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How to Refresh Your Home Décor in the New Year

How to Refresh Your Home Décor in the New Year

How to Refresh Your Home Décor in the New Year

With the new year right around the corner, lots of us are thinking about refreshing our living spaces. Changing the look and feel of our homes is a great way to kickstart a new routine or lifestyle, as it is a visual reminder of what we’re trying to accomplish all year long. If you’re looking to refresh your home décor in the new year, read on to learn some simple strategies to do just that.

Reorganize Your Photos

The photos on your wall were initially put there to add a pop of color or remind you of something special. Now, you’ve gotten used to their placements on your walls, and you’re tired of looking at the same things every day. You’re ready for change! Take some time redecorating your walls and reorganizing your photos so that you can rekindle your love for your photographs. 

You barely even notice your pictures anymore because you’ve memorized where they are, how the light is, and so on. Sometimes, we just need to move things around to appreciate them. To bring additional innovation into your home, create custom canvas prints for some of your favorite pictures. This way, you can reintroduce your favorite photos in a brand-new way. 

Take Up A New Style

As the years go by, styles change. Perhaps a contemporary home style has caught your eye in this new year? Be brave and reinvent your home décor with a unique design concept you’ve wanted to try. 

Swap out farmhouse décor for contemporary industrial designs or consider buying that antique sculpture you saw at the farmer’s market last week. Do what you can to integrate a new space into your home for an actual fresh start this year. 

Find Multifunctional Concepts

An easy way to create change in your living space is to develop multifunctional living spaces wherever you can. For instance, if you need to set up an at-home workstation, but you’re unsure where it will fit, get creative with your office furniture placements. Maybe there is space behind a couch or in front of the foot of your bed. Perhaps you pull out all the stops and turn your guest closet into a work office. The possibilities are endless with a little bit of creativity. 

Buy New Pillows

Buy New Pillows

Sometimes we just need a little zest to freshen up a space. Add in some furniture accents and color using throw pillows. Place them on your couch or accent chair, in baskets, and anywhere else they look nice. Throwing in a bit of color here and there will bring more energy into your space. Adding in some positive energy might just be the shift you need to welcome in your fresh start in the new year. 

Reorganize Your Furniture

It doesn’t cost you a dime to move your stuff around. It might also help to declutter your space, so you have more room to work with first! Look up pictures online of the furniture setups you like and try to emulate these looks in your own home. 

Reorganize your furniture so that it brings out something new in your home. Move your bed to the other wall or turn your organic sofa in the other direction—the possibilities are endless. These minor changes can ultimately make all the difference to the look and feel of your home. 

The Bottom Line

Refreshing your home in the new year involves inviting change into your living spaces. Consider the guidelines in this article to refresh your home like never before! Whether you choose to buy new décor pieces or recognize your current home décor items, there is a method for everyone.

How to Refresh Your Home Décor in the New Year

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