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Gouldian Finch For Sale Personality, Food & Care, Pet Birds, History, Facts, Diet, Habitat 2022

Gouldian Finch For Sale

Gouldian Finch For Sale Personality, Food & Care, Pet Birds, History, Facts, Diet, Habitat 2022

A brilliantly colorful, unmistakable bird with vivid green back, yellow belly, purple chest, blue nape, black throat, and very pale bill; face may be red, As an exotic bird, the Gouldian finch requires demanding living conditions that have to do with temperature, daylight hours, aviary and food.

Within the so-called exotic birds, the Gouldian finch is one of the most popular. Its harmonious colors are striking and innovative , which is why owners adopt it for how good it looks in their home.

Of Australian origin, these birds require certain specific care when going into captivity . In freedom they choose warm climates, preferably dry and with abundant water and vegetation.

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Within this species of tropical bird  there are in turn three subspecies; this implies a variation in the color scheme, especially on the head. Anyway, in the subspecies they can be even more varied in captivity if individuals of diverse origin are crossed with each other.

Domestic habitat: lodging of the Gouldian finch

Since these birds come from warm habitats, it is necessary to procure a temperature not lower than 18-20 ° C . If these conditions are met, the Gouldian finch will be able to spend its days both inside and outside the home; anyway, it is unthinkable that the aviary remains fixed in one place.

The Gouldian finch enjoys the sun and fresh air, but leaving the aviary in the sun in summer or without shelter from the wind could prove fatal. On the other hand, a closed indoor space, with humidity or bad smells, would be just as harmful for the bird.

Importance of light

The light for the Gouldian Finch is essential; This little animal needs to strictly respect its annual cycle . The periods of rest, heat, breeding and molting must be met without interruption to preserve the mental health of the bird. When they are with their young, these birds need up to 14 hours of daily light .

Gouldian finch: care
Gouldian Finch For Sale

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The aviary – Gouldian Finch For Sale

Due to the strongly gregarious and sociable character of the Gouldian finch, it is best if there are two individuals in the aviary together.  Two birds of the same species will offer each other the necessary company. However, there are species that coexist perfectly with the Gouldian finch.

In any case, the space where this animal is introduced must be wide enough to allow it to flap its wings a little. These birds are estimated to need one meter each for relative comfort in captivity .

The horizontal aviaries will be more favorable to the Gouldian finch than the vertical ones, due to the type of flight of these birds, which is horizontal. One way to decorate the aviary is with different levels of softwood, which make it easier for him to play.

Feeders should be avoided under wooden pallets, so that they last longer clean. A clean aviary is very important to give a Gouldian Finch a good life.

Gouldian Finch Feed

Just as the light that the Gouldian finch receives must be regulated, the same goes for feeding. These birds eat different foods or food combinations, depending on what phase of the year they are in .

The quantity and quality of carbohydrates, proteins or fats will not be the same in the resting season as during the rearing. And it is very necessary that our pet receives the necessary nutrients.

Gouldian finch: feeding
Gouldian Finch For Sale

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However, there are commercial mixtures of canary seed, panizo and millet, among others, that provide a large part of the nutrients that the Gouldian finch needs. To complement, you can add fruit, various fruits and vegetables.

Since they are insectivores, the best dessert that Gouldian fins can receive are succulent worms . If they are alive, the better.

Another factor to consider is water. The Gouldian finch loves water so much that he often bathes in it; water cannot be absent. A deep dish with water to bathe in and a drinker with clean water are good options for this bird’s cage.

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How to care for your Gouldian finch on a daily basis

As with the vast majority of birds, the Gouldian finch does not want to be held. Although it is not a fragile bird, the handling stresses it a lot. The less you try to hold the Gouldian Finch the better for it.

In short, taking responsibility for conserving a Gouldian Finch is a significant commitment. As it is an exotic animal, you will always have to turn to specialized professionals in case of illness.

Origin and area of ​​distribution – Gouldian Finch For Sale

The country of origin is Australia and they were found in much of the northern region of the country (light green area), but currently they are only found in the dark green areas.

Although it is a very popular bird in captivity, the Gouldians are declared an endangered species and their population is declining.

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Description – Gouldian Finch For Sale

Male: The chest and belly are used to determine sex. Males have a brighter and darker purple color on the chest, and a darker and more intense yellow on the belly than females. The green on his back and the blue around his head are also darker. In general, the color of the mask is larger and lighter than that of the females. Finally the male has a very subtle song as he stretches and jumps on his perch. From young people they began to perform this song despite not having completed their complete change.

Female: The color of the chest, belly and back is duller. The female’s beak will darken when she is ready to breed.

Feeding – Gouldian Finch For Sale

Gouldians generally have a preference for large white millet over smaller seeds, but it is always desirable to have a diet that includes a variety of seeds that complement the bird’s diet. They are shy about trying new foods, but are generally attracted to pasta, egg-based recipes, sprouted seeds, and vegetables or fruits. 

Sand and calcium in the form of egg shells and crushed oyster shells or Jibas bones should always be available to them. The Gouldians also have an increased need for a diet high in iodine. Insufficient iodine in their diet is often reflected in a loss of their plumage around the head. Most vitamin and mineral supplements include iodine, but sometimes it is not enough for your needs and you will need to supplement the iodine supplement through water. Remember that this is a potassium iodide-based diet and is not the type of iodine used for wound care. 

