Makes Immune Defence?

Immune Defence is manufactured by Swiss Research Labs. Don’t let the name fool you, the company is based in the UK. It also manufactures a weight loss product and both products are made in factories located in the UK. 

Although it’s a British company, Swiss Research Labs ships it’s product worldwide. There are no delivery restrictions and the company is rightly proud of its fast shipping.

Immune Defence Ingredients

Immune Defence provides four nutrients: zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. The zinc is offered in the form of zinc gluconate. Many pharmaceutical companies use the same ingredient because it offers an efficient way of getting extra zinc into the body. The three vitamins are provided by rose hip and acerola, both of which are berry extracts. Sugar and aniseed are also included to provide the flavor. Immune Defence is a suckable supplement so it needs to taste good.

Immune Defence In Detail (What the Ingredients Do)


Zinc is an essential mineral. The human body cannot store essential minerals.


If you want to remain healthy, you need to consume essential minerals like zinc in sufficient amounts every day.

  • Men normally need a little more zinc each day than women do. 
  • A man needs 11 mg, while a woman only needs 8.
  • However, during the periods around childbirth, the female need for zinc increases causing a pregnant woman to require slightly more zinc than a man.
  • There is 3.8 mg of zinc in each Immune Defence lozenge.
  • If you take the maximum dose, the lozenges will provide 15.2 mg of zinc.
  • This is a generous amount but not overly high.
  • The individuals taking part in some research studies were getting over 200 mg of zinc per day.
  • However, also research suggests taking doses of 100 mg or more will not offer any additional benefits.
  • That means taking more than that is probably a waste of time.
  • Zinc’s value to the immune system is well researched.
  • The results of several clinical trials suggest increasing zinc intake may help people to recover from the common cold a lot faster than normal.
Immune Defence

If you are using zinc to combat a cold, research also shows the benefits of zinc can be greatly increased if you begin taking it within 24 hours of when the symptoms first begin to show. Let’s use a study conducted in Thailand as an example. The researchers were interested in finding out if using zinc supplements could aid the recovery of children suffering from acute respiratory tract infection (ALRI).

It did. Not only did the children who were given zinc recover much faster than the ones who were not, they were well enough to return home earlier as well.

Vitamin C

The relationship between Vitamin C and the immune system is hardly a secret. Most people are aware the connection exists.


Many over-the-counter cold remedies are fortified with Vitamin C and not without good reason. Research shows Vitamin C is an immune system booster that works. Among other things, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps purify the body by removing the toxins that build up naturally over time and may negatively affect the health.

Vitamin C also aids immune function by supporting the production of white blood cells. These are one of the body’s first lines of defense. Be it bacteria or a virus, whenever a pathogen enters the body, white blood cells multiply and attack.

Vitamin A

Although it doesn’t get the same level of press as Vitamin C does, Vitamin A is also a key player in the immune system.

Vitamin A

Research shows it enhances the body’s defense mechanism against a number of infectious diseases. The investigations into Vitamin A’s abilities are ongoing. Scientists are on a constant quest to learn more. However, many experts expect Vitamin A may become a more commonly-used treatment for disease when additional data reveals more about its capabilities.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin.  You normally obtain it from the fats in food. As is typical for fat-soluble vitamins, your body is capable of storing Vitamin E but you still need to take steps to ensure you are getting enough.

Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges

Although we all need it, Vitamin E is especially important for people who are getting on in years. The aging process weakens cellular immunity. Research establishes the importance of getting enough of this often under-rated vitamin that’s “an important nutrient for maintaining the immune system, especially in the aged.”

Immune Defence Dosage and Usage Guidelines

This product works best when you suck it gently and allow the lozenge to dissolve slowly in the mouth. If you are using Immune Defence to combat an existing infection it’s especially important to avoid any temptation to crunch and swallow.


Sucking the lozenges keeps them in the mouth longer. This gives the nutrients an opportunity to enter the bloodstream via the tissues in the mouth. If skin absorption sounds like a wild idea, you’ve got to remember that’s how nicotine patches and weight loss patches work.

Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges
Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges

It’s also the way morphine skin patches deliver the drug to patients. Skin patches work. The tissue inside the mouth is much thinner than the skin on the body. This makes skin absorption a particularly powerful delivery method for a product of this nature.

When you allow the lozenges to dissolve in the mouth, the blood picks up the nutrients and gets them to the nasal tissues much faster than they would arrive if you crunch the lozenges and wait for them to be digested in the normal way.

If you have a bacterial or viral infection that is causing a problem with mucus, you will obviously want something that acts pretty quickly.If you use Immune Defence correctly, it will be more effective for delivering the results you need.

Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges

As far as the dose goes, you can take a maximum of four lozenges per day.You have to take them individually and need to ensure you leave a gap of two hours between each dose. Never be tempted to treat the lozenges like candy. Does Immune Defence Work? The thing you need to remember is what this product aims to do. It’s a lozenge-type supplement that provides a …

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