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Hamsters For Near Me Guinea Pigs Small Pet Buy and Sell 2022

Hamsters For Near Me

Hamsters For Near Me Guinea Pigs Small Pet Buy and Sell 2022

Have you been considering adopting a hamster? Then you should read today’s article to find out more about the things not to do when you welcome this little rodent into your family. Beginners are often inexperienced and can make innocent mistakes that could easily have been avoided by learning more about what the real needs of these little critters are.

It goes without saying that hamsters are easier to care for than, for example, dogs. However, they also deserve a pleasant and peaceful life, so it is better not to get carried away by the emotion of the moment. Here are some of the MOST COMMON MISTAKES beginners make when adopting a hamster, a list of things not to do:

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Avoid putting your hamster in noisy rooms where people come and go all the time. Hamsters love quiet places , away from drafts and direct sunlight, and away from the TV and kitchen, as the strong smell of food disturbs their finely polished sense of smell. Make sure she has plenty to play with, a plate for her food, a drinking fountain, a bed to sleep in, and most importantly, an exercise wheel .

tips_adopt_the_first_Hamsters For Near Me
Hamsters For Near Me


 Hamsters don’t need company , they are lonely, selfish creatures actually, and they don’t like to share their things with other hamsters. If you put them in the same cage they could fight, or they could mate and then you would have a cage full of hamsters!

Hamsters For Near Me _mistakes_not_to_do
Hamsters For Near Me


Hamsters undoubtedly need to eat sunflower seeds, but just like us, they need a varied diet of healthy foods. So make a good mix of seeds (soy, barley, and millet), lots of veggies, and sometimes try walnuts, almonds, and pine nuts.

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Hamsters For Near Me _diet
Hamsters For Near Me


Hamsters should never be washed . They are very clean animals and take care of their own hygiene. What you could do is provide them with a small bowl of Chincilla sand. If you smell a bad smell coming from the hamster, it might be time to change the litter box!

adopt_Hamsters For Near Me _common_errors
Hamsters For Near Me


If your hamster is sleeping peacefully, with that cute little smile under his whiskers, then leave him alone. We know it’s hard not to pat him on the head when he’s like this, but waking him up when he’s sound asleep can actually be dangerous to his health. If you want to play with him, do so in the late afternoon, when he is wide awake and rested.

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Hamsters For Near Me

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what NOT to do, go ahead and adopt one. And remember, treat your hamster like one of the family, give him love and care every day.

All pets require a commitment of time and money. Here are facts you should know before adopting one of these rodents. As in any other type of animal, there are several breeds. The golden common hamster, the Chinese hamster, which is usually gray or brown, the campbell, which usually has a lot of hair, and the roborovski, which are the smallest (about 8 centimeters) are the most common. The choice you make will depend on a purely aesthetic issue because they are all ideal to be pets.

But do you know what to expect when owning one of these animals? Here we will share with you everything you need to know about this little rodent, and so be ready so that if you make the decision to have one, you are more than prepared:


  • The care that a hamster requires are quite simple. It’s just a matter of feeding them and keeping their cage clean. It is not necessary to take them out for long walks like a dog, but they do need to exercise and have some kind of entertainment. Therefore, it is important that you get them a toy, like the typical wheel on which they can run.
  • They need little space. They only need a cage with the right conditions so that they are comfortable.
  • According to the veterinarian Álvaro Sánchez, another advantage of these pets is that their adaptation period is very short. Also, they usually don’t have a problem if a new person, such as a visitor, wants to interact with them.
  • Sánchez also explains that hamster food is quite cheap compared to other pets and they also don’t eat much. And they don’t require as much veterinary care.

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Possible downsides

  • A hamster with an excellent quality of life can live up to three years, which is a short time. Experiencing the loss of a pet is often very difficult and explaining it to your young children can be quite a complex situation.
  • Although they do not really require much care in relation to cleaning, you must take into account the amount of time you have free and how responsible you must be so as not to put your hamster’s health at risk. Even if you don’t drink all of your water, it should be changed daily. Also, feces must be removed from the cage every day. Remember this is a small space in which the animal will stay most of its time.

Make sure your hamster has food and water available all day.

Another thing to keep in mind is that they reproduce easily. They can have between 7 and 8 pups on average, so it is best to keep your pet separate from others. Don’t worry about the lack of interaction that this implies because they are actually quite hermits.
Finally take into account that they are physically delicate. You must be careful when handling them

Other important aspects

  • The floor of the cage should have wood chips. Although it may seem that they can serve the same purpose, do not use pine or other plants to place it in place of the chip.
  • Although daily remove the feces of the hamster, once a week you should clean the cage completely. Use hot soapy water to disinfect it.
  • These animals can consume fresh fruit such as apple and banana, nuts, vegetables, and sunflower seeds. In the case of fruits and vegetables, disinfect them before giving them to the pet. They should be fed once a day. They save the food themselves to consume it when they want it.
  • Leaving them out of the cage unsupervised is not recommended because they are slippery and small.
Hamsters For Near Me
Hamsters For Near Me

How much does a hamster cost?

As for the actual hamster, he will usually only cost $15 to $20.

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Is it OK to buy a hamster from Petsmart?

Some people look down on buying hamsters and other animals from pet stores because it promotes over breeding of the animals from the suppliers. I bought my hamster from the Petsmart in Newmarket. It’s a really clean store and the animals are all very healthy. The store owners are quite knowledgeable too.

Which hamsters are best for beginners?

The Syrians are best suited to beginners of any age, and smaller ones require a little more caution, care and know-how.
Syrian Hamsters. Syrian hamsters are the largest captive hamsters and the most popular choices for hamster pets, according to the Pet Web Site. …
Dwarf Hamsters. …
Roborovski Hamsters. …
Chinese Hamsters.

Are hamsters good pets?

Hamsters, for many people, make excellent pets. They don’t require a lot of attention, get enough exercise running on their wheel, and are cute, cuddly, and pleasant to hold. They can make an excellent starter pet for some children. Unfortunately, hamsters don’t come with care instructions.

is a hamster an easy pet? Hand Taming Hamsters

Hamsters can be tamed to be very sweet little pets but for anyone who has ever been bitten by one, they know hamster bites definitely aren’t fun. Young hamsters are typically easier to hand-tame, but you can start teaching your hamster not to bite by making sure you don’t startle it.

Is a hamster a bad pet?

Hamsters can carry salmonella, an intestinal bacteria that causes short but intense bouts of sickness in healthy adults. However, it can produce more severe problems if a pregnant woman passes it to their unborn child.

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