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How to Prepare Your Child for PreSchool

How to Prepare Your Child for PreSchool

How to Prepare Your Child for PreSchool

The transition from a toddler program to PreSchool may be overwhelming for both you and the child. PreSchool lays the foundation for optimum cognitive development, social skills, and overall intelligence. It is paramount to kick start your child’s education journey with the proper guidance and a destined pathway to success. This complete guide helps you prepare your child for enrolling in a preschool in Singapore. The guide compiles the best preschool practices to enroll your child in, allowing you to walk with them as they venture into the world.

1. Choose a Preschool program

Montessori, Waldorf, Regio Emilia, and Bank Street, among other academic curriculum systems, are the conventional options many schools offer. A toddler, however, prefers a rich curriculum based on hands-on skills with lots of fun and treats. Some preschools in Singapore offer learner engaging activities that allow your toddler to participate more in activities that boost social, pattern forming, and problem-solving skills.

Preschools prepare your child for kindergarten. While not all schools follow the same guidelines, basic algebra, math, and science are key concepts teachers impart to the kids. You can start your kid at home by introducing them to basic candy counting, coloring, and small DIY experiments. In this, your child will be helped by a special Edu app that children use for learning around the world.

2. Train your toddler on motor skills

Motor skills prepare your child for dexterous activities most preschools have. Motor skill development prepares your child for grasping, drawing, cutting out shapes, coloring, and gluing. You can employ a motor skill development program to develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Some activities you can incorporate into a motor skill program are:

  • Throwing a ball
  • Jumping
  • Skipping
  • Drawing
  • Organizing play toys in caddies.

A toddler with fine-tuned motor skills will have a seamless experience in Pre School and will most certainly top the class in all academic and physical programs.

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How to Prepare Your Child for PreSchool

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