Reproduction – Gouldian Finch For Sale

Previous reports indicated that the Gouldian were difficult birds to raise and that they required a controlled environment and high temperatures. It is currently considered a domesticated bird and has adapted very well to different environments.

When improperly raised they are very delicate and occasionally die, the key is to provide them with adequate nutrition and supplements, as well as hygiene and constant control. In Costa Rica or tropical regions, we can keep them in aviaries and they can breed from October to March or April, with a higher breeding activity between December and January. And if given the opportunity they can become excellent parents and carry out several broods during the year.

There are different types of nests that are recommended to be used for Gouldian breeding that allow them to hatch the eggs and hide, generally the male is in charge of taking the material to the nest and the female accommodates it to her liking.

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 Gouldians generally have clutches of 5 to 8 eggs, but large clutches are generally not common. Incubation can start after the second or third egg and lasts for 14 to 16 days. During incubation the pair take turns during the day, and sometimes at night only the female sleeps in the nest.

At birth they are small and skin-colored, and can be easily identified from other species of finches as they have 4 blue dots on the sides of the bill and a very particular internal pattern. After 10 to 14 days of age, the female will generally stop sleeping in the nest with the young, by then the young will have begun to have their first feathers.

The young will leave the nest at 22 or 25 days old, and generally will not sleep in it again. The parents will continue feeding them for 2 or 3 more weeks, during this time the female will start her next clutch. Generally, when the blue markings disappear next to the beaks of the hatchlings, it is when they are ready to be separated from their parents.

 It is a common practice used by many breeders to use a Bengali couple as nurses for the Gouldian eggs, this is possible but often with health problems and loss of identity of the young.

The hatchlings generally have olive-green plumage (with the exception of the different mutations) and can take up to 9 months to completely molt from their adult plumage. They generally complete the same in 4 or 6 months and it will depend a lot on the diet, the supplements they have and the temperature. During this time is when the young are more susceptible to stress and the high demand for proteins, fats and carbohydrates required during the molting process. 

Breeding can be carried out in a controlled manner in individual cages or in aviaries with a colony of 4 or more pairs. Despite being very peaceful birds, during the breeding period they can become territorial with their nests and there will be males or females more aggressive than others (generally the red-headed ones will be the dominant ones, then the black-headed ones will follow and finally the orange ones. ).

Mutations – Gouldian Finch For Sale

In nature there are 3 types of color variations of the Gouldian head. The red color is the original, and it is dominant over the other colors which are black and orange. Orange is rarely seen in nature.

Mutations developed in captivity include the white color of the chest (replacing the original purple), the yellow color on its back (eliminating the black and blue color), and the blue color on its back (eliminating the yellow color).

How these mutations and possible combinations interact in the breeding of the Gouldian can confuse many breeders, but currently there are several programs that facilitate our work and help to predict the offspring of the breeding pair.

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Gouldian Finch For Sale
Gouldian Finch For Sale

Main problems – Gouldian Finch For Sale

The Gouldian are particularly susceptible to the parasite Sternastoma Tracheacolum or known in English as “Air Sac Mites”, this parasite is highly contagious, and invades the respiratory system of the bird eventually causing death.

It can be detected when a Gouldian is infected with “Air Sac Mites” because it has little activity during the day, it breathes with difficulty and mainly when it does it has a very particular sound (like a click). 

There are different treatments that are used to control this parasite, some are given in water and others are applied directly to the body of the bird. The most popular drugs are Scatt and S76.

The Scatt drug requires a single dose to control and kill the parasite, and is applied by means of a drop that is placed on the nape of the bird (care must be taken not to exceed the dose). One of the drawbacks is that each bird must be caught and manipulated in order to carry out the treatment.

Gouldian Finch For Sale Personality, Food & Care, Pet Birds, History, Facts, Diet, Habitat 2022

On the other hand, the drug S76 has the advantage that it is supplied through water, it is generally applied for two days in a row in the indicated dose and the treatment must be repeated for 3 weeks, mainly to kill the parasite and break its reproduction cycle that it is fourteen and twenty-one days. Additionally, S76 is also used to deworm the bird and is safe for both adult and young birds.

Currently the Gouldian are in danger of extinction, this due to changes in the bird’s habitat that have reduced suitable nesting sites, but there is evidence that it is mainly due to the spread of “air sac mite”. In addition to this, it is believed that the burning of the dry grass carried out by the aborigines and ranchers have also influenced the decrease of their population. 

How much does a Gouldian finch cost?

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You will pay at least $100 for a Gouldian finch; some color mutations cost much more. Take a look online at some of the birds available: Adopt a Pet.

Do Gouldian finches make good pets?

Congratulations on your new pet. Gouldian finches are the most brightly colored finches but are a bit more difficult to care for and breed than heartier birds, such as zebra and society finches. Therefore, gouldians are not recommended for the novice having little or no experience with captive finches.

Can Gouldian finches be tamed?

Gouldian Finch For Sale

Gouldians are pleasant “watching only” birds — they don’t like to be held, and can even panic and die when handled. Stress is deadly for these fragile birds. They are not typically hand-raised (only under emergency circumstances), and will not take well to taming efforts. They are lovely to watch, but not to hold.

Where can you find Gouldian finch?

AustraliaGouldian finches are native to Australia and now occur only in the Northern Territory and in the Kimberley in Western Australia. These birds live in the tropical savannah, thickets, and woodlands with grassy plains usually near water.

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Gouldian Finch For Sale

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