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How to Have Fun at Home With Artificial Putting Green

How to Have Fun at Home With Artificial Putting Green

How to Have Fun at Home With Artificial Putting Green

As the dust settles in the wake of a global pandemic, countless Americans are bursting forth from their homes at long last, looking to enjoy the outdoors again. Following local policies and regulations, cities are releasing a tense grip on social interactions, which means there are more people than ever seeking entertainment without grand expense. You may be asking yourself “What could the perfect solution be?”, but lucky for you, we’re here with answers: Creating a backyard escape for yourself and your family with artificial putting green. 

Transformative results with a simple change

While artificial turf has been around for decades, having origins rooted in sports to replace natural grass which could easily be destroyed and ruined from cleats or extreme weather, there have been all kinds of imaginative alternative uses for the indoor and outdoor safe solution to a soft, lasting lawn. Take your patio, something that is little more than a slab of concrete in the front or back of your house, does it get the use or attention it deserves as an outdoor space? Imagine being able to step right outside your door and have the perfect place set up and ready to go for a short game to work on your stroke count. 

Artificial turf isn’t just for outdoor spaces, however. You probably have a room in your home that simply doesn’t serve a particular purpose, or perhaps hasn’t quite found a flow yet. Turning this area into an outdoor space indoors takes little more than some time and creativity.

With a layer of synthetic lawn laid out on the concrete floor of your garage, you can set up a putt-putt course in no time, using only items around the house, or clever obstacles you can create yourself! If you need some external inspiration to get you started, check out the helpful article at this link: You can easily make this a game for the whole family, figure out who can make the most ingenious obstacle using only things found in the house, or make craft special obstacles with the kids to create a course unique to your family!

Take the stress of lawn care out of your life

A few excellent benefits of artificial putting green in place of natural grass are geared toward conveniences, like how easy to clean it is. Simply hose down the green and the specially designed channels that are built into the bottom of the turf, allowing fluids to rinse easily out from under your artificial lawn. This means any pet stains are no concern, chemicals that would otherwise devastate a green yard have no effect on artificial turf. Created using recycled materials from plastic blends as well as rubber seeking a second life, synthetic grass mimics the appearance and texture of the real deal. 

Safe for both pets and people, including children, having putting green from artificial turf installed in place of a yard, or perhaps added to your man cave to make the basement less of a cave and more of an entire experience, you can make the perfect staycation spot right in your own home, or on your own property. Trusting an expert with the logistics of measuring, and the task of installation, you can relax once the process has started, knowing you have a professional taking care of your future yard. In the meantime, you can be planning out exactly how to make the most of your outdoor space. We’re here with ideas for just such occasions, worry not!

Ways to make it your own

Are you an expert griller? Perhaps a pro party host? Are sports your entire life when you aren’t at work or asleep? You can make your backyard the place to be with a little ingenuity and the right theme, there are tons of fun ideas you can find online to get you started or guide you step-by-step, much like the process of how your turf is made, found here.

For the grill master, making the perfect backyard barbeque spot is easy with your trusty grill and the right seating for your favorite guests. Having the classic choice of a picnic table and benches is a good start, but consider creating an area more relaxing or intimate. Using something welcoming, such as a fire pit, surrounded by comfortable chairs, you can exchange the traditional vibe of a grill-out and enjoy a different kind of casual dining experience. Guests can even kick off their shoes without worrying about bugs, thanks to your artificial grass. 

If you’d like something with less heat and more relaxation, you can make your putting green part-time as a yoga retreat. With some clever, weather-proof organizing stations for your equipment, and a few additional decorations to showcase your personality, you’ll have yourself a dual-use yard with gorgeous grass that won’t sweat any of your activities!

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How to Have Fun at Home With Artificial Putting Green

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